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Dr. K's Blues Band - Dr. K's Blues Band (1968)

                                                               Dr. K's Blues Band
Former John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers guitarist/bassist Geoff Krivit formed the short-lived blues and boogie group Doctor K's Blues Band with pianist Richard "Dr. K" Kaye and vocalist/harmonica player Mick Hasse in 1967. Although their self-titled album, released in 1968, showcased masterful interpretations of blues classics and included a memorable piano boogie, "Crippled Clarence," sales were virtually nonexistent and the group disbanded. Most members of Doctor K's Blues Band, including Krivit (who had shown great promise when he briefly replaced Eric Clapton in Mayall's Bluesbreakers), disappeared from the music scene.


Doctor K – Piano
Geoff Krivit – Guitar
Roger Rolt – Slide Guitar
Mick Hasse – Harp, vocal
Harold Vickers – Bass
Eric Peachey - Drums


1. I Can't Lose 
2. Walking 
3. Key To The Highway
4. Crippled Clarence
5. Pet Cream Man 
6. Messin' With Kid 
7. Don't Quit The Man You Love, For Me
8. Rolty's Banjo Shuffle
9. Strobe Lemming's Lament
10. Long Distance Call
11. I Feel So Bad

Big Belly's Bluesband - Take One ( 2001)

                                                              Big Belly's Bluesband
The Big Belly Blues Band is a Holland band of Blues Rock with blasts of Jazz and Soul. Their influences are BB King, Buddy Guy, Steve Ray Vaughan, Peter Green, John Mayal and Roy Buchanan.


Ben de Jonge - Drums
Harm Ensing - Bass guitar
Nick Abeln - Keyboard
Peter Crol - Lead guitar
Ben van Buizen - Vocals, Bluesharp


01. Stop Messin' Around 04:40

02. Hey Joe 08:17

03. Further Up The Road 05:48

04. Five Long Years 08:29

05. Walkin' The Dog 03:50

06. Crossroads 04:45

07. Too Tired 05:21

08. The Thrill Is Gone 06:29

09. My Baby, She's No Good To Me 03:41

10. Tin Pan Alley 07:08

11. Everyday I Have The Blues 04:25

Smokey Wilson - The Man From Mars (1997)

                                                                Smokey Wilson
This West Coast-based guitarist shines brilliantly on his third album for Bullseye Blues. While some of his earlier locally produced efforts have been uneven affairs, here kudos must go forth to producer and keyboard sideman Ron Levy. Levy keeps Wilson's guitar tone at sting and bite level 10 and his vocals right up front and toasty, surrounding him with a solid rhythm section and spare horn stabs. Eight of the 12 songs here are from Smokey's prolific pen, including "You Don't Drink What I Drink," and the title track, "Too Drunk To Drive," "Don't Tangle With Me," and "Black Widow," winners all. A quartet of covers (Magic Sam's "Easy Baby," Elmore James' "Something Inside Of Me" and a pair of Howlin' Wolf tunes, "Louise" and "44 Blues," with the latter featuring a guest turn from James Harman) rounds out this excellent session. Those who can't get enough of nasty, stinging lead guitar lines would do well to investigate this album.


1.Thanks For Making Me A Star 4:41
2.Something Inside Of Me 5:05
3.The Man From Mars 5:42
4.44 Blues 4:46
5.Louise 5:05
6.Too Drunk To Drive 5:13
7.You Don't Drink What I Drink 4:35
8.Black Widow 5:46
9.Just Like A Mountain 5:06
10.Don't Want To Tangle With Me 4:35
11.Doctor Blues 6:05
12.Easy Baby 5:30

Breakin' the Bondage Blues Band - A Place Called Calvary (2007)

                                                      Breakin' the Bondage Blues Band
Christian Blues with Influences of Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Canned Heat, Booker "T", and Old Time Black Gospel music.


1. Love Comes Knocking 0:17
2. He Came To Love Me 3:24
3. Born In The End Times 5:20
4. Stay Close To You 4:56
5. To The Cross 3:45
6. A Place Called Calvary 3:53
7. Just Three Days 4:18
8. The Emplty Tomb 6:43
9. Messin' With God's Kid 5:09
10.How'd He Do Ya Like That 3:35
11.Dump That Chump 4:44
12.It Hurts Jesus Too 5:35
13.Our Heavenly Home 4:24
14.Get Out of My Life Devil (unreleased) 5:33 
15.Amazing Grace (unreleased)  6:41 
16.Feelin Good with Ya Jesus (unreleased) 7:33 
17.Let It Shine (bonus) 3:40 

Code Blue - Blue Millennium (2004)

                                                                     Code Blue
Smokin', guitar- laden electric blues with an edge - this is the long awaited full length debut CD from CODE BLUE, southern California's Power Blues Trio - rockin' the blues tonight.


