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Smokeshop - Fusion at Room Temperature (1996)

Blues with great guitars and influenced by soul music.


1.Mind on My Sleeve 3:55
2.Fuss and Fight 3:07
3.Gimmee All Your Loving 2:47
4.Ying Yang 3:26
5.Gangster of Love 2:43
6.Another Man (Hornless Mix) 4:21
7.I Cant Live Without Your Love 3:30
8.Fusion at Room Temperature 6:18
9.That's Too Bad 4:42
10.So Glad 3:37
11.Ive Got My Eyes on You 4:53
12.Truth in My Life 4:03
13.Another Man 4:16

Sirena Blues - Mar De Blues (2016)

                                                                    Sirena Blues
Sirena Blues apuesta y contribuye al género del blues con composiciones originales propias y de compositores mexicanos.
Influenciados por músicos de blues y la raíz de su expresión, transportan su propuesta a esta época y geografía, valiéndose de las musas cotidianas y urbanas para mezclarlas en poesía y música, sin más justificación que esa cadencia que en consecuencia surge: El Blues. 


01. Sirena de ciudad
02. La Terminal
03. Entre los muertos
04. Hay que sufrir Blues
05. Té de manzanilla
06. El blues del mejor amigo
07. Ciudad de noche
08. Blues del olvido
09. Balada para ícaro
10. Blues del domingo
11. Ni el diablo
12. En las nubes

Black Cat Bones - Barbed Wire Sandwich (1970)

                                                                   Black Cat Bones
London’s Black Cat Bones were one of those bands from the late '60s that served as an incubator for its various members’ later rock incarnations, in this case the bands Free, Foghat, and Bad Company, all of whom drew members from Black Cat Bones. As an intact band, they only released a single album, Barbed Wire Sandwich, on Decca Records in 1969, and then splintered into the future. The album itself is a collection of rather generic period British blues pieces, a bit reminiscent of Cream in sound, although that doesn’t hinder cuts like “Chauffer” and the best track here, “Please Tell Me Baby,” from taking off into some interesting territory. But it’s straight British blues, however well executed, and there’s really nothing prog rock about it, although the band has been given that label in some circles. Barbed Wire Sandwich, like the band that recorded it, is straightforward and professional, but also like the band, it seems to suggest that more is down the road than has actually arrived yet. That said, collectors of British blues-rock are going to love the sound on this reissue, which sounds full, rich, and immediate.


Bass Guitar – Stuart Brooks 
Drums – Phil Lenoir
Rod Price - Lead Guitar, Vocal on track 09
Rhythm Guitar – Derek Brooks 
Brian Short - Vocals 


1.Chauffeur 05:18
2.Death Valley Blues 03:56
3.Feelin' God 04:504
4.Please Tell Me Baby 03:13
5.Coming Back 02:34
6.Save My Love 04:53
7.Four Woman 05:07
8.Sylvester's Blues 03:41
9.Good Lookin' Woman 07:16

Wes Mackey - Beyond Words (2009)

                                                                    Wes Mackey
Vancouver-based bluesman Wes Mackey has captured that Jimmy Reed sound here, making for a most satisfying listen. If you're looking for an example of the ‘less is more’ school of playing,look no further...“Lines”is a  tour de force, a strong lyric about the lines of his face and the life experience that caused them set to a lovely soul melody...


1. Blues Shack 3:32
2. Prisoner 4:18
3. Rock Creek 3:24
4. Beyond Words 3:47
5. Cookin' With The Blues 3:40
6. Lines 3:59
7. I Been Bad 3:08
8. You Are The One 3:30
9. Be A Man Boy 3:53
10. Full Moon In Lamanon 3:56

Red House - Captured Live (2003 )

                                                                      Red House
Un doble CD grabado de las actuaciones en directo de Red House desde febrero de 2001 hasta mayo de 2003. Grabaciones de Red House en festivales como el Blues-Sur-Seine (Limay, Francia), Villajoyosa Jazz Festival (Alicante, España), Bilborock (Bilbao, España) y demás locales en Madrid, España demuestra su potente presencia y estilo musical sobre el escenario. Grabado con muchos de sus grandes amigos músicos y con la presencia de su batería actual Carlos Sánchez y bajista fijo Manuel Bagüés el CD también brinda una gran sorpresa con la presencia del Gran Wyoming, Juanjo de la Iglesia, Tonino y Mario Caballero!

