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Lil' Ed And The Blues Imperials ‎– Roughhousin' (1986)

Lil' Ed Williams's Chicago slide guitar is the dirtiest fun to be had since the passing of Hound Dog Taylor and his uncle, J. B. Hutto. Williams and his band learned the ropes in West Side dives, and their three hours in the studio one night in 1986 resulted in first takes that mirror their club wildness. The Roughhousin' session came about when label head Bruce Iglauer was floored by the band's wild one-song contribution to the Alligator anthology titled The New Bluebloods.
                                                                                                         Lil' Ed

S.A. Harris - Blues De'Ville (2016)

S.A. Harris's third album, Blues De’Ville, is all about keepin’ the blues alive by showcasing the vintage tube tone of the Blues De’Ville guitar amplifier. 11 Great Tracks that are the very essence of Blues Rock!
                                                                           S.A. Harris

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats - You Asked For It Live!

Every night that award-winning harmonica player, singer and songwriter Rick Estrin and his cohorts The Nightcats perform live wherever in the world that may be a crowd of dancing, shouting and cheering people will be enjoying some of the best live music they've ever heard. On one of these nights October 5, 2013, at San Francisco's Biscuits And Blues the proceedings were captured live. The result is Rick Estrin & The Nightcats' irresistible new release, YOU ASKED FOR IT...LIVE!. The band was, as they always are, on fire. The hometown, sell-out crowd was ready to explode, and the front man was celebrating his birthday. According to Estrin, ''Cutting loose and stretching out in an intimate, nightclub-type setting is the natural environment for the Nightcats to kick maximum ass. The fact that it was my birthday, in the town where I was born and raised, only added more fuel to the fire.''
                                                                                   Rick Estrin & The Nightcats

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Rory Gallagher - Deuce (1971)

Deuce was recorded at Tangerine Studios in Dalston with Gerry McAvoy on bass guitar and Wilgar Campbell on drums and percussion. The engineer was Robin Sylvester and it was produced by Rory Gallagher. In order to capture the feeling of a live performance that Gallagher wanted, he would often record immediately before or after live performances while keeping production at a minimum.
                                                                  Rory Gallagher

The Snyders & Denny Snyder - The Snyders 2012

In the summer of 2011, blues artist Denny Snyder (aka Southside Denny) decided to include two of his three children in his band’s live concert presentation. At just 12 years of age, his daughter Lorrie had already appeared on two songs of Snyder’s eighth album (Full Circle, 2009, winner of blues album of the year in Québec for 2010), and performed at various festivals with him in the summers of 2009 and 2010 (including the Salon du Guitare of the Montréal Jazz Festival, Mont Tremblant Blues Festival, the Canadian Guitar festival and many others). And already since that time, she not only sings, but has taken up the electric bass. Lorrie is the bassist in her secondary high school jazz band, and of course holds down the bottom end for the Snyders. The addition of her voice in the band breathes a whole new life into her father’s blues. 
Denny’s son, Philip Snyder, who began playing the drums at 3 years old is already a drum and percussion veteran at age 11. He first performed with his father at the Boite à Chansons de L’Assomption in October of 2010, and last August played both the caron and drum set in his father’s shows in Québec and in the U.S. 
                                                                          The Snyders

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The Fat James Band - Live at the Central (1995)

                                                                 The Fat James Band
Bass Guitar – Tracy Arrington
Drums – Chip Hart
Guitar, Vocal – Fat James
Keyboards – Dave Cashin

1 Let The Good Times Roll
2 I Came For Your Daughter
3 Too Much Seconal
4 Buddy, Buddy Friends
5 I Feel So Bad
6 I Think She Likes Me
7 Rock Me Baby
8 Messin' With The Kid
9 Just A Little Bit
10 Flip, Flop And Fly
11 She's Gone

Blue Heart - Blue Heart (2011)

                                                                      Blue Heart
Blues Rock:

