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Old Warhorse ‎– Don't Give No Damn (2014)

                                                                Old Warhorse
Old Warhorse don't give no damn. Old Warhorse play the blues, the rock, the soul. Old Warhorse know how to party.


01. Broke Down 01:42    
02. Photogenic 03:31    
03. She's Royal 02:18    
04. Kimbrough 03:52    
05. Fried Chicken 01:48    
06. So Tall 02:30    
07. She Moan 03:48    
08. Give a Damn 03:30    
09. Chocolate Melt 03:29
10. Never Trail 04:10

Tim Jones - Songs of Despair (2019)

                                                                   Tim Jones
The songs on this album are composed in the tradition of the old Blues songs. Written from personal experience, they talk of the pain of coming to terms with the realities of life and unfulfilled dreams.


01. Battered and Worn 03:45    
02. Swimming Upstream 04:36    
03. I Don't Care 03:28    
04. Is This All There Is? 04:35    
05. Waiting for the End 03:24

Jimmy Foot - Bad Case of the Blues (2019)

                                                                 Jimmy Foot
This is a collection of Blues songs from Jimmy Foot. Since Jimmy is not a "Blues Artist" per se, these blues songs were
written over a period of time spanning over 4 decades. Basic tracks were recorded between 1995 and 2019 with all vocals
and lead guitars recorded in 2018. Co-produced and engineered by Dominic Romano, Jimmy's fans will appreciate this as
the Blues-side of Jimmy Foot.


01. Sick of You 04:53    
02. You Used to Love Me 05:38    
03. Bad Case of the Blues 03:58    
04. Long Time Friend 03:53    
05. Happy Blues 03:24    
06. Mr. Rhythm and Blues II 03:46    
07. Close the Door 04:01    
08. City Blues 04:12    
09. Chilm Blues 02:50    
10. I've Tried 04:21    
11. Don't Tell Me I Ain't Got the Blues 04:17    
12. No Time to Argue 03:27

Leadfoot Rivet - Southern Echoes (2015)

                                                              Leadfoot Rivet
Leadfoot Rivet, one of France’s oldest blues musicians on the job, is presenting his latest album.
As the album title suggests, you find a mix of styles coming from the Southern parts of the US, which have had a huge musical influence on Leadfoot Rivet over the years. There are 15 songs, pretty much all written by himself, which consist of Soul and Country music elements, all blended in with a lot of Blues.
The list of people being involved in making this album come true is long, yet I would like to mention Jean-Paul Avellaneda, not only playing guitar but also being the co - producer, as well as Stéphane Avellaneda, who is usually playing drums for Ana Popovic, Anson Funderburgh, courtesy playing guitar on Highly Educated Fool, and, finally, Stan Nouba-Pacha, whose guitar playing on He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother does remind you of Eric Clapton. This particular song, written by Bob Russel and Bobby Scott, happened to be a hit record for the Hollies in the late 1960s. In Leadfoot Rivet’s version, there actually is a second vocalist, Slim Batteux, who is also a brilliant keyboard player.
Speaking of vocalists, Leadfoot’s voice is very deep and quite intense. ‘My voice is a bassy croak’, is what he says of himself, when introducing his album The Bullfrog.
To make a long story short, this album is well made, and, each time again, it is a pleasure to listen to.


Leadfoot Rivet - Lead Vocals, Mouth Harps, Resonator Rhythm Guitar
Anson Funderburgh - Lead Guitar on "Highly educated fool"
Slim Batteux - Organ, Piano
Stan Noubard-Pacha - Electric Guitar
Jean-Paul Avellaneda - Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Stéphane Avellaneda - Drums, Percussions
Thomas Weirich - Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolins, Slide Guitar
Guitar Sitar, Mandocaster
Alex Satger - Backing Vocals
Nicole Lise - Backing Vocals
The Clinch brothers - Backing Vocals


01. The Bullfrog 03:42
02. Shed My Old Skin 03:56
03. Hangover In Hanover 03:45
04. Highly Educated Fool 05:13
05. He Ain't Heavy (He Is My Brother) 05:49
06. Ghost Train 04:13
07. Slow Motion 04:25
08. Livin' With Me Sure Is Funny 05:00
09. He Is A Loner 04:27
10. Somewhere South Of Macon 04:22
11. Damned Tourists! 04:44
12. Miss Paranoïa 03:52
13. Dinosaur 03:43
14. Why Lie ? Need Beer ! 02:26
15. The Game Of Love 08:07

L. A. Jones & The Blues Messengers - Live At The Pink Panther (2000)

                                                                 L. A. Jones
California's L.A. Jones & the Blues Messengers' new live CD "Live at the Pink Pather" marks the second live release in a row for this band, which is A-OK by me... I happen to prefer live recordings as long as they're well engineered. This CD has been too long in coming, as the band's previous CD, "Live at the Dead Goat Saloon" was released in 1998. But now that I have a copy in my posession I can say it was definitely worth the wait.
    Recorded in Italy before an audience that comes off a bit too reserve, it seems as though L.A. Jones is pulling out all the stops in a gutsy effort to ignite the crowd. I'm not sure if he succeeded in that quest, but he did succeed in recording some most impressive and inspired guitar work. He's beefed up his guitar's tone a bit from the "Dead Goat Saloon" days, and at times pushs the limits of his equipment to the edge. Vocals as well are improved and stronger than before. Performing as a three piece band of guitar, bass and drums, the group is tight and well balanced. The audio quality of the recording is excellent.
    One thing hasn't change though. L.A. obviously relishes dealing in extremes. As with the previous CD, he plays quite a varied range of styles. On one end of the scale the CD features finger pickin' blues in the song "Searchin' For A Home" and love ballad blues in "A New Old Fashioned Love". On the other end are songs like the very rambunctious "Stranded/Sweet Home Chicago" medley and a smokin' version of B.B. King's "How Blue Can You Get?" In between these extremes are some very true sounding Albert King licks in "Overall Junction" and "The Sky is Cryin'", and some JL Hooker styled endless boogie in "Boogie Child".
    L.A. Jones wrote 4 of the 8 songs, and there's little or no drop-off as he moves from excellent covers to his own originals. However, I would have to pick "How Blue Can You Get?" as my favorite cut on the disc. L.A. is on the edge with this one, and in the opening leads you can hear him battling to keep his guitar under control. But you come to realize the fight was worth it when the payoff comes... a searing, 15 second note that cuts deep and draws blood. During the remaining 12 or so minutes of the song, L.A. delivers up a smorgasbord of guitar leads.


