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Yvan Guillevic & Anne Sorgues - Do It Your Way (2018)

Guitarist Yvan Guillevic returns after two albums dedicated to his rock influences.

Anne Sorgues, singer and choir director (Gospel Morbihan), is passionate about voice and has dedicated her life to music for a few years. In love with jazz, she sings in the quartet that bears her name.

The album "Do it your way" was written and composed by the two protagonists and synthesizes the two worlds of artists, Anne bringing his touch of jazz and gospel harmonies sometimes rock, sometimes blues or even pop Yvan Guillevic.

For this album, they gather around them the drummer Patrick Boileau, the pianist Franck Le Masle and the bassists Bernard Clémence and Dominique Braud.

                                                                  Yvan Guillevic

The James Cotton Band - High Energy (1975)

    Drums – Kenny Johnson
    Flute – Nancee Sehorn
    Guitar – Steve Hughes, Teddy Royal
    Keyboards – Wardell Quezergue
    Lead Guitar – Mat Murphy
    Lead Vocals, Harmonica – James Cotton
    Piano – James C. Booker
    Saxophone – Shavis Sheriff
    Tenor Saxophone – Alvin Thomas, Lon Price
    Trumpet – Clyde Kerr, Jr., John Longo
                                                            The James Cotton Band

ZZ Top - ZZ Top's First Album (1970)

ZZ Top's First Album is the debut studio album by the American rock band ZZ Top. It was produced by manager Bill Ham, and was released on January 16, 1971, on London Records. Establishing their attitude and humor, ZZ Top incorporated boogie, hard rock, and Southern rock influences into their sound. Thematically, the album is lively, playful and at times brash, filled with the band's personal experiences and sexual innuendos that became central to the group's image. Seeking inspiration from Fleetwood Mac, ZZ Top began recording the album at Robin Hood Studios in Tyler, Texas.
                                                                    ZZ Top

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Barry Goldberg ‎– Two Jews Blues (1969)

                                                              Barry Goldberg
Barry Goldberg was a regular fixture in the white blues firmament of the mid-'60s that seemed to stretch from Chicago to New York. A keyboardist (organ seemed to be his specialty), Barry was an in-demand session man -- he appears with Michael Bloomfield on a Mitch Ryder album, for instance -- along with Al Kooper and his blues-playing contemporary from the original Butterfield band, Mark Naftalin. Goldberg was a member of Charlie Musselwhite's first band, contributing great piano and organ lines to the Stand Back! album (his work on "Cristo Redentor" is moody and introspective, with a strong jazz-inflected feel, while still retaining strong blues roots) and a handful of others throughout the decade.

 Bass – Art* (tracks: 6), David Hood (tracks: 1 to 5, 8), Don MacCallister* (tracks: 7, 9)
 Drums – Eddie Hoh
 Guitar – Duane Allman (tracks: 8), Eddie Hinton (tracks: 1), Harvey Mandel (tracks: 6, 9), Mike    Bloomfield (tracks: 2 to 5)
 Harmonica – Charles Musselwhite*
 Horns – Soulville Horns (tracks: 2, 3, 6)
 Organ, Piano, Vocals – Barry Goldberg
 Producer – Barry Goldberg, Lewis Merenstein

Jerry Beach Band - I'll Play The Blues For You (1997)

Jerry Beach is a singer-guitarist from Shreveport, Louisiana. He has played professionally since the early 1960?s and has played with Wilson Pickett, Jerry Lee Lewis and the The Ike & Tina Turner Revue. Jerry penned of one of the most famous blues songs ever written, “I’ll Play the Blues for You” made famous by Albert King. It was nominated for a Grammy and has been recorded by many artists. Jerry is a member of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

01. Cutin' Up (2:18)
02. Roadrunner (3:21)
03. Some Kind Of Wonderful (4:07)
04. All By Myself (3:35)
05. Don't Tell Me 'bout The Blues (4:37)
06. She Loves My Automobile (3:26)
07. Old Red Guitar (4:00)
08. Seeds & Stems (4:09)
09. Ooh Poo Pah Doo (5:23)
10. St. James Infirmary (5:48)
11. Victim Of The Blues (6:20)
12. Take You Higher (4:30)
13. I'll Play The Blues For You (5:50)
                                                              Jerry Beach Band

True Blues - We mean blues!