1 I Need a Woman

2 Devil In the Bottle

3 Let’s Have Some Fun

4 Give Me a Hand

5 Back To the City

6 Crossroads

7 My Mind

8 Decieved

9 Going Down

10 No Words To Say

11 I got my Pistols

Cuby And The Blizzards - Live '68 (1969)

This record is the story of how Cuby and the Blizzards stormed their way through Düsseldorf.
This record is part of the story of a very fine Blues band.
A Bluesband, which has devoted itself, despite many defficulties, to developing a love amoungst its people for a people's music. A band, which lives as it plays: simply and directly.
For this is not a specialist music- Cuby and the Blizzards proved by getting their discs into the Chart-a music to collect and occasionally bring out for exceptionally privileged listeners.
This is music for everyone. It would not do well in an intellectual deepfreeze.
Harry's singing and harmonica playing, Eelco's guitar playing,- especially on "Five long years'- and all those things from Herman, Jaap and Dick, they are way above freezing point.
                                                                 Cuby And The Blizzards

Rory Gallagher (1971)

After practicing with Jimi Hendrix's band Noel ReddingMitch Mitchell and Belfast musicians Gerry McAvoy and Wilgar Campbell at a practice room in Fulham Road, the newly formed band with McAvoy and Campbell got underway recording in Advision Studios. With his first solo album Gallagher continued in the eclectic style that had exemplified his first band Taste. The album begins with "Laundromat" which was to become a regular number in his live set. A blues rock song with a classic Gallagher riff, the song was inspired by the public laundromat located in the basement of his flat where he lived at the time in Earls Court. The next song, "Just the Smile", is an acoustic number that was inspired by the British folk revival. It shows the influence of some of Gallagher's favorite English folk musicians such as Richard ThompsonDavy Graham, and Bert Jansch. (Gallagher would later go on to record with Jansch.) "I Fall Apart" has a jazz feel to it and features a guitar solo that starts slow and introspective and builds to a powerful climax. The next two songs, "Hands Up" and "Sinner Boy", were again blues rock and would also become standard numbers for his live show. "Wave Myself Goodbye" is another acoustic number, a talking blues song featuring New Orleans style piano provided by Vincent Crane from the band Atomic Rooster (Rory's brother Donal had been acting as tour manager for them). Gallagher plays saxophone in the next song, a jazz number called "Can't Believe It's True". Also recorded at the time were two blues classics, Muddy Waters' "Gypsy Woman" and "It Takes Time" by Chicago blues legend Otis Rush. Muddy Waters was a teenage hero for Gallagher; they ultimately collaborated on Muddy Waters' album The London Muddy Waters Sessions. Although these songs were left off the original album they were included in the CD release.
                                                                Rory Gallagher

B.B. King - Take a Swing With Me

 1 Fine Looking Woman 2:20
2 Highway Bound 2:45
3 Dark In The Night, Pt.1 2:36
4 Dark In The Night, Pt.2 2:43
5 Boogie Rock 3:04
6 Don't Have To Cry 3:16
7 Let's Do The Boogie 2:25
8 Praying To The Lord 2:48
9 Talkin' The Blues 2:20
10 You Didn't Want Me 2:34
11 Please Help Me 3:14
12 You Don't Know 2:25
                                                                            B.B. King


New York 1975 

Live at The Bottom Line, New York; January 25, 1975 (second night). Very good to excellent FM broadcast.
“As a teenager living on Chicago’s North Shore, Michael Bloomfield ventured downtown to seek out the patriarchs of Chicago blues - Muddy Waters, Albert KIng and others - and learned their guitar techniques firsthand.” From The Paul Butterfield Blues Band to Electric Flag to his solo works, not to mention the 1968 Super Session with Al Kooper and Stephen Stills, Bloomfield was certainly a musician who had gone too soon when he died in 1981 at the age 37.
                                                               Michael Bloomfield

Canned Heat - Illinois Blues (Live) 1973

The Heat get down and dirty in Illinois on this vintage live album recorded in support of the group’s 9th studio album, the 1973 classic The New Age!

