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Andy Gunn - Steamroll (2013)

                                                               Andy Gunn
Andy’s truly original, intuitive and soulful playing has drawn comparisons to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix. He has shared the stage and billing with some big names too –  highlights of his career this far include supporting Buddy Guy at The Queens’ Hall, jamming with Albert Collins and backing Geno Washington at the first Belladrum Festival.
Andy pays tribute to his parents for the gift of his first guitar at an early age, and to his mother’s rock’n’roll collection for leading him to Blues masters like Lightnin’ Hopkins and Muddy Waters. This early development formed a precocious talent –  Andy’s first band Jumpin’ the Gunn were signed by Virgin’s blues label, Point Blank, and they travelled to Memphis just as he was leaving school. This early experience gave Andy the enviable opportunity to learn from and exchange riffs with Al Green’s rhythm section and Pop Staples, to name a few. Here, his raw talent developed into a prodigious touch which led to Andy being ranked as a world class talent.
When Andy returned to Scotland, a new chapter in his career began. He played alongside The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, with members of Gary Moore’s Midnight Blues Band, Martin Stephenson, and toured with 4 times British Blues best harp player Errol Linton. Years later Andy was to return to the US, on a voyage of musical discovery touring New York, Chicago, Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans, jamming with many great musicians, igniting the music scene and sparking the comment ‘damn, I didn’t know they picked cotton in Scotland!’.

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Ryan McGarvey - Live At Sswinghouse (2018)

This very special, and intimate evening was recorded LIVE in 2016 at Swinghouse Studios (Los Angeles, California USA). It consisted of Ryan McGarvey on Guitar/Vocals, Logan Miles Nix (John5 & The Creatures) on Drums, and Carmine Rojas (David Bowie/Rod Stewart/Tina Turner/Joe Bonamassa/etc) on Bass. This performance included such crowd favorites as "My Heart TO You", "Memphis", and "Joyride". As well as epic orchestrations of key original songs "Prove Myself", and "Mystic Dream".
                                                                Ryan McGarvey

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The Cat Daddy Blues Band - Can't Catch A Break (2018)

The Cat Daddy Blues Band, based in Pensacola, Florida, is a proud member of the Blues Society of North West Florida. Our style of Blues is energetic, upbeat, and modern. We hope you enjoy listening to our original music as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Check us out and see for yourself what the Panhandle of Florida is digging these days Blues wise. The Blues is our Business, and Business is good!
                                                          The Cat Daddy Blues Band

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Dan Doiron - Livin' Centre Stage (2018)

                                                                                          Dan Doiron
Friends say they don't recognize him without a guitar strapped on, as Dan Doiron has been addicted to the raw energy of the electric guitar since he formed his first band at age 13 in Port Hood, Cape Breton, Canada. A blazing spitfire guitarist, Dan fuses potent guitar riffs and grooves with unique lyrics reflecting his views on everyday life, ensuring an emotional, thrilling musical ride at every band and solo show.

1. The Next Lifetime Around
2. Cheap Trick
3. It Is What It Is
4. Ridin' The Rods
5. Mon Chien Est Mort
6. Can't Leave Me Like This
7. Rocky And Adrian
8. Prelude To Destiny
9. Livin' Centre Stage
10. The Letter

The Muddy Boots Blues Band - Live ! (1995)

                                                    The Muddy Boots Blues Band
The first years 1987 - 89 1987 in the spring sought guitarist and singer Eckhard Preiß on a classified adoptees fellow campaigners for the founding of a blues band. He brought the name of the band right away: "Muddy Boots" was the name of the band, at that time without a "Blues Band", as well as a whole bunch of songs, so that pretty soon a useful live set was put together. The first gig was already played after 2 months, 45 minutes at a small OpenAir festival on the Friesenheim island. Aspen Eve was the headliner at the time. That was the founding lineup: Eckhard Preiß, Guitar & Vocals, Uli Daum, Bass Guitar and Charly Tillman, Drums & Vocals. Quite quickly, the project picked up speed, followed by numerous gigs in the clubs of the region. In the summer of 1988, a private session of blues harp player Andreas "Randy Andy" Hecke, who has been a regular member of the band since then, joined the band. Now the party really started, Andreas took over the management. As a session musician, among others with Jim Kahr, he was well connected in the blues scene.

