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Blue Lunch - Above The Fold (2014)

                                                                 Blue Lunch
The late 1940’s and early 1950’s were a magical time in American musical history, when blues, rhythm & blues, swing and rock & roll were all one thing. Blue Lunch explores that music and makes it their own.

From Cleveland, OH eight virtuoso musicians perform on guitar, piano, upright bass, drums, harp, saxophones, trumpet, and trombone. In addition to their instrumental work, Blue Lunch also boasts five vocalists and includes do-wop style and gospel harmonies in their repertoire. Blue Lunch has released eight cds, Recorded Live at Wilberts, Eyes Wide Open, Not Live at the Copa, Big Sound Blues, Sideswiped, Saxophone Shootout II , Blue Lunch Special, and their newest and most recent release, Above the Fold, for Rip Cat Records of Los Angeles.


Bob Frank - Guitar & Vocals

Peter London - Harp & Vocals

Mike Rubin - Trumpet

Bob Michael - Trombone

Mike Sands - Piano

Ray DeForest - Bass

Scott Flowers - Drums

Chris Burge - Saxophone

Tim Longfellow - Hammond B3

Sammy DeLeone - Congas

1. Ain't Trying To Kill Nobody 4:58    
2. One Fine Day 4:22    
3. The Long Game 3:48    
4. Everybody's On the Phone 3:25    
5. Woman I Bleed 4:35    
6. No Time Like the Present 3:50    
7. Seven Times 6:01    
8. Where Do You Think It's Going 2:45    
9. Lake Erie Highball 3:22    
10. Venita 6:22    
11. Love No More 3:05    
12. All I Needed 3:44    
13. Tossin' & Turnin' & Burnin' All Up Inside 3:37    
14. Katt'n Around With Moe 3:40    
15. Good News 3:01

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