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Jack Starr - Take It To The Bank (2008)

                                                                  Jack Starr
Jack Starr is a blues rock guitarist and songwriter born of a French mother and American father.[1] He learned to play guitar by ear, copying the riffs of R&B records

1 Why Do They Call It The Blues’
2 Cherry Red
3 You Crossed the Line
4 Blue Tears Falling
5 Blues Per Minute
6 Take It To The Bank
7 Cloudy Day
8 Stevie’s Shuffle
9 It All Comes Back
10 Laying Low
11 Liquor and Poker
12 She Still Gets Me Everytime
13 Stray Dog Blues
14 The Woman I Love
15 What You See is What You Get
16 Spirits Unchained

Phil Guy - Another Guy (1997)

                                                                   Phil Guy
Phil Guy didn't eclipse his older brother Buddy's status as a blues superstar, and in reality, Phil's funky brand of blues was not captured correctly for posterity. But he remained an active attraction on the Chicago circuit, following in his sibling's footsteps and patiently waiting for his own star to rise up until his death. Like his sibling, Phil Guy played with harpist Raful Neal (for a decade) before leaving the Baton Rouge scene for Chicago in 1969. There he played with his brother's high-energy organization as well as behind harpist Junior Wells (Phil handled guitar duties with Sammy Lawhorn on Wells' underrated mid-'70s Delmark album On Tap). Phil Guy cut albums of his own for JSP; they were generally lacking in originality if not spirit. Phil Guy lost his battle with liver and kidney cancer in August of 2008.

01. Goin' To New York _ Boogie In The Dark
02. Ain't that Lovin You
03. Texas Flood
04. I Miss You So
05. Rock Me Baby
06. The Sky is Cryin
07. Wine Head Woman
08. Messin with the Kid
09. Help Me
10. Little Red Rooster

Shun Kikuta - Me And My Guitar (1995)

                                                              Shun Kikuta
Shun was born September 8,1966. After graduating from high school in Japan he went to Berklee college of music. He first studied jazz, but in his second year he heard B.B. King's"Live at the Regal" which opened his eyes to the blues. He moved to Chicago in 1990 after graduating from Berklee. He polished his skills there on the street and in jam sessions. Only two months after his arrival he got a regular gig with the Louis Myers band. Shun says he learned a lot--getting growled instructions from Louis right on stage in front of the audience! After Louis retired, Shun played with Big Time Sarah and with Tommy McCracken. Later he played with the Frank Collier band. In 1994 Shun recorded Funky Blues for Japan's King Records. The late Junior Wells played on the album. That led to Shun playing regularly with wells, touring with his band in America and Canada. During this period Shun played on Tribute to Magic Sam. Many readers will already know Shun's playing from this recording. Shun is now an essential part of J.W. Williams and The Chi-Town Hustlers. He is highly respected among blues greats in Chicago and in high demand for gigs.

So far he has released two collections in Japan playing as the lead performer and a live CD recorded in Japan with J.W. Williams and the band. Two of these are scheduled for release in the U.S. and Canada in August. Look for Me and My Guitar and Live and Kickin'. The first of these, recorded in 1995, includes J.W. on vocals and bass with guest appearances by Junior Wells and Otis Rush. The second is the Japanese live recording with, in addition to Shun, Fumio Ishikawa on harp and Makoto Ayukawa on guitar. Both offer great opportunities to hear Shun's tight blues style and J.W.'s soulful vocals and bass--and, of course, the guest appearances. Shun has come a long way from his early days in Japan to become an integral part of the Chicago blues scene. I hope readers will take the time to get acquainted with Shun's work if they don't already know it.

Shun kikuta (Gt),
JW Williams (Voc 2,3,4,5,8,9,10),

01. Mr. Air (For MJ)
02. Woman Across The River
03. Me And My Guitar              
04. Same Old Blues                 
05. Cut You Loose
06. Come On In This House
07. Watch Me Move
08. Little By Little
09. Take A Look Behind
10. Let Me Love You Baby
11. I'll Take Care Of You
12. I'll Play The Blues For You
13. Memory Of Louis
Johnny"Fingers"Iguana (Key),
Al Brown (B),
Brady Williams (Dr),
Jerry Poter (Dr),
Harmonica Hines (Harp),
Jack Cassedy (Tp) and Chicago Horn

Special Guests:
Otis Rush (Vo,Gt 7),
Junior Wells (Vo,Harp,6,7,8)

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Johnny B. Moore - Lonesome Blues (1993)

                                                                   Johnny B. Moore                                                
Very few young Chicago bluesmen bring the depth and knowledge of tradition to the table that Johnny B. Moore does. His sound is a slightly contemporized version of what’s been going down on the West side for decades, emblazoned with Moore’s sparkling rhythmic lead guitar lines and growling vocals.

