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Howlin' Waters - Murdering The Blues (2018)

                                                            Howlin' Waters
Howlin' Waters plays energetic, upbeat Houserockin' Music that is fun and loved by everyone who hears him play!

Inspired by artists as diverse as ZZ Top, Keith Richards Winos, The London Souls, Backdoor Slam, Otis Rush & Byther Smith,
Howlin' continues to deliver a solid show each performance.

He has opened concert shows for Canned Heat, Humble Pie, Steppenwolf & Hank Williams, Jr.


Howlin' Waters - Guitars, Vocals
Earthquake Jake - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mick Switchblade - Drums, Percussion


01. On The City Streets 03:56
02. We Don't Dial 911 02:35
03. Baby, I Don't Like This Game 02:59
04. Midnight Man 03:26
05. Big Ape 03:23
06. Shot Glass 03:18
07. Crazy Winds 03:20

Ramon Goose Trio - Ramon Goose Trio - One Night Only (2013)

                                                           Ramon Goose Trio                                        
Ramon originally established himself as the guitarist; chief songwriter, producer and driving force for the acclaimed British band NuBlues (with Ed Vans), also working with Senegalese world music star Diabel Cissokho and forming The seminal band The West African Blues Project, his most recent new venture is Desert Rock.  
This is a selection of albums, singles and other rarities you may not find else where!



01. Side Tracked 03:10
02. Chevrolet 04:19
03. Cut Me To The Bone 05:14
04. Sookie Stomp 05:11
05. Little Wing 06:21
06. Say It Aint So 05:09   
07. Give Me Back My Wig 03:40
08. Goin' Home 05:21   
09. Hideaway / Rude Mood 05:12

Santana - Africa Speaks (2019)

Africa Speaks is the new energy-infused, full-length album from Santana. It features the soulful vocals of Afro-Latin singer Buika and was produced by legendary producer Rick Rubin. Santana and his eight-piece band (featuring his wife, Cindy Blackman Santana, on drums), convened at Rubin’s Shangri La Studios in Malibu, and in a joyous and stimulating 10-day period they recorded an astonishing number of tracks, many of them in one take. Inspired by the melodies, sounds and rhythms of Africa, Santana has created a truly memorable and powerful experience that also promises to be one of his most groundbreaking albums yet.


01. Africa Speaks 04:47
02. Batonga 05:43
03. Oye Este Mi Canto 05:58
04. Yo Me Lo Merezco 06:12
05. Blue Skies 09:08
06. Paraisos Quemados 05:59
07. Breaking Down The Door 04:30
08. Los Invisibles 05:54
09. Luna Hechicera 04:47
10. Bembele 05:51
11. Candombe Cumbele 05:36

Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown -The Original Peacock Recordings (1983)

                                                     Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown
Only 12 songs long, this collection remains the best place to begin appreciating why so many young Texas blues guitarists fell in love with Gatemouth Brown's style (until MCA decides to compile the ultimate Brown package, anyway). Listen to the way his blazing axe darts and weaves through trombonist Pluma Davis' jazzy horn chart on 1954's "Okie Dokie Stomp," and/or the stratospheric licks drenching "Dirty Work at the Crossroads." Brown proves that a violin can adapt marvelously to the blues (in the right hands, anyway) on "Just Before Dawn," and blows a little atmospheric harp on "Gate's Salty Blues." Recorded in Houston, Texas between 1952 & 1959.


Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown - Vocals, Guitar, Violin, Harmonica
Jimmy McCracklin - Piano
Henry Boozier - Trumpet
Bill Harvey - Tenor Sax
Ray Johnson - Bass
Nathaniel Douglas - Guitar
Fred Ford - Baritone Sax
Allen Clarke - Baritone Sax
Carl Lott - Bass
Carl Owens - Piano
Duke Barker - Drums
Emile Russell - Drums
Joe Toussaint - Bass
Johnny Parker - Alto Sax
Jual Curtis - Drums
Paul Monday - Piano
San Frisco Jeff - Drums


01. Midnight Hour
02. Sad Hour
03. Ain't That Dandy
04. That's Your Daddy Yaddy Yo
05. Dirty Work at the Crossroads
06. Hurry Back Good News
07. Okie Dokie Stomp       
08. Good Looking Woman       
09. Gate's Salty Blues
10. Just Before Dawn
11. Depression Blues
12. For Now So Long

Benjamin Vo - Blueberry & Country Sugar (2019)

                                                                 Benjamin Vo
"...intense yet tasteful playing, heartfelt singing with attractive vibrato and warm vocal tone, and a directness to the songs."


Benjamin Vo - guitar/vocals
Joel Stoltzfus - drums/percussion
Jeff Pickel - bass
Mike Titzer - piano


01. Splinter In My Finger, Spider In My Shoe 02:51   
02. Brown Cow 04:27   
03. Devil's In My Kitchen 02:34   
04. It's Been So Cold 07:25       
05. Oh My My, Pretty Woman 02:49       
06. Blueberry Jam No. 27 05:23       
07. Nothing I Can Say 03:19   
08. Just A Little Country Sugar 06:59   
09. On A Cloud 08:44

Holler & The Bones - Holler & The Bones (2019)

                                                          Holler & The Bones
Original Aussie Blues. Songs from the Outback, songs from the city, songs from the heart. Fun mix of blues, rock, funk and jazz.


Paul Macleod - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Jew Harp
Andy Czora - Guitars
Allan Curtis - Bass and Vocals
Eddie Pollard - Drums
Gilly Gollan - Percussion


01. Light On 04:44
02. The Moon Hangs Over Darwin 04:40
03. Briar Road 06:35
04. Feel Da Groove 04:46
05. Jimmy James 03:21
06. Suzanne 04:54
07. What's Your Magic? 04:42
08. The Girl With The Lightning In Her Eyes 04:48
09. Lloydy 01:53
10. All About The Woman 02:48
11. The Ol' Ghan 04:21
12. Hoochy Cooch 04:16
13.Jamestown 03:04
14. Open Your Mind 03:41
15. Take 02:42
16. Workin' Woman 02:36
17. Hindley Street 03:57
18. East Coast Boy 03:36

Andy McGarvie - The Blues Will Get Me Through EP (2013)

                                                              Andy McGarvie
BENT NOTES JUKEBOX is an album written with a vintage blues style in mind. A simple trio, Andre Harihandoyo (vocal, guitar), Jundy Salut (electric bass), and Tobias Ringga (drum), recorded four songs live in a day (with a few overdubs here and there) on 2018.