The True Blues were born in 2003 from the meeting between the harmonicist Max Furio (expert on the blues) and the bassist Stefano Piccirillo; after some time we add the drummer Patrizio Buonaiuto, but the training settles only in 2013 with the entry into the group of guitarist Antonio Alfano.
From this point on, the sound of True Blues specializes in the typical sounds of the purest and true Chicago blues, thanks to the groove of a solid rhythmic base and the presence of virtuous interludes of harmonica that, in a moment, seem to recall those places overseas where the blues wind still blows strong; The repertoire, in fact, ranges from the classics of Muddy Waters to Jimmy Reed, from T-Bone Walker to Freddie King.
The individual musicians, as well as having had experience in the most important Italian clubs, and not, have important participation in the various blues reviews and major national bluesfestival including the Pistoia Blues Festival, Liri Blues Festival (with Kenny Neal and Billy Branch), Macchiablues and Priorablues, playing alongside great international artists such as Creedence Clearwater Revived, Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater, S.Pedro Slim, Kid Kreole, Mick Martin and Bluesrockers, Rudy Rotta. In 2016 they open for Lurrie Bell at the Campania Blues Festival (Salerno).
Always very active in the clubs of Campania managing to total up to 60 dates per year. In January 2017 the publication of the CD "We mean blues".

                                                                 True Blues

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Vanja Sky - Bad Penny (2018)

Sky picked up the guitar just five years ago, inspired by an evening visit to a live music venue near her hometown of Buzet. "It was crazy," she laughs. "There was a special energy in the air. I can't even describe it. I decided I wanted to play guitar right then and there – and when I decide something, I just have to do it." Jump ahead to the year 2017. Faster than she could ever have imagined, Sky is now making a record with some of the biggest names in the blues business. Her first stop is Bessie Blues Studios in Stantonville, Tennessee, the home base of Grammy-winning producer Jim Gaines. There, she records the sizzling, Luther Allison-penned roadhouse blues "Low Down and Dirty" together with fellow guitarists Mike Zito and Bernard Allison. A short time later, she reconvenes with Zito and a cast of experienced session players to record another eleven tunes. The result is her debut Bad Penny – an album of modern electric blues with a straightforward, rock'n'roll attitude.
                                                                   Vanja Sky

Philip Sayce - Scorched Earth Vol. 1 (Live) (2016)

The album opens with Philip playing a stripped down version of “Steamroller,” which then flows into the adrenaline rush of “Powerful Thing.” “Blues Ain’t Nothing But A Good Woman On Your Mind” from Influence is next and is crunchy, dirty, rocking blues. “Standing Around Crying” follows morphing into “Aberystwyth,” which has become a live staple. It’s a perfect example of a good studio track that becomes great in the live environment as Sayce really spreads his wings and lets loose with guitar wizardry. The funky groove of “Beautiful” from the Steamroller album is next and again, this is a track that works really well in the live environment. The same can be said for “A Mystic.” Then Sayce continues with “Out Of My Mind” from Influence, which is a ripping barnburner paying tribute to Jimi Hendrix. Scorched Earth closes with “Alchemy,” Sayce’s signature instrumental. It’s a smooth conclusion to a firestorm of an album.
                                                                   Philip Sayce

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Buddy Guy - A Man And The Blues (1968)

                                                                  Buddy Guy
A Man and the Blues is the second studio album by blues guitarist Buddy Guy that was recorded in 1968 and released on Vanguard Records.