Moore first met the legendary Jimmy Reed in Clarksdale, when he was only eight years old. By the time he was 13 or so, Moore was sharing a bandstand or two with Reed up in Chicago. Letha Jones, widow of piano great Johnny Jones, took an interest in Moore’s musical development, spinning stacks of blues wax for the budding guitarist.
Moore joined Koko Taylor’s Blues Machine in 1975, touring and recording with the Chicago blues queen (on her 1978 LP for Alligator, The Earthshaker). He went out on his own around the turn of the ’80s, waxing a fine 1987 album for B.L.U.E.S. R&B, Hard Times, that impressively spotlighted his versatility.
After some rough spots, Moore is now more visible than ever on the Chicago circuit, with two new albums (one for Austrian Wolf, the other, Live at Blue Chicago, for Delmark). In addition to playing as a leader, Moore is likely to turn up on local stages as a sideman behind everyone from Mary Lane and Karen Carroll to rock-solid bassist Willie Kent. If Johnny B. Moore isn’t a star in the making, there’s no justice in the blues world.

Johnny B. Moore- Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Vocals
Eddie Taylor-  Guitar
Lester Davenport-  Harp
Will Davis-  Guitar
Willie Kent-  Bass
Tim Taylor- Drums

01. Knocking at Your Door 3:12
02. Lonesome Blues 7:23
03. No Good Woman Blues 3:41
04. Blues Medley 8:58
05. I’m Gonna Miss You 3:38
06. Mean Mistreater 4:35
07. Evening Sun 4:17
08. Sacrifice 3:39
09. Pretty Mama 4:57
10. Up Side the Wall 4:47

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Bruce Katz Band - Out From The Center (2016)

                                                             Bruce Katz Band
For fans of the sound of the Hammond B3, Boston-based Bruce Katz, who is currently living in Woodstock, is certainly no stranger. Not only did he belong to the Gregg Allman Band from 2007 to 2013, he also played with Duke Robillard, Ronnie Earl and with John Hammond. He still plays with the latter. He is also a popular keyboard player, where artists such as Delbert McClinton, Joe Louis Walker, Little Milton, Jimmy Witherspoon and Maria Muldaur were only too happy to appeal for their recordings. In addition, he also runs his own band, with which he made the debut album 'Crescent Crawl' in 1992. At 'Out From The Center', the guitarist and vocalist Chris Vitarello, who has been part of Katz 'band for 10 years, is on the forefront. Katz has often proved that he is an excellent all-round keyboard player, and that is evident from this album again. With a blast of a swinging piano bogie 'Do not Feel So Good Today', with infectious guitar work from Vitarello, Katz kicks off sublime. Then Katz on Hammond and Vitarello sharpen their talents even more in the jazzy, rocking instrumental 'Schnapps Man'. With 'The Struggle Inside' the gentlemen switch to a 7-minute trailing blues. And the tempo remains slow, but immensely beautiful in the instrumental 'Blues From High Mountain' where Katz takes everything, but also everything from his piano and Vitarello reminds us of Ronnie Earl, after which the title track continues on the chosen contagious instrumental way. It is high time that Vitarello once again sits behind the microphone and that results in the shuffle 'All Torn Up' decorated with jazzy Hammond tones. 'Bessie's Bounce' is such a piano song that your mind wanders to the 'The Sting' in the seventies. From the funk kaatje Bruce then again in 'Dis-Funkshunal'.
Seven songs have a playing time of more than 5 minutes and seven songs are instrumental but they never get bored. This level of play is only assigned to a select group of musicians. Katz and Vitarello belong there without a doubt. If you want to know why many artists are only too happy to appeal to Katz's keyboard work, you can listen to the answer on this album.

01. Don't Feel So Good Today (3:33)
02. Schnapps Man (5:33)
03. The Struggle Inside (7:35)
04. Blues From High Point Mountain (6:29)
05. Out From The Center (8:30)
06. All Torn Up (5:21)
07. Bessie's Bounce (4:26)
08. Dis-Funkshunal (5:00)
09. Another Show (5:12)
10. Think Fast (4:00)
11. You Got It (4:33)

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Syl Johnson-Back in the Game (1994)

