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Tony Braschi - Rock Blues Experience (2018)

                                                                   Tony Braschi

01. The Groove Goes On — 03:46
02. A New World — 04:49
03. The River Flows — 04:00
04. Take A Look At Yourself — 02:40
05. Rock My Blues — 03:51
06. Beautiful Sadness — 03:12
07. Primitive Blues — 03:10
08. I’m Lucky — 03:22
09. You Save Me — 03:38
10. My Loneliness — 03:56
11. Only Love — 03:21
12. The Pub’s On Fire — 08:15
13. Blues Experience — 04:23
14. The Groove Goes On — 03:53

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Sludge Butter Blues Band - Selections From Roy Buchanan (2015)

                                                      Sludge Butter Blues Band
1.Soul Dressing 08:47
2.Roy's Bluz 07:44   
3.Hey Joe 05:52
Nathan Bojko - Drums
David Estey - Bass
Brian Ganey - Guitar and Vocals
Gareth Vaid - Keys
released December 22, 2015

Recorded live at The Idaho Sound Studios Chicago

Rit Johnson - My Kinda Blues (2018)

                                                                Rit Johnson    
This Album release is a consolidation of six Blues style songs taken from the debut "RIT" Album in order to concentrate on a more specific genre and further please the Blues fans.


[03:06] 1. It's Just Something I Do
[03:16] 2. Love In The Third Degree
[03:57] 3. I've Got Something For Ya
[06:25] 4. I Love My Baby
[03:34] 5. An Important Man
[03:54] 6. It's Winter Time

Kim Simmonds And Savoy Brown - Goin' To The Delta (2014)

                                                 Kim Simmonds And Savoy Brown
No matter the title of this Ruf Records outing, Kim Simmonds, founder, guitarist, and eternal frontman for Savoy Brown, is going straight for its Chicago mojo to deliver this set of scorching electric blues. Aided and abetted by his now longstanding road band -- comprising bassist Pat DeSalvo and drummer Garnet Grimm -- Simmonds' Savoy Brown comes full circle from its 1965 roots as a British band won over to the loud, gritty sounds coming across the ocean from Chess Records. Opener "Laura Lee," is in the classic Windy City tradition, as inspired by Hound Dog Taylor's house rockin' style as they are Muddy Waters', while "Just a Dream" recalls the moody, slow burning attack of Son Seals. The instrumental boogie "Cobra" is like Slim Harpo-cum-ZZ Top in its hipshaking groove. The guitar vamp on "Nothin Like the Blues" recalls but isn't beholden to -- Ted Nugent's on "Stranglehold," but the Nuge "borrowed" part of the same riff from Bo Diddley. "Backstreet Woman" owes more than a little to Buddy Guy with its funky eight notes and breakbeats by Grimm in the turnarounds. The title track is pure Willie Dixon rave-up, while "I Miss Your Love" showcases Simmonds playing some mean slide. The roiling stinging guitar attack on closer "Goin' Back" recalls Jimmy "Fast Fingers" Dawkins riding atop a positively infectious bassline by DeSalvo. Simmonds is in fine singing voice, and as aggressive as this set is, he economizes his solos exceptionally, with maximum flash and minimum time. The only problem here is the same-old, same-old -- Simmonds' lyrics are positively embarrassing. But then, his and Savoy Brown's fans don't pay to hear songwriting. Goin to the Delta is a solid, straight-up set preferable even to the acclaimed Voodoo Moon.

Fred & The Healers - First (1997

First studio album from 1997 of Belgian blues / blues rock band Fred & The Healers (on guitar Frédéric Lani).
                                                     Fred & The Healers - First (1997)

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Nina Attal - Yellow 6-17 (2011)

