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Bubba Coon - Driving To Hawaii (2012 )

                                                                Bubba Coon
Bubba Coon brings an album of original songs sure to please even the most discriminating rock n roll and blues listeners. With musicians like Sandra Wright in her last studio recording , the astounding play and songwriting of Evan Johns and Mystic Titans of JuJu. "King" Bing Gibson another truly great guitar player as well as Fred Spencer from Santa Fe N.M. Rich Niles, Mike Palumbo, Gus Ziesing, Derrick Semler,Jeremiah Bindrum, Live Pie, Jean Palthey, Mark Pelletier, Jim Wacker and Collateral Damage, Tad Merrick, Doug McGLaughlin, Kevin and Brian Lynam, Jack and Barbara Garvin and Ben Santora as well as The Woo-Hoo Band round out this wonderful musical journey...

1. One Horse Town Blues 3:45   
2. Brainfood 4:17   
3. Cooba 3:18   
4. Sold Me Down the River 7:01   
5. Narrow Man 4:19   
6. Bella Is a Bella 4:02   
7. Trouble in Mind 3:02   
8. Calvin's Song 1:20   
9. Keep Your Heart Away 4:36   
10. Fact Not Fiction 3:58   
11. Rock N Roll N Play It Real Loud 3:48   
12. The Two Bone Blues 2:08   

13. Whats the Matter With the Mill 2:25   
14. King Bing's Blues 3:30   
15. I Don't Know 1:11   
16. Watchin the News 3:08   
17. silence 0:31   
18. Red Hot Red Sox 2:36

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