Buddy Guy - solo guitar, vocals
Otis Spann - piano
Wayne Bennett - rhythm guitar
Jack Myers - bass
Donald Hankins, Aaron Corthen, Bobby Fields - saxophones
Lonny Taylor, Fred Below - drums

Samuel Charters - Producer

1. "A Man and the Blues" Buddy Guy 6:17
2. "I Can't Quit the Blues" Buddy Guy 3:15
3. "Money (That's What I Want)" Berry Gordy, Janie Bradford 2:49
4. "One Room Country Shack" Mercy Dee Walton 5:35
5. "Mary Had a Little Lamb" Traditional Lyrics, Music by Guy 2:27
6. "Just Playing With My Axe" Buddy Guy 2:50
7. "Sweet Little Angel" B.B. King 5:35
8. "Worry, Worry" Pluma Davis, Jules Taub 6:14

9. "Jam on a Monday Morning" Buddy Guy

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Sugar Brown - Poor Lazarus (2015)

As a recent Saturday Night Live sketch taught viewers worldwide, there’s heartache, and then there’s heartache. Musicians sing the blues about cheating lovers, drudgery, and being broke and hungry, not about their fantasy football team behaving in the manner of a vacuum. That’s why this magazine’s favorite genre has stood the test of time, right into the second decade of the 21st century. Canada’s Sugar Brown, real name Dr. Ken Kawashima, knows this well and seeks to preserve a pre-1950’s oeuvre in his newest album. Poor Lazarus contains five covers of the old blues masters, including songs by Frankie Lee Sims, R.L. Burnside, and Tom Waits. In his own right, Sugar Brown and his band have composed six original numbers, out of fourteen. The other three are original arrangements of classic tunes, including the title track.
                                                                   Sugar Brown                  

Shakey Vick - Little Woman You're So Sweet (1969)

English band formed in 1968 in Birmingham frontman Graham Vickery (aka Shakey Vick). Shakey Vick started playing blues harmonica in the late fifties. In 1963, he formed his first band, teaming up with Chris Youlden. In 1967, Vic gathered "Big City Blues Band" and began performing in clubs in London, including the "Marquee". During this period, he has worked with many American artists, including "Champion" Jack Dupree, Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, Johnny Shines. Around this same time, he received an offer to join the "Savoy Brown", but he was forced to withdraw as the band's manager Harry Simmonds was able to offer only half that sum, which required him to maintain his wife and child. He played a few gigs with the "Savoy Brown" and continued to work with the "Big City Blues Band". In 1969 it was renamed the "Shakey Vick" and the label "Janus" was recorded first album "Little Woman You're So Sweet".
                                                                Shakey Vick

David Bray - Walk With Me (2008)

"Guitar for your Soul", woven into a colorful blend of rock-jazz fusion, funk, and blues, and interlaced with tasteful lyrics.
                                                                  David Bray

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The Climax Chicago Blues Band - The Climax Chicago Blues Band (1969)

Classic Brittish blues, this album is only rivaled by Fleetwood Mac's first lp, as with that album Haycock goes lick for lick with Peter Green, and the result is some of the more authentic sounding Chicago blues to come from the Brits at this time, contempories, Savoy Brown and John Mayall rivaled the close second to these two bands. Mean Old World, Insurance, Don't Start Me Talking, have some slick solos, short and sweet,something Clapton had yet to hone, who engaged in some longer jams and tended to lose the blues edge found here.
                                                       The Climax Chicago Blues Band

Willie Willis - 'Blues', food for the Soul (1989)

Dallas bluesman William "Willie" Willis didn't receive too many grand opportunities in his career until fairly late in his life. As for the first 50 years of singing, playing, and bandleading, Willis would be described as someone who had never really made it, not only as a bandleader and sideman, but as a barber and mortician as well. These were two other careers that he trained for but found wanting, the former because there were no customers, and the latter because it made him nervous. As for music, which could provide either or both drawbacks, Willis has similar influences as Chuck Berry, meaning a combination of traditional blues and country & western.
The Willis brood was in the two-digit range, but only one of his sisters played music. The pressure coming from behind her perch on the piano bench and from his mother was for him to get in on any and all church-going serenading opportunities. The blues won in this classic battle of good and evil, repeated like a mantra in almost every biography from the genre. Speaking of mantras, Willis remembers the first song he learned to play being "Boogie Chillun" by John Lee Hooker, inspiring female schoolmates to bribe him to play it endlessly with piles of peanut butter sandwiches. These musical influences, Hooker and peanut butter, would have to be combined with hillbilly music for a realistic Willis table of contents.
                                                                      Willie Willis

Bill Flood - Trust Somebody (2008)

Some blues songs, and a combination of blues, rock, country and soul from humorous to serious.
                                                                   Bill Flood

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Lava Lamp and Hot Lava - Da Blues (2015)

Cool spaced out Blues Rock.