L.A. Jones - Guitar, Vocals
Gigi Todesca - Bass
Vincenzo Barattin - Drums


01. I Am A Loner 05:04
02. How Blue Can You Get? 14:06
03. Searchin' For A Home 03:49
04. Overall Junction 04:40
05. Boogie Child 07:10
06. The Sky Is Crying 09:47
07. Stranded/Sweet Home Chicago medley 10:03
08. A New Old Fashioned Love 07:55

Haney's Big House - Herding Cats (2015)

                                                            Haney's Big House
From old style Chicago to West Coast swinging blues, add in a big slice of Jump Jive and Rock & Roll - this is the driving sound of Haney's Big House.


01.Herding Cats 04:00   
02.Dawn Patrol 02:19   
03.Briny Blue 03:12   
04.Eyes Wide Open 03:04
05.Not Me 04:03   
06.She Can't Keep Still 02:37   
07.Veal & Ham Pie 02:54   
08.Just In Time 03:16   
09.Extra Mile 03:41   
10.Leave The Stage 04:00   
11.Flat Out 03:11   
12.The Lurcher 03:31   
13.Three Sheets 02:39

Fat Harry & The Fuzzy Licks - Hard Lovin' Man (2012)

                                                                  Fat Harry
Fat Harry, his name certainly does not refer to his posture, but definitely to his "greasy" guitar sound.
Fat Harry plays the guitar and slide guitar himself and also takes care of the vocals, with a number of songs including Henry Oden and Preston Shannon.
This sympathetic musician has again delivered a beautiful CD.
He is supported on no fewer than eight songs by the American bass legend Henry Oden and on two songs "The King Of Bealestreet" Preston Shannon can be heard with songs that pay homage to the late great Albert King.
Add a number of race musicians and four wind players to Fat Harry, complemented by two velvet background singers and you have a CD that you can enjoy for almost an hour.
The opening track, also the title song of the CD, starts with a nice guitar intro, followed by a bit of strong "wind work".
With "Slippin" & Slidin "the slideguitar plays the lead role, this is a nice swinging song.
In total, this CD has no fewer than fourteen songs, which show a variation of blues styles.
Apart from the two Albert King tributes, they are all new songs, with Fat Harry making a substantial contribution almost everywhere.
"Richmond, California", one of the two instrumental songs, is far too short for me.
It is a wonderfully swinging song, in which all musicians show their best side.
Vapotramp is the other instrumental song dedicated to Anton v / d Graaf.
On "As The Years Go Passing By" and "Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home" we hear Preston Shannon from Memphis USA and the blues feel drips from it.
In short, a CD to play several times in succession, because you always hear new elements and styles, such as blues, soul and funk.
Highly recommended.


Fat Harry Dorth - Vocals, Guitar
René Schutte - Hammond, Piano
Jack Hill - Drums
Hassan Abudaldah - Bass


01. Hard Lovin’ Man 04:24
02. Slippin’ & Slidin’ 03:28
03. Jealous Man 05:05
04. Silicon Woman 03:05
05. Don’t Know You That Well (feat. Henry Oden) 04:25
06. Sweet Home Abudaldah 03:22
07. Tell Me Your Plan 04:38
08. As the Year Go Passing By (feat. Preston Shannon) 05:59
09. No One Wants to be the First to Cry 04:07
10. It’s All My Fault 04:25
11. Richmond, California 02:51
12. Shade Tree Mechanic 03:35
13. Vapotramp 02:31
14. Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home (feat. Preston Shannon) 04:10

Carlos Carranza - Blue Jean Blues (2018)

                                                            Carlos Carranza
Ya cercano a los 25 años de trayectoria el bluesman argentino Carlos Carranza sigue llenando teatros gracias a su dominio de distintos instrumentos de cuerda

Entre sus ideas, Carlos Carranza plantea una nueva visión a la hora de disfrutar del Blues y es llevar su arte a los teatros y para ello ha preparado su nuevo espectáculo Blues en primera persona en el que le acompañan, talentosos y destacados músicos, con los que ha tocado en diferentes ocasiones.

Carranza está presente en la escena del Blues desde principio de los noventa, cuando integraba el dúo acústico 'Blue Devils' hasta 1995. En 1996 pasa a integrar 'La Vagabunda', con la que realiza varios shows por el país, como banda de acompañamiento de 'Botafogo', en festivales de Blues y Jazz, teloneando a artistas como 'La Mississippi', 'Deacon Jones' y Bruce Ewan. En 2001 editan Esta Noche, también conocido como Custom Blues.