Kevin Brown - Bass, Lead Vocals 
Bob Conway - Guitar and Vocals 
Steve Horenstein - Drums 


1. Blue Millennium 4:22
2. Open Wide 5:06
3. Foolish Blues 6:55
4. Give it up 4:32
5. Light of Day 4:42
6. Sting Ray 5:08
7. True love, Blue love 4:47
8. One too many 3:58
9. Just blame me 4:47
10. Killing Time 5:01
11. Down the Line 3:43

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ELECTRIC BLUES - Still, Going Strong ! (1979)

                                                               ELECTRIC BLUES
The Noordwijk band Electric Blues was founded by Henk Vegt, Bert Bulk and Wendel Hillebrands. The first years (1967-1968) "when the boys only counted 15 years" under the name "Relax" but in 1969 the name was renamed Electric Blues, a name that better covered the load because the repertoire consisted exclusively of Blues songs of John Mayall-Cuby-Savoy Brown-Ten Years After Livin'Blues etc. In 1969 drummer Dick van Oosten joined the band. Soon the band was asked for performances, first in the Bulb Region and later on far beyond in Germany. In Noordwijk and the surrounding area the band had many loyal fans who traveled with all performances. The band already had a unique Bandbus for that time, on which ELECTRIC BLUES was chalked in large letters. The guitarist Wendel Hillebrands was for that time a real attraction, he saw n.l. chance to conjure up the difficult and especially fast blues riffs from his Les Paul guitar, something that back then (1970 and over from GB) could hardly be seen on the Dutch stages. Wendel was in a wheelchair because he had been paralyzed in childhood. But .... he was dragged everywhere by the band members and was a full-fledged band member. Unfortunately, in 1989, Wendel died at the age of 41.
In the seventies the band was also asked for the hugely popular TV program "Voor de fuist weg" by Willem Duys. In this program, many bands broke through, so also for Electric Blues an excellent opportunity, but Wendel refused to offer him mooting reasons, Too bad .... other ??
In 1974 mouth harmonica virtuoso Pietro Smeding (Red Pietro) was brought to the band and not without success, Pietro knows to the present day to play a fantastic piece of blues harp. In 1979 the band released their first LP called "Still going Strong" , composed solely of this work, mostly composed of texts by Henk Vegt. Henk has always been the driving force behind the band, once started as a singer / guitarist and from 1974 as a singer / drummer. The entire management and PR activities were and continue to be provided by Henk Vegt.
In the early years the band rehearsed in Sassenheim in the bulb shed of Warnaar on the Hoofdstraat, but soon the band moved to the familiar Noordwijk to the bulb shed of the Fam.Duindam on the Schiestraat.De last 5 years of the existence of the band found rehearsals take place in the bulb shed of Piet Warmerdam in Noordwijkerhout.
Henk Vegt and Bert Bulk have always been members of the band after a short break. Together they have loved and suffered from birth in the Schoolstraat (Henk 4-2-1952) and the Julianastraat (Bert 1-3-1952). each other shared both at school and daily with the band.
Since November 2011 the band rehearses weekly and with great enthusiasm in the farm of Henk Vegt. The place of Wendel has been taken over by the well-known guitarist Aadje Kreeft who in the seventies has seen all Dutch and many foreign pop venues with the bands Blue Planet-The Incrowd-Think Tank and George Cash. Aad released several LPs and singles of which the famous: I'm going man I'm going from Blue Planet and Nightingale from George Cash.
To give the band a bit more body, Edwin van Schijndel has joined (ex-In Crowd)


Wendel Hillebrands - Leadguitar 
Henk Vegt - Lead Vocals, Drums 
Bert Bulk - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Pietro Smeding - Bluesharp


1. The Wheel Chair Rocker
2. My Friend
3. On The Road
4. Mistreated
5. Suddenly
6. Mrs Simpson
7. Far Away
8. I Need Love
9. Davy's Having Fun
10. Electric Blues

Dirty Pool Blues Band - Bar Room Blues (2005)

                                                      Dirty Pool Blues Band
We love and live the blues....this is syracuse ,n.y. blues at its best! pure, raw, and real..."barroom blues" features mike petroff on the smokin harp and gritty vocals with longtime dirty pool guitar man mark cloutier crankin out the buddy guy-stevie ray style guitar!garnet grimm and bill satterly hold it down for these bad boys of the blues! what you hear on this disc is what you get out live!!! ....this band has been nominated for several "sammy" awards in syracuse ,new york and were the house band for the famous Dinosaur BBQ blues jam from 1997-2000..!! THE DIRTY POOL HAS PERFORMED ON THE BIG STAGE AT THE CHENANGO BLUES FEST,NEW YORK STATE RYTHMN AND BLUES FEST, THE ALEXANDRIA BAY BLUES FEST, JUST TO MENTION A FEW!!YOU CAN CATCH US LIVE ON TK 99 RADIO IN SYRACUSE N.Y ALONG WITH THE KINGSNAKES SUN. AUGUST 14 2005 AT 9:00PM!!!!WE WILL SURLY PLAY SOME CUTS FROM "BARROOM BLUES"!!!