1. Cool Lava
2. Rollin' Blues
3. Da Blues
4. Ripen Me
5. Rollerbump
6. The Victor
7. No Exit 

                                                      Lava Lamp and Hot Lava               

Al Andablues Band - Spanish Blues (2011)

                                                              Al Andablues Band
Juán Cárdenas (Batería), Antonio García (guitarra), Pedro Torres (Bajo) y Carlos Jiménez (Voz y guitarra).

01 - El Blues Del Adios
02 - Entre Copas
03 - El Rock & Roll Es Un Colchón
04 - Old Blues
05 - Spanish Blues
06 - Blues Quedate Donde Estes
07 - Hartos De No Trabajar
08 - Na Na Ni Na Ne!!

Tadeusz Nalepa - Najstarszy Zawod Swiata. (1995)

Tadeusz Nalepa (born on August 26, 1943 in Zgłobień, died on March 4, 2007 in Warsaw) - Polish composer, guitarist, vocalist, harmonica player and songwriter. He graduated from the music school in Rzeszów in the classes of violin, clarinet and double bass. He received a distinction in the category of duets at the II "Festival of Young Talents" in Szczecin in 1963 together with Mira Kubasińska, his later wife. On January 9, 1964, they married in the Civil Registry Office in Wałbrzych. In 1965 he founded the Blackout group. Initially, together with the band, he performed standards from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones repertoire, and in time he began to compose music for the texts of the poet Bogdan Loebl. The first concert of the band took place on September 3, 1965 in Rzeszów club "Łącznościowiec". Tadeusz Nalepa recorded with this band a full-length Blackout album and six smaller releases. The band existed until the end of 1967. In 1968, he founded the Breakout group. The band existed for 13 years and recorded 10 albums. In 1982, Nalepa made his debut as a soloist in the "Gwardia" Hall in Warsaw in the "Rock-Blok" concert. In 1982 he recorded a CD for Izabela Trojanowska. In 1983 a regular composition of the accompanying group was formed, including (besides T. Nalepa): Ryszard Olesiński (guitar), Andrzej Nowak (guitar), Bogdan Kowalewski (bass), Marek Surzyn (drums). In this composition he played until 1983. On May 25, 1985, Tadeusz Nalepa reactivated the Breakout band on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of his stage activity.
                                                                Tadeusz Nalepa

Mint Jam - What You Need (2008)

Mint Jam follows in the tradition of the 60's and 70's rock power trios. The guitarist, Gabe Condon, recipient of a 2008 Outstanding Performance award from Downbeat Magazine, incorporates his jazz, blues and rock sensibilities into each performance.
                                                                        Mint Jam

Chicago Slim Blues Band - Love Me, Or, I'll Kill Ya! (1979)

"The boys in the band like a direct romantic approach to the blues. Read the song titles. They also like play Chicagoblues with a lot of amplified harp and slide guitar. In fact, the boys have been playing their blues that way since the late '50s, when they first sat in on South Side club dates with Muddy, Wolf and Johnny Young to name only a few of theold blues masters. Slim uses o 200 foot cord with his harp because he likes to get close to his audience, or on top ofthe bar. Slim says certain notes were meant to played up high. Forget the cheap imitators who learned their songs secondhand. The Chicago Slim Blues Band live and play the blues all the time. Quite simply the Chicago Slim Blues band is the best 3/4-white blues band in Chicago, maybe anywhere. There is certainly no other band like them. As the boys in the band and Barrelhouse say, 'Better Buy This Record!''