1.Come On (Lauer/MB3) 04:19  

2.Look Over Yonders Wall (J.Clark) 02:55
3.Down And Out (Lauer/MB3) 06:36
4.Hart To Handle (Jones/Isbell/Redding) 03:33
5.Violent Love (Otis Rush) 03:34
6.Riding On The L&N (Burley/Hampton) 04:42
7.Lovely Shakedown (Lauer/MB3) 08:47
8.Cruisin' For Love (Juke Joint Jimmy) 03:43

9.Send Me Someone To Love (Percy Mayfield) 04:30
10.You Don't Love Me (Cobbs) 03:23
11.Great Balls Of Fire (Jack Hammer/Otis Blackwell) 02:27

12.Cold Cold Feeling (Aaron Walker) 10:27

Joe Gaspar Band - JPG Blue (2018)

Joe Gaspar is a multi-talented musician who arrived in Canada after enjoying much success on the European scene. Founder of the popular Romanian power-trio Quo Vadis, he sang lead vocals and played bass guitar for over 12 years entertaining large crowds all over Europe. Due to his outstanding vocal abilities, he has been invited to join groups of different genres, sing in rock operas, play keyboards, guitar, bass and even conduct choirs. Joe was also featured in several music publications and documentaries highlighting his musical career.

Joe Gaspar Band was created in September 2011 to breathe life in to his original song ideas. The power-blues-trio includes Joe on lead vocals and bass, Steve Dupont (Photo Perfume, Crackband, Rocksnake) on drums and Jamie Young (Jungle Bones) on guitar. Both Steve and Jamie are seasoned musicians from the Ottawa music scene with solid experience and the passion to go with it.

After a first album "Move On!" here comes their second hard core blues album "JGB blue" written by Jamie and Joe together and arranged and produced by the band. Enjoy!

                                                               Joe Gaspar Band

Corey Stevens - The Party's Gonna Go On (2018)

                                                              Corey Stevens
01. Louisiana Queen (4:20)
02. Put All Your Faith (4:15)
03. Sad Blue Eyes (3:26)
04. Castaway (4:09)
05. One More Night In The Dark (4:21)
06. Move The Dial (3:32)
07. Over The Hill Blue (4:51)
08. Special Blend (4:45)
09. Golden Son (4:03)
10. More Blues On The Way (3:19)

This is the 10th album from the artist who made his debut with Blue Drops of Rain. Eight new songs and two new instrumentals present a diverse journey of contemporary blues, blues rock, classic rock and singer/songwriter individualism.

The album features Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty, Eric Clapton) on drums, Will MacGregor (Albert Lee, Tori Amos) on bass, Danny Grenier (Glenn Frey) on rhythm guitar, Bruce McCabe (Jonny Lang) on keyboards, Kori Lynn Stevens on bass and mixed by Eric Thorngren (Robert Palmer, Talking Heads). Combining the influences of 50's blues (Muddy Waters), 60's guitar icons (Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton) with 70's classic studio productions, Stevens takes the the listener on an eclectic journey that sounds like a compilation album of diverse styles but manages to form a cohesive listening experience.

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Rusty McCarthy - Messin' With The Blues (2018)

                                                            Rusty McCarthy
Artist: Rusty McCarthy
Album: Messin' With The Blues
Genre: Blues
Origin: Canada
Released: 2018
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
  1. Messin’ With The Blues (3:48)
  2. I Am The Drummer (2:47)
  3. Night On The Town (4:23)
  4. Fancy Footwork (4:13)
  5. Crash And Burn (4:00)
  6. Diggin’ It’ (3:55)
  7. Save Me (3:21)
  8. Skin And Bone (3:07)
  9. 27 Years (4:02)
  10. Over The Moon (3:50)
  11. Train Song (3:43)
  12. Back To The Hood (3:39)
  13. Howling At The Moon (3:51)
  14. Turn Off The Phone (3:47

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Devil Jo & the Backdoormen - Singin' the Good & the Bad (2012)

                                          Devil Jo & the Backdoormen

Devil Jo & the Backdoormen:


Sara K aka Devil JO: vocals
Lorenzo: Guitars & Harmonica
El Ric: Guitars
Pierre-Jean: Drums
François: Bass 


1.The sleepless night blues 07:53
2.Black cat blues 04:30
3.Shake your boogie down 06:40
4.My name is.... 06:08
5.That's the way you gotta go 06:54 
6.Hard time killing floor (indian mixed Skip James cover) 05:27

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Brother Chunky - Down Low (2018)

                                                               Brother Chunky
Loaded with chunky guitar riffs, dance-able grooves, and catchy lyrics, DOWN LOW represents the bluesy side of Brother Chunky. This album provides the perfect soundtrack for a road-trip, backyard BBQ, or any party. This is GET DOWN music.

