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Two for the Blues - Closing Time (2003)

                                                             Two for the Blues
Closing Time is the first joint project by Chicago Blues and Soul man, L.C.Walker, and veteran blues guitarist, Tom Crivellone. After meeting on-stage at Buddy Guy's Legends, this duo forged a creative partnership which inspired Closing Time, as well as several other projects with Chicago-area artists.

Roscoe Chenier - Swamp Blues (2009)

                                                              Roscoe Chenier
Blues guitarist and vocalist Joseph "Roscoe" Chenier of Opelousas was born in 1941 and raised in St. Landry Parish. The son of Arthur and Philomen Chenier, he was a cousin of the late, Zydeco artist Clifton Chenier. He learned to play the guitar at the age of 17 from his cousin John Robinson, at John's home in Nolterville. For the next 37 years, Roscoe dreamed of making a big break in the music business.
Despite a single that became a popular, highly sought after collector's item recorded in 1962 in a home studio, Chenier had a long wait for a national recording deal. He remained faithful to the rhythm and blues music tradition for almost four decades. Backed by his former band, the "Blues Snapp Band," and now by his  last current band, the "Inner City Blues Band," he was a popular performer at southwest Louisiana clubs and festivals. His repertoire consisted of jumping boogie numbers, low-down blues tunes, and soulful scorcher numbers.
In 1994, Roscoe Chenier got the break he long dreamed of, he signed a four-record deal with Avenue Records, which is affiliated with Warner Brothers, Electra, and Atlantic Records. The company was based out of Los Angeles and handled national sales and distribution of Chenier's CD. It was titled, "Roscoe Chenier," recorded in the early days on Vidrine Records in Plaisance. "It's been so many years that I've been waiting for this, I just feel really, really good," he said.
He was a full-time musician who performed at least three times a week at clubs and festivals. He toured the United States and Europe, and played throughout Louisiana at events such as the Louisiana Folklife Festival.

1. Genieve 4:50

2. Winter Time Blues 5:03

3. Reconsider Baby 3:43
4. Baby Please Don't Leave 2:12
5. Casino Woman 3:40
6. Whiskey Drinking Woman 3:09
7. Lucky to Be Living 3:52
8. Send Me Some Lovin' 2:53

9. Walking the Dog 3:19
10. I'm Crying Now 4:40

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Verteramo Trio - Verteramo Trio (2017)

                                                               Verteramo Trio
Verteramo trio is an electric blues band from Buenos Aires, Argentina distinguished not only by their youth, but also by the pursuit of a fresh sound within the tradition of the genre.
It is constituted by Federico Verteramo on guitar and lead vocals, Christian Morana on bass and German Pedraza on drums. During 10 years they have shared stage with different projects and in 2015 they begin to call themselves Verteramo Trio.

  1. Don't Say That No More (4:27)
  2. I've Got A Rocket In My Pocket (4:36)
  3. Mean Old Train (4:39)
  4. Big Legged Woman (4:53)
  5. Letter To My Girlfriend (2:49)
  6. Honky Tonk Women (3:34)
  7. Don't Lose Your Cool (1:53)
  8. Night Time The Right Time (4:03)
  9. I'm Goin' Upside Your Head (3:37)
  10. Sleeping In The Ground (2:45)
  11. Mala Suerte Amigo (2:01)

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Ted Wulfman - This Lighted Road (2017)

                                                                 Ted Wulfman
Blues Rock and Classic Rock and Roll in the tradition and style of Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimmie Vaughn, John Mellencamp, Bob Seger- to name a few. Pour a bourbon and strap on a good headset.

Ted Wulfman -Vocals and Guitar Bryan Christiansen –Lead Guitar Chad McMurray-Bass Nathan Carroll-Drums and Percussion

Sarah Pinzon –vocals on Right Love, Just Like Lovers, The Losing End, No One but Yourself to Blame, Still Turn Around
Shay Shepherd– vocals on Right Love, Just Like Lovers, No One but Yourself to Blame, Still Turn Around

Chad McMurray –Vocals and Keyboard on Still Turn Around; Keyboard on Scud Runner
Jonathan Sindleman-Keyboard on Just Like Lovers

1. In the Park 3:29   
2. Have You Ever Loved a Woman 3:49   
3. That Girl (Was Made for Breaking Hearts 4:18
4. San Antonio Night Ride 7:02   

5. Right Love 4:08   
6. Scud Runner 5:27   
7. Just Like Lovers 5:07   
8. Scarlett Jackson 3:52   
9. The Losing End 3:42   
10. No One but Yourself to Blame 4:18   
11. Still Turn Around

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Steve Tracy & The Crawling Kingsnakes - I Bleed Through My Soul (2017)

                                                                   Steve Tracy
Downhome and dirty blues rooted in the feel of the 1920s and 1930s but with a heavy electric sound and virtuoso harmonica and guitar.

01. The Same Blues (2:51)
02. I Ain't Beggin' (5:55)
03. Feel Like Rockin' (2:10)
04. Swing Low Sweet Chariot (5:44)
05. Tremble (5:41)
06. Viola Lee Blues (3:40)
07. Amazing Grace (6:04)
08. Blues Ain't In No Bottle (6:28)
09. Jordan River Blues (2:26)
10. Going Down To The Graveyard (7:01)
11. Arguin' Blues (2:43)
12. 634-5789 (2:43)
13. Motherless Child (6:06)
14. Howling Wind Blues (3:11)
15. Jelly Roll Blues (3:10)
16. Sliced To Shreds (7:48)
17. Going To Cincinnati (3:22)

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JMS - Trying to Make a Living (2018)

Blues Rock.