A double CD recorded of the live performances of Red House from February 2001 to May 2003. Recordings of Red House at festivals such as the Blues-Sur-Seine (Limay, France), Villajoyosa Jazz Festival (Alicante, Spain), Bilborock (Bilbao, Spain) and other venues in Madrid, Spain demonstrates its powerful presence and musical style on stage. Recorded with many of his great musical friends and with the presence of his current drummer Carlos Sánchez and fixed bass player Manuel Bagüés, the CD also provides a great surprise with the presence of Gran Wyoming, Juanjo de la Iglesia, Tonino and Mario Caballero!


Alvaro Martialay - Bass 
Manuel "Mono" Bagüés - Bass 
Carlos Sánchez - Drums  
Pablo Escalona - Drums 
Jeff Espinoza - Harp
Francisco Simón - Lead Guitar
Cope Gutiérrez - Organ (Hammond) 
Tony Himer - Piano  
Jeff Espinoza - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar 


Disc 01
1.Drinkin' Whiskey 4:02
2.Guitar Delta Tone 5:15
3.Crosscut Saw 4:06
4.King-Collins Blues 5:46
5.On The Road 5:58
6.Red House Shuffle 4:01
7.Thrill Is Gone 8:41
8.Undercover Man 6:05
9.Drums Solo 2:17
10.Move It On Over 4:50
11.Smokin' Simon 2:17

Disc 02
1.Running On Back 5:07
2.House On A Hill 4:21
3.I'm Ready 6:49
4.Hooked On The Road 4:53
5.Fishing Blues 2:12
6.Too Many Dirty Dishes 13:08
7.Drivin' 9:21
8.La Plaga, Good Golly Miss Molly 6:43

Patrick Dodd - Live at Rum Boogie Cafe (2011)

                                                                     Patrick Dodd
The very talented Patrick Dodd has accepted our offer to be the first Artist in the Series. Patrick has become a sought after act by both connoisseurs and other Memphis musicians with the Patrick Dodd Trio performing at Rum Boogie Cafe


1.Matchbox 04:03
2.I'd Rather Be (Blind Crippled And Crazy) 05:42
3.All Along The Watchtower 08:05
4.I'm A Ram 06:54
5.One Way Out 05:32
6.Hard Knocks 06:15
7.Statesboro Blues 04:11
8.A Quitter Never Wins 07:56
9.Evil Way 03:57
10.Texas Flood 05:00
11.Soul Shine 05:16
12.Crossroads 03:38

Marc Benno & The Nightcrawlers feat. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Crawlin (2006)