                                                                 Syl Johnson
In 1993, a 57-year-old Syl Johnson made a long overdue return to the studio with Back in the Game, his first album since the early '80s. Various rappers (including the Geto Boys, Hammer, and the Wu-Tang Clan) had been sampling Johnson's classic 1960s and '70s recordings, and learning that younger artists had thought enough of his work to sample it was one of the main things that inspired the singer to start recording again. "Inspired" is definitely a word that describes Johnson's performances on this CD, which unites him with the legendary Hi Rhythm Section of the '70s. Joined by drummer Howard "Bulldog" Grimes and the Hodges brothers (guitarist Mabon, bassist Leroy, and organist/pianist Charles), Johnson delivers one of the strongest albums of his career. The Chicago-based singer emphasizes the type of down-home soul he had favored at Hi, and he is as passionate as ever on "Dipped in the Water" (which features his daughter Syleena Thompson), "I Will Rise Again," and "Ghetto Woman." Another high point of the album is a sweaty remake of Al Green's "Take Me to the River," which Johnson had first recorded in 1975. Although the Chicagoan moves into 12-bar blues territory on "All of Your Love" and Roosevelt Sykes' "Driving Wheel," it must be stressed that the majority of songs on this album are soul rather than blues. This is an R&B album first and foremost, and a fine one at that.

1 Back In The Game    
2 I Like Your Style    
3 I Can't Stop    
4 Please Don't Give Up On Me    
5 Keep On Loving Me    
6 Take Me To The River    
7 Ghetto Woman    
8 Watch What You Do To Me    
9 Dipped In The Water   
10 Driving Wheel    
11 Anyway The Wind Blows    
12 Clean Up Man    
13 I Will Rise Again    
14 All Of Your Love

Billy Hector - Some Day Baby (2018)

                                                                Billy Hector
The most recent release , Someday Baby, by Billy Hector it's really good. Opening with funky blues fused Wizard of Babylon, Billy Hector on vocal and guitar really has it going. With van Romaine on drums, Wilbo Wright on bass, David Nunez on keys and Steve Jankowski on horns this is a great spunk funky opener. Title track, Someday Baby continues the funky blues groove and Hector's grinding guitar riffs give his music it's unique personality. Wondering already if you'll like this... you like Albert like Johnny Guitar... you like Frank Marino.... you'll love this. OK, now we're kicking out all the stops with a new Orleans style over the top funky blues, Butt Naked and Funk. If there was ever a party track that gets you up off your old ass...this is it! Using a talk box, and terrific horn punctuation by Jankowski, Tom LaBella on sax and John Martin on bari, and backed by Rich Monica on drums and Erik Boyd on bass this track is off the hook! Slow blues, Hit The Road, is pure with Hector's soulful vocals, gripping guitar soloing and just the heaviest horn punch. Excellent! Instrumental shuffle, Bareback is a great romp with Nunez and Hector driving an incredible melody supported by Larry Crockett on drums and Winston Roye on bass. Excellent! With a change up, Hector does a cover of Alabama Bound with nicely blended duet with Suzan Lastovica on this traditional country style rocker. With his slide flaring, winding is some tasty harp work by Dennis Gruenling and with the able bodied assistance of Lee Finkelstein on drums and Chris Plunkett on bass, another winner. Hector fires up the slide again for On Your Bond, a Taj Mahal track and with a great swing and warm horn backing really gets it moving. Digging deep and with great dynamics, another terrific track is Whiskey. This track has the base characteristics of hill country music but taking it just another step with gripping guitar soloing and just the right amount of organ back. Excellent! Wrapping the release is a R&B track Road To Happiness with a vocal exchange no unlike Terrell and Gaye. Hector spins on his super slide voodoo making this a solid closer for an exceptional release.

01. Wizard Of Babylon (3:44)
02. Someday Baby (4:18)
03. Butt Naked And Funk (5:10)
04. Hit The Road (5:27)
05. Busy Man (4:02)
06. Moonlight In Her Eyes (4:40)
07. Bareback (3:30)
08. Jolene (3:24)
09. Alabama Bound (4:47)
10. On Your Bond (5:11)
11. Whiskey (6:28)
12. Creeper (3:36)
13. Road To Happiness (5:05)

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Ron Thompson - Treat Her Like Gold (1983)

                                                              Ron Thompson
Thompson was born in Oakland, California, United States, and had mastered basic guitar and slide guitar techniques by his mid-teens. He was educated at Newark Memorial High School, in Newark, California. In the early 1970s, Thompson played backing to Little Joe Blue, and worked solo and as a sideman in San Francisco Bay Area clubs. He joined John Lee Hooker's backing band in 1975, staying with him for three years. In 1980, Thompson formed his own group, the Resisters, and secured a recording contract with Takoma Records.[1] He played at the San Francisco Blues Festival in 1978, 1979 and 1983.

In 1983, he released his debut album, Treat Her Like Gold. Thompson also found employment separately working with Lowell Fulson, Etta James and Big Mama Thornton. Thompson's second album Resister Twister was released in 1987 and nominated for a Grammy Award, plus 1990's Just Like a Devil, was taken from his work on Mark Naftalin's Blue Monday Party radio show.

