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Melissa Neels Band - Melissa Neels Band (2004)

The Melissa Neels Band is the perfect blend of blues/rock, playing high energy blues, cover songs and original music written by Melissa. One of the only female lead guitarist in St. Louis, her style resembles Bonnie Raitt with whom she credits as her number one influence. Melissa plays with style, grace and intensity and bending the blues notes to make every note count. Her style is sure to impress any audience.
                                                                  Melissa Neels Band

quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2018

The Eric Mathews Band - EMB (2016)

                                                         The Eric Mathews Band                    
 Blues Rock:
Eric Mathews : Guitar and Vocals
Nick Shirl : Guitar
Ben Hines : Drums
Austin Calvillo : Bass
Mike Westbrook : Bass
Mike Campbell : Bass

The Rectifiers - The Rectifiers (1998)

In 1995, Luke and Jakke started working with Polle Eyckmans and Jo Van Nuffelen on real blues music. Stepping out of their Metal pants, they called themselves The Rectifiers, played many gigs and in 1998, recorded an excellent blues CD, simply called "The Rectifiers" (highlighted by the exceptional goose-flesh-getting “Luke’s Blues”). From the start, it's obvious that Polle Eyckmans has that whisky-soaked voice that fits so well within the blues world.  He's also a credible harmonica man dovetailing nicely with Luke Van Dessel on lead guitar. Some blues-rock leanings float to the surface and they just serve to toughen up the sound.  Grab your gonads and dig in!
                                                                    The Rectifiers

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Will Sophie - Times at Woody's (2013)

Times at Woody’s ‘ from 2013,is an all-instrumental tribute cd dedicated to his old time great guitar heroes such as BB King, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Dickey Betts & Ry Cooder.
                                                                   Will Sophie

Danny Bryant - Watching You! (2009)(2018)

                                                This is Danny Bryant's debut album.
                                                              Danny Bryant

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The Voodoo Hoodoo Blues Club - Welcome to My Club (2016)

Behind this complex name is a blues rock collective made up of 12 musicians, founded in 2015 by Osnabrück guitarist and songwriter Tim Funke.
Therefore, on the debut "Welcome to my club" the group presents itself more versatile than many other bands from this genre. For each song there is the right cast from the above pool, the right feeling. So are on the first release of the club rather roots-oriented songs like "My Baby is gone"alongside more modern blues rock tunes like the "Trouble" starting with a Signature Stratocaster riff. Emotional ballads ("Cruel") and also bowing to master guitarist Jimi Hendrix ("Get through this") extend the style of the club.

                                                     The Voodoo Hoodoo Blues Club

Junior Vic Band - Rainin' In My Heart (2015)

                                                                Junior Vic Band
(Chicago Blues & Boogie)

Guitar & Voice : Junior Vic
Piano : Magic Doud
Drum : Fat Pilou
Saxophone : Lucas L'embrouille
Trumpet : Arnold Zeilig
Harmonica : Doc Lou

1. Bring It To Jerome 02:26
2. As The Years Go Passing By 05:11
3. The Wolf 02:50
4. Honest I Do 02:17
5. My Home Is A Prison 03:55
6. Found Love 03:05
7. Raining In My Heart 02:35
8. Three Times A Fool 02:05
9. Ain't Nobody's Business 03:09

segunda-feira, 26 de março de 2018

Ratso - Rattled Live (2007)

The Band is led by John "Ratso" Gerardi, the guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer who is a veteran of New York clubs CBGB, The Bitter End, The China Club, Manny's Car Wash, Lone Star Cafe and Downtime and Connecticut's legendary Toad's Place.