                                                                    Marc Benno
"I wanted to put together a blues band, and I knew the drummer had to come from Texas," Benno said, laughing. "So I put the band, Marc Benno and The Nightcrawlers, together with drummer Doyle ('Big Doyle') Bramhall, Billy Etheridge (keyboards) and Tommy McClure (bass). I asked Jimmie Vaughan to be in the band, but he said no, he just wanted to play blues, no rock. But he said, 'What about my brother?'" 
Benno met Stevie Vaughan in 1969, before the "Ray" was added and while the future guitar ace was but a teenager sitting in where and when players would let him. 
"The first time I saw him was at a club in Dallas called the End of Cole," Benno said. "He said, 'I want to sit in.' I said, 'I don't know...' He said, 'I'm Jimmie's brother.' I said, 'You can use my guitar.' But he told me he had his guitar. I think it was a 1950 Fender Broadcaster. He brought it in over his shoulder, no case. He wore a white T-shirt, Jeans, and was a11 of 100 lbs. soaking wet. 
"I remember he was real smooth, but everybody screamed. I'll never forget that night. I happened to have a Sony mono cassette recorder with me and still have the tape of that night. When I ran into him in Austin in '73, I asked him to go to Hollywood to record with us. He was pretty hesitant. He went to Jimmie and asked his advice... Jimmie told him to do it!" 
Even then, Vaughan and a guitar were one. "Stevie never liked to put the guitar down," Benno said. "Being around him was like being around a basketball star with a guitar instead of a basketball. Stevie would walk around the house with the guitar. Whatever he was doing, whatever little chore, he had the guitar. I went through a phase where I slept with my guitar, but never like him. The things he could do with a guitar, he was like an acrobat." 


Marc Benno - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Doyle Bramhall - Drums
Gordon de Witty - Hammond B3, Moog Synthesizer, Organ 
Billy Etheridge - Keyboards
Johnny Perez - Drums
Leland Sklar - Bass
Mike Utley - Keyboards
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar


01. Last Train 02:05

02. Coffee Cup 03:20

03. 8 Ball 06:23

04. Take Me Down Easy 03:24

05. Love Is Turnin Green 05:39

06. Hot Shoe Blues 02:07

07. Crawlin 03:24

08. Friends 04:33

09. Whole Thang 01:57

10. World Keep Spinnin 02:51

11. Long Ride Home 03:12

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Van Galen Band - Back To The Blues Vol 2 (2015)

                                                                   Van Galen Band
Van Galen Band is Back To The Blues with a second album featuring guitar from the heart in a modern blues style. Some of these songs are dance happy, some are heart breaking, and all are story tellers. Sit down, open a cold beer, and listen. Listen.


1.My Guitar (7:13)
2.Deeper (5:31)
3.Breathe In (5:32)
4.The Sting (5:18)
5.Mama Told Me (4:55)
6.The Fool (7:18)
7.Look Away (5:17)
8.The Shadows (6:28)
9.Time After Time (6:16)

Johnny Coldweather - Blues (2018)

                                                               Johnny Coldweather
Australian Blues guitarist with influence of Texas Blues, whose influences go through Johnny wnter, Jimi Hendrix, Freddie King and Albert King.


1. 32-20 Blues 3:33
2. Cryin' Bout My Baby 3:28
3. Goin' Back to Beaumont 3:44
4. Back in the Saddle! 3:56
5. Born Under a Bad Sign (Live) 5:14
6. Hard Livin' Woman 4:19
7. Hideaway 3:33
8. I'm so Blue 4:16
9. I Can't Live Without You 4:19
10. Goodbye Old Friend 3:49

Mahogany Rush - Maxoom (1972)

                                                                Mahogany Rush
Maxoom' is the 1972 debut studio album by Canadian rock band Mahogany Rush. It was also theAvailable for the first time ever in single high quality CD format and carefully re-mastered by the artist himself, Just a Minute is proud to present classic reissues of the first three releases by Mahogany Rush. Recorded when Frank Marino was only 16, Maxoom is the first Mahogany Rush album, and fittingly dedicated to Jimi Hendrix. The record features a vast array of styles as Marino's hug


Jimmy Ayoub -  Drums
Phil Bech - Piano
Paul Harwood - Bass
Frank Marino - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Johnny McDiarmid - Organ


1. Maxoom
2. Buddy
3. Magic Man
4. Funky Woman
5. Madness
6. All In Your Mind
7. Blues
8. Boardwalk Lady
9. Back On Home
10. New Beginning

Joe Colombo – StratoSlider (2018)

                                                                    Joe Colombo
Joe Colombo is a Swiss/Italian blues guitarist recognized as a virtuoso of the slide guitar. 