                                                                    Nina Attal
As a teenager, while most people of her age only listen to pop from reality shows, Nina Attal feeds on Blues, Soul and Funk milk; her idols are first the founding fathers BB King, Albert Collins, Albert King, Etta James, but soon she also discovers Sharon Jones, Prince, Larry Graham and Lenny Kravitz to name a few. Nina wrote her first song at the age of 8, played the guitar since she was 12 and performed on stage at 14. She decides to make music her profession at 17 and in just two years, this young artist of 19 years, has seduced his audience by browsing the French and international scenes. Songwriter, singer and musician, she presents today Yellow 6/17, her first album. After a very noticed EP, Urgency, released in May 2010 and a hundred concerts including the prestigious International Jazz Festival of Montreal, Jazz in St Germain, Nina Attal and his alter ego Philippe Devin, 21, also a guitarist, wrote and composed this first four-handed album. Yellow 6/17 mixes all the influences of American black music: Soul, Funk, Rhythm'n'Blues, all tinged with Pop melody. An ambitious alchemy that gives his music a unique style. With an incredible talent for the Live, like the artists she worships, Nina Attal likes to do the show. Singer but also guitarist, Nina Attal is above all a demanding musician and overflowing with an energy that raises her to the level of the greatest artists.
    01 Run Away  3:59
    02 Stand Up  4:36
    03 Do It Right Now  3:56
    04 Childhood   4:32
    05 Over The Mountains  4:37
    06 I Wanna Be Back  3:32
    07 Prisoner  4:27
    08 What A Dirty Night  3:48
    09 Macho Man   4:46
    10 Blackstar  4:03
    11 P   3:54
    12 The Wind   3:56                                                               

Big Pete Pearson - One More Drink (2001)

                                                            Big Pete Pearson
01. One More Drink (3:48)
02. Trustworthy Woman (6:42)
03. Muddy Kind Of Love (4:06)
04. 24 Hours A Day (2:55)
05. You Know I Love You (5:13)
06. Like A Rooster On A Hen (5:20)
07. No Love Lost (5:21)
08. No Me (2:27)
09. She's Hot, She's Fine (3:41)
10. Catfish & Whiskey (4:19)

Blues singer Big Pete Pearson was born on October 4, 1936, in Jamaica and raised by his grandparents in St. John's, TX, near Austin. He began performing in bars in Austin at the age of nine, learning to play guitar and bass, and went on to a lengthy career playing in house bands in Austin. He played on recording sessions at Peacock Records and toured with T.D. Bell & the Cadillacs. He first began performing in Phoenix, AZ, in the late '50s and settled there in the '60s, becoming famous locally. His first album under his own name, One More Drink, was released by Blue Witch Records in 2001. On February 13, 2007, Blue Witch released his second album, I'm Here Baby. Southwest Records released Finger in Your Eye on July 7, 2009, and Modesto Blues Records released The Screamer on August 25, 2009.

Saverio Maccne - Look Twice (2018)

Among melodies of seventies songs and typical patterns of Blues, the growing attraction for that instrument called guitar was an inevitable fact for a boy named Saverio Maccne, who at that time was only 10 years old. Born in the City of Buenos Aires in the month of February of 1980, he began his musical career at a very young age with no more than 13 years old and was already giving his first public concert in the primary school where he had studied. That same year I also play for the first time in a pub with other musician friends of the same age. In the following 2 years I develop as a self-taught person, different techniques of inprovisation that I execute before the amazement of many, given by their young age, in different bars of Buenos Aires. At age 16 he entered the Juan Pedro Esnaola Classic Music Conservatory, where he learned the rich musical language and the compression of sounds. At age 19 and after spending 3 years in the conservatory, he decided to travel to the northern provinces of Argentina to learn about the different styles of National folklore and their respective customs. After almost 2 years he returned to Buenos Aires where he settled in the Porteño neighborhood of San Telmo. Alli evolved in a remarkable way in the instrument both in improvization and in the harmonic plane. For 10 years I play varied musical genres such as Jazz, Blues, Rock, Bossa Nova, Reggae, Funk, Hard Rock, Soul, etc. Since 2010, he currently lives between Argentina and Europe, traveling mostly through the countries of the north of the old continent, where he shows his talent in local festivals and pubs performing songs from his albums and also covers of the great guitarists of the history of the Rock'n 'Roll & Blues.
                                                                Saverio Maccne

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Freddie King - Texas Cannonball (1972)