01  Homebrew
02  Black Night
03  Born Blind
04  Wang Dang Doodle
05  B Flat Bone Boogie
06  The Hunter
07  Mud Monster March
08  How Long Can A Fool Go Wrong
09  You Guys Are Crazy
10  So Sad To Be Lonely
11  Have You Ever Been So Lonely
12  Gold Digging Momma

Anthony Gomes & the New Soul Cowboys - Coming Back for You (2018)

                                                           Anthony Gomes
Anthony Gomes is a Canadian blues and blues rock guitarist and singer. He was born to a Portuguese father and a French-Canadian mother. After his 1998 debut album release Blues in Technicolor, he began touring the United States and Canada and he has since recorded eight more albums. Gomes resides in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, playing a fusion of blues with rock and soul, and with the Anthony Gomes Band has toured North America and Europe.


David Karns - Bass
Peter Lang - Drums
Anthony Gomes - Guitar, Vocals 


1. Painted Horse  3:36
2. Rebel Highway  4:14
3. What It's All About  3:28
4. Won't Let You Down  4:16
5. Born to Ride  4:08
6. Carolina  3:35
7. You Are Amazing  4:12
8. Coming Back for You  4:48

Joe Metzka - Live at BB's (2016)

                                                              Joe Metzka
A Chicago transient, Metzka's smokin' blue LIVE AT BB'S is not only a funky, jazz-rock tinged aural treat, it's a true embodiment of St. Louis' deep musicianship.

Metzka actually moved here three years ago. Pursuing a teaching career, he also hoped to sharpen his strong blues based guitar and vocal chops. Auditioning for live work, BB's agreed to a regular Thursday gig. To perform though, Metzka paid his Chicago based band to stay overnight after each show. Cash earned became a wash. So John May offered a suggestion: Try some STL musicians.

That proposition was not only a winner, this CD is its showcase.

Starting with the Metzka original "Your Love", keyboardist Ladale Fitzpatrick, bassist Phil Burton and drummer Ron Carr lay open a palette primed for sweet improv. All of Metzka's songs are excellent. The driving "Can't Keep Up With You", love seeking "Stay", and jazzy after hours instrumental "Ladale And Ron Go To White Castle" grace his natural songwriting with the ensemble's deft skill.

True to his Chicago roots, Metzka covers Otis Rush's "All Your Love" and the classic blues staple "Sweet Home Chicago". He also covers our city's "Everyday I Have The Blues" and segues a fascinating combo of "Ain't No Sunshine" with "Summertime". But the most moving cover is "Georgia". A Hoagy Carmichael ballad that Ray Charles lifted straight to heaven, Metzka's smoky voice and Fitzpatrick's classic piano tugs the beating heart as well as Ray Charles' version ever did.

The St. Louis scene has and continues to grow a myriad of blues based styles. Whichever way the mirror points though, this town's ability to reflect, absorb and grow is exponential. Joe Metzka's LIVE AT BB'S not only follows the precedence of BB's four wonderful blues releases, it delivers its own pure stamp of STL magic.

Frankly speaking, Joe Metzka's arrival can be heralded as a welcomed awakening. Just push play on the CD player and let this baby spin. The real deal flows from there...... ENJOY!!

1. Your Love 6:50    
2. Can't Keep up with You 5:05    
3. Georgia 7:38    
4. Stay 6:11    
5. Ladale and Ron Go to White Castle 7:36    
6. I Don't Play 4:46    
7. Every Day I Have the Blues 4:50    
8. Ain't No Sunshine / Summertime 7:44    
9. Rock Me, Baby 5:44    
10. All Your Love 8:31    
11. Sweet Home Chicago 4:55

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Cat Daddy'O - Live at Summer Bash (2015)

                                                                    Cat Daddy'O
Cat Daddy'O is the kind of hard-working band that epitomizes the soulful stylings of old-school Chicago rhythm and blues.

This blues trio rocks and rolls under the arrangement of 40-year Chicago blues veteran Johnny Shea (lead guitar) and a thundering rhythm section of Uncle Lou Thery (bass) and Chris "Chilo" Ballard (drums), formerly of Carbondale groove metal outfit ZAIUS.