1 Five More Hours (Live) 3:56

2 I've Gotta Work On You (Live) 4:37

3 I Don't Know Why (Live) 4:37

4 A Day in a Life (Instrumental Version)[Live] 5:32

5 Cold Front (Live) 7:41

6 Interlude (Live) 2:05

7 Me and the Rain (Live) 4:18

8 Up from the Skies (Live) 6:43

9 Dream Lover (Live) 7:25

10 I Got My Mojo Working (Live) 6:20

11 Back in the U.S.A. (Live) 6:10

Alex Dawson - Always Rock (2017)

Blues Rock guitarist with influences by Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix and ZZ Top.
                                                             Alex Dawson

domingo, 25 de março de 2018

Jes Condado - Shades Of Blue (2016)

"Shades of Blue" is the debut album by Argentina Jes Condado. Jes is a singer and bassist, her album is composed of songs influenced by the Blues and with doses of Soul.
                                                                         Jes Condado

sábado, 24 de março de 2018

Andy Watts - Blues On Fire (2018)

Blues guitarist, Andy Watts, is a leading guitar slinger from Israel and his album features original music composed by Watts as well as covers of familiar blues tunes.

Watts hosts legendary blues artists on Blues on Fire such as Grammy nominee, Joe Louis Walker, who performs on the title track, as well as Danny Shoshan, Ronnie Peterson, Roy Young and others. The album combines elements of blues, soul, rock and jazz.
                                                                        Andy Watts

The Marcus King Band - Due North EP (2017)

It should come as no surprise that The Marcus King Band is developing a work ethic remarkably similar to Gov’t Mule. The latter band’s titular leader, Warren Haynes, produced their eponymous second album which was released on Fantasy Records, the same label on which the Mule now resides. And, not coincidentally, MKD has the same management organization, which may explain why the group has engaged in almost constant roadwork since the release of the last album. Not surprisingly, such an unrelenting and assiduous approach to public exposure also extends to recordings, an impression confirmed by the digital only Due North EP issued roughly a year after its sophomore long-player.
The Marcus King Band certainly isn’t averse to accommodating cover material during…
                                                              The Marcus King Band

Burnshee Thornside - Blues and misc (2004)

Blues and funky blues, retro, ironic and fun. Burnshee Thornsides second album is a bit more root & bluesy, but still got some funky surprises, and the lyrics come with the famous BT-twist.
                                                                    Burnshee Thornside

Gregory Sutton - So That's Where You've Been! (2015)

Includes electric blues, Americana, rock and roll, acoustic guitar/vocal harmony songs, and covers of classic blues guitar songs in this new release of studio performances recorded between 1999 to 2015.
                                                                       Gregory Sutton

Ana Popovic - Hush! (2001)

Ana Popovic was born in 1976 in Belgrade. She discovered her love for the blues early on and founded her first own band in October 1995 called "Hush" in her home country. Already in 1996, the band received their first foreign engagement in Greece. One of the highlights of 1996 was the engagement as "opener" for the Junior Wells band at the Marsoni Blues Festival as well as a performance at the international high-caliber Mojo Blues Fest. At the end of November 1999, Ana Popovic made her first contacts with the German blues scene and put her professionalism into practice. a. during a guest appearance with the Bernard Allison Band (January Tour 2000) and at some concerts with Todor Todorovic (Tosho) and the Blues Company during the year 2000. One of the highlights of 2000 was her participation in the Tribute to Jimi Hendrix CD "Blue Haze" (RUF 1053), which was released on RUF RECORDS in September. On this CD, with her version of "Belly Button Window" she is in such excellent company as Bernard Allison, Eric Burdon, Walter Trout, Popa Chubby, Jimmy Thackery, Taj Mahal, Buddy Miles u.v.a.m. to listen. In October / November 2000 she recorded her first CD for RUF RECORDS in Memphis (produced by Jim Gaines), which will be released in early January 2001. In January / February 2001, Ana Popovic will be "Special Guest" on tour by Bernard Allison, with whom she also recorded a song (Bring Your Fine Self Home) on her new CD "Hush".
                                                                    Ana Popovic

Tom Vieth - Tired Of These Blues (2018)

Guitarist Tom Vieth is a veteran of the German Blues and Blues Jam scene at the Osnabrück warehouse.

Tom Vieth comes from the town of Nottuln in Münsterland and is said to have that special "blues feeling" on his guitar. Vieth calls Chicago his second home, but also in Osnabrück he is often seen.