Guitar – Ron Thompson
Bass Guitar – Byron Sutton , Steve Evans, Tony Saunders
Drums – Gary Silva, Larry Vann

1 It's So Cold 3:11
2 Black Cat Bone 3:00
3 It Ain't Your Business 2:16
4 Treat Her Like Gold 3:12
5 Rock Me Right 3:07
6 Marie Marie 3:14
7 I'm Shakin' 2:42
8 I Ain't Got You 3:07
9 Just Like The Devil 2:52
10 T.L. Walkin' 3:16

J.F. Blues Explosion - She's So Cruel (2018)

                                                           J.F. Blues Explosion
German Blues Rock band from the city of Göttingen, with influences of Rory Gallagher and Cream.

1.She's So Cruel 03:56

2.Hoochie Coochie Man 04:18
3.Philby 04:47
4.Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out 03:45

5.Mandoline Blues 03:20
6.Adult Situations 05:36
7.I Gotta Move Out Of My Neighbourhood 08:33

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The Blueprints-Blues With A Feeling (2006)

                                                               The Blueprints
The Blueprints are a blues band based out of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

The band was formed in 1998 and have become an island blues institution. They won the 2007 Music PEI Jazz & Blues Recording of the Year Award and were also nominated for PEI Music Awards in 2002, 2003, 2004.

The current members are Mike Robicheau on guitar and vocals , Roger (Rog Mahal) Greaves on drums and vocals, and Chris Roumbanis on bass and vocals.

The band is into electric blues. They play their interpretations of many artists old and new including: Otis Rush, Eric Clapton, BB King, Leiber and Stroller, Buddy Guy, T Birds, Howling Wolf, SRV, Robben Ford, etc.... along with a few of their own tunes.


01-Honey Hush
02-Hard Way
03-Who's Been Talking
04-Love With A Feeling
05-Good Morning Schoolgirl
06-Standing On The Edge
07-100 Dollar Bill
08-Early In The Morning
09-Midnight Train
10-Same Thing
11-Why Get Up

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Amanda & La Banda - The First And The Last (2011)

                                                           Amanda & La Banda
The album is titled "The first and the last" and comes after years of live activity in Italy and abroad of the band formed by Amanda Tosoni on vocals, Andrea Caggiari on bass, Max Covini on drums, Gabriele Tonsi on guitar and harmonica and Matteo Boldini on the piano and the organ.

1. Little Devil Blue Intro 1:00

2. Good Advice 6:00

3. Big Mama 4:21

4. An Hour Of Love 3:14
5. My Father Is A Biker 4:36
6. Sun Needs Your Smile 6:12

7. I Can't Sleep On Sunday Morning 4:21

8. Married Woman 4:33

9. Baby Talk To Me 5:18

10. No Job 5:12

11. Misery'n 4:27

12. Little Devil Blue Outro 0:53

GE Smith - Incense, Herbs & Oils (1998)

                                                                 GE Smith
Smith is at his usual high standard on guitar as well as dabbling in lap steel, mandolin and keyboards. There's a good mix of bluesy roots rockers and slower numbers that touch at times on country blues, at others on traditional folk songs. In the former category is an instrumental called "The Chopper" with a Bo Diddley-like riff. It's good to hear Jerry Reed's swamp mythology "Amos Moses" again. "Sunday" closes the Smith-produced album with G.E.'s wife Taylor Barton wrapping her beguiling voice around a lazy melody as Smith shares pithy observations about life. Pianist Cheryl Hardwick and bassist Paul Ossola join their former "Saturday Night Live" bandmate and music director on his album. It deserves the widespread distribution it will hopefully get on the "Green Mirror" label that Smith and Barton run. 

1. Trouble In The Woods 2:38
2. Amos Moses 2:37
3. Dusty Streets Of Cairo 5:45
4. Standing By The Bedside Of A Neighbor     3:59
5. Tonight We Shake 2:01
6. The CooCoo 4:03
7. The Chopper 3:34
8. Heroin 4:13
9. For The Feint Of Heart 2:26
10. Down The Dirty Road 4:24
11. Sunday 6:32

Peter Malick - Wrong Side of My Life (2000)

                                                               Peter Malick
Blues guitarist Peter Malick enjoyed a surprising career resurgence early in the 21st century after decades of obscurity, much of them spent outside the music business. His first taste of success came in his teens in the 1960s; he was 16 when his band Listening was signed to Vanguard Records. His youthful talent as a guitarist led to stints backing up such blues legends as John Lee Hooker, Otis Spann, Big Mama Thornton, and Muddy Waters. After serving as guitarist and musical director for the national touring company of the Broadway musical Hair in the early 1970s, he joined the James Montgomery Band and appeared on two of the group's albums, First Time Out (1973) and High Roller (1974).