John Marczewski: Lead Guitar/Vocals 
Lou Thery: Bass/Vocals 
Chris Ballard: Drums 


1.Intro - Blues Instrumental (Original) 04:17
2.Let the Good Times Roll (Louis Jordan) 04:55
3.Wanna Be Your Spy (Maurice John Vaughn) 05:57
4.I'm Ready (Muddy Waters) 06:45
5.How Blue Can You Get (B.B. King) 07:05
6.Parchman Farm (Bukka White) 04:26
7.Take Me To The River (Talking Heads) 07:27
8.Hoochie Coochie Man (Muddy Waters) 05:39
9.Polk Salad Annie (Tony Joe White) 08:11
10.Got My Mojo Working (Muddy Waters) 06:25
11.Big Bruce (Instrumental) 03:56

Los Fabulosos Blueshakers - Live At Night (2018)

                                                          Los Fabulosos Blueshakers
LOS FABULOSOS BLUESHAKERS Early R&B combo (west coast, chicago, jump, texas) formed by experienced musicians from Valencia (Spain): Lizzy Lee (vocal), Jorge Gener (harmonica), Paco Rubiales (upright bass), Juanjo Iniesta (drums) and Ricardo Gener (guitar). The shows give a great dinamic versatility and a knowledge and respect of the music they play.


1.Hitsville Hop 04:30
2.Fabulous Blueshakers 02:28
3.Keep On Lovin´Baby 03:51
4.Trouble Up The Road 02:57
5.It´s Love Baby 02:44
6.I Want You By My Side 03:22
7.Last Night 03:51
8.Goin´Down Slow 03:50
9.Four Men 03:33
10.Feel So Bad 05:33
11.What Have I Done 05:17
12.Barefoot Rock 04:02
13.Queen Bee 05:12
14.Jericho 02:10
15.Seven Nights To Rock 03:46

Joshu Roberts - Still Life: The Willis Brownstone Years (2013)

                                                                    Joshu Roberts
Joshua Roberts - Still Life - features recordings from the near decade spent with Willis Brownstone. W.B.'s sound was never easy to describe, once called "Improvisational Funk Rock". From all the different backgrounds and influences from each member, the Texas blues infused funky rock n roll that was created was always soul driven groove. Featuring Joshua Roberts on guitar and vocal, Ryan Patrick on guitar, keyboards, and vocal, Caleb Jones on bass guitar and vocal, and Jeremy Bryant on drums.


1. So Have You 11:47
2. Tennessee 6:46
3. Happenin 75 13:39
4. Pilla Parable 5:40
5. The Tide 4:57
6. Loved Me a Lie 4:24
7. Doma Jarvis 1:35
8. Still Life 5:36 
9. I Got This Girl 5:07

Rolly Gibb - Drôle De Gueule (2019)

                                                                     Rolly Gibb
Rolly grew up in Paris, France where he learned classical music as a child.  Then Rolly traded his classical education for a guitar purchased at the local flea market.  He formed several bands with his sister who played the piano and sang with him with other friends and started to write songs for the band.  As the band evolved, Rolly and his sister were trained by a music production firm and started to record demos. 
But the music he loved was Rock and Blues and the record producers didn't seem to understand this important point!  So while his sister became a professional background singer, Rolly left for Canada. 
At some point, he didn't touch his guitar and didn't write new songs and it was only many years later that he realized that music was really his only raison d’être! 
The encounter with some musician friends with a home studio put him back in the mood for creation and he quickly started to write one song after another and just couldn’t stop anymore. 


01. Drôle De Gueule
02. La Fièvre Du Poker
03. Plus De Place Pour L’amour
04. Marée Rouge
05. J’étais Saoul
06. Puisque Tout Le Monde S’en Fout
07. Coconuts
08. Quartier Latin
09. J’ai Repeint Ton Appartement
10. Vingt-cinq Autos-patrouilles
11. Plus ça Va
12. TJW

Ted Tyson - Too Each His Own (2019)

                                                                    Ted Tyson
Blues Rock with great guitar work.


01. Why Get High
02. Whats the World Comin To
03. 80 Miles from Memphis
04. Satans on a Roll
05. Mr Whitehouse
06. Ghetto
07. Find a New Love
08.To Each His Own

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Eric Jerardi - Occupied (2019)

                                                                    Eric Jerardi                                                                  
Eric Jerardi began his musical career with winning a battle of the bands contest in 1989 at Ohio University. Two years later, Jerardi won another contest at OU, which secured a spot on MTV as the Midwest's Best Unsigned College Band. Over the years, he has shared the stage with Little Feat, Robin Trower, and Jim Belushi at the House of Blues, Chicago and LA; played with Eric Johnson on Cape Cod; jammed with Keith Urban, Wynonna, and Kenny Chesney in Nashville; and headlined B.B. Kings in Memphis, Nashville, LA, and Manhattan. He has played in countless blues festivals, major concerts, and a myriad of other shows around the country for more than 25 years.