The title of your new album "Tired of these blues" can be misleading. He is not tired of the blues. "The title song describes an emotional situation that I occasionally have. Somewhere between sad and happy," he told Westphalian News. The new songs are his most personal, he added. In addition to his thoughts, the 57-year-old Vieth guitar features the new album. He can look back on a long experience and concerts with American musicians working in the Blues cities.
                                                                      Tom Vieth

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Junior Vic Band - Cold, Cold Feeling (2014)

                                                                Junior Vic Band
(Chicago Blues & Boogie)

Guitar & Voice : Junior Vic
Piano : Magic Doud
Drum : Fat Pilou
Saxophone : Lucas L'embrouille
Trumpet : Steve Cutter
Harmonica : Doc Lou

1.Help Me 02:26
2.Cold, Cold Feeling 05:10
3.All your love (I Miss Loving) 03:00
4.Tore Down 02:59
5.Shake Your Hips Boogie 05:47
6.I'm in the Mood 02:40
7.First Time i Met the Blues 05:15
8.Reconsider Baby 02:12
9.Who's Been Talking 02:52 

The Luxury Kings - This One's For Chico (2002)

The Luxury Kings' are a guitar driven trio from Atlanta, Georgia giving you eight smokin' electric blues originals.
                                                               The Luxury Kings

Mats Sannetorp - Sannetorp (2006)

This is the first album of Mats Sannetorp released in februsay 2006.
                                                               Mats Sannetorp

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Larry Wilson - Gotta Own Up (2006)

                                                              Larry Wilson
Texas Christian Rockin' Blues.

1 You Gotta Own Up 3:45        

2 Never Alone 3:30    

3 Catch You 4:22    

4 Sunday Morning 4:29    

5 Work 3:50    

6 Is the One 3:26    

7 Let It Be Me 3:43    

8 Take My Life 3:05    

9 Choice Is Yours 3:20

quarta-feira, 21 de março de 2018

Burn the Batteau - Fire and Gasoline (2018)

                                                               Burn the Batteau
Band of Blues Rock and East Coast Blues, under influence of Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Freddie King and Buddy Guy.
  1. Jealous 04:14
  2. Moanin' After Midnight 04:38
  3. Nothing Like You 05:00
  4. Talk to Me Baby 03:52
  5. Fire and Gasoline 05:30
  6. Jealous (Delta Blues) 03:52
  7. Chance to Mend 03:23
  8. So Tired 07:10
  9. Shake These Blues 02:49
  10. Blue Drops of Rain 06:36

Keith Johnson - Come to Mississippi (2018)

, Come to Mississippi.

01. Blues Chose Me
02. Fire
03. Best I've Ever Had
04. Forgive Me Baby
05. Juke Joint Blues
06. Come to Mississippi
07. Taxi
08. Let's Dance
09. Gambling Man
10. Dirty Dog
11. Same Thing
12. Another Wish
13. 3 O' Clock 

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Righteous Continental - Psychoactive (2017)

Righteous Continental is all about old school vibe, passion, and energy. It's blues but louder, more relevant, and more energetic. Righteous Continental was originally intended to exist only for a single performance on UConn's WHUS Radio- a live performance of a few tunes on the day that guitarist Ryan Newman and drummer Mitch Igneri met for the very first time, via their mutual friend Tim Leffingwell. By the end of that day, however, the band had recorded the first four tracks of what would become their debut album, Psychoactive. Just over a year later, the trio, along with producer Brian Eldridge, are proud to bring you the fruit of circumstance and hard work. Enjoy.
                                                            Righteous Continental

Beefeaters - Beefeaters (1967)

In this album that is their first, they mix Blues Rock with Psicodelia.