CH stalwarts Bob Hite, Henry Vestine, and Fito de la Parra are joined by Bob’s younger brother Richard on bass, guitarist James Shane, and keyboardist Ed Beyer for smoking hot versions of blues classics “Shake, Rattle And Roll,” “So Long Wrong,” “Goodbye For Now” and more!
                                                                       Canned Heat

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Billy Stapleton feat. Mark Dufresne - Got To Be A Love (2000)

Got to Be a Love is a superlative album by a talented genius who has hitherto been criminally overlooked on the international stage. The phenomenal guitar skills of Billy Stapleton and the classy far-ranging vocals of Mark Dufresne combine in richness to make this album a delicious, luxurious treat. It served as a startling reminder of how much I loved good blues, and I found it refreshing in its excellence. The cover photo of Billy is, however, terribly misleading; giving a visual impression of a rather dull Hank Marvin/Eric Clapton look-alike! How sad the Powers That Be didn't choose a more stimulating photo to imitate the man's fire and passion with his guitar.
                                                                     Billy Stapleton

Todd Wolfe Blues Project - Live From Manny's Car Wash (1999)

Live From Manny’s Car Wash, delivers heavyweight guitar heroics from the old school. The players are finely tuned and capable of expressive dynamics: bassist Eric Massimino and drummers Yves Gerard and Paul Unsworth don’t sound strictly like moonlighting rockers, while keyboardist Mike Lattrell, with his supportive rhythm work and strong soloing, is a tremendous asset. Wolfe’s guitar sensibility is a rock ‘n’ roller’s, bringing a searing quality to the band’s Cream-y explorations. That’s a useful point of comparison for Wolfe’s style: Drop the needle (as it were) anywhere on Live, and you’ll hear strong echoes of Eric Clapton’s playing. Wolfe has adopted the legato note-cramming and highly ornamented approach of latter-period Clapton. He’s imaginative, varying his attack song by song, and it’s refreshing to discover a guitarist who doesn’t smack of Texas or the West Coast. Wolfe’s tone isn’t far from Clapton’s, though judging from the high noise level in his signal, his compression comes from a high-gain amp rather than from his pickups. Wolfe doesn’t sound like a natural singer, but he gives a spirited and relatively unmannered performance. The set list is a traditional, with selections such as “Same Thing,” “Evil,” “I Can’t Quit You Baby” and “Homework.” A high-energy “Stop Messin’ Round,” from Fleetwood Mac (possibly via Gary Moore), keeps the Brit Flag flying. Wolfe shows his songwriting hand only on “Four Walls,” a Son House-style Delta slider arranged for a band, and the excruciating warp-speed power boogie “On the Run.” So Live serves as a calling card, introducing Wolfe and his guitar but revealing little of the artist. For many that will be enough, and this is quite a good album in “gunslinger” terms.
                                                          Todd Wolfe Blues Project

Steve Mignano - Grey Sky (2011)

Combining simple yet memorable lyrics, muscular guitar riffs, and thundering bass and drums that sound like they were borrowed off a heavy metal album, 'Grey Sky' looks to breathe new life into the blues rock genre. Steve Mignano brings out a massive dose of southern fried rock n' roll that leaves many of the dusty blues music cliches far behind... Think Pearl Jam meets Cross Canadian Ragweed meets Stevie Ray Vaughan... it's the best local Americana rock I've heard in years.

Steve Mignano - guitar & vocals 
Roc Eubanks - bass 
David Brenowitz - drums 
Jon Gray - trumpet 
Ryan McPherson - vocals 

Chris Andrews - mixing 
Nick Moon - mastering
                                                                             Steve Mignano

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Hollywood Fats Band - Rock This House