Born and raised in Locarno, Switzerland, Joe Colombo’s love of the guitar started at an early age when his parents introduced him to the music of Jimi Hendrix. At the age of twelve he was already trying to emulate his heroes – Johnny Winter and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

At the age of sixteen Joe started playing in many local bands but as soon as he reached his twenties he decided to leave for the US.

“I wanted to live and experience the music that was such a strong part of me. I saved the money and booked a flight for Los Angeles.”

After six months his visa expired and Joe came back to Switzerland with a full repertoire of original compositions based on his slide guitar ability. He was ready to start his journey as a professional player. In 2002 he released his debut album “Natural Born Slider” under the Italian label Comet/Horizons.

His all instrumental “Natural Born Slider” album impressed the critics and gave him the opportunity to debut on the double release tribute to Jimi Hendrix “Voodoo Crossing” and “Gypsy Blood”, along with international artists such as Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Larry Coryell and Hiram Bullock.

After his explosive local success, especially in the Italian part of Switzerland and north Italy, Joe got the chance to meet American blues and soul singer Terry Evans. It happened at the prestigious Piazza Blues Festival in Switzerland and it was the beginning of a friendship and musical collaboration that lasted for 18 years. Later, Terry invited him to join his band on many major tours all over Europe and the US, from 2005 until 2008 and again in 2012 and 2013. 

At different stages in his career Joe kept working on his own music and in the years that followed he released various independent productions like his 2009 album “Deltachrome” that reached a more hard blues and heavy rock audience in contrast to a few acoustic blues releases and two live records – “BorderLive” in 2011 and “Live at Taco’s” in 2012.

His recording activity includes more than twenty guest appearances, including Terry Evans “Fire in The Feeling” in 2005 and the Italian rock star Eugenio Finardi’s double album “Sessanta” in 2012 where he also co-wrote two songs.

It took him years to get back exclusively to his trio project but in 2017 he finally released his most complete and defined album to date: “StratoSlider”.

The new album “StratoSlider” (2017) is an intense, energetic instrumental contemporary blues album where the slide guitar sings, talks and tells stories with unquestionable authenticity. The album is made up of eight original tracks plus an arrangement of the traditional “St. James Infirmary “. The track list includes stylistic references that pay tribute to the great Texas guitarist Johnny Winter to whom the song “Johnny D.” is explicitly dedicated and songs that are about today’s delta-blues, Tex-Mex rhythms and Afro-Caribbean grooves. This is an entirely instrumental album that sums up twenty years of an artistic career during which Joe Colombo has been constantly looking for new horizons beyond the bounds and stereotypes of the genre. The blues belongs to him.

“…The album has the bluesy, rocking qualities of Joe Bonamassa, the melodic instrumental virtuosity of Joe Satriani and more than a hint of the electric slide guitar wizardry of Johnny Winter…”


01. Joe Colombo - Delta Boy 4:31 
02. Joe Colombo - Stones In My Boots 3:55 
03. Joe Colombo - Sweet November 5:45 
04. Joe Colombo - Johnny D 5:11 
05. Joe Colombo - Minor Twang 6:49 
06. Joe Colombo - Delta Revisited 3:57 
07. Joe Colombo - Rumba Moon 3:54 
08. Joe Colombo - In The Mood 3:04 
09. Joe Colombo - St. James Infirmary  5:52 

Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones - Complicated Mess (2018)

Doug Deming is originally from Detroit where for years he was the go-to guy to provide support for visiting musicians such as Kim Wilson and the late Lazy Lester. He relocated to the Tampa Bay area of Florida some eight years ago and since then has built up a strong local following at many clubs on the West coast of the state as well as touring across the US and Europe. His fourth CD release was recorded at Big Jon Atkinson’s California studio and the album marks something of a departure for Doug as he begins to move away from the format of a quartet with a harp player. For several years he has played in Florida with Madison Slim and toured with Dennis Gruenling but Slim has retired and Dennis has established a partnership with Nick Moss, so this CD finds Doug in transition, using harp players on just four tracks but adding sax to several others, as well as sharing guitar duties on two tracks with Little Charlie Baty. Doug handles lead vocals and guitar, Andrew Gohman is on bass and experienced drummer Marty Dodson completes the core band with Kim Wilson and Madison Slim on harp on two tracks each; Sax Gordon and Tino Barker add tenor and baritone sax to four tracks and Chris Codish on organ and Bob Welsh on piano also contribute; former band drummer Sam Farmer appears on one cut.