                                                              Chicago Slim Blues Band

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Beautiful Bobby Blackmon - Yeah Baby! Chillin' With The Blues (2011)

Blackmon is originally from Athens, Texas, which is a small town outside of Dallas. He attended Texas Southern University and has worked a number of sales jobs over the past 25 years while pursuing his music career. Blackmon currently resides in central Florida, where he has made a name for himself in and around the Orlando area. He is widely known as one of the best local live blues acts and regularly performs at BB King’s blues club in Orlando. Blackmon plays a southern blues style that incorporates some elements of soul and classic R&B. He has three albums available, which are Travelin’ Home, I’m Dialing 911, and Yeah Baby – Chillin’ With the Blues. His latest album was released in 2011 and has entertained some modest success. The single I’ll Show You What I Got has been featured on Sirius/XM Radio’s blues station. After Yeah Baby – Chillin’ With the Blues was released in 2011, Living Blues Magazine writer David Whiteis reviewed is by saying, “His band is tight and funkified…Blackmon’s gift shines even more brightly on ballads…passion, emotional honesty, musicianship, and taste, you can’t do much better than that.”
Writer Thomas J Cullen III echoed those remarks later that year when he wrote, “it’s a tight band..Blackmon has a strong, supple tenor voice and his guitar playing is crisp, fluid, stinging and remind me of Little Milton and Mighty Joe Young…Blackmon has the chops to become a major player in the modern blues-soul pantheon.”
                                                      Beautiful Bobby Blackmon

John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - Plays John Mayall (1965)

                                                                 John Mayall
John Mayall Plays John Mayall is the debut album by John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, released in 1965. This album was recorded live at Klooks Kleek on 7 December 1964.



John Mayall - Vocals, harmonica, cembalett, organ, 9 string guitar
Roger Dean - Guitar
John McVie - Bass guitar
Hughie Flint - Drums
Nigel Stanger - Saxophone

  1. "Crawling Up a Hill" (John Mayall) - 2:21
  2. "I Wanna Teach You Everything" (Mayall) - 3:05
  3. "When I'm Gone" (Smokey Robinson) - 3:08
  4. "I Need Your Love" (Walter Spriggs, Willie Spriggs) - 4:08
  5. "The Hoot Owl" (Mayall) - 2:35
  6. "R&B Time" - Consisting of "Night Train" (Jimmy Forrest, Lewis C. Simpkins, Oscar Washington) / "Lucille" (Al Collins, Richard Penniman) - 2:15
  7. "Crocodile Walk" (Mayall) - 2:26
  8. "What's the Matter with You" (Mayall) - 2:34
  9. "Doreen" (Mayall) - 2:46
  10. "Runaway" (Mayall)- 2:25
  11. "Heartache" (Mayall) - 2:57
  12. "Chicago Line" (Mayall) - 4:10


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Mike Westcott - Live at Vincent's (2008)

Mike Westcott's Blues On Board is Virtuoso Guitar Playing and Vocals from the soul, it's Blues With Bite. As three-time International Blues Challenge semifinalists, BMI recording artist, Mike Westcott's Blues On Board continue to explore and expand the boundaries of the hard-driving blues rock tradition. Along with Mike Westcott's award winning Guitar Playing and two time Washington Area Music Association's "Best Blues Band" nominees his "Guitar Show" enjoys a well-deserved reputation for consistently delivering powerful, memorable live performances -- whether for 50 patrons in an intimate venue or for 350,000 raucous festival-goers. Mike's expert songwriting, soulful voice and virtuoso guitar work remain the trademark of this rising force in the east-coast music scene. While unafraid to display the influence of those guitar greats that have gone before him, Mike Westcott's music has something original to say, and does so with a style and energy that is distinctly his own. Mike Westcott's Blues On Board Guitar Show have performed numerous Music festivals. Here is just a taste of some of the performances. 2 time performer at the Bele Chere Music Festival in Asheville, NC. Sharing stages with Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Foghat, Debra Coleman, Gov't Mule and others. 2 time performer at the Garlic Festival in Delray Beach, FL. Sharing stages with The Allan Parsons project, Little Feat, the Gin Blossoms, and Dickey Betts cofounder of the Allman Brothers Band. 2 time Performer at the Frederick, MD, Blues Festival. Sharing Stages with Delbert McClinton, Deanna Bogart, Janine Wilson, and more. The Washington DC BBQ Battle on the mall. Sharing Stages with The Holmes Brothers, Maria Muldaur, and The Nighthawks. The Washington, DC Blues Festival with Saffire the Uppity Blues Women, and Kandy Kane What the Press is Saying: Blueswalker rootstime.
                                                                Mike Westcott