En 2002 la banda se separa siguiendo con el armonicista y cantante Damián Duflós (actualmente en 'Neuquén' con 'The Jackpots') en dúo, con quién graba un cd  acompañados por Beto Graff en batería y Fernando Olmedo en bajo hasta 2003.

En 2004 empieza, ya en forma solista, acompañado por '9 SUR' actuaciones en distintos pubs de la ciudad de Córdoba y el interior, con quienes graba una demo de cuatro temas. También acompañando a Luis Robinson y como invitado en Festivales de Jazz (Río IV y Santa Rosa La Pampa).

Carlos Carranza es un multiinstrumentista que toca el banjo, la mandolina, el dobro, la batería, el slide, el ukelele, la guitarra clásica y el bajo. Se destaca en el uso del Slide , que ha usado para acompañar a músicos via web. Carlos visita por primera vez el viejo continente y va a dar varios shows por Euskadi, incluido uno en la localidad bizkaitarra de Carranza..

There are around 25 years of trayectory and the Argentine bluesman Carlos Carranza continues to call graceful theaters his domain of different instruments of care

Among his ideas, Carlos Carranza plans a new vision at the time to enjoy the Blues and bring his art to the theaters and to prepare him for a new Blues show in the first person to accompany him, talented and outstanding musicians, with them. that has played on different occasions.

Carranza has been present on the Blues stage since the beginning of the nineties, when she integrated the acoustic duo 'Blue Devils' until 1995. In 1996 she joined 'La Vagabunda' as she performed several shows across the country as a backing band. from 'Botafogo', on Blues and Jazz festivals, telephoning artists such as 'La Mississippi', 'Deacon Jones' and Bruce Ewan. In 2001 edit this Noche, also known as Custom Blues.

In 2002 the band broke up with the armonicist and singer Damián Duflós (currently 'Neuquén' with 'The Jackpots') as a duo, with which he produced a cd accompanied by Beto Graff in drums and Fernando Olmedo in late 2003.

In 2004, in solo form, accompanied by '9 SUR' performances in different pubs in the city of Córdoba and in the interior, with which he wrote a demo of four themes. Also accompanying Luis Robinson and as an invitee in Jazz Festivals (Río IV and Santa Rosa La Pampa).

Carlos Carranza is a multi instrumentalist who plays the banjo, the mandolin, the double, the drums, the slide, the ukelele, the classical guitar and the bass guitar. It stands out for its use of Slide, which has been used to accompany musicians via the web. Carlos visits for the first time the continent and will give several shows by Euskadi, including one in the locality of Carranza ..


01. My babe (con Fede Mamani) 04:18
02. Everybody oughta make a change 04:26
03. Santa Claus is back in town 03:43
04. Blue jean blues 04:50
05. No mater how she done it 04:27
06. King bee 02:59
07. The sky is crying (con Tanna Ramponi) 03:28
08. Cant hold out 03:43
09. Boogie all night 04:36
10. Im gonna buy me a pistol  (con Damian Duflos) 03:23
11. Cheating with the Devil (con Damian Duflos) 02:36

12BeLowZero - 12BeLowZero (2017)

Take a choir singer, a Double bassist who doubles down as a doctor, a harmonica tornado, a guitarist who swears he was never in a band before, and a drummer who learned to play in a prison. Deposit them in the frigid waste known as GreyBruce, ON, Canada. Stir regularly. Cool to 12BeLowZero.


Christina Mollon - Vocals
Aaron Johnston - Guitars
Tim Eaton - Harmonica
Dave Glass - Bass
Steve Ballard - Drums 


01. Highway 21 03:59   
02. Things Go To Hell 04:34   
03. Wasted, Blown or Missed 03:02   
04. Bruce County Blues 04:34   
05. Someone Like You 06:12   
06. I'm Back 03:36   
07. No Mercy 03:12   
08. Washing Line Blues 05:01   
09. Whiskey Soured Weekend 02:54   
10. Blues Song Blues 05:15   
11. Aces and Cherries 02:37

3-Eyed Jacks - 3-Eyed Jacks (2006)

                                                                3-Eyed Jacks
A modern day power rock trio modeled after the seminal bands of the late 60's and early 70's.
3-Eyed Jacks - Barry Meehan, Marc Scafidi and King Greenspon - blend hard edge progressive blues/rock with a lush heritage of musical roots to create a sound that’s Raw… Powerful… Intense.


01. All the Dogs 03:46
02. The Jersey Devil 04:49
03. I'll Be Gone 06:04
04. Too Young Ways 02:59
05. Shine 03:29
06. Do You Dream in Blue 06:43   
07. Love & Money 10:57   
08. Waitin' for a Good Thing 02:34   
09. Devil's Tail 03:00
10. Killer on the Telephone 07:25


Ron Spielman - The Rehearsal Sessions (2019)

                                                               Ron Spielman
Having released a highly acclaimed instrumental album called “Tip of My Tongue” in 2018 (“Guitar music of the month. This is feeling!” – Guitar & Bass), Ron Spielman released a live EP called “The Rehearsal Sessions” today (digital only), which presents him and his band in top form. The seven songs impressively demonstrate what incredible energy Spielman is able to develop on stage, adding the trademark sound of his guitar playing that his fans love so much!


01. Token of Love 06:41
02. Paradise Island 05:58
03. Wrap Up 07:18
04. There Is No Reason 06:39
05. Tip of My Tongue 08:32
06. In Another Life 06:49
07. Angel in the Storm 05:56

The Homewreckers - Out Of The Shadows (1993)

                                                           The Homewreckers
Back in the early 90's a group of Rock'n'Roll desperadoes found themselves jamming together in a tiny club on the Sunset Strip, they had one thing in common a dissatisfaction for the heavy metal template most bands on the strip were using at that time and a deep love for Blues and the music of the 60's. Eventually this band became known as the Homewreckers (by the way none of the bands that are calling themselves that on myspace etc have any connection with this particular band).