Doug’s ten vintage sounding originals are combined with three covers which show Doug’s varied influences: “You Rascal You” has been recorded by Louis(s) Armstrong, Jordan and Prima, this light, jazzy version benefiting from Little Charlie Baty’s additional guitar; Doug has played behind Lazy Lester and “Blues Stop Knockin’” is terrific with Kim Wilson wailing on harp, Bob Welsh on piano and the band getting up a real head of steam; Fats Domino’s “I’m Walkin’’ is played in T-Bone Walker rather than New Orleans style, propelled by Andrew’s double bass and the horns, Gordon taking a fine solo.

Doug shows that he knows Crescent City music on his own “Just A Moment Of Your Time”’ and “Someday Pretty Baby” has the voodoo beat we also associate with New Orleans, the horns adding to both tracks. “Need My Baby” is a rolling shuffle, the only track recorded in Florida, with some high-pitched harp from Madison Slim and Sam Farmer on drums. Kim Wilson’s harp on “Sweet Poison” adds an eerie tone to a moody song of fatal attraction. “Cookin’ At The Kitchen” introduces us to the cast of characters at the band’s local haunt in Florida (including Blues Blast’s own Mark Thompson – “music is his drug”). The title track features some fine picking and “Deep Blue Sea” features some of Doug’s deepest slow blues playing, enhanced by some great piano from Bob. The joyous “Hold On” (co-written by Doug’s wife Claudia) has classic Memphis rhythm guitar and organ on a soul-blues tune, showing a completely different side to Doug’s playing. Two contrasting instrumentals complete this fine album: “Captain’s Quarters” is a relaxed jazz-tinged conversation between Doug and Little Charlie, the title perhaps inspired by Doug’s other main activity, skippering a charter fishing boat in the Gulf; “Rat Killin’” is a fast-paced finale with the horns pushing the band and short solo features for everyone.


1.Complicated Mess
2.Sweet Poison
3.You Rascal You
4.Hold On
5.Need My Baby
6.Blues Stop Knockin'
7.Deep Blue Sea
8.Someday Pretty Baby
9.Captain's Quarters
10.Just A Moment Of Your Time
11.I'm Walkin'
12.Cookin' At The Kitchen
13.Rat Killin'

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Terry "BIG T" Williams - Jump Back, Big T's In The House (2010)

                                                            Terry "BIG T" Williams
Clarksdale, Mississippi -- On the heels of his 2009 "Best Guitar Player of the Year" award from the Bay Area Blues Society, Mississippi bluesman Terry "Big T" Williams is slated to release a brand-new album on a brand-new label in late March. Entitled "Jump Back, Big T's in the House," the CD will signal a new phase in Williams' storied musical career.

"Big T is a phenomenal musician and unforgettable performer," says Matt Blumert, founder of Matt The Scat Records and executive producer of the upcoming CD. "I met him during a visit to Clarksdale last year, and from the first note I heard him play at Ground Zero Blues Club, I knew I just had to get him into the studio. He is a living link to the rich history of Delta blues, but he's managed to update the sound for 21st Century ears. He really has to be seen and heard to be believed."

More information about the new album as well as photos from the recording session can be found at A bit of his personal and professional history can also be found on the new web site.