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Roy Buchanan & Joey Welz - Shake, Rattle & Roy (2013)

                                                                 Roy Buchanan
Roy Buchanan's reputation as a hot-shot guitarist extends back to the beginnings of rock & roll itself. And, this CD reflects those early influences. Roy Buchanan has long been considered one of the finest, yet criminally overlooked guitarists of the blues rock genre whose lyrical leads and use of harmonics would later influence such guitar greats as Jeff Beck, his one-time student Robbie Robertson and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons. "...Some of the best playing I've ever heard..." -Jeff Beck. In addition, Joey Welz played piano for Bill Haley and His Comets. Before becoming a comet in the 60s, he was the worlds first rockabilly piano man (before Jerry Lee).

1.   Rockin' The Country

2.   Johnny B. Goode

3.   Southern Country Rock And Roll

4.   Treat Her Right

5.   Big Boss Man

6.   Jammin' With Roy

7.   Haunted House

8.   Money

9.   Shake, Rattle & Roll

10. Blue Suede Shoes

11. Slippin' And Slidin'

12. Runaway

13. Boll Weevil Blues

14. Come Go With Me

15. Peggy Sue

16. Ya Ya

Roy Buchanan - Guitar

Joey Welz - Piano & Vocals

Shorty Horton - Bass

Doug Wray - Drums

The Blues Project - Reunion in Central Park (1973)

Considering the acrimony with which the original lineup had broken up six years earlier -- Tommy Flanders (who wasn't even here for this event) stomping out at the end of the group's beginning and Al Kooper cast out in an internal hijacking at the beginning of its end -- this ranks as one of the most artistically successful reunions in blues or rock. The participants are all on the same page and, to judge from the evidence of this recording, in the same groove from beginning to end. The rocking numbers like "You Can't Catch Me" work the best, but tracks like "Steve's Song" and "Louisiana Blues" are equally rewarding. If there were any personality conflicts, they don't show, and while Kooper and Danny Kalbare in the best position to shine, everyone acquits themselves well, and the quintet creates a truly long-lasting concert document of their work. Most important, the members seem to respect their own past -- and re-create it with spontaneity and energy. And the sound quality is first-rate as well.
                                                                             The Blues Project

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The Carvin Jones - I'm What You Need (2006)

Carvin began touring Europe in 1999. He has performed with the likes of Buddy Miles, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore, John Mayell, Jimmie Vaughn, Ten Years After, Eric Burden and The Animals. In 2007, Carvin and his band opened for the legendary Walter Trout - twice - with rave revews! He has made many appearances on European Television and has regular airplay on several Blues dedicated radio shows throughout Europe. Carvin regularly headlines many European Blues Festivals - including The Pokey Hole Festival (UK), Skegness Rock & Blues Festival (UK), The Warrenpoint Festival (Ireland), Bejar Blues Festival (Spain), Colne Blues Festival (UK), and several others throughout Italy, Spain, Germany, & Holland. 
                                                                              The Carvin Jones

Alexander - Play To Win (1995)