The HomeWreckers quickly became the house band for many clubs in and around the Hollywood area, between 1990 and 1996 the band played thousands of gigs and at times featured Craig Ross (Lenny Kravitz Band) and Marc Ford (The Black Crowes) and Eddy Munoz (Plimsouls). The Homewreckers critically acclaimed CD "Out Of The Shadow's," produced by Kim Simmonds of Savoy Brown, "Out Of The Shadow's," was released on New York indie Viceroy Records in 1994, the Homewreckers were picked over Los Lobos by Shane McGowen of the Pogues to back him up on British TV. By 96 the band imploded and was no more.


Steve Counsel - Vocals, Harmonica
Jack Revera - Guitar
Dallas Meseberg - Drums
Craig Ross - Bass
Keith Fisher - Keyboards


01.You Know It Ain't Right 03:23  
02.Looking For My Baby 03:13  
03.I'm Crying 03:15  
04.Early In The Morning 08:23  
05.Little Mixed Up 03:03  
06.Drifting 06:12  
07.Medicine Man 03:17  
08.Like A Woman 03:50  
09.Too Close Together 03:26  
10.Wreck Your Body 02:49  
11.Sonny Terry's Blues 03:01
12.Rockinitus 07:07

Jacopo Pausa -The Truth (2019)

                                                               Jacopo Pausa
This is the first album recorded by Blues Rock Italian guitarist Jacopo Pausa.



01. Wild North 03:30
02. How Good The World Is 03:25
03. That's Not Easy 03:51
04. Humble Girl 03:19
05. Underwear 03:00
06. In The Backyard 03:08
07. Memories 03:04
08. The Truth 06:39
09. Mad World 03:12

Hot Roux - Monkey Wrench (2019)

                                                                   Hot Roux
Monkey Wrench is the third and most fun and lively release from (Ventura, CA based) Hot Roux. Their last two records have been met with scores of great reviews praising their fresh sound and straight forward song writing. Monkey Wrench is a collection of well written original tunes and another tasty serving of Louisiana fla-vored blues meets swampy rock & roll. Heavy on the toe tapping and 'make you wanna shake something' rhythm. All songs are penned by band leader Jerry McWorter with bass player Brent Harding. While McWorter comes from the somewhat rare tradition of 'singing drummers,' he is certainly steeped in the influences of his late friend and hero Levon Helm and in the spirit of simple story telling blues. Monkey Wrench is a very organic and groove based record. Hot Roux's musical foundation is guitar, bass and drums with the aim of capturing the music as it lives and breathes. The tasty peppering of sax, piano and harmony vocals seasons it just right.


Jerry McWorter - Drums, Lead Vocals 
Brent Harding - Bass, Back Up Vocals 
Ed Berghoff - Guitar, Back Up Vocals
Frank Goldwasser - Guitar


01. Long Train Rider 03:16
02. It Wasn’t Me 04:01
03. Regular Fool 03:20
04. Monkey Wrench 03:21
05. Colusa Appaloosa 03:01
06. Hey Mr. Johnny 02:56
07. Lucy, Lucy 04:19
08. Good Man’s Pay 02:55
09. Cosmopolitan Blues 04:51
10. Bonehead 02:44

Big Jay McNeely – Honkin' & Jivin' at the Palomino! (1989)

                                                            Big Jay McNeely
A vintage concert recording from the king of honkin' sax, Big Jay McNeely, performing a raucous live show at the legendary Palomino club in North Hollywood, August 15, 1989!


Billy Block - Drums
Ronnie Mack - Guitar
Big Jay McNeely - Saxophone, Vocals
Marty Rifkin - Pedal Steel Guitar
Keith Rosier - Bass
Steve van Gelder - Fiddle
Dale Watson - Guitar


01. Palomino Hop 03:21
02. I Can't Stop Loving You 04:53
03. All That Wine Is Gone 03:29
04. There Is Something On Your Mind 07:17
05. Pretty Girls Everywhere 03:48
06. Honky Tonk 07:03
07. Young Girl Blues 05:34
08. Big Jay Shuffle 05:40

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Beautiful Bobby Blackmon - Travelin' Home (2005)

                                                       Beautiful Bobby Blackmon
This music is a mixture of contemporary urban blues with some added funky southern soul-blues flavor. It's danceable with some tasty guitar and vocals from a soon to be recognized artist.

01. I Don't Know But I Gotta Go 05:44        
02. Feels Like Rain 06:15
03. I Been Down so Long 04:23        
04. If Mama Ain't Happy 07:26        
05. I'm Gonna Dedicate the Blues 04:26    
06. The Bluest Blues 05:52        
07. I Had A Dream Last Night 05:10        
08. Tip-Toeing 03:54    
09. It Ain't Easy 06:56    
10. Sin City 03:27        
11. Turn Me On Or Turn Me Off 05:27        
12. Movin' In The Wrong Direction 07:47

Windy City Rev Ups - Swing Out Chicago (2008)