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Michael Coleman Grondin - 512 Texas Thang (2018)

                                                     Michael Coleman Grondin
If you like musician like Robert Cray ,Robben Ford, Albert Collins then you'll probably like this album. "What's the Style" people ask? Blues rock with Soul spiced up with Funk and Jazz. 


1.Big legged women 04:41
2.512 Texas thang 03:34
3.Thrill is gone 04:47
4.Life by the drop 03:47
5.Wait on time 04:44 

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - Live At The El Mocambo 1983 (2014)

                                                          Stevie Ray Vaughan                                            
It has to be exciting to watch a star being born, and that's how the people who saw Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble's stunning show in 1983 at Toronto's tiny El Mocambo club must have felt. Live at the El Mocambo captures the majesty of muscular, sweaty blues-rock in an intimate setting -- in the way that, some might say, God intended. Live in Austin, Texas is a strong compilation of the band's two Austin City Limits performances, but Live at the El Mocambo blows it away in terms of hunger and raw power. Vaughan, bassist Tommy Shannon, and drummer Chris Layton open with the fine instrumentals "Testify" and "So Excited." Then Vaughan really hits his stride and uncorks a perfect cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)." "Pride and Joy" remains the best example of Vaughan's talent for combining a catchy melody with snappy licks. The fierce "Texas Flood" is truly mind-blowing -- Vaughan's playing is splendid, but he also tosses in some fancy showmanship by playing his guitar behind his back. "Hug You Squeeze You" is a playful tune that should have been lifted and placed on an album, perhaps on one of the "greatest hits" collections. Vaughan pays tribute to Hendrix again with "Third Stone from the Sun"; he thrashes on his famously mangled sunburst Stratocaster and coaxes unholy noises out of it. It's as if Pete Townshend took possession of him in that moment. During the first encore, "Lenny," Vaughan demonstrates his capacity for subtlety, foreshadowing the In Step favorite "Riviera Paradise."


1 Testify

2 So Excited

3 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

4 Pride And Joy

5 Tell Me

6 Mary Had A Little Lamb

7 Texas Flood

8 Love Struck Baby

9 You'll Be Mine

10 Hug You, Squeeze You

11 Little Wing/Third Stone From The Sun

12 Lenny

13 Wham!

14 Rude Mood

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Mike Crandall Band - Just Livin' The Blues (2008)

                                                           Mike Crandall Band
Mike Crandall Band, Just Livin' The Blues (2008) Blues Rock / Harmonica Blues.

01. 20 Miles
02. Trying To Make You Mine
03. High Plains Drifter
04. Donna Rose
05. Slide Show
06. Change Your Ways
07. Pawn Shop
08. Just Livin' the Blues
09. Ray's Shuffle
10. On My Way
11. Sure Seems Strange
12. Keep Loving Me Baby
13. Drowning In A Sea of Problems
14. Cold Shot
15. Blues Soldier 

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Alex Haynes & the Fever - Howl (2018)

                                                                  Alex Haynes
‘Haynes’ guitar follows in the footsteps of the great soloists from the UK… a good voice – solid and expressive, a whiff of Chess Chicago Blues filtered through a rock lens with psychedelic touches and explosive bottleneck slide… Blues which is still able to surprise – not too swamped with respect, however respectful it is of the masters.’ – Bruno Conti

'The full and sensual voice of Haynes, tinged with soul and whiskey, along with his intriguing, rootsy guitar style is a sound that crosses the different facets of the blues and with songs close to the sounds of the past yet re-styled with taste and energy, make ‘Howl’ a tantalising album, performed with style and vitality.' – Helga Franzetti

‘Flickering with a beat last heard in the most dirty and genuine of the early-‘60s English bands… Shifting from John Lee Hooker and Elmore James, to the hill country blues of RL Burnside… hypnotic blues boogie drifting into ‘60s psych.’ – Buscadero

'His style embodies the primitive spirit of the down home blues, mingling with the soul of Chess and the R&B of the ‘50s. A hard and strident sound, that seems to invoke the hypnotic, swampy blues of Mississippi, whilst approaching the sound of Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker. But Haynes with his Fever – a tight and energetic band – expertly adds to this mix an originality to the music.' - Mescalina

‘Throwing in a few surprises, it is the ability of this band to take you on a journey… without seeming stale or contrived, that impresses most – it bodes well for their future. ’ – Blues Bunny

'A sort of modern and electric transposition of the down-home blues as played in Mississippi, filtered through the sound of contemporary bands like The Black Keys.' - Late For the Sky

Alex Haynes - vocal, electric and acoustic guitars, percussion
Alessandro Diaferio - bass
Pablo Leoni - drums and percussion
Richard Coulson - piano and electric piano
Ernesto Ghezzi - organ
Andy J. Forest- harp

All songs written & produced by Alex Haynes
Mixed by Alex Haynes & Alex John Ives, Dropped Pin Studio, London
Mastered by Martin Smith, Mu Studios, Sheffield
Photography by Lee Thompson

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Fenzl Experience - Discovering (2006 )

                                                              Fenzl Experience
Edi Fenzl (git, voc)
David Fenzl (dr, voc)
Adele Fenzl (bass, voc)