Eric Jerardi - Guitar & Vocals 
David Hood - Bass   
Clayton Ivey - Electric Piano/Organ 
Milton Sledge - Drums
Kelvin Holly - Rhythm Guitar 
Charles Rose - Trombone 
Steve Herman - Trumpet  
Doug Moffet - Saxaphone 
Marie Lewey & Cindy Walker - Backing Vocals 


1.Do Right By Him 04:54
2.Whole Again 04:10
3.Don’t Take It Personally 04:43
4.Occupied 03:42
5.Never Let The Old Man In 02:55
6.Deaf Lead The Blind 03:57
7.In My Life 03:02

Amund Maarud - Commotion (2004)

                                                                  Amund Maarud
Amund Maarud writes much of his own repertoire, and he uses the blues as a frame for his own adrenaline-filled style mix. He has played at jazz and blues festivals all over the country, and has performed with established artists such as Vidar Busk, Kåre Virud and Knut Reiersrud. Amund Maarud led in 2006–10 The Grand, who played psychedelic blues rock and had the same crew as Amund Maarud Band has had since 2004: Henrik Maarud (drums, vocals), Per Tobro (bass) and Eirik Tovsrud Knutsen (keyboards). In 2007, they released The Grand EP and the album The Grand.


1.Victoria's Secret
2.She's A Burglar
3.Late Night Toy
4.Regular Joe
5.Viper In Your Bed
6.I Told You
7.I Always Want (What I Can't Have)
8.Natural Born Man
11.Down Yonder On The Farm

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Greg Cooper - Shades of Wood and Steel (2011)

                                                                     Greg Cooper
Original guitar instrumentals in various genres such as Jazz, Blues and Acoustic. Greg's music is influenced by many guitarists, yet still maintains its own unique voice.


1.Shuffle in G

2.Grant and Green

3.Desire 5 (Mister Midnight)

4.Last Call (Roys Gospel)


6.Blues for Bette

7.Byrd's Waltz

The Blues Project - Bonds Casino (1981)

                                                                 The Blues Project              
The Blues Project - Bonds International Casino, NYC 
March 17,1981


Tommy Flanders - Vocals 
Steve Katz - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals 
Danny Kalb - Guitar
Al Kooper - Keyboards, vocals 
Andy Kulberg - Bass Guitar, Flute 
Roy Blumenfeld - Drums 


1.Going Down Louisiana
2.Steve's Song
3.That's Alright Mama
5.You Can't Catch Me
6.Catch The Wind
7.Fly Away
8.Red House
9.New Instrumental
10.I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
11.I Can't Keep From Crying
12.JellyJelly Blues
13.Cheryl's Going Home
14.You Go And I'll Go With You
15.No Time Lıke The Right Time
16.Flute Thing
17.Two Trains Running
18.Wake Me Shake Me
19.Wake Me Shake Me Reprise

Genaro's Rhytm & Blues - I'm Gonna Change My Life (1990)

                                                             Genaro's Rhytm & Blues
Great work of the Blues Rock band of Mexican harmonica player Genaro Palacios Clemow.


Alicia Romo - Bajo eléctrico
Genaro Palacios Clemow - Guitarra, armómonica y voz 
Rubén Martín del Campo - Batería 
Mario A. Gamero - Slide guitarra 


1.Down Home Blues 5:56
2.Every Day I Have the Blues 3:38
3.The Thrill Is Gone 5:43
4.Got My Mojo Working 2:20
5.Honest I Do 3:53
6.Salte de Mi Vida 3:01
7.Cake Walk Into Town 2:28
8.Kansas City 3:47
9.I´m Gonna Change My Life 7:19
10.Picking´the Blues 2:35

Big George Jackson - Beggin' Ain't For Me (1998)

                                                                Big George Jackson
Revered songwriter Big George Jackson's songs didn't have the same snap, crackle, and pop when he recorded them himself -- they always came off better when sung by other singers. Jackson's low voice wasn't the best vehicle to sell the hearty Southern dramas he wrote so prolifically; it was better suited for uptempo blues, the material that comprises the lion's share of Beggin' Ain't for Me. He wrote eight of the ten songs, but the most lively numbers are Elmore James' "Shake Your Moneymaker" and "Kitchen Sink Boogie" (credited to a trio of writers) with its strong lead guitar play. Jackson's no spring chicken, but "Ella May" sounds as if a much older man is singing; the lyrics don't get much more complex than, "Ella May what you got cookin' today." "Looking to Steal Somebody" is so deliberate that you have time to insert alternate lyrics before Jackson sings the ones he wrote. Jackson helps his cause by blowing a fiery harp on many selections. If you're looking for an album of jumping blues, this is top shelf, but those expecting to hear Jackson the writer of "I'm Just a Prisoner," "Cheatin' in the Next Room," and "Find 'Em, Fool 'Em, Forget 'Em" will still be looking after this CD is done playing.

