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Buck & Evans - Rock N' 2 Remember - Live in Arizona (2013)

                                                              Buck & Evans
As can sometimes fortuitously happen in the case of your favourite artists, I discovered the band Buck & Evans completely by accident. They were playing the inaugural Ramblin’ Man Fair festival in 2015, buried in an unassuming mid-afternoon slot on the curiously titled ‘Outlaw’ Country Stage. I was expecting a couple of old timers dressed in dungarees behind a pair of battered acoustic guitars. Instead, I got a sensational ‘rock ‘n’ soul’ band; a guitarist whose playing belied his obviously modest years, a vocalist who’d have made Janis look twice and a rhythm section that would still have you moving if your feet had been nailed to the floor.


01. Intro/Blues Jam 04:52  
02. Going Home 04:20  
03. Dreams to Remember 06:00  
04. Treat Me Right 06:08  
05. Trail of Tears 07:50  
06. Going Down 04:52

Andre Taylor - Playing Hard - Live At Kingston Mines (2001)

                                                              Andre Taylor
This man is just the business. A truly fabulous sound, especially his take on My Girl, turning what for me was a rather cheesy and tired old thing into an all time classic.


01. Everyday I Have The Blues 03:42
02. I'm Ready 03:27
03. Since You Ain't With Me 03:29
04. Five Long Years 04:24
05. Got My Mojo Working 04:45
06. Born Under A Bad Sign 03:51
07. Sure As You Live 03:13
08. She's A Sweet One 04:37
09. Eyesight To The Blind 05:23
10. Hoochie Coochie Man 04:07
11. You Upset Me 02:27
12. I Been Down So Long 04:08
13. My Girl 04:04
14. Pride and Joy 04:04

Gary Myrick's Bluestrash - Gary Myrick's Bluestrash (2016)

                                                               Gary Myrick
GARY MYRICKs BLUESTRASH is Texas-blues in its purest form - dirty, electric, and dangerous.
The trio, based in Los Angeles, California, is fronted by Texas guitar master Gary Myrick (Gary Myrick and the Figures, Havana 3AM - with members of the Clash and John Waite’s band). BLUESTRASH mixes twanging-Texas-blues, urban and rockabilly jumping shuffles, and soulful lapsteel-laced melodies.


01. Big Bossman 06:14
02. Satisfaction 06:10
03. Jimmy Was Addicted 04:06
04. Tex Pawnshop 04:17
05. Hound Dog Woman 04:58
06. The River (Can't Walk The Water Without You)03:44

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Chris King Robinson - Tell Me Why Youre Scared (2015)

                                                           Chris King Robinson
Only 20 years old, Britain native Chris King Robinson is starting to prove himself as a new blues guitarist on the rise. His first EP, Tell Me Why You’re Scared, is five tracks of obvious talent, combining a variety of guitar sounds with intimate vocals.

The title track, “Tell Me Why You’re Scared,” gives the essence of a live song that is played to perfection, or even better, than the recording. It is soulful and honest music that vibes through to the soul, a feeling that translates through the rest of the tracks on the EP. Another song, “Trippin’ on Earth” opens with an ode towards classic ’60s and ’70s guitar.

While most of the album consists of raspy and whisper-like vocals, several tracks display a broader, more demanding sound suggesting there may be more behind Robinson’s vocals than he lets on in this EP. However, Robinson is a pronounced blues guitarist above all, and this EP is presumably a small (but, delicious) taste of what he is capable of. A promising release from Chris King Robinson, he shows he is a strong presence in blues music, and it will be exciting to see what else he has up his sleeve and how he will develop his sound from here.


01.(Why) Don't You Give Me Your Love
02.Tell Me Why You're Scared
03.Woman Who You Talkin' To
04.Burning Eyes
05.Trippin' On Earth

Eddie 9V - ''brooks'' (2019)

                                                                   Eddie 9V
"brooks" is an album recorded all by me. I used vintage recording techniques to get some cool sounds. I went back to where it started for me. Early 50s and 60s blues. I hope you enjoy the album. If your sad, play this album, if you want some whiskey at 3 am play this record. Share this record with your friends and I'd appreciate any extra donations as I do music full time!


Brooks Mason - All Instruments


01. Yonders Wall 04:35   
02. New Orleans 03:05   
03. 36th & Main 04:28   
04. Whiskey and Wimmen'(feat. Jackson Allen) 04:32   
05. I'm Worried 04:14

Blues Boy Willie - Blues then & Now (2019)

                                                              Blues Boy Willie
Willie McFalls, a native Memphian from Texas, not Tennessee, took the chitlin circuit by surprise in 1990 when the comical blues dialog of "Be-Who?" put his second album on the Billboard charts and his act on the road. Blues Boy Willie came to Ichiban Records courtesy of his boyhood friend from Texas, bluesman-producer Gary B. B. Coleman. Willie's three albums to date all bear the typical Coleman touch -- competent but predictable blues tracks with a small studio band. It has been the spunky spoken repartee between Willie and his wife Miss Lee on the novelty numbers that has earned Willie an unexpected niche on the Southern soul-blues scene. 