Vocals/Guitar/Bass- Brother Chunky
Guitar- Chris Henderson
Drums/Bass/Percussion- Adam Holdaway
Bass- Kyle McCann
Drums- Zac Bryant
Harmonica- Brad Wheeler
Backing Vocals- Morgan Whitney 

Go and ask the Milkman - Roads Ahead

Go and ask the Milkman is a founded in September 2013 blues rock band from Landshut, Lower Bavaria.

1.Satisfaction 03:33

2.Sittin' Here Thinking 05:17
3.I Don't Really Care 04:04
4.Rip It Out 04:13
5.Slut 02:42 

                                                           Go and ask the Milkman

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Julio Presas - Malos entendidos (2013)

                                                                Julio Presas
Tercer trabajo editado por Julio Presas en su carrera solista y segunda experiencia en la cual bajo canciones de Blues Rock, expresa su sentimiento cristiano con letras de amor, creencia y optimismo.


JULIO PRESAS - Guitarras, armónica y voz
BETO TOPINI - Batería 

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Florian Lohoff Band - Tangled Up In Blue (2015)

The Florian Lohoff Band is all about breaking clichés. To the contrast and inner turmoil, which are also found in the songs of the album "Tangled Up in Blue". Relentlessly reflective lyrics meet rousing guitar solos and a groovy funk spirit - honest, soulful, passionate and above all deeply touching. The Florian Lohoff Band takes the space for musical development, intoxicating jams, thrilling solos. Does not want to get stuck in a drawer, but moves gallantly between soul, funk, blues and rock. Sing of freedom and aging, of social constraints and everyday life. And sometimes from love. "All our songs are experiences and feelings that I experienced myself," says Florian. "Most of the time, I first have a tune, a riff or a tight groove (laughs) that reminds me of a feeling that makes a new song".
                                                             Florian Lohoff Band

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Terry Blersh - Play It All Day (2018)

"...he goes about his work with confidence and efficiency...not beholden to a particular blues style, this veteran writes good bluesy songs that even reference antecedents like '70's white-soul and toned-down, dreamy Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix". Downbeat

"...culls his music from various influences: Blues, Soul, Rock and a smidgeon of Jazz. Terry's fiery guitar work is reminiscent of another Canadian, Robbie Robertson...intelligent lyrics, interesting hooks..." BluesWax

                                                                Terry Blersh

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Dennis Mitchell Band - Highway Kind of Life (2008)

This CD is one that I listen to over and over. All the tracks are great.
                                                             Dennis Mitchell

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Joe Barksdale - Butterflies Rainbows And Moonbeams (2018)

                                                                Joe Barksdale
Joe Barksdale – Vocals & Lead Guitar
Evan Marks – Guitar
Tim Lefebvre - Bass
Allan Phillips  - Keys & Percussion
Duncan Moore - Drums
01 – How Bout Now
02 – Electric Feel (Feat. Natalya Pillips)
03 – Thank You (Feat. Rebecca Jade)
04 – Journey To Nowhere (Feat. Rebecca Jade)
05 – Cant Put You Down (Feat. Rebecca Jade)
06 – The Stumble (Feat. The Tone)
07 – Butterflies Rainbows And Moonbeams
08 – Dust My Broom
09 – Is It Blue (Feat. Natalya Phillips)
10 – Wind Cries Mary (Feat. Rebecca Jade)
11 – Dreams (Feat. Rebecca Jade)
12 – Brionna
13 – Joy Bells (Feat. Rebecca Jade Ken Turner Gospel Chior)

Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers - 20th Anniversary Concert 1994 (2014)