Big Daddy & The Accelerators - Storm Brewin Outside (1998)

An Offering of Tribal Funk, and Low-Down Funky Blues, sure to catch the attention of fans of Jimi Hendrix and James Brown.
                                                       Big Daddy & The Accelerators

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Johnny Big Stone & the Blues Workers - Move On (2014)

Johnny Big Stone & The Blues Workers is a blues band with a lot of experience that has penetrated their DNA. They produce some original songs together with some super covers, all in the vein of West Coast, Jump Blues, Chicago or Texas blues. Think of the classic sounds of Johnny Guitar Watson, Guitar Slim, T-Bone Walker and Big Bill Broonzy. This CD has that raw sound that fans of 50s - 60s blues will simply adore. Johnny's vocals are right down in the trench too, just as they should be. And, the harmonica parts, while not fancy, do add to the whole. A dynamic fusion that rocks the people.
                                                              Johnny Big Stone

Wayne Young - Charcoal Soul (1999)

Wayne Young's diverse career began in 1958 with a local garage band, Chuck Harrod and the Anteaters. In 1959 he joined the Carnations and Trendells. The list of Young's career bands include Cosmo and the Counts, Soul, Inc., Commonground, Wayne Young and Company, The Heavyweights, Midnight Special, The Shufflin' Grand Dads up to his current band, Wayne Young and the New Legends, and of course, the revival of Soul, Inc. Recognized as a superb guitarist throughout the music community, he is often compared to Eric Clapton. Young's diverse career has become a Louisville legend.
                                                             Wayne Young

J.P. Soars & The Red Hots - Live In The Netherlands

Blues guitar slinger, singer and songwriter JP Soars and his Red Hots band documented their first European tour with the sizzling new CD “Live from the Netherland.” It’s a rich collection of varied originals peppered with choice covers such as Soars’ awesomely nasty rendition of Johnny Guitar Watson’s “Gangster of Love.”
                                                                   J.P. Soars

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Matty T.Wall - Blue Skies (2016)

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Matty T. Wall proves his band is indeed a musical force to be reckoned with. With blues and rock at the forefront of his ten track debut album, Blue Skies, Wall interestingly gravitates towards jazz and grunge as well, masterfully concocting his own creative and unique blend of sound. Backed by drummer Jasper Miller and bassist Stephen Walker, both also from Perth, Wall could not ask for a better rhythm section suited for his music. They really make his songs shine.

Wall revs the listener up with hot Texas style electric-blues in the album opener “Burnin’ Up Burnin’ Down”. An energetic cover of Keb Mo’s “Am I Wrong” sweetly follows. Wall delivers the goods on Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chile”. This nearly twelve minute long jam is a soulful and psychedelic treat. The guitar solo is simply amazing. The track “Scorcher” certainly lives up to its name. Here, Wall goes full-on rockabilly, turning his dial to eleven, doling out fast and furious guitar licks. Miller’s performance on drums is simply outstanding. The melodic title track “Blue Skies” is a wonderful listen too. 
                                                                        Matty T.Wall

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The 24th Street Wailers - Wicked (2014)

The 24th Wailers Straight: One fabulous drummer with the great lead vocals. The killer rhythm section, that greasy saxophone, that tasty guitar…

Century upgrade of jumpin’ jivin’ juke joint blues. This time around, the lively Canadians take their music to the great state of Texas for recording purposes. Because Texas understands hot. And it understands fun.
                                                               The 24th Street Wailers

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Big Walter Horton - Big Walter Horton With Carey Bell (1973)

The teacher/pupil angle might be a bit unwieldy here - Bell was already a formidable harpist in his own right by 1972, when Horton made this album - but there's no denying that a stylistic bond existed between the two. A highly showcase for the often recalcitrant harp master, and only his second domestic set as a leader.    
                                                             Big Walter Horton   

The Woodburn Arena Band - Juke Joint

Matt Woodburn was born in Brooklyn, NY 1964. At the age of 13,he was given a fender guitar and amp and a musician was Born. Matt's musical influences at that time were the Rolling Stones which he listened to over and over. This peaked an interest in the blues and R&B/soul. At 17, Matt was already playing professionally with several local acts from New York to Boston.
                                                         The Woodburn Arena Band

The Blue Baron Band - Out Of Blue (2003)

Blues that mixes different styles, among them Funk, Rock,Soul, R & B and Jazz.
                                                                 Blue Baron

Blog removed

It is with great sadness that I note that the blog heygetrhythm.blogspot.com has been removed. For me the best of all in the genre. I hope you come back soon.