01. Hungry Harp Blues
02. Sleepwalking Blues
03. Expectin' You To Change
04. Let's Go Poppin'
05. Short Circuit
06. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
07. Squeeze Me
08. Tribute To Jimmy Reed
09. The Worse Blues We've Ever Had
10. Plainly In Love With You
11. What Happened To The Blues
12. Ol' Train A Comin'

Jesse Davey - Big Blues (2015)

                                                               Jesse Davey
His playing is influenced by the greats such as B.B. King, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and Stevie Ray Vaughn and has developed into a mature, personal style ranging from “blistering pyrotechnics with jazz and classical flavors”. It is clear Davey is a veteran in the blues guitar world bringing you the finest soul searching solos, which run the game of emotions of exquisite melancholy to explosive joy.
Davey as member of the Hoax

In 1991 Davey started The Hoax alongside John Amor and Hugh Coltman. All the members were all young students of the blues and had played together since they were in their teens; songwriting and arrangements were worked out together by all five members and in 1994 their debut album Sound Like This was brought out. The Hoax impresses critics in England who compared the to The Yardbirds, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and the Rolling Stones.


01. How Blue Can You Get  
02. Rain On My Pillow  
03. Scrub Jay Blues   
04. Made It On My Own  
05. Big Blues  
06. The Crow  
07. The Revelator  
08. Fast Boy   
09. Chain Smokin'  
10. Can't Get It Together  
11 Downward Spiral   
12 Downward Spiral A Slight Return

Sunseekers - One take One day (2019)

Sunseekers is the new name of Wanovitch. It's a new start. All musicians have former and long experience in various Belgian bands. The music is the combination of each member's background which is quite diversified, covering all sorts of influences revisiting rock music from Blues to garage Rock. The band is mainly playing its own original compositions.


01. Sand and Dust
02. Too much!
03. There is a place
04. Harmony
05. Amos

Michael Bloom and the Blues Prophecy - Whisper in the Wind (2019)

                                                               Michael Bloom
Michael Bloom is a Chicago-born, classically-trained guitarist, singer and songwriter of classic and original blues. From Oakland, CA to Chicago, IL, Michael's been writing and playing the blues in one form or another for most of his life. The poetic voices of Robert Johnson, Jimmy Reed, and Mississippi John Hurt, the lyrical lines of BB King and Otis Rush, the rhythms of Muddy Waters and Little Milton all echo through his songs. When you see Michael and the Blues Prophecy testify on stage, you'll feel his passion for performing the blues and his love for bringing it to the world.
Some of the places Michael has performed include Rosa's Lounge, Buddy Guy's Legends, The Kingston Mines in Chicago, the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale MS, Wild Bill's in Memphis, Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland CA, Starry Plow in Berkeley, CA, El Farol, Tiny's Dine and Dance and Evangelo's in Santa Fe NM and the historic King William IV pub in Fenstanton, England.
While in Chicago, Michael played with blues legend Mary Lane, and her band The No Static Blues Band. He also recorded tracks for his new CD, "Whisper in the Wind".


01. Time on My Hands
02. Whisper in the Wind
03. Just Can't Win
04. I Remember Love
05. Brownsville
06. Old Man Blues
07. Till I Met You
08. No Luck at All
09. Lisa
10. I Ain't

601 Blues - Hard Edge Blues (2008)

                                                                  601 Blues
Blues is about passion and caring,if you had no passion,or did not care for anything, then there would be no Blues!!Blues can find its way into any form or life style,its not what you feel its how you express it,My Blues is reflections of life,and all the fears we have in todays world,Sometimes we just need to stop and look at ourselves,and that is a scary thing for most of us to do!!
When I write a song,I don't plan on it being any form, of Blues/Rock or anything, I just let the Song unfold and be what it wants at that moment,I will not go back and edit anything once it is recorded,The intent is not to change anything that was caught in the passion of the moment, Like a Photo the best is when the subject is caught at the most ackward moments,so I want to keep that moment as is.
I play all the instruments on all recordings, so far I have worked with Guitars,Bass,violin, Keyboards,piano,sax,Harmonica,drums,congas,I have used other artist at times, but for me its like a sculpter callin in another sculpter to carve out a nose on a statue that he has been workin on!!WHY! Yes My music is different,thats what I want,I don't want to sound like anyone else,On this CD I had a struggle with my self on what to call it, Lost Highway or Move to the Moon!!so I could not decide cuz both are my favs.I started to remove one and start another project around that!!So I left it as is and used my guitar pick guard as the title!! Grab a Glass Of Merlot and sit back reflect and enjoy!!


01. Lost Highway 04:57        
02. Time Machine 07:04        
03. I Want My Cadillac 06:22        
04. Hard Rain 05:17        
05. Not Your Super Hero 04:29        
06. Sit and Cry 02:58        
07. Move to the Moon 05:28        
08. She Only Plays the Blues 05:01        
09. Is This Paradise? 05:52        
10. You're Too Mean, Revisited 06:28        
11. Lost in a Dream, Revisited 07:28

Big Shanty - Ride With The Wind - 2008

                                                                  Big Shanty
Renegade blues-rocker Big Shanty’s sonic rain of acid guitars and synth beats blasted across the Internet, Satellite and College radio in ’07 with his anti-war song "Killing Fields" and went number-one for five-weeks on "Blues Critic" singles chart. Big Shanty’s CD “Ride With The Wind” stayed top-ten in their album chart for five-months, his single was nominated as "Best Blues Song and Shanty was nominated as "Best New Artist".


01. Born Up in Trouble 03:09         
02. Killing Fields 05:02         
03. New Messiah 03:51         
04. She Got a Hold On Me 04:16         
05. Gone Downtown 04:10         
06. Ride With the Wind 03:27         
07. Whisky Woman 03:50         
08. Know What I'm Sayin' 04:27         
09. King Bee 03:35         
10. Living On the Edge of Time 04:51

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Danny Rhodes and the Messengers - Welcome to the Night (2002)

                                                             Danny Rhodes
Whoa! This is the real funky-bluesy deal from start to finish. I haven't stopped listening to this disc since I bought it. Every track is wonderfully crafted, produced and performed. I can't wait to see these guys live when they're playing with Little Feat. This album recieves one of my very rare 5's.