His album highlights the incredible talent of this long gone little known artist (Died 1986 aged 32). Michael Mann, nicknamed Hollywood Fats by Buddy Guy, produces so many memorable moments with his unique phrasing and guitar lines. The music style is West Coast Jump blues (some give the band credit for inventing it), swing and country blues. Not all of the music is to my taste, but Hollywood Fats is so ear catching, you have to admire even those tracks which don't appeal in style. Hollywood was mentored by Magic Sam, Buddy Guy and Freddie King. Played with Muddy Walters, J.B. Hutto, Albert King, John Lee Hooker. Played with the Albert King band until Mr. King became too jealous - some credentials! The vocals are by Al Blake which are not so great but he does excel on harmonica on several tracks. The legendary Larry Taylor is also on base. Unfortunately there is not much more recorded output that I am aware of apart from on some of the James Harman Band recordings and the Rod Piazza album Harpburn.
                                                                       Hollywood Fats

Denny Freeman -Twang Bang (2002)

Denny Freeman is an unheralded master of the guitar (not to mention an excellent composer). If you blink you might miss him, and that would be a shame, for he's not the latest but the greatest of them all. In this world of has-beens and wanna-bes, Denny remains at the top. A devotee of the blues, Freeman's strengths include his willingness to embrace all blues styles, all guitar sounds, and to put the blues in a variety of settings. This CD incorporates organ, piano, harmonica, and trombone to add color. Twelve of the thirteen tracks are penned by Freeman and Hook Herrera plays a good harp. Between the elevator and the killing floor, Denny covers the blues.
                                                                   Denny Freeman

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Blue Swamp - Live At The Grand

The new album from Blue Swamp – ft Bowden & Williamson – recorded live on their recent tour. 7 tracks of outstanding live music!

Formed by songwriting duo Johnny ‘Guitar’ Williamson… former guitarist with “The Animals and Friends” … and Mike Bowden…. Vocalist with Dr Truth … Their unique sound has been enhanced with the addition of a red hot rhythm section… Big Vern (Drums) and Jim Moseley (Bass).

Original songs encompass elements from a variety of genres, while remaining rooted in the blues. Four part harmonies and hilarious between song ramblings all add to the experience that is BLUE SWAMP
                                                                      Blue Swamp

Steve Thorpe - Full Moon 2016

Junky, that Genre' would have to be created for some of our songs. A hybrid cross between jazz fusion blues rock funky, = Junky... We are a 3 piece band from the central east coast of Florida. We have a very wide musical capability.
Steve Thorpe on vocals, electric guitar, slide guitar and square neck Dobro. Powerful bluesy fire in his playing, plus a jazz'esk approach to his Dobro. Steve will also sit down with a round neck resonator and bang out bare bones Delta Blues as well. A singer not really cornered into any particular box.
                                                                      Steve Thorpe

Riley Road - Riley Road EP

What started as an experiment has developed into a dynamic "authentic power blues" trio. By skillfully weaving point and counter-point into “off measure” time signatures, Riley Road creates an exciting mix of guitar based Blues Rock EP.
                                                                         Riley Road

Big Jerry - I Got The Blues For You

Big Jerry “Bluesman” Parnell was born June 28th 1957 in Shaw, Mississippi to Lotie B. Parnell. In 1967 the Parnell family moved to Helena, Arkansas where Big Jerry spent his formative years being educated West Helena High School as well as brief attendance at Helena community college. 

Big Jerry has always had an ear for music, especially gospel and the blues. He demonstrated his unique talent of performance by playing with local Delta recording artists such as Nathaniel Jefferson and the Shades of Black Band. Big Jerry has also played with prominent recording artists such as the Little Sam Carr Band, Frank Frost, Big Jack Johnson, and Rooster Records recording artist Lonnie “T-Bone” Shields and M.T. Leon. 

