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Lightnin' Slim - That's All Right (2004)

                                                                 Lightnin' Slim
1 Bad Luck Blues    
2 G.I. Blues    
3 Crazy Bout You Baby    
4 My Babe    
5 Things I Used To Do    
6 That's All Right    
7 Good Morning Heartaches    
8 Rooster Blues    
9 Voodoo Blues    
10 Oh Baby

'Uncle' John Turner-Texas Blues (2007)

                                                            'Uncle' John Turner
Legendary Texas Blues Drummer & Vocalist "Uncle" John Turner is joined by his old band mate Johnny Winter for some blistering interpretations of old songs from Texas and Louisiana. Johnny's guitar shimmers on "Roll, Roll, Roll", "Just A Little Bit", "You're Humbugging Me", "I Got It Made"and "Allons Dancez". Johnny then turns to the harmonica on "They Call Me Lazy".

Other fine guitarists on this CD include Alan Haynes, Brett Reid, Port Arthur Red, Roger Ward, Jack Edery and Tonky De La Pena. Other musicians include Paul Orta and Paul Choate.

“Uncle” John Turner has performed with many renown musicians including Jerry LaCroix, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Isaac Payton Sweat, B.B.King, Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters, and others.

"Uncle" John Turner died July 26, 2007 in Austin, Texas from complications of Hepatitis C.

1 Roll, Roll, Roll 2:37        

2 Just a Little Bit 2:04        

3 Divorce Court 2:30        

4 Drivin' Wheel 4:17         

5 You're Humbugging Me 2:12        

6 I Got It Made 2:31         

7 They Call Me Lazy 2:57         

8 Allons Dancez 3:05         

9 Shoulder Holster 2:15         

10 Hey Senorita 2:23        

11 T Bone Intentions 2:45    

12 I-10 Hurricane Blues 2:09        

13 Oooh Poo Pa Doo 3:59

quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2018

Big Rick & The Bombers -Too Much Money (2003)

                                                       Big Rick & The Bombers
Born Ricardo Nunez 1963, Big Rick was the youngest of seven children. As an infant and through his
adolescent years he was fortunate to be fluent in both English and Spanish. His father was a migrant
worker and he flew the whole family back and forth from PR to NYC about every three years. That's
right Big Rick is 100% Puerto Rican even though he does not appear to be Hispanic.
Big Rick comes from a long line of musical tradition. Whether it be guitar players, drummers, piano
players, or conga players, there are enough musicians in his family to create at least three full orchestras.
With no formal training he taught himself how to play the guitar on his own, but it was not by his choice alone.
His brother threatened to beat him if he did not play rhythm guitar while he practice his lead solos.
At the age of 13 Big Rick was playing guitar for a gospel group out of Far Rockaway Queens called Jimmy
Jenkiins and The Flames Of Harmony (also The Golden Sons). This experience and exposure gave him the
opportunity to sit in with some of the bigger acts in gospel like, The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi,
The Mighty Clouds Of Joy, and The Key Notes. To this day Big Rick attributes his talents to only one person:
God, which with whom he would not be able to do anything without.
Growing up between Puerto Rico, Brooklyn & Queens life was anything but boring. On the one hand
Puerto Rico was peaceful yet intriguing. There was always something to do, whether it be
sports or just having fun at the beach. At the age of 11 Rick was already 5'8" tall and weighed about 120lbs.
To many he looked many years beyond his actual age and regularly passed for a much older young man of
18 years old. Already showing the confidence that he would one day bring to the musical stage.

Big Rick has performed with many Bues ledgends such as, BB King, Buddy Guy, Clarence Carer, Louisiana Red,
Lucky Peterson, Walter "Wolf Man" Washington, Debbie Davis, Johnny Lang, Tower of Power, Robert Cray, And many others.

1. I.C.U. 4:35    
2. Don'tSay A Word 4:47    
3. Sugar Daddy 5:29    
4. Freakzoid 4:53    
5. Money Hungry Mama 5:00    
6. For So Long 4:27    
7. Too Much Money 6:36    
8. Blood From A Stone 4:31
9. Talk All Funny 5:12    
10. With Out A Word 5:34    
11. All I Want 3:18    
12. Complaint Dept. 4:43    
13. Hold On 4:53

Johnnie Johnson - Johnnie B. Live (1997)

                                                             Johnnie Johnson
Johnnie Johnson -  piano, vocals
Jimmy Vivino – guitar, vocals
Michael Merrit – bass
James Wormworth – drums
Al Kooper – Hammond organ
Bernard Fowler – vocals (Sweet Little Angel)

01. Real Good Woman
02. If You Love Me Like You Say
03. Johnnie's Boogie
04. Georgia On My Mind
05. Tanqueray
06. I'm Goin' Fishin'
07. Sweet Little Angel
08. Stepped In What!?
09. Bye Bye Johnny/Carol
10. George's Jam

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Second breath (Второе дыхание) - Save the blues (2007)

                                                             Second breath
Blues, Blues-Rock, Chicago Blues:

01. For Katya (4:12)
02. Ain't Got You (4:00)
03. Roadhouse (3:09)
04. Save The Blues (4:33)
05. Sweet Little Sixteen (3:34)
06. Why People Like That (4:14)
07. Mannish Boy (6:08)
08. It Hearts Me Too (5:12)
09. Dixi (4:04)
10. I Like To Walk (5:17)
11. Let Me Love You (4:13)
12. House Is Rocking (2:31)
13. Got My Mojo Working (5:22)

Bass Guitar, Blues Harp – Григорій Махно
Drums – Валерий Латанюк
Guitar – Александр Кузнецов (8)
Vocals, Guitar, Lyrics By – Владимир Герасимович

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Roy Buchanan - Dancing on the Edge (1986)

                                                              Roy Buchanan
The wild and wooly, no-holds-barred version of Henry Mancini's "Peter Gunn" that opens this album reminds that Roy Buchanan is not your average blues-rock axeslinger. With a dazzling arsenal of chops and a tone that can, alternately, slice through granite and float like cumulous clouds, Buchanan's standing as a masterful technician seems to grow with each successive release, and DANCING ON THE EDGE is no exception.