A veteran of both stage and studio, Williams began his blues career as one of "Mr. Johnnie" Billington's now legendary students in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

"Mr. Johnnie didn't stand no fooling around," remembers Williams, laughing. "He was all business when it came to blues music, and I really learned from that."

Eventually, Williams toured with the infamous Jelly Roll Kings and became a regular in the North Mississippi blues band scene -- performing with recording artists Big Jack Johnson, Wesley "Junebug" Jefferson, Big George Brock and many others. He also scored occasional spots backing such blues luminaries as Albert King, Bobby "Blue" Bland and Cedell Davis.

"I've been lucky to have learned from the best," Williams admits.

In summer 2009, his luck continued. After a successful season of club and festival gigs, the Bay Area Blues Society's West Coast Hall of Fame came calling on Terry "Big T" Williams. His West Coast concert dates in recent years had brought him to the attention of the area's movers and shakers, and he was presented with the blues society's prestigious "Best Guitar Player of the Year" honors.

Following up on the attention garnered by this award, Matt Blumert chose Williams as the first recording artist for his newly founded record label, Matt The Scat Records.

Aiming to capture Williams in his hometown, just five minutes from the "Crossroads" of Highways 61 & 49, Blumert booked a recording session at the recently completed, state-of-the-art Clarksdale Soundstage recording studio.

"I've seen Big T play for years in and around Clarksdale," notes Gary Vincent, the studio owner and sound engineer on the session. "He's a local guitar hero and a favorite of the tourists who visit the Delta from all around the world. We were very pleased that Matt chose our facilities to capture such a true blue talent."

Vincent's recently released George Thorogood DVD is currently nominated for a Blues Music Award (BMA), and other recent projects he is involved with include sessions with Elvin Bishop, Jimmy Thackery and Smokey Smothers. John Magnusson, formerly of Electric Lady Studios, co-engineered the Williams CD.

"Jump Back, Big T's in the House" was mastered by Motown legend Bob Ohlsson, known for his past work with Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Grateful Dead and Rare Earth.

"Look, Big T has played festivals from Clarksdale to St. Louis, Chicago to Seattle. He is a force to be reckoned with," says Blumert. "Our hope is that this album will help take him to the next level. The talent, fire and drive are there. 2010 should be the 'Year of Big T.'"


1. The Night Doctor 5:38
2. Bound For Clarksdale 3:37
3. Booty Wild 4:48
4. How I Got the Blues 4:23
5. Change Must Come 4:22
6. Dew Man 4:23
7. Rollin' Stone/Catfish Blues 7:39
8. Jump Back, Big T's In the House 4:03
9. Riverside Hotel 4:41
10. Devil In the Cottonfield 3:44
11. Last Jelly Roll 3:16

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Jimmy Joe Long and the Little York Road Blues Band - Satisfaction Guaranteed (2007)

                                                                 Jimmy Joe Long
What an appropriate name for JIMMY JOE LONG and the LITTLE YORK ROAD BLUES BAND'S third CD. The band was conceived in March 2006. Since then one of our main goals 
has been to satisfy not only you our fans, but to satisfy ourselves by playing good cover material as we did on our other two CDs, and now on this CD by playing all original material written by: 

All of these great songs tell a different and unique story. "MAMA'S GOT A BRAND NEW PLAYHOUSE" is every husband's dream. "MUSICAL SOUL" tells about a musician's love for his woman and his music. "MY SWEET LOVE" and "I NEED YOUR LOVE" will take you back to the sounds of the late 50's and early 60's and will make you want to bump and grind with the person you love on the dance floor every time you hear them. "SHUCKIN AND JIVIN" is a tribute to the band and our fans. I could go on and list every song on the CD and explain it's meaning, but you need to listen to it and arrive at your on conclusion of the meanings 
because everybody perceives songs differently. 

This CD is a labor of love from "JIMMY JOE LONG AND THE LITTLE YORK ROAD BLUES BAND" to you our fans. After listening to it we hope you will feel as we do "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED". 