Freddie King’s second album for Shelter Records, Texas Cannonball, which followed his also Getting Ready (1971). Released in 1972, Texas Cannonball was one of the highlights of King’s career, which continued its progression towards a new style, introducing its explosive blues sound to wider audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Leon Russell’s Shelter Records was without a doubt the perfect springboard for Freddie’s hard driving style of blues. This prolific collaboration definitely put Freddie into the mainstream of the white blues/rock explosion. The album includes brilliant covers of songs by Howlin’ Wolf, Lowell Fulson, Leon Russell, Isaac Hayes, Bill Withers and Elmore James. Among the backing musicians are many names who played with Eric Clapton in the 1970s (Clapton stated many times that Freddie King was among his chief influences). The personnel includes Leon Russell on piano, Carl Radle and Donald “Duck” Dunn (from Booker T & The MG´s) on bass, Jim Gordon, Chuck Blackwell and Al Jackson on drums, Don Preston on guitar, and John Gallie on organ.
                                                                  Freddie King

David Gerald - Hell And Back (2009) Repost

David Gerald’s debut album, Hell And Back, contains five studio originals and five live arrangements of well known tunes including Thrill is Gone, Red House and Cold Shot.
                                                                 David Gerald

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David Gerald - N2U (2018)

                                                                       David Gerald

Gerald performed in many local blues, R&B, and rock bands cutting his guitar and vocal chops live and in person. Finding it hard to keep a band together, Gerald learned to play guitar, bass, keys, and drums. Using two antiquated cassette recorders he would overdub each part individually until the song was complete. "The end result sounded horrible, and the songs would not end up in the same key they started in. But it got my songs recorded," says Gerald. This was the beginning of his songwriting, most of which were pop and rock tunes during the 80's. Around the age of 24, he began experimenting with computers to write and compose music. As he began to explore the music of blues guitar heavyweights like Albert King, ZZ Hill, B.B. King, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, his sound evolved and expanded to where it is today.

Gerald is now playing nationally with his own band. Year round, he performs at clubs and festivals across the United States. Some notable appearances include: Riverdays Festival (formerly known as the International Freedom Festival) in Detroit, MI; Chrysler Arts, Beats and Eats in Royal Oak, MI; Springing The Blues Festival in Jacksonville, FL, among many others.Gerald is now playing nationally with his own band. Year round, he performs at clubs and festivals across the United States. Some notable appearances include: Riverdays Festival (formerly known as the International Freedom Festival) in Detroit, MI; Chrysler Arts, Beats and Eats in Royal Oak, MI; Springing The Blues Festival in Jacksonville, FL, among many others.

Gerald's long awaited new album, N2U, was released in April 2018. Videos from two of the album's ten tracks of Blues infused Rock N Soul had begun to leak out across the internet prior to the release, creating a groundswell of excitement in anticipation. "This album has been a long time coming," Gerald comments. "I put together these songs for myself, my friends and supporters. It's all about new thoughts, new experiences and deeply felt emotions. I hope everyone who listens can find something that touches them. Something they can relate to."

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Otis Rush - Troubles Troubles (1978)

                                                                    Otis Rush

Bass – Bob Strokes
Drums, Vocals – Jessie Lawis (tracks: 10)
Guitar – Bob Levis
Guitar, Vocals – Otis Rush

1 Baby What You Want Me To Do?     4:53
2 Little Red Rooster     4:41
3 Whole Lotta Lovin'     4:18
4 Got To Be Some Changes Made     6:19
5 You Been An Angel     2:45
6 You Don't Have To Go     4:19
7 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles     6:24
8 Miss You So     3:37
9 Hold Your Train     5:35
10 Same Old Blues     2:52
11 You Been An Angel - Alternate Take     5:04
12 Same Old Blues - Alternate Take     2:55

Iron Lung - High Bail (1975)

                                                                 Iron Lung
Iron Lung played druggy garage blues, which I'd say is on par with Raven's "Back To Ohio Blues" intensity and style wise. The band were from Illinois and were teenagers when this was recorded, in 1975. It was originally released as a private pressing in limited numbers. There are lyrics about boozing, needles, and getting locked up which would make you think these guys were a bit older if you didn't see the cover first.