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Matt Guitar Murphy - Way Down South (1990)

The dazzling guitarist has recorded very sparingly as a leader over the course of his long career, preferring the relative anonymity of sideman duties behind Memphis Slim, James Cotton, and the Blues Brothers. But he acquits himself most competently here, mixing blues, funk, R&B, and a little jazz into his sparkling fretwork. His brother Floyd Murphy, a Memphis blues guitar legend himself, is on hand for a family reunion.
                                                              Matt Guitar Murphy

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Joe Rusi - A Tout le Monde From (2017)

Digging the horns, awesome piano chops, and of course the guitar licks. Really embodies the gentle and relaxed atmosphere of The Big Easy. Well done guys...well done.
                                                                    Joe Rusi

Duane Allman - An Anthology Vol. 2 (1974)

The session work with other players here isn't quite as good as the material on the first anthology, but An Anthology, Vol. 2 does feature a live cut by Delaney & Bonnie, plus a pair of what were then previously unissued Allman Brothers Band live tracks (among them "Midnight Rider" from the Fillmore East in June 1971). There's another good Duane Allman solo number and a good Hour Glass track ("Been Gone Too Long"), more session work with Aretha Franklin and King Curtis, Ronnie Hawkins ("Matchbox"), Wilson Pickett ("Born to Be Wild"), Johnny Jenkins, Boz Scaggs, Sam Samudio, and Otis Rush. The annotation here isn't as thorough as it was on the first volume, but anyone who owns the first double-CD set will almost certainly have to own this one as well, and for a mid-priced set there's a lot of very good music.
                                                                    Duane Allman

Cedric Lamar - Kingdoms and Tall Grass (2015)

For true lover’s of music, the power of the whole thing hits us all at different times in our lives. For singer/songwriter Cedric Lamar it was while touring around the country as an actor that he discovered his deep passion an unknown talent for songwriting, and decided to plant his roots down in NYC and see how far this new path could take him. As a self-taught singer and guitarist, he would often sit in his room trying to capture the sound that was in his head. Although reminiscent of many different styles, the songs don’t seem to fit into the box of any one genre.
                                                                   Cedric Lamar

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Duane Allman - An Anthology Vol. 1 (1972)

An Anthology is a compilation of recordings featuring guitarist Duane Allman. The double album consists of a selection of songs by various artists that Allman contributed to as a session musician, along with early recordings by his band The Hourglass and his partial-namesake group, The Allman Brothers Band. The album also features rare solo work by the guitarist.
                                                                   Duane Allman

Ivar Avenue Reunion (1970)

                                                            Ivar Avenue Reunion
Fantastic band that appeared practically like an improvisation, and the equipment that composes it already speaks by itself.
In the late 1960s, bassist Neil Merryweather, who played in bands like Mama Lion, C.K. Strong and a respectable solo career, was recording his first record, where a live legend of the harmonica, Charlie Musselwhite, was invited.
Soon after that, they recorded the album Neil Merryweather, John Richardson & Boers. In this album, Merryweather, former Ugly Duckling drummer Robin Boers, guitarist John Richardson (formerly Nucleus and Lords Of London) and pianist JJ Velker, who had left the 49th Parallel. This album did not gain much repercussion.
During this time, they invite keyboardist Barry Goldberg and singer Lynn Carey to record some tracks, in a kind of Jam Session itself, which results in the self titled album of 1970. Basically a blues rock, hard rock and some ballads. An excellent record, uncompromised, but that should be checked.
All of this happened at RCA Studios on Ivar Avenue, where the name of the band is taken. If they have little information, but it's possible they have never played together again, other than Merryweather and Carey who have released several albums together. 