01 - Them Changes 04:12

02 - Come On 04:14

03 - Tight Rope 04:36

04 - Black Hearted Woman 06:01

05 - Born With A Broken Heart 05:05

06 - The Real Thing 07:31

07 - Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers 04:38

08 - Ten Dollar Man 04:24

09 - Sick And Tired 04:27

10 - Bony Moronie 02:49

11 - Oh Well 04:37

12 - Freedom 03:34

13 - Evil (Is Going On) 03:38

14 - La Grange (Bonus Track) 09:52

In 1995, Edi, David and Adele Fenzl along with Hö (as, bs), Andi Roshon (g), Jerry Scheidl (perc) and Clemi (v) often jammed in an old factory hall with time-lapse effect. So Edi Fenzl came after a few nights of drinking a brilliant idiot idea: "Let's transform our giddy Hippie Kommune into a band"!

And as luck would have it, one morning, the organizers of the Bike Cruise approached the band to engage them for two months as a ship chapel for a cruise through the Caribbean. Immediately sensing the success, the band eagerly studied a whole program of '60s and' 70s songs. And as bad luck goes, the shipping soon fell into the water (2 biker clubs jumped off at the last minute, the organizers are still working off debt in a Philippine soybean crop, but that's another story). So they just played in the Roots (R.I.P.), which caused so many groundbreaking waves among the (regular fat) regulars (but not as fat as the band) that it was only with the help of drugs and alcohol that they managed to stay on the carpet. Often the whole night.

Therefore, the following years can only be partially reconstructed. The second guitarists changed his underpants more often than Edi, after Andi Roshon came Rolando Furioso, Betty Pichler, and maybe others. At some point Hö left to hitch a boat on one of the big ocean liners. Clemi devoted himself to the schnapps and with Scheidl there were musical barriers.
All that remained was the soft core of Edi, David and Adele. Because the three felt so light now, they did not want to carry heavy instruments anymore. The many jams with other musicians, such as Al Cook, Alex Bourne, Chris 4er Peterka, The Ter, Dirty Guitar Alex, Erich Metzenbauer, Erik Trauner, Hannes Bartolot, Hannes Kahses, Hary Wetterstein, Hermann Posch, Ina Nelson, Jan Wessely, Kurt Toni, Leni Lang, Marilia Nelson, Mel Diamond, Peter Cairn, Phil Guy, Reverend Frank TT, Robert Shumy, Sepp Grasl, Slidin 'Frederik Diamond, Stefan Weber, Susi Plahl, The Rocking Birds, Tom Hornek and Jimi Hendrix (Plates) ; as backing act of Canned Heat, Diamond Dogs and Ten Years After and as a backing band for the Sugarbabes, they made playing in front of tens of thousands of people in huge stadia superfluous.

Therefore, together with Papa Fenzl, they constructed the legendary mini-equipsment with suitcase percussion kit, guitar driver, car loudspeaker bass amplifier, all completely battery-powered and off-road capable. This makes Fenzl Experience the first choice for unusual events, from the camel race to the birthday party in the bedroom.

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Tomcat Blake -‘Till I Get Back Home (2012)

                                                              Tomcat Blake
Honesty. The word that sticks best to the personality of Tomcat Blake. Honesty in his way of life, honesty in the path he’s chosen, musical honesty in his writing and live appearances. Whether acoustic, electric, solo or with a band, whatever “style”, he shares rather than claims the almost endless influences that have shaped the originality of his style. A style anyone can identify with, depending on their musical preference .

01. Goin’ Back South
02. My Heart Would Know
03. Jessie Mae ( Interlude)
04. Nobody Else
05. That’s How I Know
06. How Long, How Long Blues ( Interlude)
07. That’s Why I Love You
08. All Alone
09. It Was the Devil
10. Baby Please Don’t Go ( Interlude)
11. Let You Down
12. Blues Again
13. Appaloosa ( Interlude)
14. The Earth Is Crying
15. Sally’s Song ( Interlude)
16. Hole in Me
17. A Real ( Interlude)
18. 15 Years
19. Adios Senorita ( Interlude)
20. Something to Say

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Robert 'Bilbo' Walker - Promised Land ( 1997)

                                                          Robert 'Bilbo' Walker
Right from the opening call on "Goin' to the Train Station" to the last notes of "Berry Pickin'" (Roll over Chuck), I was kept pleasantly off balanced and surprised. What disc can you think of where you are going to find Chuck Berry ("Promised Land") crossed with Merle Haggard ("The Wild Side of Life/It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels") backcrossed with Muddy Waters ("Still a Fool"). Stinging guitar licks in as many different styles as you can think of yet always played through a blues disposition, with a verve and conviction not often heard recently. The gospel overtones on many of the cuts are strong; just listen to some of the subtle vocal inflections hiding in the background. No real weak cuts here and a good number of true gems. The downside of this disc is that it sometimes sounds like it was recorded in a tin can, with a poor mix, but even so, it's worth rooting around in the bins to find.