Bass – John Schroder
Drums – Dwight Dario
Guitar – Jeremy Johnson (4), Phil Schmid
Harmonica, Lead Vocals – Big George Jackson
Lead Vocals – Big George Jackson


01.Beggin' Ain't For Me
02.Rubbish Truck
03.Shake Your Money Maker
04.Ela May
05.Ooh Wee Baby
06.Lookin' To Steal Somebody
07.Fat's Jump
08.Fee Fi Fo Fam
09.Kitchen Sink Boogie
10.I'm A Big Man

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Naranjito Blues - Uno 1-2 (2011)

                                                                    Naranjito Blues


1.Shuffle Uno 1/2 5:44
2.Gate 6:30
3.Over Blues 5:49
4.Ain't Nobody's Business 8:31
5.Jumpskittle 9:12

Naranjito Blues - Uno (2009)

                                                                    Naranjito Blues
A los 15 años y tras una vida de amistad, se juntan para hacer música Abraham Villaseñor (guitarra), Javier Villaseñor (guitarra), Charly Cisneros (bajo) y Tony Ochoa (batería). En 2007 definen el proyecto NARANJITO BLUES/Instrumental, inspirados por el -bluesman- Genaro Palacios. Ese mismo año bajo los espíritus del -Hazlo tu mismo- y el -Terrorismo poético- inician el proyecto independiente de difusión CALLE=BLUES, tomando las calles como escenario de manera gratuita y para todo público. En 2008 aparece su primera grabación, en su totalidad independiente NARANJITO BLUES/DEMO, agotando las 3mil copias del material maquiladas a mano por la banda. En 2009 complementan el proyecto con la aparición de -stencil’s-(arte urbano) de la banda por toda la ciudad. Lanzan su primer material de larga duración, de igual manera independiente NARANJITO BLUES/UNO, con colaboraciones de Christian Jiménez (TROKER) y Lalo Melgar (GATO GORDO Blues Band), agotando las 6mil copias del material. En 2010 se dedican a girar en la república presentando su material y al crecimiento del proyecto CALLE=BLUES. Reciben el reconocimiento del maestro Genaro Palacios por ser -Pioneros del Blues callejero en México-. En 2011 lanzan su tercera placa discográfica de nuevo independiente y maquilada a mano por la banda NARANJITO BLUES-UNO1/2 con colaboraciones de Christian Jiménez (TROKER), Tom Kessler (TOM KESSLER Trío), Lalo Melgar (GATO GORDO Blues Band), KLAUS MAYER (KLAUS MAYER Proyect) y el maestro Genaro Palacios (Líder de la legendaria GATO GORDO Blues Band). Actualmente trabajan en la promoción de dicho material, dan seguimiento al proyecto CALLE=BLUES y preparan lo que será su segundo disco de larga duración: NARANJITO BLUES/DOS.

At age 15 and after a life of friendship, Abraham Villaseñor (guitar), Javier Villaseñor (guitar), Charly Cisneros (bass) and Tony Ochoa (drums) come together to make music. In 2007 they define the project NARANJITO BLUES / Instrumental, inspired by the -bluesman- Genaro Palacios. That same year under the spirits of -Hazlo yourself- and the -Poetic terrorism- started the independent diffusion project CALLE = BLUES, taking the streets as a stage for free and for all audiences. In 2008 it appears its first recording, in its independent totality NARANJITO BLUES / DEMO, exhausting the 3mil copies of the material maquiladas by hand by the band. In 2009 they complement the project with the appearance of -stencil's- (urban art) of the band throughout the city. They release their first long-term material, in the same way independently NARANJITO BLUES / UNO, with collaborations of Christian Jiménez (TROKER) and Lalo Melgar (GATO GORDO Blues Band), exhausting the 6,000 copies of the material. In 2010 they are dedicated to touring the republic presenting their material and the growth of the CALLE = BLUES project. They receive the recognition of maestro Genaro Palacios for being "Pioneers of Street Blues in Mexico". In 2011 they released their third independent record label and hand-made by the band NARANJITO BLUES-UNO1 / 2 with collaborations of Christian Jiménez (TROKER), Tom Kessler (TOM KESSLER Trio), Lalo Melgar (GATO GORDO Blues Band), KLAUS MAYER (KLAUS MAYER Proyect) and maestro Genaro Palacios (Leader of the legendary GATO GORDO Blues Band). They are currently working on the promotion of this material, follow up on the CALLE = BLUES project and prepare what will be their second full-length album: NARANJITO BLUES / DOS.