"High Bail" the song reminds me a bit of the Band (!?) and there's the C.T.S. Express female background singers adding a lot to that and a few other tracks. That's a standout, as well as "Because of You" and "Nobody Cares" which feature some good riffs and blues solos with clean tones. The big influence seems to be Canned Heat and Youlden-era Savoy Brown, and the lead singer (presumably Bill Boltz) sounds like he's giving it his all. There's that bluesy Southern drawl, which works most of the time, except on the more ballad-y numbers, such as "The Thrill Is Over," but I still dig the guitar melody and playing. The rhythm section is frenzied a-la Ten Years After, which could have been another influence.

1 Because Of You 5:06
2 High Bail 4:44
3 Nobody Cares 4:28
4 The Thrill Is Over 7:13
5 Telephone Blues 7:18
6 Misled 4:09
7 - Tell Me (Part I) 4:44
8 - Tell Me (Part II) 4:29

Reggie Storm - Walk the Red Carpet (2018)

                                                               Reggie Storm
Blues Rock and etc.

1. The Reggie Storm Blues Show 3:02    
2. I Invited the Light In 5:19    
3. The Undead Blues 4:34    
4. Walk the Red Carpet (Eiwob) 4:35    
5. The Downtowner 3:52    
6. Don't Care Blues 4:04    
7. The Songs 3:34    
8. Walking in the Rain 3:11    
9. Broke the Curse 4:01
10. Live Life to the Fullest 3:22

The Pat McManus Band - Tattooed In Blue (2018)

                                                        The Pat McManus Band
01 - Mama Don't Do It
02 - Good Rockin'Tonight
03 - Bad Little Doggie
04 - Bad Case
05 - Last Bus to Bundoran
06 - Old Days
07 - Blues For Tim
08 - Garbage Can
09 - State of Blue
10 - What If
11 - Caledonia
12 - Faith Forever

Pat McManus - Guitar, Vocals, Violin
Marty McDermott - Bass, Backing Vocals
Paul Faloon - Drums

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Alan Jack Civilization - Bluesy Mind (1969)

                                                             Alan Jack Civilization
A French band with a single album, formed in 1969 and disbanded in 1970. In addition to this album, they released two more singles - "Shame On You / Baby Do not You Come Back Home" (1969) and "N'y Change Rien / J 'ai Besoin De La Terre "(1970). Performed the blues-rock of his own composition in English. The band's leader - keyboard player and vocalist Alan Jack (current name Jack Braud), died in 1995. Music in the style of "John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers", "Chicken Shack" or "Savoy Brown".

01. I’ve Got To Find Somebody — 2:45
02. Shame On You — 2:30
03. What You’re Gonna Say — 3:09
04. Baby Don’t You Come Back Home — 3:21
05. The Way To The Hells — 5:13
06. What’s Wrong — 6:15
07. Some People — 2:04
08. Middle Earth — 9:20
09. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (Live, 1985) — 4:12

Alan Jack (Jack Braud) — vocals, piano, organ, harmonica
Claude Olmos — lead guitar, percussion, vocals
Richard Fontaine — bass, percussion, flute, vocals
Jean Falissard — drums, tambourine, percussion, vocals

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John Lee Hooker - Born In Mississippi, Raised Up In Tennessee (1973)

                              John Lee Hooker
Born In Mississippi, Raised Up In Tennessee 
01. Born In Mississippi, Raised Up In Tennessee
02. How Many More Years You Gonna Dog Me Round
03. Going Down
04. Younger Stud
05. King Of The World
06. Tell Me You Love Me

John Lee Hooker - Guitar, Vocals
Ron Beck - Drums
Elvin Bishop - Slide Guitar
George Bohannon - Trombone
Oscar Brashear  - Flugelhorn
Clifford Coulter - Mellophonium
Chuck Crimelli - Drums
Oma Drake - Vocals
Don "Sugarcane" Harris - Violin
Robert Hooker - Organ
John Klemmer - Sax (Tenor)
Marti McCall - Vocals
Don Menza - Sax (Baritone)
Steven Miller - Piano
Van Morrison - Guitar, Vocals
Mark Naftalin - Piano
Gino Skaggs - Guitar
Ken Swank - Drums
Luther Tucker - Guitar
Michael White - Violin
Blinky Williams - Vocals

