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Amund Maarud - Commotion (2004)

                                                                  Amund Maarud
Amund Maarud writes much of his own repertoire, and he uses the blues as a frame for his own adrenaline-filled style mix. He has played at jazz and blues festivals all over the country, and has performed with established artists such as Vidar Busk, Kåre Virud and Knut Reiersrud. Amund Maarud led in 2006–10 The Grand, who played psychedelic blues rock and had the same crew as Amund Maarud Band has had since 2004: Henrik Maarud (drums, vocals), Per Tobro (bass) and Eirik Tovsrud Knutsen (keyboards). In 2007, they released The Grand EP and the album The Grand.


1.Victoria's Secret
2.She's A Burglar
3.Late Night Toy
4.Regular Joe
5.Viper In Your Bed
6.I Told You
7.I Always Want (What I Can't Have)
8.Natural Born Man
11.Down Yonder On The Farm

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