01. Way Past Midnite 4:34         
02. Do Your Business 6:06         
03. Meadowlark 5:12    
04. Two Tons of Love 3:28         
05. Baby, Please Don't Go 3:52         
06. O' Louisian' 4:09         
07. Your Kinda Love 3:58    
08. (You Can't Make) the Sun Go Down 3:49    
09. Dark Side of Heaven 4:29         
10. Got My Baby Back Again 3:08    
11. Mississippi Pipeline Blues 4:10         
12. Brother, Brother 4:38         
13. Turn It Up 3:25

ZZ Top - Fandango! (1975)

                                                                   ZZ Top
Blessed with their first full-fledged hit album, ZZ Top followed it up with Fandango!, a record split between a side of live tracks and a side of new studio cuts. In a way, this might have made sense, since they were a kick-ass live band, and they do sound good here, but it's hard not to see this as a bit of a wasted opportunity in retrospect. Why? Because the studio side is a worthy successor to the all-fine Tres Hombres, driven by "Tush" and "Heard It on the X," two of their greatest songs that build on that album by consolidating their sound and amplifying their humor. If they had sustained this energy and quality throughout a full studio album, it would have been their greatest, but instead the mood is broken by the live cuts. Now, these are really good live cuts -- and "Backdoor Medley" and "Jailhouse Rock" were fine interpretations, making familiar songs sound utterly comfortable in their signature sound -- and Fandango! remains one of their better albums, but it's hard not to think that it could have been even better.


Dusty Hill - Bass, Vocals 
Frank Beard - Drums
Billy Gibbons - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals 


01. Thunderbird 2:49
02. Jailhouse Rock 1:56
03. Backdoor Medley: (9:23)
3a  Backdoor Love Affair 1:09
3b  Mellow Down Easy 3:39
3c  Backdoor Love Affair No.2 2:04
3d  Long Distance Boogie 2:31
04. Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings 2:42
05. Blue Jean Blues 4:42
06. Balinese 2:37
07. Mexican Blackbird 3:06
08. Heard It On The X 2:23
09.  Tush 2:14
Bonus Tracks:
10. Heard It On The X (Live) 2:36
11. Jailhouse Rock (Live) 1:53
12. Tush (Live) 3:43

Jake Kershaw - Piece of My Mind (2017)

                                                              Jake Kershaw
Jake Kershaw is the 17 year old guitar slinging, blues/rock singing teenager out of Southern Michigan everyone is talking about. You can find Jake performing just about anywhere from Muskegon to the Ohio, Indiana State line and all points in between. 2016 was a very busy year with festivals, private shows and competitions in areas such as Grand Haven, Kalamazoo, Stockbridge, Detroit, Three Rivers, Dundee and even Michigan International Speedway.
When not on stage or preparing for a show, Jake is a sophomore at Marshall high School. Jake holds down a 4.0 GPA which includes honors classes. He also performs with the high school marching band and the symphonic band playing the euphonium (which he has played for the past 5 years). Jake has donated his time to the praise band at Marshall United Methodist Church, when possible, and performs for many charitable events to help those less fortunate with health issues or just down on their luck. Jake contributes his time to events funding animal shelters as he has a special spot in his heart for animals.
Jake began playing acoustic guitar at around age 9. This first run at the guitar was not very successful as Jake was not a big fan of the acoustic guitar. However, when Jake was 11, he received a Fender Starcaster combo kit for Easter and everything changed.
Jake immediately bonded with the electric guitar and was rarely witnessed without it in his hands. Something ignited a fire deep within his soul. He could be found either in his room working out new sounds thru his amp or unplugged on the couch just picking away watching TV. This continues to this day. There is never a day that Jake is not working out some tune.


01. Going Home 04:54         
02. Never Make Your Move Too Soon 04:27     
03. Ive Been Waiting 05:39         
04. Piece of My Mind 03:52    
05. Sitting in the Rain 04:51         
06. Live My Own Life 05:06         
07. Angel of Mercy 05:56

Jukka Syrenius Band - The Cat With A Hat (1986)

                                                         Jukka Syrenius Band   
Jukka Syrenius is a Finnish Blues - and jazz Guitarplayer and Composer.


01. Lets's Enjoy It 4:19
02. Le Champion 7:22
03. Love Is Here 4:47
04. Spring Dance 3:53
05. Sadden Sunrise 5:52
06. Bon Voyage 5:58
07. The Cat With A Hat 4:10

Sveinung Hovensjø - Bass
Sakari Löytt - Drums, Marimba, Percussion  
Jukka Syrenius - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Jouko Laivuori  - Organ Hammond B3, Grand Piano, Synth Yamaha DX7 

Jay Stulo - Damn Good Reason To Play The Blues (2000)

                                                                Jay Stulo
Blistering guitar, soul-tinged vocals, and solid blues hooks.