01. Momma, I Want to Be a Rockstar 03:33        
02. I Lost My Baby 03:39        
03. Fool 03:17        
04. Evil Woman 04:49

The Atlanta Cafe Band - American Spirit (2017)

                                                        The Atlanta Cafe Band
The Atlanta Cafe Band based in Stillwater, NJ, consists of 5 seasoned players of the blues/southern/country rock scene who have been together for the past decade playing hundreds of shows while at the same time receiving very respectable airplay and sales of their CD’s "Waiting all night” and “American Spirit”. “American Spirit” features the amazing slide guitar work of Sonny Landreth on the song “Playin’ To Live”. Their own compositions of blues/southern rock styled tunes along with a different take on selected covers has garnered them a dedicated following in the New York tri state area. Over the years the members have been in bands with players from or in concert/festivals with many national acts including: Sonny Landreth, Scott Sharrard, Blackfoot/Skynryd, Vanilla Fudge, George Porter, Jon Cleary, Tab Benoit, Marcia Ball, Anthony Gomes, The Good Rats, Mickey Gilley, Hank Williams Jr, Buck Owens, Willie Nile, Garland Jefferies, Tedeshi Trucks, Brewer and Shipley, From Good Homes and many, many others. They have appeared at the Black Potatoe Fest, The Highlands Fest at Waterloo, WNTI Stage Music Fest, Big Brew Fest , NJ Food and Music Fest, and Michael Arnones’ Craw Fish Festival where they conducted a masters session and shared the stage with Grammy award winners George Porter, Marcia Ball and Jon Cleary. They also have worked with Homegrown Radio NJ and WNTI at various events and benefits for the stations. Come on out to hear them as their music will put a smile on your face, a stomp in your feet and a boogie in your pocket!


01. Jeopardy 05:50   
02. Playing to Live (featuring Sonny Landreth) 04:33   
03. Baby Said She'd Call 07:52   
04. 212 Degrees 03:54   
05. Midnight Train 04:53   
06. The Road 05:13   
07. Memphis 03:55       
08. Taxi 09:37

Eddie C. Campbell - Let's Pick It! (1984)

                                                         Eddie C. Campbell
Recorded while Eddie Campbell was on a European sojourn that lasted a decade or so, this disc, cut back in 1984 for Black Magic with an overseas combo, is a very convincing effort mixing Campbell's own "Cold and Hungry," "Dream," and "Messin' with My Pride" with songs by Albert King, Jimmy Reed, Jimmie Lee Robinson, and Magic Sam.


Lex Nijssen - Bass 
Harry Visscher - Drums
Eddie C. Campbell - Guitar, Vocals
Willem Van Dullemen - Guitar
Carlo Reijs - Harmonica
Ruud Van Ingen - Piano


01. Messin' With My Pride 02:23
02. Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong 04:46
03. All My Whole Life 02:11
04. All Of My Life 05:36
05. Double Dutch (Instr.) 02:47
06. Red Light 03:23
07. Cold And Hungry 04:07
08. Love Me With A Feeling 02:20
09. Dream 06:34
10. Let's Pick It 03:10
11. Big Leg Mama 04:09
12. That Will Never Do 03:42

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Jоhn Мауаll - А Наrd Rоаd (2019)

                                                             Jоhn Мауаll
А Наrd Rоаd is not the album of the same name by Jоhn Мауаll & thе Вluеsbrеаkеrs 67 year, but simply label White Room Music has so called a new album-collection of things by 85-year-old British musician John Mayall, a man-legend, one of the patriarchs of the British blues rock , blues guitarist, organist and songwriter, whose musical career has more than sixty years. His name is entered in the Hall of Fame of Blues (Blues Well of Fame). In 63, Mayall created John Maull's Bluesbrеаkers group, which included Eric Clapton. Other famous musicians who collaborated with Mayall include John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Jack Bruce, Don "Sugakain" Harris, Larry Taylor, and others.



01. А Наrd Rоаd
02. Тhе Suреrnаturаl
03. Аll Yоur Lоvе
04. Whаt I'd Sау
05. Littlе Girl
06. Нidеаwау
07. Тhе Stumblе
08. Тhе Dеаth оf J.В. Lеnоir
09. Вig Маn
10. Ваbу Whаt Yоu Wаnt Ме tо Dо
11. I'm Yоur Witсhdосtоr
12. Rаmblin' оn Му Мind
13. Whу Wоrrу
14. Stеррin' Оut
15. Тhе Веаr
16. Му Тimе Аftеr а Whilе
17. Сrаwling uр а Нill
18. Оh, Рrеttу Wоmаn
19. Dоublе Сrоssing Тimе
20. Аnоthеr Маn

Marcus Malone & Friends - Walkin' Shoes (2002)

                                                             Marcus Malone
Following a colourful career that has take in metal, motown and soul, Detroit's finest rock/blues export has finally cut the album of his career.
'A Better Man' has already garnered the best reviews of his career. It's strong on songs with booming hooks, scintillating licks, a rainbow of tone colours and showcases Marcus's soulful vocals.


01. Good Love Gone Bad 04:00
02. Walkin` Shoes 05:12
03. Take It To Heart 04:10
04. Wrong Side Of Love 04:00
05. Find Somebody 04:10
06. Day I`ve Gone 05:14
07. Blue Jeans 03:21
08. What About Me 04:39
09. Tell Me Why 02:56
10. Dirty Shame 04:06

Mr Tchang & the Texas Sluts - Too Many People In Here! (2011)

                                                                 Mr Tchang
The formation, born in 2002, comes from the bubbling blues Bordeaux scene. On vocals and guitar, we find Mister Tchang, virtuo so guitarist, confirmed singer and veritable showman uninhibited, accompanist of American bluesmen such as Super Chikan, Big Georges Brock ..., or French (Nico Wayne Toussaint, Malted Milk).
He is allied with the Texas Sluts, a real groove machine that is also based on a true friendship: Big Slim Rémi on guitar, Tiffany Slim on Bass, Professor X on keyboards and Turbo Vince on drums.
The group is inspired by the Southern Soul of the Stax and Hi Records labels, in the funk of James Brown, Johnny Guitar Watson, Isley Brothers, or in the electric blues of Albert Collins or Robert Cray to name a few. .


01. The Kind I Like
02. Way Too Many
03. Lazy
04. Second Chance
05. Everblasting Love
06. It's Not What You Do
07. They Don't Know
08. Good Looking Woman
09. The Ghost Of Your Love
10. Can't Let Go
11. Dirty Cooking Blues
12. Tomorrow
13. Party Time [Album Version]

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Jack Evans - Spy Song (2006)

                                                               Jack Evans
Sensual, melodic, smooth Blues/Funk original instrumentals.


Jack Evans - Guitar
Brendan St Ledger - Hammond Organ and Keys
Vito Portolesi - Bass
Antero Ceschin - Drums
Steve Prestwich, guest artist (Cold Chisel-Drums)


01. Voodoo Groove 04:13         
02. 05 Jive 03:06     
03. Straight Up 04:29     
04. Freedom Blues 05:01         
05. Blues Bender 04:33         
06. Optomistic Day 03:53         
07. Break Free 04:58         
08. Spy Song 05:04    
09. Searching 04:28
10. Kelly's Song 03:41         
11. Daydreamin' 03:05

Catherine's Horse - Catherine's Horse (1969)

                                                             Catherine's Horse                         
Catherine’s Horse may not have been the best band of 1969. The certainly weren’t the worst. (and you have to like something named after the palfrey that legendarily fucked and then killed the empress of Russia) Here is some stolen information about this band.

