sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2019

Bert Wray Blues - Hometown Hostage (2018)

                                                             Bert Wray Blues
Bert Wray Blues hails from Charlotte , NC where they brew up a cool drink of vintage blues rock. Slide guitar, rumbling bass, and simple drums create a foundation for down-home storytelling about the street-level blues that find us everyday. The band's new album Hometown Hostage (2018) explores the American hometown experience, telling the tales of those who stayed, left, or returned to their hometowns.   


1. Silo City Girl 2:51   
2. Family on My Mind 3:13   
3. Hometown Hostage 4:40   
4. Get My Kicks 3:44   
5. Blues Around the Corner 4:17   
6. Mr. Blues 4:39   
7. My Old Girl 4:14   
8. Hometown Groove 2:17     


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