Twenty years of Geoff Achison. Strange. Some musicians take a while to develop. Some come right out of the gate fully formed. I recently tracked down Geoff's long-out-of-print first album, Big Machine, which was released twenty years before this concert, hence the title. It is fascinating to see how fully formed Geoff's concept was, and yet how finely he has honed his approach since then. Geoff is truly devoted to his craft, and his fluid, slippery guitar technique just gets more precise every year. Still, nobody sounds like him, not even Hamilton Loomis, and nobody blends scorching blues, funk and R&B like him. He doesn't disappoint. So, how do we assess this concert? First, the material, which is the only real stumbling block for me. It makes some sense for an anniversary concert to focus on favorites, but the material on Geoff's electric concert albums is getting somewhat redundant. Tell Me Something I Don't Know, Crazy Horse, and others are great pieces, but not only do I have other versions of them, I have other similar live versions on his other live albums. A bit more diversity in song selection would be nice. Also, for an anniversary concert, why not showcase some of Geoff's spectacularly percussive acoustic work? Nothing here disappoints, but I'd rather have a live album of rarer selections and a broader overview of what he can do. Second, Geoff's voice. He always has that slightly histrionic warble, but it is pretty subdued here. No complaints. Finally, Geoff's propensity to have backing musicians play rinky-dink keyboards. The keys sound pretty decent here. All-in-all, then, I would rate this at 5 stars if I didn't already have similar live versions of most of these tracks anyway. That said, it isn't entirely redundant. It took a while after his time in Georgia, but it sounds like he is finally incorporating some Allman-type sounds, which is ironic since Whipping Post has long been in his repertoire, although his versions are totally unique.
                                                           Geoff Achison

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Dany Franchi Band - Free Feeling

Dany Franchi is a young talented guitarist and singer from Genoa, Italy. Born 1990 Dany grew up with the guitar under his fingers.
In 2011 he formed the Dany Franchi Band and currently performs with two of the best young talented musicians in Italy: Carlo Dellepiane on Electric and Upright bass,and Andrea Tassara on Drums.

                                                                 Dany Franchi Band

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Roy Buchanan - Telecaster County (Live) 1973

                                                                  Roy Buchanan

1: I CAN FLY NOW - 8:25
2: SEE SEE RIDER - 6:22
3: SUSIE Q - 3:44
4: HEY JOE - 7:31
5: BLINDA LOU - 4:16
6: JOHNNY B GOODE - 4:05
7: BAD CASE OF BLUES - 10:47
8: GREEN ONIONS - 8:57
9: PETE'S BLUES - 8:02
10: SWEET DREAMS - 5:14

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The Cinelli Brothers - Babe Please Set Your Alarm (2016)

                                                           The Cinelli Brothers

1 Your Lies
2 Cry And Shout
3 Babe Please Set Your Alarm
4 Don' Hold Back And Love Me
5 So Tired
6 Rocco
7 Back Door Man
8 She Done Gone Away
9 One More Minute Over Me
10 Dark Eyes
11 Chain Of Fools
12 Kiss

The Cinelli Brothers is a project born out of a common passion for the electric Chicago and Texas blues from the 60s and 70s, when Marco (guitarist, singer and composer) and Alessandro (drummer, backing vocalist and arranger) decided to form an explosive team showcasing original repertoire in the style of Chess, Stax and Motown.

Bleeding Harp - Truth (2018)

Bleeding Harp is a trailblazing, rockin’ blues band fusing the deep history of the blues with modern influences of Rock, Jam, and Southern Rock to create a sound all their own. Whether they’re playing a blues standard or one of their many high-octane originals, the band puts its own unique sound and stamp on the blues while featuring an array of blazing soloists!
                                                               Bleeding Harp

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Kern Pratt & The Accused - Somewhere South Of Memphis (2002

Kern Pratt is an up and coming artist who has several hits already and has included them onto this CD!
Bo Ridgeway in an interview with author Valerie Egar on the Important Contemporary Musicians of Mississippi stated," Kern Pratt is one guitarist whose playing is commensurate with his rock 'n roll lifestyle, which also encompasses the blues of the Mississippi Delta. He is unique in this respect and simply not to be overlooked." (V. Egar/amazon)
Pratt is known throughout the Delta as an accomplished guitarist. He also has the perfect "southern raspy" voice for great blues and country vocals.

                                                        Kern Pratt & The Accused

Fat Gumbo Lee (Arturo Martinez) - Vol 1 (2017)

The young performer Arturo Martínez, best known on stage as Fat Gumbo Lee, moves on the path from classic blues to blues rock without neglecting winks to genres as disparate as jazz or country. Their music stands out as positive and lively, varied throughout the six tracks of the Vol 1 debut.

Martínez knows how to handle fluently the six strings and shows it in different registers, achieving success in the creation of pure environments throughout this instrumental work. In spite of being an own recording it produces an acceptable sound and it becomes a composer to follow in our recently released blues section.