Larry Byrne - Organ
Craig Panosh - Drums
Jay Stulo - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Mike Vlahakis - Organ, Piano, Synthesizer


01. Do You Think I Can 03:58         
02. Meet Me in the Valley 04:50         
03. Separate Ways 03:46         
04. The Bible Song 03:34         
05. Damn Good Reason 04:19         
06. August One 05:39         
07. How Long 04:07         
08. L-Mo 03:06         
09. I Found Out 03:59         
10. Big Dog & Li'l Dog 02:47         
11. Ain't Gonna Be Your Fool 06:04

Peter Schrammel - (feat. Stella Jones) Blues (2019)

                                                             Peter Schrammel
In 1980 Peter Schrammel married Christine Jones.
Together they started JONESMOBILe. In his own label Yedermann Productions, the first LP, and many others with onboard musicians such as Lee Harper, Fritz Pauer, Charly Ratzer, Hans Salomon, Austrian Richard. As soon as the tips of the domestic scene appeared the following year.
No wonder, because Christine Jones had already developed an international reputation, with the likes of Duke Ellington, Dexter Gordon and Kenny Clarke - to name just a few - played together. His career began in Fatty Georges legendary saloon in Vienna, discovered here Christine Zacher his name with the name ledigem, the blues. She was discovered during an appearance at the Prague Jazz Festival by Albert Mangelsdorff, who recommended the "Vienna Girl," the host producer Lippmann. In 1965 his first album "Christine - spirituals, folk songs, blues" - 16 mostly original songs, classic blues, recorded very pure, only his voice and his guitar.
By computing the present "Schrammel-song books" It soon became clear that a large part of what goes on with it. And that no one can interpret better than his daughter Stella Jones, who is now also one of the greatest singers in our latitudes. She has worked with Gloria Gaynor, Chaka Khan, Omara Portuondo with the national scene sizes and is also responsible for great productions.


Peter Schrammel - Klavier, Piano
Stella Jones - Vocals
Hermann Posch - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Gritsch - Saxofon
Peter Strutzenberger - Bass
Lennie Dixon - Drums


01. Going to Paris
02. Going to the Rock
03. Lonesome with the Blues
04. Lsd Cooking
05. Nelly Bly
06. Blues in the Bottle
07. Deep Water Blues
08. No Bitter Tears
09. Raging Storm
10. The Sisters
11. Tree Top Tall Papa
12. Certain Feeling
13. Wayfaring Stranger

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Coby Wier - Seven (2018)

                                                                Coby Wier
This EP was originally intended for just friends and family, but the dream has grown bigger and I am overwhelmed at the amount of support and encouragement I am receiving. One day I was sitting having my coffee and picking on the old guitar and realized all of a sudden that I was sitting on about 18 tunes. I made a remark on Facebook about this and immediately got a call from my friend Stormy Cooper. Stormy and his crew were unbelievable to work with, incredible people and musicians. We got all the music done and I all I needed to finish this EP was lyrics and vocals for two songs. I then called in a buddy of mine, Mike Mancy, to help me with the lyrics for the two songs. Im pretty sure Mike climbed into my head and relived the past few years of my life.

1) I Won’t Break – A conversation with my father in heaven
2) On My Own – The start of my journey
3) What Willis Said – What Willis was Talking About
4) Birdyfrog – What my family called me as a child, protector spirit
5) Peace Love and Monkey Grease – I have said Peace Love and Monkey Grease for years now. I want to say its something I picked up from one of my dearest and oldest friends in the world Mr. Danny Rhames. And its just a fun tune…
6) Lay This Guitar Down – What can I say? Seemed appropriate. Great song written by two of my guitar heros, John Inmon and Leonard Arnold. My father recorded it and played it live for many years.
7) In Your Blue Eyes – inspired by and dedicated to my daughters.


01. I Won't Break 4:20         
02. On My Own 3:53        
03. What Willis Said 3:39        
04. Birdiefrog 1:00        
05. Peace, Love, and Monkey Grease 2:12        
06. Lay This Guitar Down 4:03        
07. In Your Blue Eyes 2:04

Floyd Down Homes Blues Haywood - Floyd Haywood (2016)

                                            Floyd "Down Home Blues" Haywood
EP of the Legendary blues singer FLOYD "DOWN HOME BLUES" HAYWOOD.



01. Breaking Up Somebody's Home
02. Down Home Blues
03. Out Of The Blue (featuring B Rob)

Sweet Jimmie - I'm a Million Dollar Man (2002)

                                                                Sweet Jimmie
Sweet Jimmie” Ward, a former longshoreman who often wore a ship captain’s hat, had been in the bar business for more than forty years. Sweet Jimmie’s (located in the space now occupied by the New Parish), opened in 1987, was a popular spot for the well-heeled, mature crowd, attracting local celebrities and players from the Raiders and the A’s. Its Saturday-night lip-synching contests were broadcast on Soul Beat, and at one point it was one of the biggest live-music clubs in Oakland.


01. I Still Got It
02. Wait Till I Get Home
03. I'm Your Lover
04. Yo Daddy's Back
05. Million Dollar Man
06. Big Pretty Papa
07. A Sweet Jimmie Sting

Caleb Petty - Midtown Blues (2018)

                                                               Caleb Petty
This is a very diverse, highly energetic album full of rocking drums and guitar solos!


01. Roses and Thorns 6:02        
02. High School Blues 4:32        
03. Boys in the Unknown Band 3:02        
04. Tennessee 5:15        
05. The Unknown Soldier 4:21        
06. I Don't Even Know You Anymore 7:03        
07. Midtown Blues 4:51        
08. Time 4:56        
09. When the World Comes Crumbling Down 5:22        
10. The Sky Is Blue 6:18

Murry Woods - Look Around (2008)

                                                               Murry Woods
Murry started his musical career in Lubbock, TX while attending Texas Tech University playing with various bands with a house gig at Fat Dawg's (Lubbock's version of Antone's). After graduating with a music degree he moved to Austin -"The live music capitol of the world". Murry played almost every venue in Austin along with a house gig at the famous Antone's. Murry Woods has a unique bluesy-rock sound that draws the listener into their evocative, heartfelt music. With his 2008 release of "Look Around", Mr. Woods and his band show that they are still part of the rock scene in Austin. This album is the one most likely to get people out on those Texas dance floors.