Roy Buchanan - Live in Japan (1978)

                                                                Roy Buchanan                                                                                            
Live in Japan (2003) is said to have been Roy Buchanan's favorite of all his platters, and ironically, it was never issued stateside. However, as word spread, the title became an essential addition to his discography. Fact is that it may have never come out at all, had there not been a loophole in Buchanan's contract with former label Polydor, giving them control over his non-North American output. Joining the guitarist for his 1977 tour of Japan are John Harrison (bass), Malcolm Lukens (keyboards), and Byrd Foster (drums/vocals). They are likewise the core contributors to Buchanan's most recent studio effort, A Street Called Straight (1976), though no tracks from the album are represented here. Instead, the set consists of recent collaborations, definitive cover versions, and a few seminal Buchananclassics. The immaculate fidelity immediately separates Live in Japan from most other releases in his canon. The enthusiastic yet typically reserved Japanese audience is first treated to a laid-back and stretched-out reading of Booker T. & the MG's' "Soul Dressing." The backing trio provide a rock-solid bed for Buchanan's sinuous interjections and spacious melody lines. "Sweet Honey Dew" is a perfect vehicle for some incendiary string shredding, although the actual tune is somewhat of a derivation of a standard blues riff. Perhaps more fitting is the rousing rendition of Larry Williams' "Slow Down," uncovering the nimble accuracy accompanying the sonic kick in Buchanan's piercing fret work. Contrasting this is the lengthy jam on "Blues Otani," as the ensemble ably improvise in and around the guitarist. Live in Japan concludes with an intimate and affective "Sweet Dreams," which may well have been the artist's unofficial anthem, as his unique interpretation undoubtedly made it a signature piece. If you own but one concert recording of Buchanan, let it be this one, as you will not be disappointed.

1 Soul Dressing 7:18    
2 Sweet Honey Dew 3:28    
3 Hey Joe 9:23    
4 Slow Down 2:53    
5 Lonely Days Lonely Nights 4:13    
6 Blues Otani 7:51    
7 My Baby Says She's Gonna Leave Me 3:24    
8 Sweet Dreams 3:58 

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The High Rollers - High Time (2001)

                                                           The High Rollers
The High Rollers - High Time (2001)

 1. 24-7 Man (4:08)
 2. Before You Go (3:35)
 3. Don't Go There (4:18)
 4. Flexible Flyer (3:47)
 5. Ain't No Big Deal (3:53)
 6. 5-10-15 Hours (4:34)
 7. Good, The Bad & The Ugly (5:14)
 8. Washing Machine Blues (3:34)
 9. Sometimes (6:05)
10. Dark Is The Night (4:41)
11. That Extra Mile (5:19)
12. High Time (2:59)

Phil Berkowitz is a master of the blues harmonica and an accomplished vocalist who has been energizing the San Francisco Bay Area blues scene for more than a decade.

Phil founded the High Rollers in 1996 and plays regularly in clubs and blues jams throughout the area. His love of the blues has also taken him to New Orleans, Memphis, and other cities where he has jammed with some of the best players in those cities.

Phil has released four CDs to date, two with the High Rollers and his latest two solo efforts with other top Bay Area musicians. On this CD, Phil fronts the High Rollers on 12 jumpin' R&B and blues tunes, nine of them written by Phil.

Jim Lahman - Music Changes Everything (2018)

                                                               Jim Lahman
This album contains a variety of song styles. I have wide ranging influences in the Rock, Blues, and Funk genres.

1. Music Changes Everything 4:02    
2. Listening Is an Act of Love 4:53    
3. Just Above the Horizon / Salida '63 7:17    
4. Bring It Down / We Can't Let Them 3:47    
5. This Trip 3:29    
6. I Just Want to Play 5:55    
7. Funky Wild Horse 5:05    
8. Anymore 4:55    
9. All of My Friends 5:15

Randy Morrison Band - Hard Place (2018)

                                                           Randy Morrison Band
With the release of Hard Place, the Randy Morrison Band has crafted a righteous collection of West Coast blues filled with catchy guitar lines and rhythmic grooves aimed at keeping your blood pumping and feet moving.  Its high-caliber, original music proves that this is a band poised to make a worthy statement in the hot Portland blues scene.

The band itself is formed by a foursome of musicians that have long held their own amongst the best, with twin guitars by Randy Morrison and Stephen “Midnight” Anderson, backed by the solid rhythm section of bassist Laura Petch and drummer Dusty Hill. Add into this mix the powerful organ of Shawn Lyday and the horns of Scott Franklin and Joe McCarthy and magic happens. The musicians all offer great solos and vocal leads. The group is pretty much intact with the exception of Anderson’s number “Trouble” where Scott Franklin and Allyn Jackson turn tremendous horn parts with Dan Pettis on keys and Steve Shroy handling drums.

The album has a driving combination that offers a feeling of bluesy, soulful R&B flowing through all ten tracks. Each song has its own life and will either make you smile or feel the pain being told, depending on the track. Favorite numbers may include “Sensible Shoes” where our hero talks about how much they’ve got in life, but all they really need is some sensible shoes – the ones that lead me back to you. Laura sings about how much you may think you’re happy right now, “You’ll Get Tired Of Winning” and realize that the best place for you is back with her. The cover of The Cate Brothers’ “There Goes The Neighborhood” has some absolutely blistering guitar licks being thrown out. That one sizzles big time! Truth be told, every number, start to finish, is well conceived and sound fantastic. Hard Place is certainly going to turn a lot of heads. Well worth checking out!!