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Lou-Ann Barton - Sugar Coated Love (1998)

A late teen Lou Ann fronts a competent Texas rock band with decent results. Her brassy singing from her heels style is already apparent and you can tell that this girl's got a future. Some of her signature tunes get their initial workout although Lou Ann does not sing lead on all tracks.
                                                             Lou-Ann Barton

Loel Stein Jr - Delusions of Grandeur (2018)

An eclectic mix of Blues & Funk Jams designed to free your mind and soul.
                                                               Loel Stein Jr

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John Lee Hooker - Kabuki Wuki (1973)

                                                              John Lee Hooker
This live set at the Kabuki Theater in San Francisco never catches fire. The great bluesman has his usual band, but he seems to be trying too hard to appeal to a young, mostly white audience that ends up too high in the mix. There are better live recordings by far in this legendary artist's lengthy career.

  Tracks :

 01.Your Love (Just A Little Bit) 
 02.Hold It 
 03.Look At the Rain 
 04.My Best Friend 
 05.Hit The Floor 
 06.A Little Bit Higher 
 07.I Wonder Why 
 08.If You Got a Dollar 

 Line up

John Lee Hooker - Guitar & Vocals
Luther Tucker - Guitar
Benny Rowe - Guitar
Paul Wood - Guitar
L.C. Robinson - Steel Guitar
Gino Skaggs - Bass
Robert Hooker - Organ
Ken Swank - Drums

Buddy Guy - The Blues Is Alive And Well (2018)

                                                                 Buddy Guy
Buddy Guy - The Blues Is Alive And Wel

01. A Few Good Years (4:47)
02. Guilty As Charged (3:20)
03. Cognac (Feat. Jeff Beck & Keith Richards) (5:22)
04. The Blues Is Alive And Well (5:13)
05. Bad Day (3:48)
06. Blue No More (Feat. James Bay) (3:39)
07. Whiskey For Sale (4:02)
08. You Did The Crime (Feat. Mick Jagger) (6:53)
09. Old Fashioned (3:57)
10. When My Day Comes (4:38)
11. Nine Below Zero (6:20)
12. Ooh Daddy (3:17)
13. Somebody Up There (4:27)
14. End Of The Line (3:25)
15. Milking Muther For Ya (0:57)

I was actually a bit nervous to review Buddy Guy’s latest album. He’s 81-years-old and musicians, even great ones, eventually lose a step. Guy hasn’t lost a step, though. If anything, he’s somehow gotten better. The Blues is Alive and Well is a fantastic album, and Guys’ voice and guitar are in peak form.

How has Guy gotten better? My theory is his openness to new sounds and music. Guy inspired no shortage of musicians, from Jimi Hendrix to Stevie Ray Vaughan. But Guy has obviously spent some time listening to their work, too, and has folded it into his own music. That integration of new ideas has kept his playing from stagnating. One of the album’s more interesting tracks is “Cognac,” which he performs with Keith Richards and Jeff Beck, two legendary guitarists and both less than a decade his junior. One might expect Guy to have the more old-fashioned sound, but surprisingly it’s Richards who sounds throwback (in a good way), Guy who sounds contemporary, and Beck who, as always, sounds like he’s from the future.

The title track is pure Buddy Guy, with lots of short, jabbing licks almost hiding within the song. Guy’s solos aren’t composed so much as they’re emoted. You can’t necessarily hum them, but you’ll always feel them. He’s backed on the track by the Muscle Shoals Horns, but rather than becoming an uptown blues a la BB King, Guy keeps everything bluesy and true to his own sound. The horns are just a tool to make a great song even better. The Muscle Shoals Horns make a few appearances on the album, and provide a lift to the songs without making any of them sound like a New Orleans funeral. But the guitar is the true star of the album. So much so, that Guy’s guitars are identified in the song credits.