                                                         Windy City Rev Ups
This studio release displays the band’s signature style of dynamic blues mixed with hot roddin’ rock n’ roll. This diverse collection of revved up rock, blues, dance & swing music serves as notice that the Windy City Rev Ups have arrived on the modern Chicago blues rock scene! The ensemble of Chicago based musicians is complemented by a full throttle rhythm section, burnin’ lead guitars, soulful singin' and a B3 organ with authentic Hammond/Leslie tone. The recording sessions were tracked live and performed with untamed spontaneity and emotion. Collectively, the Windy City Rev Ups create a sound that is passionate, impulsive and edgy! The songs on this debut studio release range from the radio friendly title track “Swing Out Chicago” to the praise worthy “Red, White & Blue”. Stir it up with a pinch of “Halfway Home” boogie, “Alley Cat Blues” the country inspired rocker and the biker inspired “Rolling Thunder” and you have an appetizing blend of roots rock mixed with hootenanny style shakers. “Can’t Stop Time”, “Shine So Bright” and “Here Tonight” add a little jam band flavor to mix. The tasty swing tune “I Should Have Known” combined with two slow blues numbers “Maxwell Street” and “Senorita” complete the presentation, Chicago style.


01. Swing Out Chicago 03:09
02. I Should Have Known 03:55
03. Maxwell Street 06:32
04. Halfway Home 04:40
05. Alley Cat Blues 03:42
06. Rolling Thunder 03:29
07. Can't Stop Time 02:40
08. Senorita 04:57
09. Senorita 04:47
10. Here Tonight 04:33
11. Red, White & Blue 05:03

Junkyard Preachers - A Serious Dollop (2014)

                                                          Junkyard Preachers
Junkyard Preachers are an exciting blues and rock n roll band, getting back to basics - play it straight, play it hard and get 'em up on their feet.


Rick - Vocals
Alun - Guitar
Dave - Guitar
Seán - Bass
Si - Drums


01. Every Time I Roll The Dice 04:34
02. I Can Tell 02:56
03. Hoochie Coochie Man 04:21
04. Down At The Doctors 02:42
05. Baby, What You Want Me To Do 03:13
06. Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller 02:54

A.S. Blacksmith Blues Etc. - Sidetracked (2014)

                                                     A.S. Blacksmith Blues Etc.
Blacksmith Blues is dedicated to all hard-working blacksmiths in the world. There is nothing cute about being a blacksmith. Many are a bit rough around the edges and so is this song. Enjoy the ride on these blues riffs!!!
Tomboy, this particular tomboy can be found at the racetracks of Harness Racing. She's one tough cookie!
A Passion So Divine takes you away to the dream state of heavenly love. Perfect for slow dance or dinner date.
She Ain't Coming Home is a "rocker" about a troubled man and his unfaithful woman.
Vigor is inspired by a bar-goer who goes out with "vigor", but usually goes home without it. Blues shuffle with witty language.

01. Blacksmith Blues 04:32    
02. Tomboy 03:09    
03. A Passion So Divine 04:19    
04. She Ain't Coming Home 03:37    
05. Vigor 04:13

3 Below - Adventurer Powered (2010)

                                                                  3 Below
A heapin helpin of classic guitar blues-rock! Jimi/SRV style, plus a sizzling acoustic fingerpicking song, "Dancin with Gene"!
Twin Cities guitar slinger Paul Holland has produced a gem with Adventurer Powered! Ten tracks of guitar-slinging fun. A winner of a MN Music award for best abum, plus Dancin with Gene, a Leo Kottke style song, that earned Paul a Twin Cities best acoustic guitarist contest title!


Rich Pearson - Bass, Vocals
Paul Haaland  - Guitar, Lead Vocals
 Michael Ashwood - Keyboards 
David Doll - Percussion, Vocals  


01 Medicine Man 05:52
02 Cinnamon 04:20
03 Shot Of Love 03:54
04 Steamtrain 04:29
05 Easy Come Easy Go 04:35
06 Dancin' With Gene 02:33
07 Just Like Candy 05:09
08 I Wanna Be Your Dog 03:45
09 Bulletproof 05:57
10 Power Of Love 05:39

Connie Lush - Unfaithfully Yours (2002)

                                                                Connie Lush
Connie has been recognised as one of the finest Blues singers in the Uk today. The winner of “Best Female Vocalist Uk” no less than five times has earned Connie her place in the Gallery of Greats, alongside Alexis Corner and Eric Clapton to name just two. Her incredible stage presence and powerful vocal have also been recognized overseas as she was twice voted “European Blues Vocalist of the year” by the “Blues Trophies Awards” Pride of place is her award from the people of Liverpool for “Performing Arts”....and is still being nominated.


Connie Lush - Vocals
Carla Russell - Backing Vocals 
Henry Priestman - Backing Vocals, Organ, Accordion 
Terry Harris     Bass 
Carl Woodward - Drums 
John Lewis - Guitar
Alby Donnelly - Horns
Steve Alun Jones - Piano 
Tony Peers - Trumpet 


01. Standin 06:04
02. Get It Right 04:43
03. Guilty 05:09
04. You Can't Make Me Stay 03:19
05. Dedicated to You 03:39
06. It Hurts So Bad 04:33
07. Can We Love Again 06:09
08. I'd Rather Go Blind 05:59
09. Shoppin 03:34
10 - Unfaithfully Yours 05:06

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Loose Gravel and the Quarry - Around the Sound (2008)

                                                    Loose Gravel and the Quarry
Hard driving Pacific Northwest five-piece band delivering original blues and blues ballads as well as classic blues and rock.
 All original blues, and blues ballads written by "Loose Gravel" himself,(with the exception of "Safety First-by Steve Cooley)will capture your ears and leave you humming the tunes and/or reciting the lyrics! Forming in 1992, the band consists of four of the original members that performed on the "Boulder" CD, which includes: Steven "Loose Gravel" Luhtala, Steven J. Cooley, Johnny Burgess, and Gary Marcello. Rich Nesbitt (Bass) is the newest member. This five-piece band is a "must see" and "Around the Sound" is a "must have"!