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Duster Bennett Feat. Peter Green - Out In The Blue (1995)

                                                             Duster Bennett
Duster Bennett Feat. Peter Green - Out In The Blue (1995)

 1. Worried Mind (2:51)
 2. I've Been A Fool (3:20)
 3. I Wonder, I Wonder (Feat. Top Topham) (7:21)
 4. Down The Road (Feat. Top Topham) (6:34)
 5. Trying So Hard To Forget (Feat. Peter Green) (5:15)
 6. Kind Hearted Woman (Feat. Peter Green) (2:30)
 7. Coming, I'm Coming (Feat. Peter Green) (1:44)
 8. I'm Thinking About A Woman (Feat. Peter Green) (6:19)
 9. Two Harps (Feat. Peter Green) (1:40)
10. Everybody's Got A Friend But Me (3:17)
11. Blues With A Feeling (2:56)
12. As Years Roll By (Instrumental) (3:21)
13. I Don't Wanna Fuss (3:35)
14. Sleep With Myself (4:11)
15. Losing Love (3:50)
16. Everyday (3:11)

Odds and ends, mostly from 1966-68, with a few tracks from 1975 and 1976, the year Bennett was killed in a car wreck. Two tracks feature fine lead guitar by Duster's longtime friend (and original Yardbird) Top Topham - home tapes worthy of inclusion if only for Top's amazing and expressive vibrato.

Five tracks feature Peter Green, including a demo of his "Trying So Hard to Forget" that's especially moody and the fascinating snippet "Two Harps" instrumental duet (unaccompanied harmonicas, as the title implies), showing the similarity in the pair's harp styles. The final cut, "Everyday," from 1976, sets one of Bennett's finest vocal performances against a string backdrop. What a contrast to the one-man band shouting "Worried Mind" - and it works. /Dan Forte, AllMusic

Additional info: Tracks 13-15 are credited to the band "Thirty Days" featuring Duster Bennett (vocals, guitar, harmonica); Keith Randall (vocals, guitar, harmonica): Richard Ford (vocals, bass, drums).

Benoit Blue Boy - Lent Ou Rapide (1997)

                                                             Benoit Blue Boy
Benoit Blue Boy - Lent Ou Rapide (Feat. Franck Goldwasser)

01. Mets Tes Gants (4:12)
02. Barge Et Sans Loi (4:06)
03. On Peut Plus En Trouver (4:39)
04. C'est Pas L'cas (4:32)
05. Un Petit Bebe Encore (4:14)
06. Un Endroit Cool Cool (6:16)
07. Cricketer's Le Retour (2:39)
08. Bon A Rien (5:02)
09. Du Fil Et Une Aiguille (2:49)
10. Trop Difficile (5:17)

Born in Paris in 1946, Benoît Blue Boy soon shared his study time at the design school of Les Beaux Arts with two lifetime companions: blues and harmonica. As an author and a composer, he learned his trade on stage, introducing the french audience to this new sound from over the ocean: blues. In 1970, he moved to Los Angeles where he stayed for the next two years and met Stevie Wonder, Carol King, James Taylor and Albert King. In 1972, Zachary Richard introduced him to Louisiana cajun music. Both musicians, singing french lyrics, acknowledge a mutual influence.

"Benoît Blue Boy", released in 1978 on Vogue, was the first french blues album ever, and brought to attention a very humoristic and "home-made" style. A year later, a second album followed, "Original", also on Vogue. In the mean time, Benoît collaborated with "Backstage" (featuring Paul Personne), producing the group’s first two albums. 1981 saw Benoît Blue Boy launching his single, "Le Blues Du Vendeur De Blues" (Vogue) and producing Patrick Verbeke’s first album. He played Paris’ Olympia theatre in 1982, and appeared on numerous radio and TV shows. A third album, "Plaisir Simple", was released on Gaumont Records and he also participated in Jacques Dutronc’s album on the same label. In 1986, Madrigal released Benoît’s fourth album, "Tortillage", announcing his future group, "Les Tortilleurs". In 1988, "BBB et Les Tortilleurs", his fifth album (on M.O.) featured François Bodin on guitar and Philippe Floris on drums. After the release of his first CD, "Parlez-Vous Français", in late 1990, Benoît hit the road with his new songs, touring France, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium. New Rose released a CD version of "Tortillage" and "BBB et Les Tortilleurs" and, in 1993, a new album came out, "Plus Tard Dans la Soirée". Next releases were "Couvert de Bleu", in 1994, on the label "Pense A Moi", and "Lent Ou Rapide" in 1996 on Dixiefrog.

Touring relentlessly through France and Europe, Benoît gained a wide and enthousiastic audience. He played numerous national and international venues, including the Francofolies (as Paul Personne’s guest), the Festival De La Chanson Française du Val De Marne and Montreal Jazz Festival.

Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio - Something Smells Funky 'Round Here (2018)

                                                      Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio
Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio are back with a new album, Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here, released July 13th on Alligator Records. Featuring Bishop on guitar and vocals, Bob Welsh on piano and guitar, and Willy Jordan on cajon (a Peruvian, wooden box, hand drum) and vocals,  the album is produced by Bishop and Steve Savage. It is the follow up to their award-winning Big Fun Trio, which also received a Grammy Award nomination in 2017.
A fixture of the music industry for decades, Elvin Bishop has been blazing his own trail since he began playing guitar with the legendary Paul Butterfield Blues Band in 1963. He formed the trio in 2015 with Bob Welsh and Willy Jordan. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee has enjoyed success – perhaps a bit too much at times, by his own admission – as a session player, band leader, songwriter and performer, working with some of the biggest names in the blues, rock and Southern rock. Bob Welsh is an established session and touring musician; Willy Jordan is a first-call percussionist and vocalist, as well as a band leader in his own right.
The album opens with the title track “Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here,” featuring Bishop and Jordan sharing the chorus and trading verses in an unforgiving, yet good-natured rebuke of a dysfunctional Washington D.C., with lines like, “…funky, like a bad pot of chicken/Funky, like some old, rotten politician.” Set to a slow-grinding rhythm, powered by twin, vamping electric guitars and thundering cajon playing, it’s a good introduction to the relaxed vibe found throughout the record.
A stripped-down cover of Jackie Wilson’s “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher” remains faithful to the upbeat tone and tempo of the original, while giving it a front porch, down home make-over. Jordan’s powerful, joyful falsetto singing and Bishop’s fret work, where he shifts smoothly from finger-picking, to slide, to whammy-bar, is worthy of repeated listens.
“Right Now is the Hour” is a cover of one of Bishop’s songs from his 1978 , “The Skin I’m In.” It’s a feel-good tune about living in the moment. Just as Bishop and Jordan sing the lyrics together, their guitar and cajon play in rhythmic unison, with rollicking keyboard flourishes, provided by Welsh.
Big Fun Trio pays respect to Fats Domino, covering “Another Mule.” Bishop and Welsh nicely interweave their guitar playing and Jordan plays it with a light touch.
“That’s the Way Willy Likes It” is a funky, bluesy romp with an infectious sing-along chorus. Toward the end of this syncopated gem, Jordan calls out, “Let me get some!” before taking a short, booming cajon break and then singing, “Play your ‘gitar,’ Elvinnn!” before Bishop plays into the outro chorus.
There are two instrumentals on “Something Smells Funny ‘Round Here.” The up-tempo “Bob’ Boogie” features Welsh delivering a finger-blurring, barrel house, piano boogie. “Stomp,” a dirty-toned, slide guitar and finger-picking romp, was originally done on Bishop’s album That’s My Partner in 2000.
The poignant “I Can’t Stand the Rain” is a cover of the Tina Turner classic. Again, Jordan delivers a solid vocal performance, set to the back drop of some super-funky bass, soulful keyboards and spot on slide guitar accentuation.
“Looking Good” is an entertaining, grizzle-voiced, spoken-word reflection by Bishop about living a hard but rewarding life. Set to a slow, piano-saturated, blues stroll, Bishop shares a few brief anecdotes about some of his colorful friends from his hard-drinking days.
Carried by accordion and piano, and driven by Jordan’s cajon, the bouncing, bayou blues number, “My Soul” closes the album. Bishop’s guitar tone and playing sounds as raw and biting as it did back in the 60s.
Once again, Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio lives up to the promise of their name. “Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here” is an unpretentious masterpiece, thanks to its simplicity and its heart.

quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2018

Bill Lyerly Band - Cobalt Blues (2001)

                                                             Bill Lyerly Band
"Sizzling guitar licks and blues sensibility" Living Blues "The Tulsa Sound- reminiscent of Clapton´s early solo albums.
Singer and guitar player Bill Lyerly has been an unexpected discovery. Both CDs have not a single bad track on them and Bill shows himself as a complete versatile tasteful musician. He is a powerful performer with a mastery musical vision, not only as singer and guitar player but also as songwriter and producer. There are no tricks on these two CDs, because they are two real blues records with some southern rock, American roots and rock and roll influences. Bill is a veteran of music business and his wide musical experience has led him to work with such prestigious musicians like Gregg Allman, Eric Burdon, Hank Ballard, Nappy Brown, Bo Diddley, Rick Nelson, Leon Russell, Levon Helm, John Lee Hooker, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Roomful of Blues among many others during his wide musical career and many years 'on the road'. If you like big caliber blues of the highest quality based on a serious solid lasting basis, Bill Lyerly will certainly become one of your favourites. 

Roy Gaines - Bluesman For Life (remastered) (2014)

                                                                Roy Gaines
A protege of the legendary T-Bone Walker, electric bluesman Roy Gaines was born in Houston in 1934; the product of a musical family - his older brother Grady later went on to play saxophone in Little Richard's famed backing band the Upsetters - he initially played the piano in emulation of Nat King Cole, but as a teen moved to the guitar. A huge admirer of Walker's work, at 14 Gaines met his hero at a local performance, and was even invited to back Walker onstage; dubbed "T-Bone Jr." thereafter, he regularly played clubs throughout the Houston area before relocating to Los Angeles two years later. There Gaines was tapped to join Roy Milton's band, followed by a stint in support of Chuck Willis; additionally, he and Walker occasionally joined forces in the years leading to the latter's 1975 death. Long a sought-after sideman, Gaines recorded infrequently as a headliner, finally releasing an LP, Gaineling, in 1982; other albums include 1996's Lucille Work for Me, 1999's I Got the T-Bone Walker Blues and 2000's New Frontier Lover.

quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2018

Canned Heat - Human Condition (1978)

                                                              Canned Heat
Canned Heat lived on the wild side while enjoying immense popularity, primarily during the early to late '70s. This production marks vocalist Bob "The Bear" Hite's last complete recording with the band due to his passing on April 5, 1981. Recorded in 1977 and released in 1978, this set features guest appearances by blues-rock guitarist Harvey Mandel and backing vocals by the Chambers Brothers on selected tracks. Essentially, this affair features a fairly typical exposition of what many listeners would come to expect, as the group works its way through a series of high-octane blues, rock, and boogie motifs. Hite was in good form throughout while also displaying potent chops as a viable blues harpist whereas guitarists Mark Skyer, Chris Morgan, and Mandel implement raucous crunch chords amid some scathing lead lines. Hence, this effort represents a hearty snapshot of the quintet's overall appeal. There are some memorable tracks here, although this offering didn't garner widespread recognition upon its initial release.