Murry Woods - Guitar & Vocals
Denzil Smith - Bass
Brian Shoppell - Drums
Perry Jarrell - Keyboards

01. My Fault For Trusting You
02. Tell You No Lies
03. Anything For Love
04. Brand New Day
05. Tears In The Rain
06. Look Around
07. If I Can't Have You
08. Here I Am
09. Fallin' In My Dreams
10. Another Side of You

Jeff Michaels - Electric Texas (2015)

                                                              Jeff Michaels
Sizzling BBQ-flavored electric blues from the roadhouses of Texas, with more soul than a month of Sundays and guaranteed to get you to where you're going in style.

"Soul infused jazz funk by a blues hustler in the heart of Texas; sure, it makes even less sense when written down, but make no mistake: Jeff makes it look too easy, cruising along with expert craftsmanship and complexity whilst never losing its innate intricacy and unexpected accessibility. Basically, crushed red velvet for your ears, and he even sneaks a country song in there, that somehow never seems out of place. Superb - one day they _will_ find his albums at the Goodwill, and be happy they did."


01. Backyard 04:01
02. Bring Her Back 04:18
03. Electric Texas 05:24
04. Fools 03:50
05. Friday Rain 05:21
06. Could Have Been Anyone 03:39
07. Fall In Love 04:03
08. Some Days 03:05
09. Fire It Up 05:09

Big Shanty And The Polk Street Blues Band - World Of Trouble (2007)

                                                                   Big Shanty
The Man Big Shanty.  The mystery. The enigma.  Never heard of him have you?  Me neither. I found him via a spanish language garage/punk/blues/blog I subscribe to.  Yet the dude has well over a million downloads via his website.
Big Shanty has a voice like a soulful foghorn.  His slide guitar sounds like a red hot buzz saw cuttin' wood for a new Georgia whore house bedroom.  His sound has been described "acid blues, techno blues, death metal blues, and heavy metal funk." The true sound is all of the above, and somewheres in between there.  It's like a loud n' grownass southern arena-rock-sized Jon Spencer playing serious ZZ Top blues, backed by Kid Rock's band, with Massive Attack occasionally walking thru the room. It's an odd dichotomy that totally works.

Big Shanty's coming and he's bringing Hell with him... Blues, Rock and high-flying jams.


Big Shanty - Vocals & Slide Guitar
Dave Hanbury - Lead Guitar
Andy Hamburger - Percussion
Dave Ylvisaker - Keyboards
Ron Heath - Bass


01. 100 Pound Hammer 02:55
02. Queen Of Hearts Has Disappeare 05:34
03. Watch The Flowers Grow 04:51
04. World Of Trouble 05:16
05. New Messiah 04:09
06. Hardluck Woman 05:49
07. Smoke'n Mirrors Jam 08:43

Mike Dangeroux & Inetta Visor - Black and Blue (2017

                                                  Mike Dangeroux & Inetta Visor
Mike Dangeroux was born in Chicago Illinois and began playing the guitar at 8 years old. He is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music (BFA).
A chameleon like guitarist he is effortlessly able to blend rock, blues, jazz, gospel, reggae & funk. Mike has recorded with Glawdys N’Dee, Ted Sirota's Heavyweight Dub, Zeleke, Charles Wilson, Kwame, Big Sound Music, Kid Dynamite, J.W.Williams, Bob Jones, Vanessa Holmes, Special Music Project, Quinn Records, Cicero Blake, Bob Jones, Annie G.Records, Delmark Records, William Greene, Bobby Slim James, James Gilbert, Gypsyfari & many others.
He has appeared in the film Return To Me ,and has performed with Buddy Guy ,Big Time Sarah, Eric Gales, Jellybean Johnson,The Commodores, Bennie Man, Tom Jones, Sugar Blue, Liz Mandeville, Morris Ellis, Barrington Levy, The Wailers, Yellowman, Albertina Walker, Johnnie Coleman, Buddy Miles, J.W.Williams, Roosevelt "Booba" Barnes, A.C. Reed, The Magnificents, Jeff Healy, Shemeika Copeland, Third World, Edgar Winter, Lonnie Brooks, Lieber & Stoller, Dorothy Donegan, Larry McCray, Michael Angelo, Dee Snider(Twisted Sister), Elvira, Donald Byrd, Roy Ayers, Ronnie Laws, Tom Jones, Bobby Christian, Lonnie Liston Smith, Dionne Farris, Kool Moe Dee, Denise LaSalle, Nora Jean Bruso, Carl Brown, Smokey & The Seventh Seal, Aswad Greggori, Clarence Carter, George Freeman, Floyd Taylor, Bobby Slim James, Nolan Struck, King Eddy, Johnny Twist, Mississippi Heat, TK Soul, Nate Turner, Alvin Cash, Otis Clay, Ruby Andrews, Alvin Cash, Chico Banks, Ron Prince, The Kinsey Report, Linsey Alexander, Jimmy Burns, Charles Wilson, Andre Pitrie, Bob Jones, Alfonso Ribeiro (Fresh Prince Of Bel Air), Nellie Travis and many others.

Inetta Visor was born on the South Side of Chicago. Apparently Inetta was a natural, and she was selected to sing with this choir. She sang her first professional gig with them in 1971, and continued to hone her singing skills on and off the stage whenever she could, as she continued to work as a radio engineer to pay the bills. In 1979 she began to sing with a Rhythm and Blues choir The Whole Truth.
Inetta, won in 2003 the Best Blues Singer competition at the House Of Blues (Chicago). Inetta Visor has sung with Mississippi Heat since 2001.