The LP was recorded as a school project (a study of the blues) in New York City during Spring Break 1969, and all band members were Taft students. "Sun goin' down" is a band original.

These guys don’t play bad. There certainly isn’t a huge amount of guitar heroics that was the norm for blues bands of the era, but it does have some charm. I don’t know these guys at all. I just own the music and wanted to pass it on. If you like this era of music (and I certainly do) then you too maybe seduced by the unpretentiousness of this little disc. So without further ado, here are some of the songs from Catherine’s Horse’s only album.


01 Get Out Of My Life   
02 Good Morning Little School Girl   
03 Good Time, Bad Times   
04 Think Twice   
05 Sun Going Down
06 Rocket 88
07 Can't Keep From Cryin'   
08 One More Mile
09 Mind To Give Up Livin'

Big Joe And The Dynaflows - Layin' In The Alley (1994)

                                                    Big Joe And The Dynaflows
When young bands or touring theatrical companies try to revive the jump-blues sounds of Louis Jordan and Big Joe Turner, they tend to rush the tempos, oversing the choruses and mug shamelessly on the punchlines. Big Joe and the Dynaflows, however, know the counter-intuitive secret: the more you relax, the more exciting the jump-blues are. On its new album, "Layin' in the Alley," the Maryland quartet allows the swing rhythms, blues vocals and sly wit of the music to flow so easily and naturally that resistance is futile.


01 Big Legs 04:08
02 That's It! 02:42
03 Don't Write Me Off 04:50
04 Ever Since The World Began 02:58
05 Shame, Shame, Saxophone [Tenor Solo] – Derek Huston 02:50
06 Smells Like Bar-B-Q, Saxophone [Tenor Solo] – Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff* 04:15
07 Trouble, Trouble 03:33
08 Blue Monday Blues 04:23
09 Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop, Saxophone [Tenor Solo] – Derek Huston 04:25
10 Layin' In The Alley, Saxophone [Tenor Solo] – Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff* 03:42
11 Don't Be Afraid 03:20
12 Great, Great Pleasure, Saxophone [Tenor Solo] – Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff* 04:45


Jeff Sarli - Bass 
Joe Maher - Drums, Vocals 
Rusty Bogart - Guitar 
Kevin McKendree - Piano
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff* - Saxophone [Tenor, Baritone], Performer [Additional Personnel]
Derek Huston - Saxophone [Tenor], Performer [Additional Personnel] 
Rick Trolsen - Trombone, Performer [Additional Personnel] 
Steve Howard - Trumpet, Performer [Additional Personnel] 

The Heavy Chevy Band - Open Up (2014)

                                                    The Heavy Chevy Band
Hailing from the Pacific North West, this band is fronted by vocalist Darcy Lee Gribble.  Darcy wrote all the material here with guitarist Brian Chevalier (who also plays harp and sings) while sax is added by Janie Smith.  The rhythm section is unfortunately not credited on the album sleevenotes.

The material ranges from heavy rockers like opener “Secrets” to almost country blues like “Lonesome Cry”: the latter works well with harp set against acoustic guitars and hand percussion; the former less so as the rather thin sounding sax does not fit easily with the frenetic guitar work, though we immediately encounter the fine vocals of Darcy.

Darcy comes across even better on “Little Miss Lonely” where Brian’s moody slide provides excellent colour behind Darcy’s great voice though, again, Jane’s sax solo sounds out of place here. “Slow Burn” is, as the title suggests, a slow blues and here Jane’s sax sounds more robust.

The remaining tracks are all quite short. A jaunty guitar riff is at the heart of “Jump Back” and “She Got It Going On” is a rocker with Brian handling the lead vocals – both tracks are short and sweet at 2.30 each. “Borrow Another Dollar” opens with some convincing Elmore James-style slide, Brian again leading on vocals.

“Getting Into Something” brings Darcy back to the mike with another strong vocal, both Brian and Jane in support – the sound is good but the lyrics pretty meaningless. “Weep” finds Darcy in gospel mode with Brian on resonator quietly supporting her. Jane’s flute distracts from the vocal performance which is a shame as Darcy sings very expressively and might have been better with just the guitar and minimal percussion.  The title track strangely closes the album with an instrumental, a dialogue between slide and sax with plenty of percussion.

What is clear from these tracks is that Darcy Lee Gribble has a fine voice that deserves to be heard.  When she sings the listener takes notice immediately; it would be good to hear her voice in other settings.


01. Secrets 02:59    
02. Little Miss Lonely 04:21         
03. Lonesome Cry 02:43    
04. Slow Burn 05:47     
05. Jump Back 02:49         
06. She Got It Going On 02:26         
07. Borrow Anther Dollar 03:39         
08. Getting Into Something 03:58     
09. Weep 03:52         
10. Open up 02:39

Cliff Stevens - Nobody but You (2019)

                                                                Cliff Stevens
Nobody But You has something for every fan of the blues genre. A powerful album featuring driving blues-rock, moving ballads, funky grooves, blistering guitar and poignant vocals showcased in eleven all-new original songs.


01. Nobody but You
02. Say What You Mean
03. Little by Little
04. Morning Rain
05. World of Worry
06. Cry Baby
07. Bad Luck
08. Keep My Love Alive
09. Truth Don't Lie
10. Come Back
11. How Long

The Brett Cohen Band - Big Love (2012)

                                                       The Brett Cohen Band                                       
HE BRETT COHEN BAND is a band from Southern California that plays what they call “California Blues”; a potent mixture of the Chicago Blues style of acts like Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, and Howlin’ Wolf, the Funk of groups like Parliament, James Brown, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Classic Rock of acts like Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and ZZ Top. “Every geographical region has its own distinctive style of blues,” says band leader Brett Cohen (guitar, vocals), “California is a cultural and musical melting pot with no one distinctive style, but rather a hybrid of many things. Our music is representative of that blend. It’s not straight ahead blues, or rock, or funk; it’s all of them. The blues is our canvas, but we use rock and funk grooves to paint our pictures and tell our stories.”

THE BRETT COHEN BAND plays both originals and covers that they’ve reworked to match their style. With this blend they are able to entertain both blues purists, as well as audiences looking to dance. Their live shows are both highly entertaining and interactive with the band tailoring each show to fit their audience.