In 1983, Big Jerry moved to Memphis, Tennessee and began playing blues at numerous night clubs and juke joints on Beale Street, at musical events in W.C. Handy Park and at a myriad of International Blues festivals throughout the country. To date, has written and recorded three blues albums which capture the pulse and feel of the Delta Blues sound. A legend, look for Big Jerrys’s blend of special blues music at local, select record shops and listen for his songs on your favorite rhythm and blues radio stations. 
                                                                         Big Jerry

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David Burgin - Wild Child (1984)

David Burgin's 1984 debut solo album Wild Child is filled with his iconic tone, drippy feeling and hip phrasing which influenced many of today's players.
                                                                                         David Burgin

Andy Taylor Group - Loose Cannon 2015

The Andy Taylor Group - hailed as one of the most exciting up and coming young blues acts in the UK. They are not to be missed!!
Andrew Taylor - Guitar & Vocals.
Marcus Cordock - Bass Guitar.
Dylan Pepper - Drums.
Blues, Rock, Funk, Jazz
                                                                                  Andy Taylor Group

Mike Bloomfield - I'm With You Always

Mike Bloomfield was one of the original Guitar Gods. As a teenager he hung out in Chicago blues clubs with legends like Buddy Guy and Muddy Waters before gaining fame as a member of Paul Butterfield's Blues band and also as a session player for Bob Dylan and it was Mike who played lead guitar when Dylan went electric at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. In 2003, Rolling Stone ranked him #22 on their list of '100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time'. Recorded at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, CA, 1977, this release showcases the legendary electric-blues guitarist's talent in a live, intimate setting. Features solo acoustic performances as well as songs with him accompanied by pianist Mark Naftalin, drummer Buddy Helm and bassist Buell Neidlinger.

This release, recorded at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, CA, in 1977, captures a superb live show, with Bloomfield in top form as he performs before an appreciative audience in an intimate setting. Michael's singing is spirited and his guitar playing is precise and inventive as he plays favorite songs from his repertoire. Highlights include solo acoustic performances of two songs written by Shelton Brooks in the early 1900s, a piano/guitar duet demonstrating the rapport he had with pianist Mark Naftalin, and hot performances by Bloomfield, Naftalin and a rhythm section of Buddy Helm on drums and Buell Neidlinger on bass. Bloomfield shows what he had been doing all those years out of the spotlight - refining his technique and researching the music he loved.
                                                                 Mike Bloomfield

Larry Dupio - Lightning Strikes Hilo

Enthralled with the different styles of the Blues from a young age growing up in Hawaii, a masterpiece with a style all his own has emerged.
                                                                         Larry Dupio

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Carvin Jones Band - What A Good Day (2018)

The Carvin Jones Band is an explosive blues trio fronted by the world renown Carvin Jones on guitar and vocals, bassist Joe Edwards and drummer Levi Velasquez. Together the band has played 36 countires on 3 continents in 24 months and has been well recieved by critics and fans alike. The band currently averages around 330 live performances a year. Carvin Jones was born in Lufkin, Texas. His remarkable energy, showmanship and guitar ability have made him a favorite of music fans and fellow musicians alike all over the world. At a very young age, he was seduced by the blues by listening to BB King records his grandfather constantly played in the house and started playing guitar himself by age 11. He escaped a rough neighborhood by dedicating his time to his guitar and by age 19 had moved to Arizona to start his music career. In January 2001, Guitarist Magazine named Carvin Jones "one of the top 50 blues guitarists of all time!".
                                                               Carvin Jones Band

The R&B Express - Westbound

      R & B Express's first album from 1988 with many cool guests. The band consisted of Jostein Forsberg (vocals, harmonica), Espen Fjelle (organ, piano), Arild Reinertsen (bass), Tor Arve Stenersen (drums) and Knut Reiersrud (guitar). They also had other celebrity guests on the record, such as Chris Cain (vocals, guitar), Mark Ford (vocals, harmonica), Andy Just (vocals, spokesperson) and Frank Goldwasser a.k.a. Paris Slim (vocals, guitar).
                                                                   The R&B Express

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Roy Buchanan - Tokio (1977)

Sweet Home Tokyo 1977 (2CD)
Live at the Korakuen Hall, Tokyo Japan; June 12, 1977. Very good audience recording.