Then came 20 years outside of music, during which Malick struggled with addiction and earned money primarily as a gambler and in the gaming business. But by 1994, he had cleaned up and returned to music. Based in Boston, he launched a band and recorded the albums Wrong Side of My Life (1998) and Sons of the Jet Age (2000). In 2001, his work on the final Otis Spann album Last Call won him a W.C. Handy Award for historic album of the year.

Malick began to work with several young, up-and-coming female vocalists whom he heard while touring, writing and recording with them. One of them was Norah Jones, and after she rose to fame in 2002, Malick issued an EP of his recordings with her, New York City, that reached the top half of the Billboard 200. It was followed by a full-length album, Chance & Circumstance, that repeated the Jones' tracks and added work with four other singers, one of them Malick's daughter, Mercy Malick.

1. I Wrote the Book 4:37

2. Don't Go No Further 3:05

3. Fashion Cafe 4:38

4. Wrong Side of My Life 3:12

5. Casino Massacre of 1999 5:41

6. Eileen (If You Only Knew) 4:37

7. Strangelove 5:06

8. House Rent March 3:02

9. Blues for Otis 6:33

10. Lower East Side 3:27

11. Blues Time 5:52

12. The Purpose Is 3:14

13. Mean Old World 3:13

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Eric DiSanto - Two (2016)

                                                                Eric DiSanto
Eric's second album "Two" is a bit different from his first release, "I'll Sail My Ship From Here". More electric guitars, more full band arrangements and more ... fun! 

1. Cool Blue 3:48    
2. Dangerous Mood 5:24
3. Run Thru the Mall 4:28    
4. Waiting on the Hurricane 4:28    
5. Logically Speaking 4:16    
6. The Devil's Riding Shotgun 4:20    
7. Redemption 4:55    
8. Wicked Ways 4:38    
9. Low Down Summertime Blues 4:18    
10. Life on the Coast 4:44

Double A Blues Band - Standing on the Shoulders (2018)

                                                         Double A Blues Band
The Double a band Performs many styles of music. We are taking this opportunity to, Pay tribute to the Blues Musicians who came before us. Heavily driven by guitar, with rock solid bass and Drums and Sprinkled with keyboard. All pulling from the spice rack of our predecessors. There are Good Time Tracks, and Social Commentary as well as dark contemplative tracks. All in all we are grateful to those who came before us an Pioneered this genre and thus we stand on their shoulders, to bring this to you.

Bass: Leif Erickson Lewis
Keyboards: Kevin D. Cummings
Drums: Greggory T. Barrett Track 1
Mario Staiano Tracks 2 and 4
Wayne Hopkins Tracks 3,5,and 6
Guitars and Voice: Ahmad Ali
All Tacks Mixed By Mike Ashby at Krematorium Studio.
Tracks 1,3,5 and 7, Recorded at The Krematorium Studio.
Tracks 2 and 4 Recorded at Deep Freeze Studio.
Produced By Ahmad Ali.

1. Standing on the Shoulders of the Blues 5:57    

2. At the Shack 3:07    
3. Riverhead 2:47    
4. Come on and Dance 2:51    
5. Suzi 2:38    
6. Darkness 3:10    
7. Standing on the Shoulders of the Blues (Reprise) 5:57

Dennis Glen Avina & The Blue Gypsies - Voodoo Man (2014)

                                                             Dennis Glen Avina
Dennis Glen Avina is a Blues rock guitarist with influences from Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter.

01. Voodoo Man 03:50
02. You Need A Man Like Me 03:12
03. Because I’m A Man 03:21
04. You’ll Be The Last To Cry 05:23
05. Time 04:07
06. Keep Me Satisfied 03:12
07. Black Widow Woman 03:38
08. My Baby Has Big Feet 03:29
09. You Talk To Much 04:33

Slam Allen - Feel These Blues (2015)

                                                                   Slam Allen
You blues fans already know Allen from his 9 years as James Cotton's lead singer and guitarist but will non-blues fans believe he's a long standing blues belter with annunciation this good? Singing as sharply as his guitar slinging stings, Allen and his pals are no strangers to doing the wang dang doodle all night long. The only sop they given to modern times is addressing their blues to the road house in the strip mall where the edge of town used to be. Killer modern stuff that keeps the tradition alive and well.