He aptly handles all guitar, vocals, writing and arranging, while featuring Keith Dunn on harmonica, John Gerriste on drums and Peter Wassenaar on the upright bass. Background vocals are also provided. Alexander started to travel the "blues road" in 1969, joining Rod Piazza for seven years. For the next two years, he played with the legendary Aces of Chicago. With this experience, Alexander has not only become a fine bluesman, but understands the hard and winding crossroads of the blues. This recording is dedicated to Louis Myers, who passed along his blond Gibson 335 (a constant companion for 25 years) to Alexander. This CD has the blues integrity to turn things upside down.
1.   Sugar Mama
2.   V8 Cadillac
3.   Play To Win
4.   Steal Away
5.   Hucklebuck
6.   Got To Get Right
7.   Going Back To Amsterdam
8.   Blues Train
9.   Easy Baby
10. The Drive

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Daniel Castro - Live At The Saloon (2003)

 Moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1995, Daniel formed The Daniel Castro Band and quickly became a hot draw in the burgeoning local blues scene. In 1999, Daniel recorded his first release, No Surrender, followed in 2003 with Live at The Saloon, a double CD recorded at San Franciscos oldest bar and mecca for the blues faithful. Both CDs highlight the talents of Daniels playing, songwriting, and arranging and feature stellar performances by some of the Bay Areas best sidemen.
                                                                              Daniel Castro

Jeff Beck - Truth (1968)

                                                             Jeff Beck
Truth is the debut album by Jeff Beck, released in 1968 in the United Kingdom on Columbia Records and in the United States on Epic Records. It introduced the talents of his backing band the Jeff Beck Group, specifically Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood.

 Side one

1."Shapes of Things" Jim McCarty, Keith Relf, Paul Samwell-Smith 3:22
2."Let Me Love You" Jeffrey Rod 4:44
3."Morning Dew" Bonnie Dobson 4:40
4."You Shook Me" Willie Dixon, J. B. Lenoir 2:33
5."Ol' Man River" Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II 4:01

Side two

1."Greensleeves" Traditional 1:50
2."Rock My Plimsoul" Jeffrey Rod 4:13
3."Beck's Bolero" Jimmy Page 2:54
4."Blues Deluxe" Jeffrey Rod 7:33
5."I Ain't Superstitious" Willie Dixon 4:53

2005 reissue bonus tracks

11."I've Been Drinking" (stereo mix) Jeffrey Rod 3:25
12."You Shook Me" (take 1) Willie Dixon, J. B. Lenoir 2:31
13."Rock My Plimsoul" (stereo mix of single version) Jeffrey Rod 3:42
14."Beck's Bolero" (mono single mix) Jimmy Page 3:11
15."Blues Deluxe" (take 1) Jeffrey Rod 7:31
16."Tallyman" Graham Gouldman 2:46
17."Love Is Blue" André Popp, Pierre Cour, Brian Blackburn 2:57
18."Hi Ho Silver Lining" (stereo mix)

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Johnny Copeland - Ain't Nothin' But A Party (1988)

Johnny Copeland was one the best blues guitar players who even a lot of blues lovers didn't know much, if anything about. Like most blues greats, he was at his best on stage. This is an excellent example of his fine guitar work, not to mention his unique vocal style. About the only thing wrong with this disc is it's length, a little under 40 minutes, probably because it was issued on vinyl first.
                                                                    Johnny Copeland

Chicken Shack - 40 Blue Fingers, Freshly Packed and Ready to Serve (1968)

If one can overlook Stan Webb's hyperventilating vocal excesses (which ain't easy), this is a promising debut, especially noteworthy for Webb's Freddie King-inspired guitar sting and Christine Perfect's understated vocals (only two, unfortunately compared to Webb's six). Webb does justice to his mentor with two instrumentals, King's "San-Ho-Zay" and his own "Webbed Feet," and Perfect proves the ideal counterpart -- one of the few pianists paying homage to King's longtime collaborator Sonny Thompson. Nice spare sound, typical of Mike Vernon's Blue Horizon label.
                                                                                Chicken Shack

Tomcat Courtney - Sundown San Diego (2004)

                                                                  Tomcat Courtney
Born in 1929, bluesman Tomcat Courtney shows no signs of slowing down. While growing up in Texas, his pianist father owned a nightclub frequented by blues legends like Sonny Boy Williamson. Courtney pursued tap dancing and began to perform in places like the Barnum And Bailey Circus and other type traveling shows and he also began to sing as well, After learning guitar, he fell easily into the rhythm of the traditional Delta blues groove of his most admired musicians, like BB King and Lightnin’ Hopkins.