Together Mike Dangeroux & Inetta Visor have created some great songs on this CD:Country Girl, Nice 2 Know You,Keep Calling Me By Her Name, The Time Is Here (about the violence in Chicago-their hometown).This cd is must for all Blues/Soul Lovers!


01. Finally 03:55    
02. You Can't Hold Me Down 04:07        
03. Keep Calling Me by Her Name 04:56         
04. Country Girl 04:29         
05. Make No Mistake 04:15         
06. I Can't Get over You 04:57         
07. Get to the Point 04:12         
08. Nice 2 Know You 04:58         
09. The Time Has Come 05:45         
10. Blues All over Again 03:30         
11. The Judge 04:03         
12. Can't Love You 03:26

domingo, 21 de abril de 2019

Big Joe Turner & Mike Bloomfield - The Night Time Is The Right Time (2017)

                                             Big Joe Turner & Mike Bloomfield
This is a rare treat, the great Big Joe Turner backed by blues-rock guitar legend, Mike Bloomfield and his band live!   For a very long time blues legend, Big Joe Turner had being backed by Mike Bloomfield as one of the things on his ‘bucket list’.

The show took place on April 18, 1977 at The Old Waldorf in San Francisco and they sure took advantage of the opportunity as you can tell from the amount of songs recorded.

Bloomfield’s band included his musicians from his band The Electric Flag, keyboardist Barry Goldberg, drummer Buddy Miles, bassist Harvey Brooks and other friends. We have digitally re-mastered this wonderful piece of live blues history.

If you love the blues or great electric guitar, this is one you will want to own.


01. Stormy Monday Blues 06:22
02. Jump For Joy 03:58
03. Shake, Rattle And Roll 03:20
04. When The Sun Goes Down 03:26
05. Morning, Noon And Night 03:21
06. Hide And Seeker 04:44
07. How Long Blues 06:48
08. Chains Of Love 07:27
09. Corinne Corinna 05:45
10. I Hear You Knocking 08:04
11. Give Me An Hour In Your Garden 11:24
12. The Night Time Is The Right Time 07:17
13. Shoo Shoo Boogie Boo 07:23
14. On My Way To Denver Blues 11:09
15. Everyday I Have The Blues 09:58
16. Early One Morning 06:21
17. I've Got A Pocketful Of Pencils 13:18
18. Write Me A Letter 05:46
19. Flip Flop And Fly 06:16
20. TV Mama 05:16
21. Roll Me Baby 08:07
22. Ain?t Gonna Be Your Low Down Dog 03:30

Lex Bielby - Endless Sky (2019)

                                                                 Lex Bielby
With a mix of dark sultry blues and energetic guitar playing, this album will create a perfect atmosphere.

1. Tell Me Who 03:16        
2. Cyclone 03:48        
3. Repeat After Me 02:41    
4. Street Blues 03:33
5. Through My Veins 03:35

Blueskraft - Never Too Late (2015)


01. So Many Mountains
02. Chicago Bound
03. Key to the Highway
04. Tears She Cried
05. Ida Mae
06. Long Tall Sally
07. Rivertime
08. Watch Out
09. Rollin' and Tumblin' (Intro)
10. Rollin' and Tumblin'
11. Grow Up Woman Blues
12. Driving Wheel
13. Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do
14. Bony Moronie
15. Never Too Late

The Lenny Paul Band - Ready Already (2018)

                                                         Lenny Paul Band
Lenny delivers the blues with a soulful tone and a smile that says, "leave your troubles at the door, and get up on the dance floor!"


1. Ready Already   
2. You're Gonna Stumble   
3. Honest Man   
4. Tell Me
5. Over the Bridge
6. Rose   
7. Man of Many Appetites
8. Fixin' Man   
9. Morning Light

Blueskraft - Still Alive and Blue - Live (2003)

An earthy, clear sound, without electronic gadgets; honest, authentic blues, interpreted soulfully, with slide guitar, bluesharp and a lively voice; intoxicating, powerful rhythm & blues that goes into the blood and infects you to participate - and on top of that a portion of rock 'n' roll.


01.Come on Home
02.Restless Hobo
03.Shes into Something
04.Might it Help You (if I Cry)
05.Too Tired
06.Help Me
07.Have You Ever Loved A Woman
08,Hoochie Coochie Man
09.I Wanna Rock You
10.Outside Help

Cory Luetjen & the Traveling Blues Band - Break Ups & Breakdowns (2019)

                                                              Cory Luetjen
2017 Piedmont Blues Preservation Society Blues Challenge winner is a dynamic 5 piece band. They consist of Cory Luetjen-Guitar/Vocals, Jonathan Link- Saxaphone, Earl Austin- Keys, Scott Marvill-Bass, & Deon McNeill-Drums. This power house blues machine produces a wall of sound that rivals the likes of Delbert McClinton, Robert Cray, & Gregg Allman.


01. My Baby Just Loves to Shag
02. Crazy About a Saxophone
03. Cruise
04. Do It for Me
05. Hurt All Over Again
06. I Thought I Knew the Blues
07. Left Me With the Blues
08. Same Old Blues
09. Suitcase
10. Way You Move
11. Whiskey Drinking Woman

Zak Perry & The Beautiful Things - Live Session in France (2019)

                                                                  Zak Perry
A native of St. Charles, Missouri, and the son of a music-loving family (pianist mom and crooner dad), Zak Perry was predestined to become a professional golfer. "I knew deep inside that this was not the direction I wanted to take. That's when I decided that I wanted to start a band. It was definitely a form of rebellion.

The rebel then forms with a childhood friend the group ZAKENGER and records early nineties two albums. The group has only regional success in the mid-90s, Zak goes to New York, armed with his only guitar and his dog. There are fruitful encounters, especially with the musicians of the band The Four Horsemen, but we have to wait for his arrival in Austin Texas for the story to really accelerate.