01. Ride Mama Ride (Neil Merryweather, Lynn Carey) - 2:37
02. After While (Otis Spann) - 6:33
03. Magic Fool (John Richardson) - 1:55
04. Fast Train (Lynn Carey, Neil Merryweather) - 3:47
05. My Daddy Was A Jockey (Charlie Musselwhite) - 2:43   
06. Charlotte Brown (Barry Goldberg, Lynn Carey) - 4:00
07. Run, Run Children (Neil Merryweather, Lynn Carey) - 4:20
08. Walkin' Shoes (Barry Goldberg, Neil Merryweather) - 2:31
09. Toe Jam (Barry Goldberg, Neil Merryweather, Charlie Musselwhite, John Richardson, Robin Boers) - 2:29   

- Lynn Carey - female vocals (01,04,06-08)
- Neil Merryweather - vocals (01,07,08), bass, producer
- Charlie Musselwhite - vocals (02,05), harmonica
- John Richardson - guitar
- Barry Goldberg - organ, piano
- Robin Boers - drums
- J.J. Velker - electric piano (01), organ (03,07)
- Louise Di Tullio - flute (06)
- James Decker - French horn (06)
- Sidney George - clarinet (08)
- Morey Alexander - producer

segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2018

Narumo - London Notes (1971)

The solo blues-rock album of the Japanese guitarist, participant "Flied Egg”  and “Strawberry Path” Recorded in London.

01. If Everyone — 3:28
02. She Was A Country Girl — 2:49
03. Remember? — 4:38
04. Running Away From Me — 3:26
05. When Love Comes Knocking — 2:28
06. Everybody Needs A Little Loving — 4:05
07. A Touch Of Moonlight — 3:28
08. It Was Sweet Of You — 4:56
09. Come Out Fighting — 3:58
10. The Road Just Goes On — 3:06
11. Paint Yourself Pretty — 4:41

Shigeru Narumo — guitar
Brian Keith — vocals
Bill Parkinson — guitar
Mike de Albuquerque — bass
Frank Aiello — vocals
Graham Todd — organ, piano
Pete Woolf — drums, percussion
The Pop Arts Quartet — strings
Maria Popkiewicz — backing vocals

Bugs Henderson - Back Bop! The Unreleased '82 Sessions (1999)

Bugs Henderson bears an astounding resemblance to Wilmington guitarist/singer Karl Tutt. That said, let's move on to his record. He's done two things that most musicians dream of. First, he's gone back and remastered some recordings from the distant past. Second, he's included his thoughts on the recording as a final track, "Audio Liner Notes," a spoken narrative just under two minutes long.

Anybody out there ever heard of Bugs Henderson? I know several local pro guitarists who have, yet even these heavy users of recorded music aren't familiar with much of his work. He's a rumor, a legend from the other Coast, and what's reached us ere has all been positive. He's the TrioMaster, the speed king, the guy who can mimic the styles of six different big name guitarists in one 36-bar passage, then do his own thing to show himself their equal as a brilliant improviser.

A couple of the titles on BackBop are familiar, but it's just coincidence. It's not that "Help Me," and it's not that "Ain't Your Daddy's Business." These are all Bugs Henderson originals, and they're all Texas rock from a confident period in the Lone Star State's music history. Sidemen and engineers knew what they were after.

It's a dark sound, menacing when that's Henderson's intent, merely an order to tap one's foot at other times. Not as bouncy and gimmicky as what the Fabulous Thunderbirds were doing at the time and not as emphatic on guitar virtuosity as Stevie Ray's products, but with the same roots. The first few cuts to hook you will probably be "Thief in the Night," "Quicksand" and "Rock and Roll Man." Even after twenty plays, there don't seem to be any bad numbers on this release.