01. Feel These Blues (4:09)
02. All Because Of You (4:00)
03. In September (2:55)
04. The Blues Is Back (3:24)
05. Baby Please Don't You Go (3:46)
06. 35 Miles Outside Of Memphis (4:14)
07. World Don't Stop Turning (4:17)
08. Can't Break Away From That Girl (3:13)
09. When The Blues Come Around (3:53)
10. That's Where You Are (4:21)
11. You're Wrong (3:53)
12. Purple Rain (7:16)

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The Steve Cal' Band - Live at the Ruba Club [Deluxe Edition] (2018)

                                                         The Steve Cal' Band
The Steve Cal' Band is a blues and rock inspired trio taking on the blues with the intensity and spirit of groups like the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, and Buddy Guy.

1.Check My Pulse (Live) 03:49
2.Ten Years Ago (Live) 08:57
3.I See Bad Love (Live) 06:54
4.Worried Dream (Live) 06:57
5.I Ain't Messin' Around (Live) 06:53
6.Hello Lonely (Live) 03:54
7.Dirty Old Woman (Live) 05:13
8.I'm The One (Live) 10:24

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Chase The Sun - Chase The Sun (2007)

                                                               Chase The Sun
 Blues rock and beyond.

01 – You Gotta Go 00:03:55
02 – I’m Going To Hell 00:02:11
03 – Lady On My Mind 00:04:38
04 – Instrumental 00:02:56
05 – Last Goodbye 00:03:34
06 – This Lonely Road 00:04:23
07 – In My Hands 00:04:14
08 – Great Mystery 00:03:05
09 – Gypsy Woman 00:04:11
10 – Catch The Rabbit 00:02:22
11 – Come Back Around 00:04:41
12 – Farewell 00:03:02

Jan Rynsaardt - guitar and vocals,
Ryan Van Gennip – bass,
Jon Howell - drums and percussion.

Billy Boy Arnold ‎– Eldorado Cadillac (1995)

                                                              Billy Boy Arnold
Billy Boy Arnold, a fluent blues harmonica player and an expressive singer, made his initial impact in the 1950s/early '60s, but then went three decades between American records. The second recording from his comeback, Eldorado Cadillac, finds Arnold (who worked many yeas earlier with Bo Diddley) in enthusiastic form while utilizing a top-notch group that includes guitarists Bob Margolin and James Wheeler, pianist Sonny Leyland, bassist Steve Hunt, drummer Chuck Cotton, and (for three numbers) David Zielinski on tenor. Arnold contributes such originals as "Don't Stay out All Night," "Mama's Bitter Seed," "Man of Considerable Taste," "Too Many Old Flames," and "Slick Chick." A fun set of passionate Chicago blues.

Sammy Eubanks - Sugar Me (2016)

                                                              Sammy Eubanks
The album consists of ten tracks that include three originals and seven re-arranged covers. On it, Sammy Eubanks on vocals and guitar, is joined by: Darren Theriault on bass; Bob Britt and Matt Hauer on guitars; Chris Kimmerer on drums; and Reese Wynans and Scott Saunders on keyboards.

On the opening track, one of Sammy's originals, he tells us how - as a young boy - he was influenced by the records he heard his father playing. Artists like: BB King; Elvis; Johnny; Jerry Lee; Ray Charles; and his father himself, Jesse James Eubanks. As Sammy says it, "It's All Blues To Me". The guitar worshippers will love this one.

Having experienced most of the sexual revolution as a single man, I thought I pretty much heard - and even used - some of the craziest pick up lines of all time. With that said, when it came to walking up to a woman and saying; "You ought to 'Stop That Grinnin', drop some denim, let's get it on"; Sammy, and the late Skeeter Brandon (the songs writer), obviously had bigger balls than I do. Tell me Sammy, exactly how did that pan out? Fun, frolicking shuffle with Matt, Chris and Reese killing it on rhythm.

Sammy's rendition of "Blues All Morning" is a cornucopia of musical styles. The vocals are soulful, the rhythm's funky, the guitar leads are scorching and the beat will have you on your feet. The dancers will be all over this one.

"No Excuse For The Blues", is not only one of the discs best blues tracks but it features several performers at disc's best as well. Using some diverse vocal range, Sammy's on top of his game right here; rhythm wise, Chris is killing it on the drums; Reese is showing you why everybody wants him playing piano in their band; and although the guitarists are making no excuse for the blues, they're certainly cranking it out.

With country being another one of his favorite music genres, Sammy does a stellar job on Mark Collie's top ten hit, "Born To Love You". From the songs familiar, sing along lyrics; to the way they're being sung; to the outstanding acoustic picking; to the masterful slide guitar chords; this one is absolutely beautifully done.