01. Around The Sound 05:12   
02. Oh Marie 04:11   
03. Motherless Child 04:07   
04. Rain On Me 03:30   
05. Walla Walla Onion Song 03:51   
06. All Along 04:34   
07. Safety First 04:15   
08. Who's the Fool? 04:38   
09. Goin' Down Fast 03:21   
10. Miracle Whip 03:43   
11. What About Me? 04:53   
12. Bald Man Blues 02:47    

The Frankfurt City Blues Band - ...Is In Town (1979)

                                                  The Frankfurt City Blues Band
This is the debut album of this German blues band formed in 1977 in Frankfurt.


Andreas August - Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Manfred Häder - Guitar
Tscho Thomas Schilling - Bass
Bernhard Dill - Harmonica, Bottleneck Guitar
George Viel - Drums
Achim Farr - Saxophone


01. The Band Is On The Road 03:20
02. I Don’t Need No Doctor 05:02
03. You Gave Me A Second 10:54
04. Someday After Awhile 04:58
05. Rollin’ And Tumblin’ 03:39
06. Georgia On My Mind 04:25
07. Let’s Go Get Stoned 03:20
08. The Frankfurt City Blues Band Is In Town 03:25

Tim Turner - Tim Turner (2002)

                                                                 Tim Turner
Singer, songwriter, guitar player extraordinaire, Tim Turner has been plying his craft in the Seattle area for four decades. From the highy sucessful rock band CHILD to his current band, Tim has consistantly performed on the leading edge of the local music scene. Give Tim a "hollow-body" electric guitar and a stage and the outcome is always the same: first-rate guitar playing, great singing and outstanding original tunes. "Blues Boss" from Blues To Do Magazine.
Tim has been playing his unique and special brand of blues, rock and rhythm n blues since the 1970's, as a guitarist in Child, and several incarnations of his own Tim Turner Band. He has run several jams over the years, from Pioneer Square, to West Seattle, and back to Pioneer Square again. Whenever he's on stage, he has the uncanny ability to bring out the best in whatever musicians are on stage with him. Tim also has a way of making the audience feel good and part of the music, asking various audience members to strum his guitar or inviting them to sing along with the song being played. Paul & Willow of the "Wednesday Unbound Blues" Jam.
Tim Turner has been a Northwest favorite for many years. As well as appearing at casinos, clubs, pubs, lounges and festivals, the band has also opened for the Dave Mathews Band at the Gorge, Johnny Winters at the Ballard Firehouse and many other venues as well. Tim and his players were honored to be the entertainment at the four day Seagate Convention and Awards Ceremonies in Seattle, performing at the Experience Music Project’s Sky Church for this international event. Tim also hosted the longest running Blues JAM at Larry's Blues Cafe in Pioneer Square for over 10 years.


01. Hot Damn 03:04.06]
02. She's Finajjy Gone 03:21
03. The Sky is Cryin' 04:07
04. Double Standards 03:28
05. Please Come Home 03:36
06. What Am I Supposed ToDo 03:10
07. Mary Had a Little Lamb (Buddy Guy) 03:14
08. Blues This Mornin' 07:09
09. I'm Ready 02:42
10. Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix) 05:38

Jake Green Band - Seven Years After (2019)

                                                            Jake Green Band
Jake Green Band is one of the most promising names on the danish blues scene. In a music genre that is both strongly traditional and a bit hide-bound in style sometimes, this band shows there's still a kick to blues rock.


Jakob Green - Guitars, Vocals
Jens Simonsen - Bass
Hans Rosenberg - Drums


01. Looking For A Reason 03:37
02. Night Train Calling 06:36
03. Dark Clouds 07:24
04. Tell Me 03:26
05. Still Hung Up On You 04:05
06. One Night Stand 05:15
07. Ho Hum 05:06
08. Hey Joe 08:57

terça-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2019

                   I wish you all a lot of peace this Christmas !!!

The Bel Airs - Dangerous Curves (1991)

                                                               The Bel Airs
Living on the road and playing clubs from "Austin to Boston", the Bel Airs are carrying on the tradition of American Rhythm and Blues. The Bel Airs are easily one of the hottest and most entertaining blues bands in the country. 'Dangerous Curves' marks the successful translation of the roadhouse flavor of the Bel Airs' live shows onto disc. The Bel Airs and stellar musical guests like Johnnie Johnson at the piano give twelve cuts their unique treatment powered by a rock-solid rhythm section. Fans who've seen the band perform will recognize some favorite quirky Bel Airs' originals, as well as, their house rockin' covers . Sure to satisfy longtime fans and gain some new ones.


Dave Pruitt - Guitar, Vocals
Dick Pruitt - Bass, Vocals
Pat O'Connor - Drums
Joe Terry - Piano
Johnnie Johnson - Piano
Blair Montgomery - Saxophone
Ned Wilkinson - Trumpet


01. Gonna Walk 03:25
02. Can't Give You Up 03:33
03. Hey, Little Lee 04:01
04. Spell on Me 02:46
05. Chinese Rock 02:40
06. Nothin' In This World 02:40
07. Stranger Blues 03:25
08. The Girl That Radiates That Charm 02:53
09. Off of My Line 02:40
10. Girl on The TV News 03:03
11. Nadine 03:44
12. Hook My Pony 03:21

Unkle Munkle - The Dog House Sessions (1998)

                                                              Unkle Munkle
Unkle Munkle was a highly energetic and acclaimed outfit formed by Craig Giles, Dave Searle and former drummer Keith Hummerston (who was also in The Gutbuckets) during 1997. The band was then joined by James Batchelar on Keyboards and Danny Giles on guitars. After an intense period of time rehearsing up a new set of blues rock covers and original material, the band started playing at venues throughout the South East of England with great success.