"Jimmy Joe Long and the Little York Road Blues Band". We are a working blues band from the greater Houston/Conroe Texas area. We record for D&D Records and own our own recording studio. Besides cover material we also write, record and perform our own original material. We perform approximately eight to ten dates a month. The band consists of four great experienced, mature musicians.


Jimmy Joe Long - Guitar and Vocals. 
Don Carroll - Saxophone and Keyboards. 
Charlie Knight - Bass 
Don Lacy - Drums


1. Mama's Got a Brand New Playhouse 3:08
2. My Sweet Love 3:27
3. Satisfaction Guaranteed 2:53
4. Pocket Full of Love 4:04
5. Musical Soul 5:22
6. I Ain't Gonna Be Number Three 3:05
7. I Need Your Lov 3:51
8. Saturday Night Surprise 3:11
9. Biscuit Bread and Roll 4:21
10. Funky Junky Woman 3:35
11. Going Back to Memphis 4:30
12. Shuckin' and Jivin' 3:23
13. Red Headed Woman 4:04

Smokey Wilson - Ready To Go (2003)

                                                                  Smokey Wilson
Smokey Wilson has been away from the recording studio for a few years due to a series of strokes. Luckily for us, Andy Talamantez recorded Smokey just before the strokes, and this cd is the result of those sessions. Raw & intense has always been a trademark of the Wilson credo and this cd delivers the goods. Screaming guitar, funky beats, raw edged vocals...all the things Smokey Wilson does best. Given the state of blues today, this is a good thing


1. I Ain't No Wolf
2. Boogie Chillun
3. Here I Go Again
4. Come Home This Morning
5. I'll Be Around
6. If You Love Me Like You Say
7. Walked All Night Long
8. Playing My Heart Out
9. My Home Is A Prison
10. Hey Baby, I'm ready

Big Pete - Live at Bluesnow! (2016)

                                                                 Big Pete
Big Pete, the Dutch harp player and singer, has the blues under control. No matter if on the studio CD Choice Cuts or the present album "Live At BluesNow!".
He also presented some songs of the tracklist at the Blues Moose concert in Café Bar De Comm (Groesbeek). With the guests Kid Ramos, Monster Mike Welch, both their guitarist and Anthony Geraci on the black and white piano and Hammond B3 keys, the disc is refined. Over an hour of blues, spread over eleven songs, waiting for the listener.

Big Pete is not just Harper and singer. As the first two numbers of the CD show, the man can also write really good songs. "Mean" and "Born To Die" are from his pen. Later there is his composition "Ball And Chain".
Worth mentioning at this point was also that "6:45" was written by Big Pete's guitarist Sander Kooiman. He left a clear fragrance market at the gig in Groesbeek.

The album recorded at the first BluesNow Festival is full of great twelve-stroke numbers, all with a comfortable playing time of four to almost seven minutes.
The original compositions line up without problems in the phalanx of cover songs. With his songwriting, Big Pete has ever housed a pretty hot iron in the blues glow. The Dutchman is one of the big names in business on his little instrument. Also on "Live At BluesNow!" Evidently, Harper, with the aforementioned Sander Kooiman, has a special guitarist at his side.

The blues presented here is multi-layered and -full. The songs paint a nice circle around the genre and show that Big Pete is also an exquisite singer. After a tidy "Mean" and the wonderfully shuffle-grooving "Born To Die", the protagonist bows to one of his idols. The Junior Wells song "Come On In This House" is a musical invitation to enter the blues house. The tension between respect for tradition and autonomy does not only make this song so fascinating, and when Matt Schofield writes in the booklet text that Big Pete is "[...] the real thing [...]," the British musician is in the right place , This slow blues with a Sander Kooiman business card on six strings creates goose bumps.