Abraham Villaseñor - Guitarra
Javier Villaseñor - Guitarra
Charly Cisneros - Bajo
Tony Ochoa - Bateria


1.Busking Jump 3:02
2.Juke - Joint 2:31
3.Shuffleman 4:19
4.Skeleton Crew 8:28
5.King of Swing 4:25
6.Thetruck 5:39
7.The Boogie Bumper 3:14
8.Tema de Ruben 9:34

Scott Ellison - Live At Joey's (1995)

                                                                      Scott Ellison
Scott caught the music bug at an early age-February 13, 1964 to be exact-and just like every other nine year old who was watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan that night, he fell in love with the guitar. During the 70's Scott's home town of Tulsa was a hot bed of musical talent. Eric Clapton and Freddie King's bands were both based in Tulsa as was Leon Russell's Shelter Records. Influenced and electrified by the British Invasion bands, moved by the sounds of Motown and touched by the soulfulness of the Rhythm and Blues music coming out of Memphis, it wasn't long before Scott started his own band. 
In 1977 he began touring with Jessica James (Conway Twitty's daughter) and by 1981 "Gatemouth" Brown had plucked up this emerging, energetic guitar player to play Rhythm in his band. 
Ellison became acclimated to the life of a musician on the Road and found that he loved it. He watched and learned a great deal from playing with Gatemouth. "What impressed me so much was not only his musicianship - he was a big influence on my guitar playing", Ellison says," It was his energy. He just had so much fun doing it. I told myself I want to have fun like that when I'm doing my own thing." A move to LA in the mid. 80's found Scott playing and touring with the likes of The Box Tops, The Shirelles, J.J. Jackson, The Drifters, The Coasters and Gary "U.S." Bonds. 
By the 90's Scott had formed his own Blues Band and opened up shows for such legends as Joe Cocker, Roy Orbison, The Fabulous T-Birds, Leon Russell, Bobby Bland and Buddy Guy. Throughout his career Scott has been a prolific song writer and has composed and released numerous CD's. Cold Hard Cash, produced by Dennis Walker of Robert Cray fame, all songs written by Scott and Dennis proved to be a highly successful CD. His CD's Live At Joey's, Chains of Love, Bad Case of the Blues and Icestorm have also been well received. All of his songs reflect Scott's love for the Blues and his talent as a writer.


1.I'm Ready Baby
2.Should'A Been Out An'Gone
3.I've Been Down Too Long
4.Chains Of Love
5.Love Pains
6.Live With Me Me
7.Bad Attitude
8.Crosscut Saw
9.Down Down Baby

terça-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2019

T44 Blues Band - Blues Lounge Demo (2018)

                                                                  T44 Blues Band
TT44 Blues Band  banda regia de Blues integrada por Lalo Cabañas, una leyenda regia de 
la guitarra, Pato Farias, Saturnino y el maestro Cesar Tiberio,excelentes Músicos.

TT44 Blues Band Blues regia band composed of Lalo Cabañas, a regal legend of the guitar, Pato Farias, Saturnino and the maestro Cesar Tiberio, excellent musicians.


Arturo Ábrego - Voz
Américo Reynoso - Bajo
David Palacios - Guitarra
Oscar Keys Sandoval - Teclados
César Tiberio - Batería


01.Mago´s Blues
03.Ain´t no sunshine
04.Before you accuse me
06.Have you ever see the rain
07.Mary Ann
08.Stormy Monday
09.Hard Time
10.Summer time
11.Ticket to ride
12.Holiday Blues
13.Well Well Well
14.White Hope
15.Look at me Live in Central Uno
16.Solo Live Lalo Cabañas en Central Uno
17.Woman Live in Central Uno

segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2019

Possum Belly Overalls - Live At Maloe Melo (2018)

                                                              Possum Belly Overalls
We started in 2017 after we found Fabrizio. Ray was added and in Januari we did our first show at the famous Maloe Melo. Torsten and Jan met at the bar in Ilpendam where they live just north of Amsterdam. Torsten is a 100% Blues man playing the Mouth Harp like nobody else. He's got a “Little Walter” approach in his sound but got his own distinctive feel. Jan is the Rockabilly drummer with a big Blues collection and soft spot for traditional and Jump Blues from Doctor Ross to Wynonie Harris. Fabrizio is a great guitarist with a authentic sound and sing's like a true Italian. His sound and playing skills is a mix of Ike Turner meets Micky Baker. Ray is the man with the big Double Bass Swingin’ the Blues up and down those long string's. Joris is the boogie machine playing those keys with the like's of Jelly Roll Morton up to Jimmy McGriff on his Hammond B3. 