The six instrumental and five vocal tracks here (featuring Texas R&B institution Delbert McClinton), though steeped in traditional blues, push at the limitations of the genre. For example, there's the ear-shattering jump country of "Petal to the Metal" and the expansive surf jam "Jungle Gym." DANCING rocks harder than most of Buch's releases, with the guitarist's sizzling six-stringery (check out the barrelhouse acid boogie of "Whiplash") backed by a crack studio band and McClinton's raw singing (check out "You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover"). Buchanan fans and worshippers of the blues guitar won't be disappointed by this one.

1 Peter Gunn
2 The Chokin Kind
3 Jungle Gym
4 Drowning on Dry Land
5 Petal to the Metal
6 You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover
7 Cream of the Crop
8 Beer Drinking Woman
9 Whiplash
10 Baby Baby Baby
11 Matthew

The McKee Brothers - Moon Over Montgomery (2017)

                                                        The McKee Brothers                       
“Moon Over Montgomery,” the second release produced by The McKee Brothers, once again features inspired performances by a talented roster of players from Los Angeles and Michigan, including soulful vocalists Bob Schultz (original keyboardist with Bob Seger), Jeff Robinson, Reggie Gonzales, Maxayn Lewis, Laith Al-Saadi (vocal and guitar – 2016 finalist on “The Voice”), Larry McCray (vocal and guitar), guitarist Ari Teitel, keyboardists Bobby West and Jim Alfredson (formerly with Janiva Magness and in Organis- simo), horn players Lee Thornburg (formerly of Tower of Power, now touring with Joe Bonamassa) and Doug Webb (Posi-Tone Records recording artist), bassists Bobby Watson (Rufus), Al Threats, and J.V. Collier (Bruce Hornsby) - as well as the brothers themselves: Denis McKee on guitar, keyboards, bass, and vocals, and Ralph McKee on bass, lap steel guitar, and vocals.

The music is high-energy and soulful, in several styles: from gospel (the inspirational title track paying tribute to the 1965 civil rights march), gritty funk (Go 2 Work!, Bayou Man, I Feel Like Dynamite, Blues of the Month Club), soul (Where You Gettin’ It?, Runaway Love, and the Latin-flavored Late At Night), jazz-blues (Kicks), to the funky country of Confidential and the rock of Remember When. Check out Laith Al-Saadi’s vocal and Larry McCray’s guitar on Worried About Tomorrow, the incendiary blues vocal by Jeff Robinson on You Know How I Lie, with smokin’ guitar by Al-Saadi, the rhythm section’s irre- sistible New Orleans grooves on Flat, Black, & Circular and Pigfeet, the great Lee Thornburg horn arrangement on the gospel ballad Celebrate Me Home, and some impressive guitar work throughout by Denis McKee.

1. Pig Feet
2. Confidential
3. I Feel Like Dynamite
4. Worried About Tomorrow
5. You Know How I Lie
6. Moon Over Montgomery
7. Kicks
8. Bayou Man
9. Go 2 Work!
10. Where You Getting’ It?
11. Runaway Love
12. Late At Night
13. Remember When
14. Flat, Black, & Circular
15. Blues Of The Month Club
16. Celebrate Me Home

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Johnnie Johnson - Blue Hand Johnnie (1987)

                                                           Johnnie Johnson
Johnnie Johnson's rolling, barrelling licks are as enticing as ever on this reissued Evidence CD, but there are some other things that are not so grand. These include barely tolerable vocalists Barbara Carr and Stacy Johnson, whose enthusiasm is commendable, but whose vocals often get in the way. Johnson's covers of Fats Washington's "O.J. Blues" and "Black Nights" are great, as are his versions of "Honky Tonk" and "See See Rider." But he falters on "Baby, What You Want Me To," in part because he does not convey either the original's loping stride or laconic quality, and also because it is not the kind of peppy arrangement and backbeat suited to his style. A decent effort that might have been a superior one with a couple of added touches.

Johnnie Johnson (piano),
Barbara Carr, Stacy Johnson (vocals),
Steve Waldman, Herb Sadler, David Pruitt, Tom Maloney (guitars),
Oliver Sain (saxophone),
Dick Pruitt, Gus Thorton (bass),
Keith Robertson, Kent Hinds, Pat O'Conner, Kenny Rice (drums).

1 Johnnie's Boogie 2:34
2 See See Rider 4:52
3 O.J. Blues 4:08
4 Black Nights 3:52
5 Talkin' Woman 3:33
6 Honky Tonk Part 1 3:52
7 Slow Train 3:28
8 Baby What You Want Me To Do 4:06
9 Way South 5:00
10 Johnnie B. Goode 2:30
11 Back In The U.S.A. 3:02
12 Son's Dream 4:33