                                                                 Fat Gumbo Lee

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Miguel Talavera Power trio - Sometimes (2010)

Miguel Talavera - Voice, guitar
Jordi Franco - bass, choirs
Miguel Ballester - Battery

                                                      Miguel Talavera Power trio

Miguel Talavera Power trio - Studio live (2012)

Miguel Talavera - Voice, guitar
Jordi Franco - bass, choirs
Miguel Ballester - Battery
offers a repertoire based on blues-rock with certain doses of jazz and funk.
Like all good groups, their strength is the concerts they have performed throughout the Spanish geography.
They alternate versions with songs of own composition, creating a repertory of pleasant and of quality.

                                                        Miguel Talavera Power trio

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Wallace Coleman - Live At Joe's (2001)

Wallace Coleman - Live At Joe's (2001)

 1. Juke (2:55)
 2. Hard Life (6:11)
 3. You're The One (3:45)
 4. Love Spell (4:31)
 5. Kind Hearted Woman (5:54)
 6. One More Chance With You (4:04)
 7. Big Dog Blues (5:55)
 8. Young Fashioned Way (4:37)
 9. Lonesome Room Blues (3:59)
10. Tell Me Mama (3:43)
11. My Last Meal (3:43)
12. Way Back Home (4:50)

Wallace Coleman was part of Robert Lockwood Jr.'s band through the sixties and until recently where his Little Walter inspired harp was a delight to those who caught him with Lockwood. There is nothing fancy about the music here as Coleman displays his stylistic indebtedness to Walter on a very nice programme of mostly classic blues including "Juke", "One More Chance With You" and "Tell me Mama" as well as songs associated with Jimmy Rogers like "You're the One" and "My Last Wheel", and Muddy Waters' "Young Fashioned Ways".

Throw in a few originals including the slow "Hard Life" with some nice chromatic harp playing and the jazzy "Love Spell", and one gets a nicely sung and played set of performances that are centered on Coleman's very likeable, unforced vocals and fluid harp playing. The band provides a steady, swinging foundation. The guitarists get their solo spots but their playing does not intrude when Coleman is in the fore. Nothing startingly original here perhaps, but Coleman and band do a solid job in evoking the classic Chicago blues sound which certainly appeals to these ears and I know other ears as well. /Amazon

Personnel: Wallace Coleman (vocals, harmonica); Tim Matson and Mike Modlin (guitar); Dean Roach (bass); Fred Goodnight (drums).
                                                                      Wallace Coleman

Sean Pinchin - Monkey Brain [2016]

                                                                  Sean Pinchin
Tracks Listing:
 1. Monkey Brain - 3:38
 2. Can't Stand it - 2:49
 3. Charity Case - 3:41
 4. Hard Luck - 3:41
 5. Living in the Past - 4:19
 6. Goin' Hobo - 4:49
 7. Monsters - 3:17
 8. Get Burned - 4:20