Guy explores some funk and some fuzzy tones, but he’s at his best when he’s delivering pure blues. For example, “Nine Below Zero,” a Sonny Boy Williamson cover, is just a perfect track. Guy’s guitar and voice are in-your-face, the drums just barely providing a beat. If not for the production, which perfectly conveys the instruments, the track could have been recorded years ago, perhaps a lost track from his (and Junior Wells’) classic Play the Blues. One of the album’s nicer moments is “Milking Muther for Ya,” which is just Guy singing along with his electric guitar and no band. The track seems like a live moment caught on tape, but seeing what Guy can do with just his voice and guitar brings home how much talent and energy he still has.

On The Blues is Alive and Well Guy shows he’s still an engaged, passionate artist. Guy uses the same band across the album, including drummer/producer Tom Hambridge, who also wrote or co-wrote most of the album’s songs. There’s a chemistry to all of the tracks because of the consistency of the line-up. But there’s also Guy and his indefatigable talent. He brings it on each and every track. Any blues fan will truly love this album.

The Buddy McEarns Band - It's All A Puzzle Of How We Lost Our Love (2018)

                                                        The Buddy McEarns Band
The Buddy McEarns Band plays what people have described as "Roots Rock n' Roll" or "Rag-abilly Blues" or "Folkie Funk". The Western Massachusetts based Buddy McEarns Band has recently supported national touring acts Tommy Castro, Joe Louis Walker, Quinn Sullivan, & The Duke Robillard Band.

1. Check Your Meter 3:48    
2. Long Time Coming 3:44    
3. Icurl 5:42    
4. Paper Doves 4:58    
5. Mr. Prine's Blues 5:02    
6. Hold On 3:44    
7. Show Must Go On 5:03

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Freddie Nystrom Band - Min tur (2018)

                                                         Freddie Nystrom Band
I play blues / blues based music because it feels good throughout the body, for me it feels "right" in a way that I can not describe. That's where I feel at home, that's what gives me energy, that's what makes me feel good and that's where I feel I'm becoming one with nature, myself and the environment. I like the tones, I like the phrase, I like the phrases, I like the primitive, I like the energy, the curved notes, the skew. For me both send and give it positive energy. I've played rock and hard rock and tried jazz but always fallen back to blues based music, that's where I've got my heart. I think when we play music it's a meeting. We people become one. We all share and share the expression and contribute to it. For me, experiencing music is a "happening" something that is created in consensus, something that is built together. I can, to some extent, familiarize myself with the lives of others and understand their tribulations and the time and place they live or live and work or acted in. But I can really feel what it's like to be in this time, in our day, at this place and with my backpack. I think I share many experiences, thoughts, concerns, pleasures and tribulations with a lot of others in my time and in the place on earth I live. I also know from experience that I share a lot with people on the other side of the world and from other cultures, but I can not describe it or share it with them in the same way. I am driven by a naive willingness to share with others and to be in a context of a "space" where we can share our experiences and thoughts. I have my shortcomings and limitations and work on increasing my way of expressing myself. It's a journey that's crooked and filled with unexpected events, but I'm enjoying it. "Produced" blues and blues rock with Swedish original texts. We in Freddie Nyström Band mainly play their own material in Swedish. We are looking for the best ability to be a band full of fun, freedom and band feeling that puts the song in the forefront but can also burst into improvised jamming. We get inspiration from both the blues and blues rock scene. Amongst others, Walter Trout, Johnny Winter, Gary Moore, ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton and classical blues artists such as Albert King, Freddie King, Roy Buchanan and others, and of course Clas Yngström with his Sky High and Rolf Wikström.


Freddie Nyström - Guitar, Vocals
Staffan Dahl - Hammond 
Gunnar King - Bass
Uffe Jansson - Drums.


01.Nio och en halv dag 04:49      
02.Upp och ner 03:00     
03.Min tur 05:03
04.I tid 02:44    
05.Galen i dig 03:12     
06.Eremit 03:37      
07.Blodad tand 02:44      
08.Fel sida av dan 03:11 

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Bubba Barsant - Blues Por Dos (2018)

                                                                Bubba Barsant
01. You Shook Me (4:05)
02. I'm Ready (5:34)
03. Rock And Roll (4:41)
04. Swinger Swing (3:54)
05. I Ain't Gonna Be Your Monkey Man (4:11)
06. T-Bone Shuffle (4:05)
07. The Last Shuffle (4:10)
08. Darlin' You Know I Love You (7:38)

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The Silver Dimes - Double Trouble - Live @ Sighisoara Blues Festival (2018)

                                                            The Silver Dimes
The Silver Dimes are a Dutch band that plays the blues straight from the heart. With their original sound and energetic stage act an evening of solid blues music is guaranteed!