01. Downville Road 03:13
02. Somewhere In San Diego 03:33
03. The Things You Do For Me 04:20
04. Boogie Dancing Mama 04:01
05. Slim Answers The Phone 04:28
06. I Can't Find My Baby 03:13
07. Dog Eat Dog 05:40
08. Hollywood Dreams 03:08
09. Blues At Midnight 04:27
10. Crack House On The Corner 04:12
11. Drag Queen 03:18
12. Let Me Hang My Key 03:21

13. Midget Man 04:06

Willie Dixon - Mighty Earthquake and Hurricane

This is one of Willie Dixon's best recordings ever. I'd put 10 stars on it if I could. I had the pleasure of seeing him open for John Lee Hooker at the Wax Museaum in Washington DC, and I rushed out to buy every Willie Dixon album, yes, vinyl, I could get my hands on. This one flows like honey on a warm day, and it IS as powerful as a mighty earthquake and a hurricane! Such as , "We can crush any country in a matter of weeks/but it don't make sense/we can't make peace." Or Flamin' Mamie in hell "got the little devils runnin up and down the walls/screamin save us daddy/she gonna love us all." Oh, the concert...Willie had two sons in the band and played this album front to back, then did all the songs Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters made famous back to back! And John Lee Hooker put us too sleep, the energy drop was so pronounced.
                                                                          Willie Dixon

The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation - Doctor Dunbar's Prescription (1969)

The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation's second album was much the same as their first, offering competent late-'60s British blues, given a slightly darker cast than was usual for the style via Victor Brox's somber vocals. Like their debut, it was dominated by original material, and as on its predecessor, the compositions were rather routine blues-rock numbers, though they benefited from arrangements by highly skilled players. The best of these tracks were the ones that utilized Brox's gloomy, almost gothic organ, if only because it made them stand out more among the company of the many similar bands recording in the prime of the British blues boom.
                                                                            Aynsley Dunbar

quarta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2018

Ted Taylor - Be Ever Wonderful

Taylor was born in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, and moved to California in 1952. He became a member of the Mighty Clouds of Joy gospelgroup, before joining the Santa Monica Soul Seekers as a tenor singer.
                                                                    Ted Taylor

John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - Crusade (1967)

Crusade is the fourth album and third studio album by the British blues rock band John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, released on 1 September 1967 on Decca Records. It was the follow-up to A Hard Road, also released in 1967. As with their two previous albums, Crusade was produced by Mike Vernon. The album was the first recordings of the then-18-year-old guitarist, Mick Taylor.
                                                               John Mayall

Johnny Oskam - In My Shadow (2017)

Drawing his influence from the likes of blues greats such as Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan, as well as rock acts from Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin to Soundgarden and Rival Sons and everything in between, Johnny Oskam fuses together elements of rock and blues from all over the spectrum to form an altogether original sound. The most notable feature of this young, undiscovered talent is his songwriting ability, which easily competes with the top writers of today's industry. His songs can be hard-hitting and heavy, yet dynamic and soulful at the same time. His influences can be heard in all of his songs, but he is by no means just a derivative. Oskam adds his own creative soul to everything he does. His music also contains a spiritual element that is undeniable. Some young guys write songs to get chicks, but this young man has a truly honest and real soul.
                                                                    Johnny Oskam

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John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - A Hard Road (1967)

A Hard Road is the third album (and second studio album) recorded by John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers released in 1967. It features Peter Green on lead guitar, John McVie on bass, Aynsley Dunbar on drums and John Almond on saxophone. Tracks 5, 7 and 13 feature the horn section of Alan Skidmore and Ray Warleigh. Peter Green sings lead vocals on "You Don't Love Me" and "The Same Way".
                                                                      John Mayall