Another of Sammy's originals is a track called "I'm Gonna Leave You". It's a clever track that plays on the "You can't fire me because I quit" and "You can't quit because you're fired" routine. You see, Sammy's woman is threatening to leave him but the way he sees it, he's leaving her if she doesn't come back.....and if he leaves she won't be coming back. Confused? Just like two tough guys threatening back and forth to kick each others butts but no one ever throws a punch, I don't think either one of these two really wants to leave. My advice? Get right to the make up sex and move on.

Other tracks on "Sugar Me" include: "I Just Wanna Make Love To You", "My Baby's Gone", "Sugar Me" and "It's My Life Baby" .

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Brothercat - One Life Left (2010)

Called the best Modern Blues CD debut this year from a band outta California, "One Life Left" by BROTHERCAT includes the single "Walking By Myself". Its an inspired cover of Jimmy Rogers' 1956 classic done with carefree swagger and a bluesy edge. Whiplash guitar, jazzy soulful piano and a rhythm section with the thump to make you jump, BROTHERCAT is the real deal.

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Honeyboy Hickling - Blowin' Through Town (Live) 2003

                                                             Honeyboy Hickling
Blowin' Through Town is a live album culled from several gigs that took place in the UK between May 2001 and December 2002, with Simon 'Honeyboy' Hickling fronting two different versions of his electric band 'The DT's.
In the company of his long time side-kick, guitarist Big Al Taylor, you will find Hickling either with Tony Stuart/Craig Rhind on bass and Tony Baylis/Alan 'Sticky' Wicket on drums. Hickling and his colleagues are so well integrated as a band you cannot hear the join. Hickling has a wonderful tone on harp and also possesses a good set of vocal pipes, which he and the DT's put to good use on familiar material like "Juke" and "High Heeled Sneakers' and less-familiar stuff like Hickling's own "Judgment Day". Big Al Taylor shows himself to be a top-notch guitarist who can give his old opo a good run for his money with his heavily West Coast-style-influenced guitar solos.


Simon 'Honeyboy' Hickling - Harmonica, vocals
"Big' Al Taylor - Guitar
Tony Stuart - Bass Guitar, B.V.'s
Tony Bayliss - Drums
Except * featuring
Alan "Sticky' Wicket - Drums
Craig Rhind - Bass

1.  Juke (Inst)*
2.  Everything’s Gonna be alright*
3.  Cross Your Heart*
4.  Cosby Flood (Inst)
5.  I’m So Sorry
6.  Judgement Day
7.  Just Your Fool
8.  High Heeled Sneekers
9.  Mama Luchie
10. Never Rains It Pours
11. Much To Much
12. Bright Lights Big City
13. All My Love’s In Vain*
14. Whammer Jammer (Inst)*

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Willie Williams - Raw Unpolluted Soul (1973)

                                                               Willie Williams
Arkansas born drummer, guitarist and vocalist Willie Williams became involved in the Chicago blues scene of the mid 1960’s and played in the bands of Howlin’ Wolf, Carrie Bell and others. Williams also released a handful of singles under his own name that ranged from Chicago style blues to undiluted soul music. In 1973 he assembled a band of blues heavyweights for his lone solo album which included Hubert Sumlin, Pinetop Perkins, Eddie Taylor and Carrie Bell, with production help from the great Willie Dixon. Williams wrote, arranged and sang all the songs and also served as the drummer for the sessions. Although the album “Raw Unpolluted Soul” was released on the tiny Supreme Records label, it has since become a highly valued collector’s item among not only blues fans, but fans of Northern soul as well.

Bass – Joe Harper
Drums – W.W. Williams
Guitar – Eddie Taylor
Harmonica – Carey Bell, Little Mack
Lead Guitar – Hubert Sumlin
Liner Notes – Ed Winfield
Piano – Willie (Pinetop) Perkins
Rhythm Guitar – Roy Lee Johnson

1.Back To Mississippi
2.Ruth Baby
3.Wine Headed Woman
4.38 Woman
5.Blues At Half Past Twelve
6.Detroit Blues
7.Black Diamont Rattle
8.My Baby Gone
9.In The Valley
10.Hot Pants Woman

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Electric Blues Collective - Garage days (2017)

                                                         Electric Blues Collective
The big blue Chrysler has arrived and the Electric Blues Collective pile out delivering a ridiculously delicious deluge of ferocious Chicago blues.

Sam Wylie: Guitar and vocals
Phil Coyne: Harp and vocals
Matt Collins: Drums
Paul Dove: Bass

1.Swamp gas 04:19
2.Wish you would 04:09
3.Smokestack Lightning 04:45
4.Stackshot Billy 02:15
5.Hey 02:54
6.Down so long 04:19
7.Help me 03:01
8.Wang dang doodle 03:56
9.Hate to see you go 03:13
10.Ba ba dee dah 03:42

T-Bone Walker - The Truth (1968)

                                                               T-Bone Walker   
 VERY RARE!!!!! Recorded by Huey Meaux in his Pasadena studios.