The band consists of Brett Cohen, Mike Emory (bass, Vocals), Garrett Morris (drums), Ron Harmon (Keys), and Ryan Berkowsky (Hamronica). Their debut album, BIG LOVE, was released independently on May 8, 2012 and is being distributed world wide by MUSIK AND FILM (Sony, Universal). Their music is currently in rotation on 250 FM and Internet radio stations with more stations picking up their single "I Just Want To Get You Home" everyday.


Brett Cohen - Guitars, Vocals
Mike Emory - Bass, Vocals
Garrett Morris - Drums
Ron Harmon - Keys
Ryan Berkowsky - Hamronica


01.Big Love 03:26
02.Walkin' Blues 03:40
03.What You Got 03:36
04.Break of Day 03:43
05.Bartender 03:27
06.Only Die Twice 02:58
07.Lonely Road 06:41
08.Bottom of a Bottle 02:55
09.Escape 03:33
10.I Just Want To Get You Home     04:32

Big George And The Business - Live In London (1993)

                                                                Big George
BIG GEORGE was a noted Scottish guitarist who died in 2015 of serious injuries after the fire at his home in Glasgow. George Watt's real name was born in 1958 and died in April 2013. He was 55 years old. It was in the 1990s that his status exceeded that of Scotland and allowed him to tour Europe and the United States.

BIG GEORGE & THE BUSINESS has become one of the leading Scottish blues groups. He begins to play and sing in the bars of Glasgow, where he builds a sound and the United States, country of the Blues, to play and make a name, but never get there. At the Montreal Blues Festival in 1992, he will be alongside stars like Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Buddy Guy and Jobert Lockwood Jr., but this brings him nothing by his international reputation.

His heroes Jimi Hendrix, Paul Kossof and especially Rory Gallagher. A musician recognizes his talent, Jim Dewar, former Stone The Crows and especially Robin Trower. They played together for four years before the illness weakened Jim Dewar too much. His small reputation allows him to perform in Europe and Scandinavia. BIG GEORGE & THE BUSINESS performs the first part of Buddy Guy in Glasgow in 1992.

He also plays with former Marillion vocalist: Fish. BIG GEORGE is an honorary member of the Mohawk tribe during one of his Canadian tours. In 2008, BIG GEORGE suffered an attack, the group is placed in forced resting.

BIG GEORGE was slow to recover, when in January 2013, he is saved from a fire at his home by a neighbor but spends a lot of time on intensive care. The family lost all their property. Surrounded by his wife and daughter, BIG GEORGE can leave in peace with himself and his family, to join the huge Fertile Great Spirit Pastures.


Shifty - Bass 
Gregg J. Orr - Drums 
Deke - Saxophone
George Ross Watt - Vocals, Guitar


01. Victoria    
02. All Fool's Day    
03. So Many Roads    
04. I Gotta Tell You    
05. Late Last Night    
06. Madame George    
07. Whisky    
08. Roll The Dice    
09. I Got The Key    
10. Manish Boy    
11. I'd Rather Go Blind    
12. Tribute To Jimi    

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Bullet Blues Band - Bullet Blues Band (2018)

                                                        Bullet Blues Band
The band appeared more than a decade ago in the Dnipro River and confidently earned a reputation for a collective playing authentic electric blues in the classical composition. During this time the band managed to perform on several thematic festivals and divide the scene with many well-known blues performers, and not only: Keith Dunn, Guy Davis, Robert Lighthouse, Daniel Jeanrenaud, Max Tavricheski, Mishurys Blues Bend, Ivan Blues and others.


Oleg Lavrik - Guitar, Vocals
Constantine Kolesnichenko - Blues Harp
Konstantin Tikhonov - Bass, Vocals
Bogdan Lobachenko - Drums


01. Walking Through The Park 03:30
02. I'm Ready 04:29
03. Steady Rollin' Man 05:15
04. All Your Love 02:51
05. Dead Presidents 04:10

Larry Ladon - Living On Borrowed Time (2002)

                                                                 Larry Ladon
Larry LaDon was born in Monroe Louisiana in 1941 to a musical family. When he was 16 or 17 he sneaked into a nightclub called "The Waiters Club", heard a Blues shouter named "Good Rockin' Hoppy " and was seriously bitten by the R&B bug. Fate smiled on him when he filled in for Sam Baker with the legendary Nashville R&B group "The Imperials" (aka The Imperial 7). The group was so pleased with his performance that they kept him on for the next eight years. Larry also sang with Billy Cox's group (Jimi Hendrix on guitar). He spent the next twenty years working nightclubs around the mid-south, and in the 1980s Larry replaced Mighty Sam McClain in Johnny Jones' band.


Larry LaDon - Vocals
Fred James - Guitar, Bass

Jeff Davis - Bass
Billy Earheart - Keyboards & B-3
Dennis Taylor - Saxophone
Bryan Owings - Drums
Waldo Latowsky - Drums
Phil Rugh - Hammond B-3


01. Automobile
02. Living on Borrowed Time
03. Everybody's Getting Them Some
04. Early In The Morning
05. Preacher's Daughter
06. I'll Be Anything You Want Me To Be
07. Doctor Lady
08. Shoulda Been You
09. Sister Do
10. Brandi And Champagne
11. Tight Red Dress
12. Every Night of The Week

Khalif Wailin' Walter - She Put the Voodoo On Me (2012)