Zak meets those who will become his faithful companions: Vern Vennard (guitar and keyboards), Scott Ray (bass) and Jason Charron (drums). In 2000, he founded the MA DRIVER combo, quickly renamed ZAK PERRY BAND and therefore defined his true musical signature. As for music, some very typical American midwestern / southern sound colors. On the text side, with his palette of words, Zak deals with universal topics, evokes feelings, emotions or situations that affect each of us, highlighting them with his warm, rocky and powerful voice.

To place him on the vast musical chessboard, Zak Perry presents himself as an amazing hybrid of "troubadour rocker" and the style of the band is wide in its spectrum. Indeed, it oscillates between compositions roots (country-folk / Americana) that can be compared to the atmospheres of Neil Young and Steve Earle and songs with colorations much more blues southern rock (where we perceive the influences of groups such as Allman Brothers Band and Gov't Mule).


01. Witch 
02. Black Sundress Kaleidoscope Shoes 
03. Make a Little Memory 
04. Preux-Au-Sart 
05. Burden on You 
06. St. Catherine 
07. Little Ponies 
09. $2 Kite 
10. Soul Gravy 
11. I'll Be Waiting 

sábado, 20 de abril de 2019

Boom-Boom - Live (2019)

Boom Boom, Hungary's toughest underground band, is back! A real musical demonstration!

His formation, known for his energy and intensity, was again composed with the same members: Gergo Borlai (drum), Jamie Winchester (vocal guitar), Tamás Mohai (guitar), György Szappanos (bass) and Tibor Tátrai (guitar).

The band's intensity and strength are guaranteed to be members of both the most active and the most respected musicians in the domestic profession, who unleash the amazing energy on stage. Jamie Winchester is a songwriter, producer, singer soloist and her own productions, active in many bands, Tamás Mohai is one of the most universal and original guitarists, György Szappanos is one of the most technologically advanced bass guitarists in Hungary. Tibor Tátrai has been one of Hungary's best-known guitarists for over 30 years.


Szappanos György - Bass Guitar
Borlai Gergő - Drums
Mohai Tamás - Guitar 
Tátrai Tibor - Guitar
Jamie Winchester - Vocals, Guitar


01. Slow Ride 06:57
02. Help The Poor 10:47
03. Mustang Sally 06:32
04. Rugged Road 04:03
05. Come Together 06:51
06. Oh Well 03:25
07. Blue On Black 11:54
08. Superstition 05:25
09. Hard To Handle 10:00
10. Little Wing 11:04

Oliver Morgan - 9th Ward Blues Party! (2016)

                                                                 Oliver Morgan
Morgan came up in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, running partners with Jessie Hill, Eddie Bo, Papoose Nelson and his brother, the fabled Prince La-La. His first recordings, like La La's, were made for A.F.O. under the name of 'Nookie Boy'. This monumental party classic we have here today, was released in 1964 and helped turn La-La's untimely death into the stuff of legend. It also became Oliver's signature tune, performed with his trademark umbrella, as he led the 'second line' every year at Jazz Fest, and anyplace else that would have him.


01.You Make My Livers Quiver 06:46
02.Iko Iko 02:59
03.Fat Tuesday 03:56
04.Lil Liza Jane 04:11
05.Who Shot The Lala 04:21
06.Fat Tuesday (Instrumental) 04:07
07.Down By The Riverside 03:31
08.Mardi Gras Mambo 03:37
09.New Second Line 06:02

Eli Paperboy Reed - Eli Paperboy Reed Meets High & Mighty Brass Band (2018)

                                                             Eli Paperboy Reed
On his latest release, Eli Paperboy Reed joined forces with fellow Brooklynites and musical ensemble, High & Mighty Brass Band, to record an album complete with energy, soul, and groove. The album features Reed’s best known songs reimagined with the addition of an eight-piece brass band, as well as a brand new track titled “As I Live and Breathe.” Reed has previously released five studio albums, gaining attention from national and international press outlets including The New York Times, NPR, Rolling Stone, and Mojo.

Eli Paperboy Reed Meets High & Mighty Brass Band is a powerhouse of a record that provides an ideal backdrop for Reed’s falsetto screams - by matching them in brass. 


1. As I Live and Breathe 03:46
2.WooHoo 02:47
3.The Satisfier 03:14
4.Name Calling 04:16
5.Well, Alright Now 04:41
6.Walkin' and Talkin' (For My Baby) 03:07
7.Take My Love With You 04:16
8.I'm Gonna Getcha Back 03:21
9.Love on Top 04:21
10.Explosion 02:53
11.Come and Get It 04:00

Alex Spiderman White - Don't Start Me to Talkin' (1999)

                                                           Alex Spiderman White
Alex White was born in Natchez, MS and learned to fix automobiles from his uncle, who often had to fashion makeshift parts to speed up repair jobs. As a musician, his models were Delta Blues greats he heard on radio and records back in the day, and Alex was one of the most authentic exponents of this style in Los Angeles. This album was produced by Leon Haywood, and unfortunately it consists mainly of rehashes of tunes by other artists for which Leon owns publishing rights. Alex's true musical style does not emerge, because he did not play guitar or harmonica on any of the tracks, just supplied vocals.