Torsten Stälher - Harmonica
Jan van Leeuwen - Vocals,Drums
Ray Blom-upright - Bass
Fabrizio Carrieri - Guitar,Vocals


01. Don`t Start Crying Now 03:38
02. Mean Ole Train 03:18
03. Sugar Bee 05:56
04. Mojo Hand 06:23
05. P T - Bone Shuffle 05:03
06. Crazy Mixed Up World04:44
07. Rockinits 04:46
08. Juke 03:54
09. Possum Belly Overalls 04:25
10. Cat Squirrel 04:25
11. Tell Me Mama 05:02
12. Chromatic Jump 08:02
13. Edgier 04:24
14. Money 04:35

Jack De Keyzer - Down In The Groove (2000)

                                                                   Jack De Keyzer
From concert halls to nightclubs, theatres to honky-tonks - guitarist, singer and songwriter, Jack de Keyzer has performed his brand of rockin? blues throughout North America for the past 25 years. Born in London, England, de Keyzer?s earliest influences were British rockers, Cliff Richard & the Shadows (who featured the great Hank Marvin on lead guitar.) By the time the Beatles hit, de Keyzer?s path was chosen. Learning rock?n roll and rhythm`n blues from the British groups, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, (US expatriate) Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Led Zeppelin, Jack eventually found the source and became a blues disciple from age 15 onward. De Keyzer say`s "I love all styles of music, just as long as there`s blues running through it." Starting as a sideman, session guitarist, de Keyzer worked with many international artists beginning with King Biscuit Boy, in Hamilton, Ontario where the teenaged Jack emigrated to from England. Jack was featured on several King Biscuit a! lbums. From there it was stints with Ronnie Hawkins and New York City, Rock-a-Billy crooner, Robert Gordon, where a very young Jack played alongside Duke Robillard. After this de Keyzer joined popular Canadian group, The Bop Cats. The Cats pre-dated Stray Cats and released several CD's before de Keyzer began fronting the more rock'n roll oriented Rock Angels. Jack also continued doing session work during this time performing with many of his musical heros, Bo Diddley, John Hammond Jr., Etta James and Otis Rush. De Keyzer also performed regularly with Blue Rodeo at this time. Starting his own band in 1985, Jack de Keyzer has released 3 CD's to date, "Hard Working Man" (Warner Music Canada 1991), "Wild at Heart" (1994 Parfio Music Group) and the latest, award winning release,"Down in the Groove." (Blue Star Records 1999.) Down in the Groove recently won "Recording of the Year" at the Maple Blues Awards and also received a 2000 Juno Award Nomination for "Best Blues Album."!


1. Down in the Groove
2. Gambler`s Blues
3. High on Your Love
4. Nasty Swing
5. When Love is Right
6. I Need a Break
7. Touch of the Blues
8. Wanna Rock
9. Party
10. Skid Row
11. Ride with Me
12. Ain`t No Stoppin?
13. Groove (Pt. 2)

Dan Pitchard - The Dan Pitchard Band (1997)

                                                                     Dan Pitchard
Blues with a Horn Section, a la B.B. King.Influences: B. B. King, Freddie King, Albert King, Roy Buchanan, John McLaughlin, Leslie West, Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore, and many others.


Dan Pitchard - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass on Let Me Tell You Why, and Vocals
Jude Pitchard - Vocals
Mark Kindley - Rhythm Guitar on 'Til My Eyes Go Blind, One Foot Out The Door, and Where'd My Baby Go?, and Harp
Marty Carlson - Dobro Slide Guitar
Larry Booth - Bass 
Roger Cannavaro - Bass on One Foot Out The Door and Where'd My Baby Go?
Ron Stahl, Jr. - Drums
Rick Shaw - Trumpet
J.D. McCauley - Alto Sax
Jonathan S. Ball - Tenor Sax on Let Me Tell You Why, I'm Sick And I'm Tired, and Only Sometimes
Terry Sanger - Tenor Sax on Where'd My Baby Go?
Lou Manoni - Tenor Sax on Big, Strong, Woman Lovin' Man, and One Foot Out The Door


1. Til My Eyes Go Blind
2. Big, Strong, Woman Lovin' Man
3. Let Me Tell You Why
4. I'm Comin' Home
5. Ain't Got The Blues
6. One Foot Out The Door
7. Where'd My Baby Go?
8. Baby, I'm Watchin' You
9. I'm Sick And I'm Tired
10. I Can't Sleep
11. Only Sometimes
12. I'm Goin' Home

Kid Andersen - The Dreamer (2007)

                                                                     Kid Andersen
This is awesome stuff, Chuck berry , Peter Green , Magic Sam all rolled into one.


Kid Andersen - Guitar,Vocals
June Core - Drums
Bob Welsh - Piano
Randy Bermudes -'Bass

Special participations:

Andy Santana - Harmonica 
Charlie Musselwhite - Harmonica
Rick Estrin - Harmonica


1. The Dreamer
2. Dig The Pain
3. Rocket Fuel
4. Jezebel
5. Twist Of The Century
6. My Baby Lee
7. Soul City
8. The Nightmare (Nowhere To Turn)
9. Serve Me Right To Suffer
10. A Better Day
11. Conclusion
12. Take It Slow