                                                        Khalif Wailin' Walter
She Put the Voodoo On Me is the mesmerizing new CD from Khalif Wailin' Walter featuring hypnotic Blues and aphrodisiacal Funk. The Chicago native son conjures up his unique musical vision in this concoction of 11 enchanting original songs written, arranged, and produced by Khalif. Throughout the first half of the CD His musical talisman is traditional Chicago Blues and Khalif works it magically. The songs "Big-Bootyed Woman", "Ghost Train", & "My Guitar and These Blues" are sacrificial offerings to the great Blues Shamen Albert King, Freddie King, Albert Collins, & Otis Rush. Make no mistake about it; these are not smoke and mirrors copies of the tried and true 12 bar formula. Khalif entrancingly tells his own story in his own way throughout the entire CD. These charms are spun by Hammond B-3 Organist Mo Fuhrhop (Henrik Freischlader Band), Drummer Alex "Showtime" Lex (Aaron Burton band, Keith Dunn Band, Louisiana Red Band), & Erkan Ozdemir (Memo Gonzalez Band, Tad Robinson). The second half of the CD is filled with supercalifunkin'Bluesy grooves. The tunes include the title track "She Put the Voodoo On Me" & "I Need A New Job". Khalif was hexed by several musical influences outside of the blues including Prince, Michael Jackson, & Santana and their sublime influence is present in Khalif's own brand of hypnotic FUNK. The spell of these supernatural grooves is cast by Mo Fuhrhop on Hammond B-3 Organ, Lukas Kochbeck on Drums, Daniel "The Funkmachine" Hopf on Bass. The mythical spirit of Memphis Stax sound is revisited on the opening track "Let 'Em In" & the soul filled anthem "Still You Stand" with added sorcery from Boney Fields (James Brown Band , Luther Allison Band) on trumpet and Tommy Schneller (2012 Best Blues CD German Music Award winner) on Tenor Sax. Khalif Wailin' Walter wields wizardry with his prestidigious guitar work mystically flowing from funky rhythms to tender crying bends to aural string sacrifices on the neck. His voice is a passionate alluring instrument in its own right possessing a bewitching blend of power, haunted hints of New Orleans style vocalist, and several different shades of texture and color on the varied musical illusions. Khalif has performed in the Chicago Blues Festival in 2001, 2003, and 2007. He has toured the EU and headlined festivals in U.K.,Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Croatia, Czech Republic, Holland,Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. He was a 4 year member of the Lonnie Brooks Blues Band and nephew of and performed in the band of Blues great Carl Weathersby. He has appeared on stage with such Blues giants as Grammy Winner Taj Mahal, Grammy Winner Otis Rush, The Jimmy Vaughan Band, The Buddy Guy Band, Junior Wells, Bernard Allison, Grammy winner and W.C Handy winner Pinetop Perkins, 2-time Grammy nominee Billy Branch, Grammy Winner Sugar Blue, Larry McCray, Paul Lamb, Tad Robinson, Curtis Salgado, Keith Dunn, Delmark Record's Toronzo Cannon, Kenny "Beedy Eyes" Smith, Blues Music award winner Louisiana Red, and A.C.Reed. Khalif Wailin' Walter has The Blues in his blood and its sacred presence flows in his music on this CD. The beat will captivate your hands and feet and your soul will be a spellbound zombie to the groove. In Khalif’s own words "I Got My Own Kinda Groove"...and oh yeah, he does!!!


01. Let 'em In 04:22        
02. Ghost Train 03:33        
03. I'm Your Love Doctor 06:35        
04. Big-Bootyed Woman 04:20        
05. She Put the Voodoo On Me 04:00        
06. I Got My Own Kinda Groove 03:20        
07. My Guitar & These Blues 07:40        
08. I Need a New Job 03:07        
09. Still You Stand 03:18        
10. Supercalifunkin'groovy 04:23    
11. Du Heisst Cowlahn...(Prayer for Michael Jackson) 03:47

The Skydog Woody Project - Guitar Magic (2010)

                                                 The Skydog Woody Project
The Skydog Woody Project. Duane Allmans 57 Goldtop returns along with Allen Woodys Thunderbird bass. In the hands of a new group out of Nc who pays homage to where these magical instruments came from . Southern blues meets southern rock.

There has always been a mystical side to the delta blues and guitar folklore. Over 100 years of guitar voodoo has been around forever. Visions of sharecroppers, dark swamps and slide guitar fill the air. As Cajun food smells like your on your way to see a witch doctor. From New Orleans , Memphis and to the heart of Mississippi where it all began. The unearthing of peoples souls spelled out in song and sang to the wind. As you seek out the crossroads, be careful what you ask for..cause you just might get it.
Guitar Voodoo is real.


Joe Davis - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Garry Harper - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Patrick Daniel Trombly - Drums, Percussion
Dave Krol - Piano on track 11


01. Grubin 04:53
02. Guitar Magic 04:43
03. Into The Delta 03:59
04. Out In The Fields 05:08
05. The Hooty Song 03:37
06. Lookin Outside My Window 05:26
07. Little Brother 05:47
08. Jammin On The Mt. 015:07
09. Bourbon Street 04:52
10. Here Is As Good A Place As Any 03:46
11. Layla 06:50

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Andre Harihandoyo - Bent Notes Jukebox (2018)

                                                          Andre Harihandoyo
BENT NOTES JUKEBOX is an album written with a vintage blues style in mind. A simple trio, Andre Harihandoyo (vocal, guitar), Jundy Salut (electric bass), and Tobias Ringga (drum), recorded four songs live in a day (with a few overdubs here and there) on 2018.


01. Momma, I Want to Be a Rockstar 03:33         
02. I Lost My Baby 03:39         
03. Fool 03:17         
04. Evil Woman 04:49

Curly No Shoes Jr. - Make Your Dreams Come True (2005)

                                                           Curly No Shoes Jr.
Curly "No Shoes" Jr. is a definitive Bluesman and yet his debut CD (in collaboration with Blues legend Sammy Mayfield) has tickled the fancy of all music lovers. Described as a True Blues/R&B Hybrid.


01. You Ain't The One For Me 06:00         
02. Nuthin' But A Tear 03:31         
03. Live, Learn And Love 03:27         
04. It's Gonna Be Hell To Pay 04:15     
05. Hide Me From Myself 04:51     
06. I Sing The Blues 03:51         
07. Wanna Be A Better Man 03:38         
08. American Boy 03:38     
09. In Love With A Gypsy Woman 03:28         
10. Finally Found My Baby 03:19         
11. Make Your Dreams Come True 03:12         
12. The Path 02:29

Roy Mannino Band - Juke Joint (1997)

                                                            Roy Mannino Band
This Texan harmonica / singer, who has counted the Horton brothers in his band and now uses the services of Little Ray Ybarra on the guitar, has been fed good mammals, those of the Louisiana Swamp Blues and Rockin 'RnB well fat New Orleans.


Roy Mannino - Harmonica, Vocals
Bobby Horton - Guitar
Lil Ray Ybarra - Lead Guitar
Paul Choate - Electric Bass
Billy Horton - Upright Bass
Kevin Gaissert - Drums
Butch Jarvis - Drums
Lil Ray Ybarra - Drums
Roy Leone - Sax


01. Juke Joint 02:51
02. Don't You Call My Number 03:31
03. Help Me 05:42
04. Bark! 03:42
05. Bourbon and Beer 07:25
06. Back Breaker 03:21
07. Next Time You See Me 02:31
08. Take It Easy Greasy 05:09
09. My Little Woman 03:37
10. Miss Rachel 03:23
11. Got Love If You Want It 03:14
12. No Good Woman 02:56
13. Texas Trash 02:42

Wayne Carter & Organ Twisters - Wayne Carter & Organ Twisters (2013)

                                                              Wayne Carter
Wayne Carter was born in Carol County, Tennessee in 1936. When he was around eight years old, his father bought a piano for the family. Wayne taught himself to play songs he learned from the radio. By the time he was fifteen he left home to play in the Buster "B.W." Morrison Band. They played in Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi, and Illinois. During the following years Wayne played with the Nat Story Band and the Billy Ray Band. In the early 1960s Wayne and family moved to Decatur, Illinois where he bought an A 100 Hammond Organ and started up his own band: Wayne Carter & The Organ Twisters.