A pioneer of the Telecaster sound, Roy Buchanan’s life changed in 1971, when he gained national notice as the result of an hour-long PBS television documentary. Entitled Introducing Roy Buchanan, and sometimes mistakenly called The Best Unknown Guitarist in the World, it earned a record deal with Polydor Records and praise from John Lennon and Merle Haggard, besides an alleged invitation to join the Rolling Stones (which he turned down and which gave him the nickname “the man who tumbled the stones down”). Guitar Player praised him as having one of the “50 Greatest Tones of all Time.

Towards the end of his life, according to his agent and others, Buchanan was doing well, having gained control of his drinking habit and playing again, when he was arrested for public intoxication after a domestic dispute. He was found hanged from his own shirt in a jail cell on August 14, 1988 in Fairfax County, Virginia. According to Jerry Hentman, who was in a cell nearby Buchanan’s, the Deputy Sheriff opened the door early in the morning and found Buchanan with the shirt around his neck. Buchanan’s last show was on August 7, 1988 in Guilford, CT. His cause of death was officially recorded as suicide, a finding disputed by Buchanan’s friends and family.
                                                                   Roy Buchanan

domingo, 21 de janeiro de 2018

Glenn R. Townsend - Rockin' The Blues (1993 )

Glenn R. Townsend, born in Sulphur, Oklahoma, moved to Tulsa at the age of four. His music career began in 1961 with just two week’s practice; Townsend played his first gig with the regional rhythm & blues touring band Ram Rods as a rhythm guitarist.
Over the next few years he picked up side jobs with other local favorite bands. One of the jobs took Townsend. to perform with the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars Tour.  He was drafted into the U. S. Army, but after being discharged he began performing with Tommy Harris’ band, Standing Room Only. Standing Room Only toured the Midwest States; shortly thereafter, Glenn left the band to be lead guitarist for No Large Trucks.  Townsend’s music soon took him to California, where the band signed with Columbia Records. He landed a job as a studio-recording artist doing sessions for Warner Bros. Records and was fortunate to do some guitar work on a few movie soundtracks.
                                                 The Glenn R. Townsend Band

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Bad Brad & The Fat Cats - Take A Walk With Me

Bad Brad & The Fat Cats have released their second CD, "Take A Walk With Me," which offers a modern take on a traditional sound. This album delves deeper into Bad Brad & The Fat Cats' dedication to the blues!
Bad Brad & The Fat Cats' second release, "Take A Walk With Me," is not only filled with powerful blues and roots music, but it also includes some very special guests that compliment the raw energy of the band! You will find blues and other forms of American music stemming from Chicago Blues, New Orleans Zydeco, and West Coast Surf music.
                                                          Bad Brad & The Fat Cats 

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Paul Kype & Texas Flood - Get It In Ya! (2003)

A masterful guitarist, Paul has been playing guitar since the age of ten. Drawing upon the influences of guitar legends such as Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Paul has honed his skill to near perfection. He honors  the songs of the greats by playing them with amazing precision and at the same time, investing them with his own intense feeling. After his solos, it is not uncommon to see people cheering jubilantly while shaking thier heads in disbelief and awe. Originally from Abbotsford BC, Paul joined his first band " Legal Tender" at the age of sixteen, playing the bass guitar. The band was a popular band at local high school dances and festivals for 3 years when he moved to the far north for a job and a re-dedication to playing guitar rather than bass.  For the following 8 years Paul played in various bands working the club circuit of western Canada, honing his guitar and vocal skills and meeting many people who would become instrumental in the formation and success of Texas Flood in the years to come. In 1993 Paul formed Texas Flood with Jerry Adolphe, veteran Vancouver drummer of well known bands "Chilliwack" and " Jim Byrnes", and fellow club musician Simon Hardman. Through the nineties Texas Flood toured relentlessly ,eventually securing the Monday night slot as a house Band at The Yale Hotel in Vancouver in the year 2000, a Monday night party that lasted three year. The year 2000 was a busy one  that included a  full festival tour as a backing band for Chicago lap steel legend "Freddy Roulette" and a trip late in the year to do some shows in Austin Texas, a lifelong dream .

                                                                    Paul Kype