Sean Pinchin, from Toronto, Canada, delivers eight tracks of  passionate Blues-Rock in Monkey Brain, his fifth album to date.  The album was co-written and recorded with JUNO Award winning producer Rob Szabo who recorded it live from the stage floor.   The raw and spontaneous live sound is evident in the tracks.  Pinchin is no stranger to the Canadian Blues scene, having been nominated for New Artist of the Year at the 2014 Maple Blues Awards and his 2013 album, Rustbucket, received numerous complimentary reviews.  Pinchin has toured across Canada several times playing countless live shows for the past eight years.  On his current CD, Monkey Brian, he is accompanied by Mark McIntyre on bass, Adam Warner on drums and percussion, Rob Szabo on backing vocals and percussion and Emma-Lee on backing vocals.  Pinchin plays guitar, stomp board and provides  vocals.  The album was mixed by Tim Abraham and Mastered by JUNO winner Phil Demetro, both well known professionals in the Canadian music world.  The experience and talent of those involved with the production of this CD are evident.  The musicians are excellent, the sound quality is crystal clear and well mixed and the energy of the live recording can be felt in all of the tracks.   It is professionally produced down to the last detail, even the CD packaging is impressive with a dark toned design, well-designed graphics and a photograph of Pinchin on the cover that shadows the mood of the tracks on the CD.  It easily rivals any contemporary CD released by a major record label.
There is a quote by Billy Gibbons of  ZZ Top that summarizes this CD quite appropriately,”The blues is life itself”.  The songs in Monkey Brain are about Pichin’s personal struggles with depression.  He wrote the songs throughout his depression as a way to translate his feelings into music.  That is not to say Monkey Brain is a dark and somber recording, it is really quite the opposite.  It is a powerful work by a talented musician who utilized his personal struggles to create some rocking blues songs.  The music borrows from many different blues styles, with a solid grounding in blue’s guitar roots music that Pinchin makes his own.  Pinchin’s vocals are quite impressive, at times very soulful.  His singing and guitar playing are obviously the sounds of a musician who knows his instruments and how to create a unique style while telling the stories of his life.
The title track, “Monkey Brain”, sets the tone of the CD.  It has excellent slide guitar riffs that are smooth, controlled and confident.  Pinchin’s skill with the slide is effortless, blending seamlessly with his vocals.  Definitely the work of a skilled guitar -playing vocalist.  The song has a sturdy beat with a solid bass line for him to take his guitar and vocals wherever they need to be to tell his story.  With lyrics like, ” I awake to my Monkey Brain, that’s how it feels sometimes…”, his vocals and guitar need to be in some very interesting places!  This CD takes the listener on quite a ride musically and lyrically.
Pinchin gets creative and rather unconventional on a few songs.  “Can’t Stand It”, with its strong beat and repetitive guitar riff  echos the lyrical phrase, “I can’t stand it” which is repeated frequently throughout the song.  Pinchin abandons and defies traditional song structure for an emotional and creative musical release.  It works.  He creates enough musical tension in the song with his skilled guitar and slide work to carry the repetative lyrics.  There is just enough of a blues taste here and there to place the song on solid ground and pull the listener into his passion.  “Goin’ Hobo”, co-written with JUNO award winner Steve Strongman, is arguably the best song on the CD.  It is a creative venture of swampy blues-rock, expressive percussive rhythm and a tasty chicken pickin solo with a side of blues that makes you want to pack up and go “ho-bo” right along with him.  The song is rootsy,  has some gospel flavor in the chorus and is really a fun listen.  The hook is so good in this song, you will be “goin hobo” in your head for some time after the song has ended.
Pinchin is masterful at shaping his vocals to the song.  His voice has a Lenny Kravitz sound; a bit soulful, a bit blues with a great range.  “Living in the Past” opens with a falsetto by Pinchin that leads into a rocking beat and strong guitar that both lead and follow the vocals throughout the song.  The background vocals by Emma-Lee are perfectly placed and delivered to add just enough accent to this song.  “Charity Case”, another swampy blues-rock track with a toe-tapping rhythm and “Hard Luck”  with a strong beat and passionate guitar solo both showcase Pinchin’s vocal range and skills.
The final two songs, “Monsters” and “Get Burned” show Pinchin’s skill on the guitar while delivering some intense lyrics.  “Monsters” opens with Pinchin playing slide on a Resonator with just enough gain to make the tone fat enough to carry the weight of the lyrics.  With lines like, “I feel like I’m losing my mind”, the music needs to deliver some strong support.  Pinchin has a great riff repeating throughout the song that carries the lyrics and he plays the Resonator with the perfect touch to give it just enough edge to be more roots than country and an added touch of old-time blues.  “Get Burned” is the perfect song to close this CD.  It is deeply toned with a repeating riff that goes from heavy to light as the song progresses.  The vocal intensity builds as the song develops with just enough effect in the mix to give it a little more shape.  This is a song of strength and power over personal hurt, which is the overall theme of this CD.   The CD was written during a time of emotional pain, it rises above that and each song is proof that the blues are “life itself”.  There is a line in “Get Burned”, “I don’t want to be forgotten and left for dead…” which is definitely not a concern for Pinchin with this CD.  Not only does he prove to the listener that pain can be overcome with music, but he also carries the blues torch a little bit further into some very creative, very inspired new songs.

The Teasers Blues Band - Blue Truck (2017)

Listening to this album it sounds like I was going on a journey upon the old blues train. There they were, all singing and playing “Every Day I Have the Blues” at the rhythm of the enormous wheels on the track. Suddenly B.B. King opened the wooden wagon door, inviting “The Teasers Blues Band” to come through. At the end of the trajectory, somebody asked J.A to play “Before You Get Closer”. What can I say… I would like to have this CD in vinyl and hang it up next to the rest of the greats of the train. I am going to listen to it one more time. Congratulations, great guy!
                                                            The Teasers Blues Band