During the late 1960s Wayne joined drummer Virgil "Pat" Patton as a duo called Wayne Carter Duo. They played on the road for five or six years when Wayne finally bought his own B3 Hammond Organ. On a trip back from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Wayne picked up the yellow pages and called a local studio to arrange a recording session. The Mootrey's studio was a "custom" studio, owned and operated by Chet Mootrey. Nobody knows exactly who the Organ Twisters were for Peter In Or Out b/w Let's Run Away From The World, except that it was an eleven-piece, all black band.


01. Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo 02:53
02. Mad Mouth Woman 02:49
03. Let's Run Away From The World 03:14
04. Peter In Or Out 02:31
05. That's Cancer 03:04
06. Trock Rock 04:03

The Pat Archer Band - What I Need (2016)

                                                        The Pat Archer Band
The Pat Archer Band draws from a large pool of influences and styles to get their unique sound.
Texas style rock served up loud and hot.
Influences: Robin Trower, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, Philip Sayce, Freddie King, etc.


01. What I Need 09:27     
02. Born in Texas 03:15         
03. Two Different Streets 06:23         
04. Flying Through 04:14         
05. End of the Sun 12:43     
06. World of Lies 03:19     
07. Hard to Forget 04:29         
08. Nothing Left to Lose 03:59         
09. Dreams of Your Mind 04:19    
10. Light of Today 13:28     
11. It's a Sin 04:33

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Blue DeVilles - Next Stop Bluesville (2015)

                                                              Blue DeVilles
Blue DeVilles was formed in the suites by JB & the Hickory Hogs in the early 2000s and has over the years developed into an experienced blues band.

The style originated in the Chicago blues and 50's rock'n'roll. Gradually, the music has been searching for new ways and colored by Delta blues, jazz, even a scent of funk. Their own compositions have, over time, replaced the earlier interpretations of James Harman, Gary Primich, Kim Wilson and Muddy Waters.

Blue DeVilles of today are five experienced musicians of varying musical background, but together they stand firmly anchored in the blues. Ravenous harmonica, growling organ and stinging guitar color the often restrained grooves.


Leif Olsson - Bass, Backing Vocals
Claes Rahm - Harmonica, Backing & Lead Vocals
Christian Dalin - Lead & Backing Vocals, Organ, Acoustic & Electric Piano
Ulf Andersson - Guitars
Thomas Lingman - Drums
The Bluesville Horns:
Christian Lagerby - Alto Saxophone
Göran Rahm - Tenor Saxophone
Tommie Floréus - Baritone Saxophone
Roger Wennstig - Trombone
Niklas Skoglund – Trumpet


01. Complication Blues 04:55
02. Hillbilly Train 03:24
03. Dog Gone Sleaze 02:55
04. Family Affairs 04:39
05. Next Stop Bluesville 04:32
06. The Swinger 04:18
07. Strolling With Steve 03:56
08. Tigerland 03:25
09. You Make Me Feel So Good 04:24
10. Blue Pill 05:21
11. Might As Well Go To Heaven 06:16
12. Bad Engine 05:21
13. Slow Baby Roll 03:41

Glen Fortinberry - Moment of Truth (2008)

                                                             Glen Fortinberry
Glen played his first club gig at the Bottle Neck Blues Club in London, England at age 15. Over the years he has honed his guitar style to a level of power and fluidity unlike any other guitarist in the world. He plays with taste, occasionally bursting through with stunning speed. He took over the role of lead vocalist in his band in the mid 1990's and never looked back. Glen uses no effects or pedals when he's playing. He says that if you can't create the variety in your sound with only your hands, pedals are just a crutch. There is only one guitar track on Moment of Truth, and no layering with endless overdubs. What you here on the record is exactly what you hear Glen play in concert, pure and unaltered. "Blues at Sunrise" was recorded from start to finish in one take, at almost seven minutes long, and with no edits. Most of the tracks were recorded with Glen's 58' Les Paul Standard, a 58' Strat, and a 61' Strat. The amp used on the entire album was a Groove Tubes Solo 75 through a vintage Marshall 4x12 cabinet. Enjoy!


Gary Crockett - Drums
Glen Fortinberry - Guitar, Vocals
Tom Lepson - Organ (Hammond)
Wade Matthews - Bass


01. Hoy Hoy 03:54    
02. Rollin Man 04:03    
03. Blues At Sunrise 06:50
04. Look What the Cat Dragged In 03:23    
05. Close to You 04:27    
06. Roll Over Bach 03:19    
07. Oh, Pretty Woman 04:00    
08. Play It Cool 05:38        
09. You'll Be Mine 04:24    
10. Farther Up the Road 03:35    
11. Humdinger 03:04    
12. I Feel So Good 04:35    
13. Killing Floor 03:57    
14. In Too Deep 03:15

The Dapper Band - Dapper Dos (2019)

                                                              The Dapper Band
Dapper is a 5 piece rock and blues band, spread between Glasgow and Madrid, aimed at bringing shiny shoes and mature, original rock and blues music to this wonderful world - we are, truly, Dapper.

Dapper Dos is Dapper's second album. Recorded in Madrid and Glasgow the album marks an smooth evolution in style and a whole lot more dapperness.


01. A.S.A.P. 03:20
02. You're On Your Side 02:45
03. Let You Down 04:12
04. Stalling 03:22
05. Uncool Blues 04:06
06. Drown In You 03:46
07. Billy's Baby 03:59
08. Everyday Blues 05:27
09. My Mistake 04:05
10. Velvet Room 03:07
11. Fuck Tomorrow 01:24

Jesse Morgan - Jesse (2016)

                                                               Jesse Morgan
Soul music fans all over the world may have never heard the name Jesse Morgan. Of course this has its reason. Although he was an original member of one of Hawaii's most famous bands in the 1960s (The Mopptops), his solo career never materialized. This would have certainly been different if his album from 1978 had been originally released. An album which could have placed as one of the top 10 modern soul albums of that decade. But, as is often the case, multinational corporations putting profit before people forced the work back on the shelf. This is how the story goes...

Starting out with The Mopptops in the 1960s and releasing several records with them, Jesse's first solo release was a 45RPM single which might have made even the great James Brown jump back: (I Gotta Get Back b/w I Pity A Fool). It would take another 9 years for him to get into a recording studio again. Jesse remembers: The album was done and scheduled for release in 1978 when I was signed to Anchor/ABC Records, London, England. The same year, either EMI or MCA bought ABC Records and all newly signed artists were put on the shelf, including me. The record company denied to release me from my contract so I was stuck at the label under contract with a great album and no release for 3 years. The album remained in the can for another 24 years until Jesse signed a deal with Universal Music Group (UMG). The label was very excited about the album and even used some of the songs in movies to get Jesse's name out and gain public interest. Unfortunately, the record company finally informed Jesse that the album would not be released. Again, the album was forced to remain in the can for another 10 years.

