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Dan Pitchard - The Dan Pitchard Band (1997)

                                                                     Dan Pitchard
Blues with a Horn Section, a la B.B. King.Influences: B. B. King, Freddie King, Albert King, Roy Buchanan, John McLaughlin, Leslie West, Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore, and many others.


Dan Pitchard - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass on Let Me Tell You Why, and Vocals
Jude Pitchard - Vocals
Mark Kindley - Rhythm Guitar on 'Til My Eyes Go Blind, One Foot Out The Door, and Where'd My Baby Go?, and Harp
Marty Carlson - Dobro Slide Guitar
Larry Booth - Bass 
Roger Cannavaro - Bass on One Foot Out The Door and Where'd My Baby Go?
Ron Stahl, Jr. - Drums
Rick Shaw - Trumpet
J.D. McCauley - Alto Sax
Jonathan S. Ball - Tenor Sax on Let Me Tell You Why, I'm Sick And I'm Tired, and Only Sometimes
Terry Sanger - Tenor Sax on Where'd My Baby Go?
Lou Manoni - Tenor Sax on Big, Strong, Woman Lovin' Man, and One Foot Out The Door


1. Til My Eyes Go Blind
2. Big, Strong, Woman Lovin' Man
3. Let Me Tell You Why
4. I'm Comin' Home
5. Ain't Got The Blues
6. One Foot Out The Door
7. Where'd My Baby Go?
8. Baby, I'm Watchin' You
9. I'm Sick And I'm Tired
10. I Can't Sleep
11. Only Sometimes
12. I'm Goin' Home

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