1.Better Man 05:43
2.Copper Cat Blues 04:32
3.Doin' Time 09:03   
4.Electrifying 11:04   
5.Fade To Black 06:45   
6.Night Train 08:36   
7.Double Trouble 09:23   
8.Time To Go 05:46 

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Dexter Shaw and The Wolftones - Dexin' (2017)

                                                            Dexter Shaw
Dexter Shaw - Vocal / Guitar
Steve West Western - Harmonica
Francesca Shaw - Double Bass
Robert Porkorny - Drums


[03:25] 01. She Likes Her Bottle Gin
[02:53] 02. Mixed Up World
[01:36] 03. Dexin'
[02:59] 04. Louisiana Bound
[03:00] 05. Honey Let's Get High
[03:06] 06. Going Away
[03:04] 07. Rocker
[04:11] 08. Hurts Me Too
[03:35] 09. Larsa
[02:47] 10. Wanna Love You
[02:29] 11. Rollin' & Tumblin'
[03:47] 12. Read Way Back
[03:00] 13. Blow My Horn
[04:59] 14. Give Me Back My Wig

It is a welcome return to the uk and European blues scene for long time blues guitar player Dexter Shaw. A truly great classic, traditional blues player he paid his dues many moons ago with roots going back to doctor feelgood and in his own right a as a respected guitarist. He became known to many of us with his appearance and great chops on the London and uk blues scene ,he played along side many of the very finest uk blues musicians going on to form his very own fine band " Dexter Shaw and the Wolftones".

Jim Riley’s Blues Foundation - A Very British Blues Explosion (2018)

                                                    Jim Riley’s Blues Foundation
01. Running Out of Time (4:18)
02. Baby Please Don't Go (2:57)
03. Help Me (3:57)
04. She Can Fight for Herself (3:28)
05. Come Love (2:59)
06. Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City (4:28)
07. Crocodile Walk (2:28)
08. Can't Find a Job (4:43)
09. One Room Country Shack (4:31)
10. Talkin' 'Bout You (2:32)
11. A Change Is Gonna Come (3:18)
12. Under Canvas (2:11)

As soon as the album kicks off (and kick off it does) with a Jim Riley original, ‘Running Out Of Time’, it’s obvious that the producer has paired up with the right band to capture the authentic R&B sound that he was aiming for. The songs were recorded live with minimal overdubs and it shows. The sound is far from lo-fi. In fact it’s as sharp as a brand new Stanley blade. The band is so tight, and Riley has managed to capture not only an intimate and live sound but also the obvious pleasure this group of musicians felt while recording these tracks. ‘Running Out Of Time’ thunders in, Riley’s waling harmonica and his surprisingly powerful vocals immediately grabbing the listener’s attention. This R&B stomper brings the 60's strain of this genre kicking and screaming into 2018. Just try standing still to this cracker as it’s a Friday night classic. Despite an inspired choice of covers it’s the originals and especially this opening shot that will stay in your mind and draw you back to the album; just one indication of how brilliant this band is and why an album of originals must surely be their next move.

quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2018

Bo & the Bluesdrivers - Bo & the Bluesdrivers (2015)

                                                          Bo & the Bluesdrivers
The hardest workin' Blues Rock trio around, introducing Bo & the Bluesdrivers!

1. Out On the Streets 4:20    
2. Ass, Gas or Grass 4:29    
3. Sea Song 3:32    
4. Walkin' in the Park 3:00    
5. Chillin' 4:05

Johnny Stachela Band - Handle It - EP (2016)

                                                         Johnny Stachela Band
 One of the finest blues-rock power trios performing today.