1 Treat Your Daddy Well 3:54
2 You Ought To Know Better 3:33
3 Let Your Hair Down Baby 2:13
4 Old Time Used To Be     1:45
5 You Don't Love Me And I Don't Care 2:29
6 It Ain't No Right In You 2:50
7 Ain't Your Fool No More 3:40
8 Don't Let Your Heartache Catch You Crying     3:45
9 I Don't Be Jiving 1:50
10 Hate To See You Go 3:38
11 Takes Alot Of Know-How  3:55

David Raitt & The Baja Boogie Band - Blues A Rockin' (2014)

                                                                 David Raitt
Debut Cd from David Raitt and the Baja Boogie Band, a group of highly talented musicians featuring David Raitt. David is the son of Broadway star John Raitt and brother of Grammy award winning Bonnie Raitt. An eclectic mix of Blues, Rock and Funk.

David Raitt: Flute, harmonica, percussion, guitar and vocals
Dave Hutcheson: Bass, Vocals
Rick Steiner: Keys, Organ, Vocals
Johnny Knapp: Guitar
Al Kitchel: Drums, Percussion
Mike Lenke: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals

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Sonny Rhodes - The Blues Is My Best Friend (1994)

                                                               Sonny Rhodes
Blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter Sonny Rhodes is such a talented songwriter, so full of musical ideas, that he's destined to inherit the to seats left open by the untimely passing of blues greats like Albert King and Albert Collins.

Born November 3, 1940 in Smithville, TX, he was the sixth and last child of Le Roy and Julia Smith, who were sharecroppers. Rhodes began playing seriously when he was 12, although he got his first guitar when he was eight as a Christmas present. Rhodes began performing around Smithville and nearby Austin in the late '50s, while still in his teens. Rhodes listened to a lot of T-Bone Walker when he was young, and it shows in his playing today. Other guitarists he credits as being influences include Pee Wee Crayton and B.B. King. Rhodes' first band, Clarence Smith & the Daylighters, played the Austin area blues clubs before Rhodes decided to join the Navy after graduating from high school.

In the Navy, he moved west to California, where he worked for a while as a radio man and closed-circuit Navy ship disc jockey, telling off-color jokes in between the country and blues records he would spin for the entertainment of the sailors.

Rhodes recorded a single for Domino Records in Austin, "I'll Never Let You Go When Something Is Wrong," in 1958, and also learned to play bass. He played bass behind Freddie King and his friend Albert Collins. After his stint in the Navy, Rhodes returned to California while in his mid-twenties, and lived in Fresno for a few years before hooking up a deal with Galaxy Records in Oakland. In 1966, he recorded a single, "I Don't Love You No More" b/w "All Night Long I Play the Blues." He recorded another single for Galaxy in 1967 and then in 1978, out of total frustration with the San Francisco Bay Area record companies, he recorded "Cigarette Blues" b/w "Bloodstone Beat" on his own label. Rhodes toured Europe in 1976, and that opened a whole new European market to him, and he was recorded by several European labels, but without much success. His European recordings include I Don't Want My Blues Colored Bright and a live album, In Europe. In desperation again, Rhodes went into the studio again to record an album in 1985, Just Blues, on his own Rhodesway label.

Fortunately, things have been on track for Rhodes since the late '80s, when he began recording first for the Ichiban label and later for Kingsnake. His albums for Ichiban include Disciple of the Blues (1991) and Living Too Close to the Edge (1992).

More recently, Rhodes has gotten better distribution of his albums with the Sanford, Florida-based Kingsnake label. Aside from his self-produced 1985 release Just Blues (now available on compact disc through Evidence Music), his best albums include the ones he's recorded for Kingsnake, for these are the records that have gotten Rhodes and his various backup bands out on the road together throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. They include The Blues Is My Best Friend, and his 1995 release, Out of Control. On these albums we hear Rhodes, the fully developed songwriter, and not surprisingly, both releases drew high marks from blues critics.

01. Stand By Me (4:02)
02. Thank You, Lord (3:14)
03. The Blues Is My Best Friend (6:22)
04. What I Don't See Can't Hurt Me (3:17)
05. Put The Shoe On The Other Foot (3:54)
06. Right Around The Corner (3:25)
07. Trying To Make A Comeback For Myself (4:34)
08. President Clinton (4:14)
09. I Just Can't Stay (4:32)
10. Crazy Fool Blues (6:07)
11. One More Drink (3:31)
12. Can't Let You Go (3:44)
13. The Letter Song (S-Y-S-L-J-F-M) (3:31)