                                                               Bugs Henderson

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Triple Trouble (1984)[Live]

                                                            Stevie Ray Vaughan
1 Testify                     
2 Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)            
3 Mary Had A Little Lamb            
4 Couldn't Stand The Weather             
5 Cold Shot    
6 Pride And Joy

domingo, 11 de março de 2018

Deborah Coleman - Takin' A Stand (1995)

Deborah Coleman's 1994 debut is an extremely hard to find CD as it was done for small label. For fans of Coleman, it is worth seeking out though. Her style at this time not yet fully formed, there's a lot of worthwhile music here with most of it written by Coleman.She would go on to top this effort, without question. However, even a Deborah Coleman still learning the ropes is much better than just about every other artist. Fans will love this.
                                                                      Deborah Coleman

Dream City - Syre Live (1970)

This album is a rarity, it is the Danish band in which was part a fabulous guitarist, Tomrerclaus, great master in his acid wah wah guitar, that at times remembers much Jimi Hendrix. The sound of the band was a Blues with good riffs and psychedelic pinches.
                                                                      Dream City

John Mayall - Lost & Gone (1981)

The compilation Lost and Gone is a retitled reissue of John Mayall's 1981 album Road Show
Blues, originally released by DJM Records in the U.K. At this time, Mayall's backup band
included guitarist/singer James Quill Smith, bassist Kevin McCormick, drummer Soko
Richardson, and singer Maggie Parker. Two cuts, Jimmy Reed's "Baby, What You Want Me to
Do" and Mayall's "Mexico City," were recorded live.
                                                                            John Mayall

Sticky Forks - Sticky Forks (2015)

Blues Band Rock from the middle of Norway. With influences from Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tedeschi Trucks Band and The Allman Brothers Band.
                                                                       Sticky Forks

sábado, 10 de março de 2018

Powder Blues ‎– Swingin' The Blues (2001)

Since the late 70s, Canada's Powder Blues Band has been vibrantly incorporating swing, blues, rock, and R&B into a sound they proudly call their own. They have endlessly toured Canada, the United States and overseas, sharing a music that forces people to smile and dance. The band has won both Juno (Canadian Grammy) and Handy Awards. Unlike their past 10 releases that featured a variety of rhythms, the new CD is composed entirely of big band style tunes. Three originals are included amongst the 11 hoppin' and a boppin' and swangin' tracks.
                                                                       Powder Blues ‎

Heather Gillis Band (2015)

Heather Gillis is the complete package as a guitar player, lap steel player, songwriter, singer and arranger. She and her band have the stage presence and confidence to appeal to a variety of musical tastes be it rock, soul, jazz, roots or gospel.   At 23 years old, Heather has not only formed a following at a local level, but has played alongside and befriended members of the The Allman Brothers Band, Col Bruce Hampton, The Lee Boys, North Mississippi All-Stars, Matt Schofield, and many more. In 2015 Heather was drafted by (legendary Allman Brothers drummer) Butch Trucks to be a member of his touring band, Butch Trucks and the Freight Train Band (2015-2017) Heather’s live shows are energetic and consist of her original music as well as rock, soul, and roots music.   Heather Gillis - Guitar/ Vocals Evan Sarver- Bass Dallas Dawson - Drums Spencer Pope - Organ
                                                                 Heather Gillis Band

Tuff Enuff - Eastbound Train (2005)

Rock/Funk with a heave blues influence. Very original sounding groove music.
Tuff Enuff is a highly original blues band that is now releasing their first professional full package cd called "East Bound Train.". They met over 6 years ago and have creating music ever since. They have showcased their talent at many different venues including but not limited to The Brat Stop, Dick's Last Resort, Cue-N-You, Lake County Fair, The Grotto, The Crossing etc.                                                             
                                                                         Tuff Enuff

Derrick Dove & The Peacekeepers (2018)

Derrick Dove was brought up in a very musical household in South Georgia. He started playing in his dad’s band at 12 and put together his first band when he was 15 years old.

Touring the country since he turned 21, he has shared the stage with Blackberry Smoke, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Tracy Byrd, John Berry and T. Graham Brown, to name a few. His blues/rock band, Derrick Dove & the Peacekeepers, is getting ready to release their debut album.
                                                                    Derrick Dove