Brian Lee & The Orbiters - In Orbit (2013)

                                                                Brian Lee
In Orbit features several tunes with a Chicago lean, kicking off with Sonny Boy Williamson’s “Ninety Nine” - a hard driving harp tune on the perennial subject of having too little cash. Lee and his band play it sparse and tough on Billy Boy Arnold’s “I Wish You Would” and Hound Dog Taylor’s “See Me In The Evening”, and then tear it up on the crowd pleasing Elmore James number, “Shake Your Money Maker.”

Lee’s “I’ve Been Thinking” heads in a soulful R&B direction, augmented by his punchy slide guitar and vocals. “You Give Me Nothing But The Blues” features a stylish interpretion of this Max Longmire/Guitar Slim New Orleans gem. With “Back on the Ground”, Lee writes of surviving a whirlwind relationship, and he and the band create a modern, hard driving setting for the message.

Two instrumentals serve as a showcase for Steve Yonck’s searing guitar work. With “Lucky Lou”, Yonck pays tribute to Jody Williams, whom he has had the pleasure of backing. On “Texas Hop”, Yonck pulls out all the stops, inspired by the Texas/West Coast stylings of Pee Wee Crayton and T-Bone Walker.

Lee’s original “Bucket of Chicken Wings” combines resolute slide guitar, compelling lyrics, and a current R&B rhythmic sense to create a song with a unique contemporary feel. Two further originals wrap up the album: the hot west coast jump tune “Knock It Off” and a closing mood piece, “Playing In The Dark.” The latter blends 1930‘s Mississippi Delta slide guitar motifs with a harmonically intriguing accompaniment.

Brian Lee & the Orbiters received the Washington Blues Society’s “Best of the Blues” award for “Best Traditional Band” in 2013, and for “Best Recording” and “Best Songwriter” in 2012. In addition to placing on the Living Blues Radio Chart, the Orbiters‘ previous album Identity Theft hit #1 on the Roots Music Report for nationwide airplay for Washington based bands.

Brian Lee & the Orbiters’ In Orbit takes traditional blues to a stellar new level!

Spencer Mackenzie - Cold November (2018)

                                                            Spencer Mackenzie
"The blues just gives me a whole other world," says Spencer MacKenzie. "Whenever I'm playing it, on the stage or in my room, it just relieves me of anything that I'm worrying about. There's really no words to describe it."
Talent definitely prevailed where words might have faltered when the 18-year old south paw from Ridgeway, Ontario went home with the New Artist of the Year Award at the 20th annual Maple Blues Awards presented in January, 2017.
An only child, MacKenzie picked up the guitar at five, pursuing it seriously since he was eight. Introduced to a Stevie Ray Vaughan song by his guitar teacher he joined the dots to the blues that his father, a "huge lover of music," had always played around the house. MacKenzie took to blues music's minor pentatonic scale like the proverbial duck to water. Soon, he was feeling the notes, breathing life into them, practicing diligently and learning by listening to other musicians.
In 2013, MacKenzie was named the Rising Star at the Niagara Music Awards. His first big public appearance was at an open-mic blues jam at Donnelly's Pub in Thorold, Ontario. "It was April 15, 2015," recalls MacKenzie. "That day is when my career as a young blues musician all started and when I fell in love with performing."
2016 was a breakout year for the teenage sensation. He won the Toronto Blues Society New Talent Search earning a chance to perform in the Youth Showcase at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee as well as a scholarship from the Blues Foundation to attend Fernando Jones' famous Blues Camp in Chicago, Illinois.
That year, MacKenzie also released his debut CD, Infected with the Blues which was featured as the Album of the Week on Blues and Roots Radio. The album consists of 8 covers and 3 original songs co-written by MacKenzie. The title track spent sixteen consecutive weeks on the "Top 50 Roots Music Report " Blues Charts in Canada. The lyric, "I've got the blues running through my veins. People say I'm too young, that's a shame." reflects the perspective of a young man guided by an innate sentiment mature beyond his age. Goodbye Lucille is a heartfelt tribute to B.B. King, one of MacKenzie's heroes. His original song, Devil Under Her Skin placed third in the Blues Category in the 2016 International Songwriting Competition.
2017 was a busy year with appearances at the Aurora Winter Blues Festival, Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival, Tremblant International Blues Festival, Beaches Jazz Festival and Tim Horton's Southside Shuffle among others. He opened for Canadian blues icons, Downchild and Jack de Keyzer.
Spencer  MacKenzie is poised on the cusp of greater things. His new CD, Cold November was released in April 
"My plans are open for anything that comes my way!," says MacKenzie. "If I am doing what I love to do - which is to perform, play guitar and sing - it could not get any better than that. I hope to one day branch out into the world and share my love of the blues beyond Ontario."

terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2018

Vargas Blues Band - King Of Latin Blues [2CD] (2018)

                                                            Vargas Blues Band
Vargas Blues Band presents King of Latin Blues, a double album that brings together a score of his best songs, plus an unreleased track and re-recordings of some of his greatest hits with new guests. In this double album, Javier Vargas summarizes his almost three decades of uninterrupted career, where he has managed to turn the Vargas Blues Band into a reference worldwide. The first single that is published is Do not Let The Children Cry, an excellent unreleased track, and included in his new album King of Latin Blues, where Javier Vargas shows us the ability to surround himself with the best musicians, this time he has told with John Byron Jagger (nephew of Mick Jagger) as vocalist and Steve Hunter (known for having worked with artists of the caliber of Aerosmith, Lou Reed or Alice Cooper) on guitar. This same year Javier Vargas receives his Eighth Platinum Record for the sales of more than 300,000 records of his entire discography, something unprecedented within the blues, giving sample of the successful career that began in 1991 when his first album All Around was published Blues.


1. The King of The Latin Blues (feat. Steve Hunter & Bobby Alexander)
2. Coward's Knife
3. Don't Let The Children Cry (feat. John Byron Jagger & Steve Hunter)
4. Welcome to The World (feat. Paula Gomez The Catzz)
5. Back To The City
6. Passion Blues (Reprise 2018)
7. How verso are you? (feat. Devon Allman and Reeese Wynans)
8. No pasa nada
9. Hot Wires
10. Para Guarachar
11. Chill Out (Sácalo)
12. Luna
13. Exotic Mambo (feat. Alex Ligertwood and Reeese Wynans)
14. Right On
15. Blues Latino
16. Tierra del vino
17. Wahabu
18. Buenos Aires Blues
19. Aguaclara (feat. Juan Gómez "Chicuelo")
20. Spanish Fly
21. Del sur
22. Vivir al alba
23. New York City Blues
24. Sangre Española
25. Illegaly
26. Parisienne walkways
27. I Wonder If You Ever
28. Walking The Back Streets And Crying
29. 1969 

segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2018

Albert Collins - Joe's Place, Cambridge, MA 1973 (2014)

                                                              Albert Collins
 1. Thaw Out (5:36)
 2. Can't You See What You're Doin' To Me (5:17)
 3. Gonna Walk With You Baby (5:44)
 4. Get Down (7:04)
 5. Frosty (4:40)
 6. Conversation With Collins (8:42)
 7. Back Stroke (5:31)
 8. Stormy Monday (8:54)
 9. Instrumental (8:22)
10. Encore (3:50)

The Texan blues giant Albert Collins enjoys far greater divinity in modern times than he was ever afforded before, especially at the point in his career when he provided a stunning set at Joe's Place in Cambridge, MA in 1973. Joe's Place offered a smaller and more intimate setting for Collins, who performs a selection of his repertoire including "Backstroke," "Frosty" and "Thaw Out," three gems from his 1965 debut The Cool Sounds of Albert Collins.

Collins applied his unique and revered style with piercing solos and unlikely improvisations that echoed his aforementioned debut from 1965, an icebreaker album that would help establish Collins as the guitar pioneer he is painted as today. Albert Collins was eventually acknowledged as one of the most talented and distinctive blues guitarists of his era. With unconventional tunings, savage interludes and a scorching delivery, he would earn recognition with his unique brand of blues.

sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2018

Canned Heat - Canned Heat Recorded Live In Europe (1970)

                                                             Canned Heat
1. That's All Right Mama
2. Bring It on Home
3. Pulling Hair Blues
4. Medley: Back Out on the Road/On the Road Again
5. London Blues
6. Let's Work Together
7. Goodbye for Now

quinta-feira, 5 de julho de 2018

Freddie King - Texas Cannonball Live

                                                                Freddie King
1 Your Move 6:20
2 Ain't Gonna Worry Anymore 5:24
3 Hideaway 4:51
4 Guitar Blues 1:16
5 Meet Me In The Morning 7:01
6 Sweet Home Chicago 8:04
7 Boogie On Down 5:25

Sebastian Lane - Walkin' by Myself (2018)

Sebastian Lane is a blues guitarist/singer-songwriter with deep roots in the blues. As the Grandson of Jimmy Rogers and the son of Jimmy D. Lane, he is on a journey to continue the legacy of his family and the genre of blues music.
                                                                Sebastian Lane

terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2018

Blue Room - Into the Night (1998)

                                                        Blue Room
 This quartet has a pronounced identity that widens the blues genre immensely, which makes this Paul Irvine production so acceptable, not to mention entertaining. Paul Sanderson, well-known record biz lawyer shows his other side here, that of a songwriter and guitarist. The music of Blue Room is described as ?blues rock and roots based rock with elements of rock ?n roll, tex mex and country,? which covers a fair music agenda brought into proper focus by indelible blues, in addition to impressive sound and balance between the vocals and instruments. The songs, and the way they?re delivered by Brian Neller, grab your attention, and converts sounds from the past into a new whole.

1.   On A Night Like This
2.   Two Young Heroes
3.   Another Angry Young Man
4.   The Power of The Gun
5.   Jack Kerouac
6.   Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee
7.   Into the Night, Into the City
8.   Crazy City
9.   Devil
10. Moanin' And Groanin'
11. Get Out on The Highway And Go!
12. Don't Tell Me You Love Me