In 2016, 38 years after the initial scheduled release, Tramp Records is very proud to be present the album Jesse in it's entirety, the debut album by singer/guitarist extraordinaire, Jesse Morgan. Tunes like You And Me Baby, You've Changed For The Worst, or Livin' In The City can easily compete with hit songs by Stevie Wonder or Bill Withers. Music lovers all over the world will finally be able to listen to a beautiful album. And Hawaii finally has a chance to place it's own jewel in the crown of American Soul Music Royalty. 


01. Mr. Jive
02. You And Me Baby
03. Is It Love (You're Looking For)
04. What Changed Your Mind
05. You For Me And Me For You
06. You've Changed For The Worst
07. Livin' In The City
08. Ain't No Price (Quite As Nice As Being Loved)
09. I've Been Played On
10. Your Sweet Thing

Detroit Women - Rattle Your Cage (2005)

                                                                   Detroit Women
Collectively the women in this group have been nominated and/or the recipients for over fifty-regional/international music awards and featured on over 300 recordings.


01. Old Weakness 02:51        
02. Strongest Weakness 05:25        
03. My Man is Ugly 03:03        
04. I'd Rather Go Blind 05:58        
05. Breakin' Up Somebody's Home 04:10        
06. Two Plays for A Quarter 04:34    
07. Paradise 05:24        
08. Leap of Faith 03:57        
09. When Something is Wrong with My Baby 06:58        
10. I Believe 04:01    
11. Good Rocking Daddy 06:08        
12. Bone Me 04:45        
13. Save Your Breath 03:04

Michael John & The Bottom Line - Good Thing (2002)

                                                               Michael John
Rocking,Grooving,A full blues mix that hit's your heart and stays in your soul.


Chuck Lee Basowski - Bass
Tom Broderick - Drums, Backing Vocals
Harlan Spector - Electric Piano, Electric Organ
Howard "Preacher" Ward -  Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals 
Michael John - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica 
Eddie "Z" Zelaznik - Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Backing Vocals


01. Angel Muffin 04:17
02. Dirty Tricks 02:58
03. It's A Good Thing 05:00
04. Feels Like Rain 04:52
05. Gonna Stay The Same 04:14
06. Understanding Women 02:34
07. The Way That I Do 03:01
08. Blues Party 02:42
09. All Hell's Cutting Loose 03:17
10. How 'Bout You? 04:49
11. Another Bridge To Cross 05:22
12. You Can, You Can! 04:35
13. My Baby's Sweeter 04:42

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Radiosoul - Radiosoul (2004)

Original power trio rock-n-roll. Current project of singer-guitarist-songwriter Pat Zelenka, with drums and vocals from Steve Chapko, and bassist Joel Butts. Heavy Zeppelin/Hendrix/Buchanan vibe.
Notes from guitarist Pat Zelenka: RADIOSOUL is the first CD from my band The Pat Zelenka Project. I am very proud of this CD. These songs represent a certain time in my life of great change, great stress, and great joy. I am very proud of my playing on this project. Thanks to all who have purchased this project and believe in it, to Joel and Steve for playing so well and working so hard on this CD, and extra special thanks to my wife and daughter who patiently waited through this one with me.


01. Now, I'm Gone 03:41         
02. Better, Finer 03:26         
03. Attention 03:13         
04. Clearer Through the Mirror 03:01         
05. Chelsea's Blues 03:34         
06. Blind Leading the Blind 02:58         
07. Crimson Queen 03:30         
08. Song With No Name 03:56         
09. Tell It Like It Is 02:18         
10. Bolder, Wiser, & Free 03:23         
11. Sheer Divineness 03:21

Matt Hill & The Deep Fryed 2 - Tappin' That Thang (2012)

                                                    Matt Hill & The Deep Fryed 2
Matt Hill won the 2011 Blues Music Award for Best New Artist Debut! "He drives audiences crazy. A stage can?t contain him, he raves from the floor, carrying on the ?whatever it takes? boundless stage antics of our recently-departed musical hero, Nappy Brown." - Bob Margolin. Matt Hill carries forward the fire of 20th Century American music legends from when they were young and hungry. With "Tappin That Thing" Hill covers Rock, Soul, Gospel and his signature low down blues -- taking it to another level. Delivering a stellar, energized and memorable performance, this CD shows a young, versatile band that can flow seamlessly from different styles, but always blues based.


Matt Hill - Guitar & Vocals
Paul Niehaus IV - Bass
Joe Meyer - Drums
Nikki Hill - Backup Vocals


01. Tappin' That Thang 04:45
02. Same Old Fucking Thing 02:54
03. Ain't No Boy 03:30
04. Always Alone 05:49
05. Crude Man 02:10
06. Let Me Put My Love Into You 03:52
07. Mow My Baby Down 05:04
08. Caramel Baby 02:37
09. Soul Twang 04:07
10. Down The Line 03:00
11. High and Dry 03:48

Walter Waiters - Just Me (2006)

                                                               Walter Waiters
Walter Waiters Born July 20, 1971 in San Antonio, Texas, this Blues man is the cousin of Southern Soul Recording Artist Mel Waiters. While Mel is a veteran of the southern soul circuit young Walter is making his mark on the blues and southern soul scene. Like many other recording artist Walter began his career in the Baptist church. It didn't take long for family members and friends to see that he was blessed with an amazing talent. He would listen to his mother talk to her friends and at night he would listen outside her bedroom to her prayers talking about the struggle to raise seven children alone. This was his first introduction to "The Blues". Growing up in the early seventies he was influenced early by the likes of B.B. King, Little Milton, Booker T & the MG'S and Elvis Presley. Just as B.B. King would learned to master the guitar, young Walter began cutting his teeth on the keyboard. In the late 80's Walter along with his friend Maurice "Big Moe" Martin formed a two piece band, Maurice was the drummer and Walter was the keyboard player. The two of them began playing talent shows and local events in the San Antonio area it was here that young Walter was starting to grow as an artist.

Soon after turning 18, he began sneaking into local blues clubs and played with a lot of the national and local acts that were performing. In the early 90's Walter had already established himself on the entertainment scene in San Antonio. In 1994 while attending a blues show which included a lineup of Willie Clayton, Buddy Ace and Tyrone Davis; There, Walter got the opportunity to meet the Silver Fox, Buddy Ace. Walter described the meeting as a life changing experience and credits the singer with giving him the spirit to see his dreams through. Sadly, Buddy Ace passed away a few months later but the encounter began the birth of "THE NEXT BIG THING".