The band recorded two albums. The first was `The Dog House Sessions' recorded during 1998 - a mixture of blues covers and self-penned material. The strength of the bands' own material was self-evident on this first release and it was decided that the follow-up album would be made up of completely original material.


01. My Babe 03:05
02. Ever Since I Lost You 03:38
03. Rollin' Man 02:53
04. Gotta Lean On You 07:31
05. Everyday I Have The Blues 06:47
06. Help Me 05:10
07. The Last Time 03:40
08. Key To The Highway 03:55
09. Leavin' The City 03:48
10. Sugar Mama 05:22
11. 18 Wheeler 02:45
12. The Unkle Munkle Fumble 03:58

John McVie's ''Gotta Band'' with Lola Thomas (1992)

                                                                John McVie
John McVie's "Gotta Band" with Lola Thomas is an album by John McVie and a self-assembled group of musicians released in 1992. It marks the only time the Fleetwood Mac bass player, probably best known for his solos on The Chain, ever released anything under his own name. The lineup included his Fleetwood Mac colleague Billy Burnette and his former colleague from John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Mick Taylor who is best known for his 1969-74 stint with the Rolling Stones. The singer Lola Thomas did no recorded work before or after this project. According to John McVie, "The "Gotta Band" thing was a "one off". Lola Thomas is now happily married with a lovely daughter. She's a great singer and it was a fun project but we couldn't "work" the album.


Lola Thomas - Vocals 
John McVie - Bass, Backing Vocals
Lee Spath - Drums
Mick Taylor - Guitar
David Plenn - Guitar
Billy Burnette - Guitar, Backing Vocals 
Brad Dutz - Percussion 
Jim Pugh - Piano, Organ 
George Hawkins - Backing Vocals
Andrew Love, Wayne Jackson - Horns ["The Memphis Horns"]


01. Evidence 03:48
02. Now I Know 04:06
03. Lost What You Had 03:31
04. Shot Down By Love 03:59
05. Step Aside 03:51
06. You Left Me Lonely 05:14
07. The Bigger The Love 03:49
08. All That I Was Guilty Of... 03:25
09. One More Time With Feeling 04:56
10. The Way I Do 03:40

Jake Curtis Blues Band - Tales From The South Side (2019)

                                                        Jake Curtis Blues Band
Jake’s playing style is heavily influenced by the music he grew up listening to. At the age of 7, Jake found himself obsessed with the album, “John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers featuring Eric Clapton”, and as he would say, “It was all downhill from there”.


01. Let Me Whisper In Your Ear 02:52
02. Kingbee 04:06
03. I Need Love 03:12
04. What Am I Supposed To Do 06:37
05. Iodine And Antifreeze 04:32
06. Leaving In The Morning 07:01
07. Jumpin' Jack Flash 04:09
08. If The Blues Was Whiskey 03:02
09. Watchtower 05:52

Fernando Jones - Stranded (2005)

                                                                     Fernando Jones
"Fernando Jones has been on a Blues crusade in Chicago since his college days in the mid-1980s. He has produced a play, I Was There When The Blues Was Red Hot, authored a book with the same title, written Blues poetry, produced Blues shows, is a Blues educator and leads his own Blues band. Stranded is his latest self-produced CD and it shows that the singer, composer, guitarist, bassist and Blues harpist can indeed "walk the walk." The 12 original tunes, along with a video for "How Many Times," cover a range of Blues, R&B and soul styles. The title track is an atmospheric medium tempo, funky minor key Blues where Jones croons a lover's lament and then adds a sharp-edged solo and fills as counterpoint.
Jones is totally dedicated to playing, promoting and promulgating Blues. He is to be encouraged and lauded for his efforts."


01. Stranded 04:27
02. Easy To Hold 08:38
03. Sometimes (I Can't Help Myself) 06:40
04. I Want A Pretty Woman 04:48
05. Down To The Bottom 04:26
06. I Want To Spend Xmas With You 03:58
07. How Come 03:57
08. Tracey 06:12
09. On Top 03:52
10. You Must Be Brothers 04:38
11. My Best Friend 02:18
12. Minneapolis Blues 04:48

Big Reymore - Rodeo Dr (2019)

                                                               Big Reymore
Costa Rican guitarist from Blues Rock.


01. Rodeo Dr 03:55
02. People Change 03:16
03. Don't Ask Me Where I Been 04:26
04. I Be Long on the Rood 03:27
05. Reflexion 03:24
06. Beautiful 03:21
07. Lord 03:39
08. When the Time Clock Strikes 03:32

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Roger Cultee - Mud Album (2016)

                                                               Roger Cultee
Roger Cultee doesn’t have a cult… yet. But he’s Native American and trust us, he knows how to summon spirits and battle demons. But he isn’t the kind to mumble magic spells under strained breath – no. Rather, he’s a man of brash rock and roll with the soul of a bluesman and calloused fingers that strained a thousand loud, wailing, screeching notes from his guitar to the delight of ghosts of bluesmen past. His second record may be titled Mud, but it makes a very clear statement – Roger Cultee is here to blow out your ears!