1.Handle It 03:58
2.Firefly 05:12
3.Weight Of Your World 03:20
4.Automatic Pistol 04:16

Johnny Stachela - Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar
Sebastian Ciceri - Bass, Vocals
Vincent Fossett. Jr. - Drums

Great Scott and The Almighties - Great Scott and The Almighties EP (2014)

Great Scott and The Almighties hail from Houston, TX, and deliver a tasty mix of blues, boogie, and funk that will have audiences packing the dance floor.
                                                       Great Scott and The Almighties

Paolo Bonfanti - Exile On Backstreets (2013)

It's Rock, it's blues, it's music of / from (sings) author? Arduous question, I would say a bit 'of everything, but above all is a great record! As a soloist it should be the 11th disc of Paolo Bonfanti, but if we add Big Fat Mama (who remembers them?) And various collaborations, the fifteen outputs are exceeded. Not bad for a fifty-year-old Genoese who studied at the Berklee School of Music and graduated from the D.A.M.S. of Bologna with a thesis on the Blues, then he built us a life of music around.
                                                                Paolo Bonfanti

Chris Daniels & The Kings - Funky To The Bone (2015)

This is Funky Blues and Soul at it's best. A cross between Sly & The Family Stone and Chicago 67' Big horns and big fun!
                                                               Chris Daniels

quarta-feira, 6 de junho de 2018

Ramblin' Minds - In A Sobber Mind (2005)

Ramblin 'Minds is a Swedish blues band with members from Luleå and Piteå. The band, formed in 1987, consists of Mikael Bäckman on accordion, Leo Holmberg on guitar and song, Katarina Petterson on drums, Anders Wedin on guitar and song and Anna Wedin on bass and song. They have, among other things, played with the comedian and singer Ronny Eriksson and participated in his television show The Ronny Eriksson Show and Member tonight. Ramblin 'Minds is most often amplified by the saxophonists in Horny Minds: Tomas Johannesson and Stefan Tjerngren. Anders and Anna Wedin are born in Porjus, Swedish Lapland.
                                                                 Ramblin' Minds

segunda-feira, 4 de junho de 2018

Eli Paperboy Reed - Walkin' and Talkin' (and Other Smash Hits) 2004

In 2004, Eli "Paperboy" Reed stepped in to a basement studio in Boston, Massachussetts with a few friends and and a plan: To record the combination of Downhome Blues, R&B and Soul that they had been experimenting with in rehearsal and at clubs around the city. That day, Reed and his crew ended up recording 17 songs, all live to 1" 8 track tape in glorious mono. 12 of those tracks became Eli "Paperboy" Reed Sings "Walkin' and Talkin" (For My Baby) and Other Smash Hits, Reed's first full length LP. The following summer, thanks to a loan from his parents, Reed pressed up 1,000 CD copies and proceeded to sell them at his live shows and while he busked for change in Harvard Square. Within a few short months, those 1,000 CDs were gone and Reed moved on to bigger and better things.
                                                                  Eli Paperboy Reed

sexta-feira, 1 de junho de 2018

Joel Reed & them Blues Cats - Daily Fix (2017)

                                                     Joel Reed & them Blues Cats       
Joel Reed & Them Blues Cats.
Saxophone Driven Texas Blues.
Louie Jordan meets Stevie Ray Vaughan

1.Daily Fix 03:09
2.Park Ticket Blues 07:48
3.He Surf's Better Than Me 04:34
4.Dentures 10:05
5.Mary Had a Little Lamb 02:58
6.(Bring the) Sax Back Boogie 03:09
7.All I have left to give is Blues 03:14
8.Somedays 06:19
9.Zombie Blues 04:54

Big Black Bible Blues Band - Holy Roller Woman (2017)

                                                       Big Black Bible Blues Band
Hot Christian Electric Blues Band, Hot Vocals like Pepper Puddin, Hot Guitars that Sting like Sunburn! Music that's fun as well as inspiring.

Vocals: David Dunkley
Lead Guitar: Bill Mccormick
Rhythm Guitar: Hal Leath
Piano: Hal Leath
Bass: Harry F. Ingers
Drums E.F. Seulb