Walter is a multi-talented artist in complete control of his career. He's a singer, song-writer, arranger, producer, and a great entertainer. Walter was turned off by record companies early in his music career mainly because of the control the company wanted over his career. In 2001 he released his Independent debut cd titled Don't Scratch My Back which included his first hit single "Don't Scratch My Back". In 2003 he released his sophomore cd titled Laid Back Kind Of Place which included the hit singles "Doing It" and "Married Man's Blues". In 2005 he released his third cd titled Staying on My Blues And Keys and it featured the hit singles "Careful Woman"," Creeping" and "Kaylah's Boogie". He performs regularly in the Midwestern areas but he's now beginning to expand his shows throughout the southern region of the United States. His genius on the keyboard has garnered him national fanfare from critics and other recording artists. Blues Boy Willie called him a "Keyboard Extraordinaire". His music is the blues smoothed out on the southern soul tip. With the boldness and energy of a young Ray Charles, a vintage voice that demands the audiences attention, his electrifying skills on keyboard and his exciting dance moves makes Walter one of the top showman's on the blues and southern soul scene. His life inspires him to sing the blues and his reflections on where he came from and what he had to work with will only keep the desire to see his dreams come through. With Walter Waiters on the scene the future of the Blues is in good.


01. Intro 01:16
02. Don't Scratch My Back 05:02
03. Creeping 04:28
04. Stays In the Club 04:06
05. Careful Woman 03:45
06. Blues In My Eye 05:20
07. I Can Feel 02:53
08. Free Agent 05:36
09. Shaking My Tree 04:21
10. Save Me Baby 03:31
11. Kaylah's Boogie 03:41
12. Twerk It 05:12
13. New Friends 03:52
14. My Hat 04:32
15. Who's Jukin Who? 04:12
16. Just Me 03:52
17. Promo 00:31

Carl “Sherlock” Holmes - Investigation No.1 (1974)

                                                        Carl “Sherlock” Holmes
A funky holy grail, one of the rarest of the rare, and the only album ever cut by funky guitarist Carl Holmes! Carl’s work on the guitar is incredible fast riffing and jazzy, with a style that’s dirtier and messier than some of his 70s jazz funk contemporaries, but which also lays back on a few tracks so that Carl can deliver a sweetly soulful vocal. The album’s a real blend of styles, all handled pretty darn well  from the hard funk of “Black Bag” and “Investigation“, to the Latin jamming of “Modesa“, the fast grooving of “Get Down Philly Town“, and the mellow soul of “Think It Over” and “Your Game“. Great stuff  and a real treat to finally have reissued.

This is a super rare soul/funk record where Carl tries to close “the gap between R&B, jazz and psychedelic rock by the creation of a sound that is funky, mellow, intricately soulful and explosive, yet uniquely disciplined in its complexity!

Well, well, well.. It’s time now for some to the dirtier side of funkiness grooves of the early seventies, painted with some to the mellower side soul touches of the same era. And it’s a fine little record from one of the less familiar names around, Philly guitarist and vocalist Carl “Sherlock” Holmes.

Carl started gigging in the early sixties forming Carl Holmes and The Commanders with whom he recorded a full length album for Atlantic in 1962 entitled «Twist Party At The Roundtable», and a couple of 45’s for Parkway and Verve later on. They even gigged with one Jimi Hendrix in 1966 but alas never recorded. After a final 45 for the local Philly label Black Jack, the group disbanded and Carl formed the Sherlock Holmes Investigation a solid outfit backed by a strong rhythm section packed with congas, vibes, flute, organ and sax. Philly’s Sigma Sound Studio was the place they recorded their sole album and Custis R. Staten’s CRS Records was the label that released it. And here we are.

Smokin funk breaks in «Black Bag», «Investigation», «Get Down Philly Town», «It Ain’t Right» and some syncopated latin-inspired jams in «Modesa» all coming out of the legendary Philly studio?… Yeah, why not? Music is One, or isn’t it? Ouch. All these coupled nicely by some fine mellow numbers in «Close To You», «Think It Over» and «Your Game» . ouch again! And all but one (Bacarach/David’s «Close To You») written by a guy named Len Woods. A remarkable blend of styles, no doubt!

Finally there’s a little confusion on when this little record was released. Is it late sixties, early seventies or mid seventies? Having that in mind, just listen to «Your Game». and focus on the break midway to the end, 2:55 to 3:14 of total 4:12 minutes the song lasts. Well, I thought I saw a pussycat, as Tweetie the cartoon used to say. Is it Marvin‘s  «What’s Going On?» .? Did this little record come out before or after Marvin’s record? Ouch once more. But nevertheless, pay no attention at all, cause music is still the best no matter when or where or whatever, as long it is good. And last but not least, who the heck is Len Woods? The guy is a hell of a songwriter. Is he Carl himself or someone else? A final ouch to the end.


Chico Green - Bass
Jimmy Towns -  Bass
Charles Harris - Drums 
John Daves - Flute
Art Grant - Guitar 
John Hammond  - Piano 
Middy Middleton - Saxophone
Ray Wright - Saxophone
Chubby Brown - Backing Vocals

01. Investigation 04:05
02. Close To You 05:07
03. Black Bag 03:20
04. Think Is Over 03:25
05. Modesa 04:59
06. Your Game 04:16
07. Get Down Philly Town 02:59
08. It Ain’t Wright 03:07
09. The Pot's Hot 02:31 (Bonus Track From CBS Single)

Mark Keen Band - It's a Shame (2001)

                                                            Mark Keen Band
Featuring five stunning original songs and 3 licensed covers of Jimi Hendrix, Tom Waits and Albert King, this is the bands first and only limited edition release.

From the psychedelic ‘Freedom’ to the acoustic version of ‘Sunday Chile’ recorded live at Spirit 96.6FM, the band have managed to produce a recording that captures some of the sheer energy, intensity and passion of their live performances.

Mark Keen – Guitars/Vocals Picked up the guitar in his mid twenties and hasn’t put it down since. He has played many acoustic and electric gigs in the UK and abroad writing original material and playing it whenever and wherever he can.

Terry Slade – Drums One of the originators of the Rox Music & Arts Festival, Bognor Regis, Sussex, now in it’s 12th year. Has played extensively in Europe and the UK and recorded chart hits in the 60’s and 70’s with various groups. He is still as energetic as ever and has never lost the passion for music with which he was evidently born.

Martin Bury (RIP 2003) – Bass Played extensively in Europe and UK with various bands over the years. Has been part of an extremely successful rhythm section with Terry Slade for many years and they are two of a kind. He has toured with Mike Read, Formula +, and the Primitives to name but a few.

The Band were together playing regularly for about a 3 years notched up 100’s of gigs including over 20,000 people at Rox 2001, Bognor Regis - the UK’s largest FREE music & arts festival. They are essentially a psychedelic blues band playing exceedingly tight original tunes and excellent covers of Hendrix, Cream, Tom Waits, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Bo Diddley to name but a few; The live show has to be seen to be believed.


01. It's a Shame 03:19         
02. Freedom 03:14         
03. Fire 02:44         
04. Born Under a Bad Sign 03:37         
05. Electric Circus 03:54         
6. Heart Attack & Vine 03:31         
07. Sunday Chile 02:04         
08. Calico Blues 03:24