When things have gotten down to playing the blues, you know something is up… and it probably isn’t rainbows and unicorns. A love is lost. A hungover head is hurting something fierce. Misfortune has taken reign and there’s nothing you can do about it… except sing your soul out to the squeaking tunes of a battered guitar.

Blues doesn’t always have to feel “blue”, though. With Roger Cultee on the guitar and mic, it comes out raw, blistering, and full of life – literally. Mud, the Albuquerque man’s second solo record, has the kind of live and uncut sound only an independant musician would have the brass to pull off! It’s incredibly fitting for the energy of his music, and quite possibly the best way to represent it. Full volume is mandatory!

As for the tunes themselves, let’s not dance around the facts – you’ve heard one blues song, you’ve heard them all. It’s part of the genre’s appeal in that it consistently evokes the same deep emotion that makes you consider moving to Mississippi, planting yourself in the first bar in sight, and never leaving it for the rest of your life. What Cultee’s compositions lack in innovation, they more than make up for it with sheer attitude and authenticity, though.

Modern music production is especially adept at disguising the humanity behind it, so hearing Roger wail about heartbreak on Broke’n’Down, punk it up on the politically-charged Perestroika (for the USA), or ease into the picturesque I Need You feels incredibly refreshing. While the sound could be clearer and the man’s vocal performances could have been tighter, we’d gladly do without another super-polished blues record in favor of one that brings the soulful style favorably closer to its roots.


01. Beautiful Women 04:46   
02. Peristroika 04:30
03. Broke'n'Down 06:35
04. Tonight 03:15   
05. Wounded Knee 03:07
06. Duke City 03:08   
07. Seby 01:34   
08. Rez Boogie 04:01
09. Down Around Santa Fe 03:20
10. I Need You 08:27   
11. Prayer Song / 5 Finger Pony 06:14

Johnny A. - sometime tuesday morning (1999)

                                                                 Johnny A.
A wild, woolly, wonderful lesson in where the guitar has been and where it might be headed. If Johnny A. isn’t familiar to every guitar-head in America within two years, there’s no justice in this world. It’s rare to find a guitarist who has both a profound sense of the instrument’s history and the spunk to still explore new directions for it. On Sometime Tuesday Morning Mr. A. and friends cover the gamut of country, blues, old-style rock ’n’ roll, and jazz stylings, and it’s nearly impossible to stop listening until the disc is done.

Johnny A.’s spongelike capacity for absorbing musical techniques blossoms to full fruition on tracks like the boogie “Oh Yeah”, where he flits between clipping chords, fluid single-line soloing and rockabilly vamping like it’s all second nature to him (which it probably is). He manages to breathe new life into the warhorse “Wichita Lineman”, addressing it tenderly with a gorgeous soft touch. He provides his own rhythm-guitar backup on the smoldering blues “Two Wheel Horse”, marrying Larry Carlton and Link Wray. A lesser-known Beatles tune, “Yes It Is”, gets a radical, shimmering makeover, while the Ventures chestnut “Walk Don’t Run” is seriously, hilariously transformed into a tango.

Most of the compositions are Johnny A. originals, all of them well thought-out and arranged with wit and nostalgic adoration. One would hardly expect to find tracks like the fun poop-kicker “Tex Critter” and wailing, brooding “Walkin’ West Ave.” on the same disc, but that’s the kind of variety that Johnny A. specializes in. Like Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Double Trouble team, bassist Ed Spargo and drummer Craig McIntyre provide just enough firm, appropriate rhythmic support to drive the guitarist along without intruding on his territory.

This disc is a guitar fanatic’s wet dream come true, a consummation of six-string history with no self-absorbed shredding to take away from the real impact. Absolutely essential.


Johnny A. - Guitar, Bajo Sexto, Banjo, Lap Steel Guitar
John LaMoia - Percussion
Craig MacIntyre - Drums
Ed Spargo - Bass
Mark Valentine - Handclapping, Snaps


01. Sometime Tuesday Morning 04:25
02. Oh Yeah 04:15
03. Wichita Lineman 04:01
04. Two Wheel Horse 05:11
05. In The Wind 04:38
06. Yes It Is 03:18
07. You Don't Love Me 03:34
08. Up In The Attic 03:14
09. Walk Don't Run 02:55
10. Tex Critter 02:37
11. Lullabye For Nicole 05:26
12. Walkin' West Ave 04:27

Howlin' Bill - Live At Ancienne Belgique (2009)

                                                                 Howlin' Bill
This live album accurately documents an exhilarating performance of pumping roots-based Blues and Rock, with lyrics about good women gone bad, booze, worn-out shoes, and the trials and tribulations of romantic love - in short, the album features sixteen songs about real life as most people know it. Those who have seen the Howlin' Bill band perform live at festivals or venues, know how much drive and energy is being thrown into the mix. The live recordings are made in a larger venue, they are a bit spatial, while the studio recordings have a direct and more smoky sound. Try it - you'll enjoy catchy songs, funny lyrics and a musical travel in time.


Howlin' Bill - Harp, Vocals
Little Jimmy - Guitar
Walkin' Winne - Bass
Magic Frank - Drums


01. Next Time 03:53
02. Foxy Little Lady 03:42
03. Six Feet Five 06:05
04. My Own World 03:41
05. Gone Too Soon 04:08
06. Circus Is Coming To Town 02:27
07. Bully 04:32
08. Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 03:22
09. Don't You Know 09:08
10. A Man's Got To Do 07:26
11. Remember The Day 05:52
12. Second Hand Shoes 03:47
13. Sipido 03:24
14. You Got It 02:42
15. Pick Up Lines 02:57
16. Hell Freezes Over 04:52