01. I'm Doing Alright Again 4:23
02. Stop Wasting My Time/Don't Waste My Time 3:49
03. Same Lovin' 3:56  
04. As Mean as I Been Good (Double Dealing) 3:48
05. Don't Start Me to Talkin' 3:51
06. Devil in Disguise 3:48
07. Big Leg Woman 3:49
08. You Keep My Nose to the Grinding Stone 3:38
09. Me and My Woman 3:31
10. Dirty Work Going On 4:15

Hollywood Fats Band - Blues By The Pound, Vol. 1 (2019)

                                                            Hollywood Fats Band
Rare, previously unreleased live recordings of great West Coast Blues, Jump Blues and blues classics performed by legendary musicians Mike “Hollywood Fats” Mann (guitar), Al Blake (harp), Fred Kaplan (piano), Richard Innes (drums) & Larry Taylor (bass)


01. Introduction 02:12
02. Chicken Shack Boogie 05:35
03. She Split 03:51
04. Really Gone 03:13
05. Soon Forgotten 04:40
06. Okie Dokie Stomp 02:35
07. Too Much Jelly Roll 08:52
08. She Fooled Me This Time 05:34
09. Tribute To T-Bone Walker 02:40
10. Love Her With A Feeling 04:23
11. Linda Lu 03:24
12. Nit Wit 05:01
13. Road Camp Blues (Fats Solo) 01:56
14. Good Night 03:20

Kai Strauss & The Electric Blues All Stars - Live in Concert (2019)

                                                                   Kai Strauss
In these live recordings, Kai Strauss vibrates with deep musical understanding and shows a real grounding in fundamentals and an instinctive urge to fit together the right notes and solos. – there is nothing here that is filled with uncalled-for, frenzied guitar lines. Nothing mechanical or out of place. His repertoire on this CD sounds as if it came from Theresa’s Lounge in Chicago 1967. You can’t actually label Strauss as Just another European and separate him out from American artists – he is too good for that. In fact, he’s just about the last of musicians still jumping the authentic Blues with inspired fine blues guitar improvisation firmly grounded in that old Chicago-bred music that we all love. In choosing his songs or the appropriate intros, he shows the killer instinct that the old masters like Magic Sam had – Highway Blues is one example. Strauss’ so good here it’s scary.


Kai Strauss - Vocals & Guitar 
Kevin DuVernay - Bass
Alex Lex - Drums 
Thomas Feldmann - Harmonica & Saxophone 
Nico Dreier - Keyboards 
Mo Fuhrhop - Keyboards 
Horst Bergmeyer - Keyboards 


CD 1

01. Gotta Let You Go
02. Highway Blues
03. Ain’t Gonna Rumble No More
04. Judgement Day
05. Did You Wrong
06. Hard Life
07. Get The Ball Rolling

CD 2

01. The Blues Is Handmade
02. This Game Ain’t Worth Playing No More
03. Let Me Love You Baby
04. Put That Bottle Down
05. Got To Be Some Changes Made
06. I Ain’t Buying It
07. Shades Of Earl (Tribute To Ronnie Earl And Earl Hooker)

The Blasters - Dark Night, Live In Philly (1986)

                                                              The Blasters
"This incredible live recording of their July 19, 1986 performance at the Chestnut Cabaret, was mastered using a 1st Generation Soundboard Recording, so the quality is exceptional."


Hollywood Fats - Guitar
John Bazz - Bass 
Bill Bateman-    Drums 
Phil Alvin -  Vocals, Guitar 



01. Marie Marie    
02. No Other Girl    
03. But I don't Want To    
04. Just Another Sunday    
05. Never No More Blue    
06. Flat Top Joint    
07. Border Radio    
08. Long White Cadillac    
B92. Keep It Clean    
10. Dark Night    
11. Crazy Baby    
12. Hoodoo Man    
13. Trouble Bound    

CD: 02

01. Help You Dream    
02. Colored Lights    
03. Red Rose    
04. Jubilee Train    
05. Hear Me Cryin'    
06. I'm Shakin'    
07. Blue Shadows    
08. Friend Of The Common Man    
09. Rock And Roll Will Stand    
10. American Music    
11. Too Tired    
12. Keep A Knockin'    
13. Stop The Clock    
14. So Long Baby Goodbye

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The Bihlman Bros. - Day By Day (1998)

                                                                   The Bihlman Bros.
Born and raised in the shadow of Chicago’s Sears Tower, The Bihlman Bros. are Emmy Award winning songwriters/composers and graduates of Musicians Institute in Hollywood. They have backed, recorded, or appeared with Trey Anastasio (Phish), Ted Nugent, BB king, ZZ Top, Pink, Ray Charles, Dido, dUg Pinnick (King’s X), Hank Williams Jr., Buddy Guy, Kenny Olson (Kid Rock), John Echols (Love), Pat Traverse, Johnny Lang, Alterbridge, Robert Bradley, and legendary Chicago blues man Son Seals.

They were featured on the WC Handy award winning record Son Seals – Lettin’ Go along side Phish frontman Trey Anastasio. The Bros. served as Son’s band for many tours in the US and abroad.

Veterans of countless US and European headlining tours, The Bihlman Bros. have showcased to rousing audience approval at world famous venues like The Tweeter Center- Chicago, Van Andel Arena, Interlochen Center for the Arts, CCB – Lisbon, The Blues Hall – Athens, and The White House (yes, that White House).

In 2014 the Bros ventured into new territory hooking up with King’s X bassist Dug Pinnick to form the powerhouse blues rock trio Grinder Blues. The first Grinder Blues album, Grinder Blues, debuted at #8 on the Billboard Blues Charts.


01. Devil On My Back 03:23
02. Looks Like Rain 03:34
03. Wastin Time 02:54
04. My Baby 04:25
05. Day By Day 05:43
06. EZ Street 03:57
07. Evil Baby 03:25
08. Mojo Man 04:04
09. All Your Love I Miss Lovin  07:39
10. Plenty Of Time 05:02