"This Time No Lies" by Boyd Small is the successful transition to the guest monster Mike Welch and another guitar happening, in which Big Pete leans on the vocals. As the American string wizard is by no means behind, because his sharply intoned solo brings the Blues Brummkreisel in "6:45" properly in motion.
Immediately afterwards is key time, because Anthony Geraci brings in profitably into the scene. In "I've Got Eyes On You" grooved the entire combo, led by veteran drummer Willie 'Wuff' Maes. This highlight lasts almost six and a half minutes, and those who have not had enough do not have to wait long for another five blues skills.

"Live At BluesNow!" shows how intensively Big Pete lives the blues on stage. Recommendation!


Peter 'Big Pete' van der Pluijm - Vocals, Harmonicas
Sander Kooiman - Guitar
Erkan Özdemir - Bass
Willie 'Wuff' Maes - Drums

Special Guests:

David 'Kid' Ramos - Guitar
Mike 'Monster' Welch - Guitar
Anthony Geraci - Piano, Hammond B3


2.Born To Die
3.Come On In This House
4.This Time No Lies
6.I’ve Got My Eyes On You
7.Ball And Chain
8.Just To Be With You
9.Only Time Will Tell
10.Rockin' Daddy
11.My Backscratcher (Bonustrack)

Laura Rain and the Caesars - Electrified (2013)

                                                                Laura Rain
Laura Rain and the Caesars are a powerhouse Soul, Blues, and R&B quartet, fronted by the dynamic, soul fire, Laura Rain. Ms. Rain has cut her teeth in the trenches of the Motor City, and Los Angeles for well over a decade. Collaboratively formed in 2012, with producer, and guitarist George Friend; the Caesars blindside you with an electrified spin on vintage soul.


Laura Rain - Vocals
George Friend - Guitar
Phil Hale - Keys/Bass
Ron Pangborn - Drums

Johnny Evans - Sax
Rick Beamon - Drums
Perc James O'Donnell - Trumpet
John Paxton - Trombone

1.Sunset 03:44
2.My Love 04:56
3.Electrified 04:12
4.Bus Stop 04:48
5.Four Long Years 04:02
6.I Don't Wanna Play 04:10
7.No Good Love 05:16
8.Lonely 04:18
9.This Old House 06:11
10.No More 04:17

Jim Liban Blues Combo - Blues For Shut-Ins (1999)

                                                        Jim Liban Blues Combo
Here is an album that should seduce most lovers of good old Chicago blues. The rhythm section is tight, no frills and very minimal in its backing of a lazy harmonica style. Jim Liban switches easily from a green bullet sound to an acoustic sound and from hand effects to horn section style octave slaps. Jim has certainly digested his Sonny Boy, Junior Wells and Little Walter influences. The production is good, and the album includes plenty of self-penned songs and the rest are well-chosen covers, including a great version of the famous " Mean Old World ". This is a very nice album; if you don`t know Jim Liban yet, this is the way to start doing so.


Jim Liban - Harp & Vocals

Dave Kasik - Bass

Matt Liban - Drums

Perry Webber - Guitar

Hubert Sumlin - Guitar

Ian Spanic - Guitar


1. Wash Out / Sidetracked

2. Mean Old World

3. Blues For Amos

4. Stop on By

5. Ain't That Somethin'

6. Red-Headed Woman / I Just Keep Lovin' Her

7. Hey Baby

8. Musta' Been Dreamin

9. Can't Hold Out Much Longer

10. Funky Woman

11. Cryin' For My Baby

12. Sugar Sweet

13. Liban & Son

14. Amazing Grace (For Rooney)

Oscar Wilson - One Room Blues (2017)

                                                               Oscar Wilson
Oscar Wilson is a Chicago original from 43rd Street, as he grew up immersed in the blues.  He was 11 years old when he was first mentored by the legendary David “Honeyboy” Edwards, during house parties and barbeques.  He has continued to sing in the old school blues style from Chicago to Mississippi.   Oscar remains as the loveable blues singer for the Cash Box Kings, a position he has held since 2009. But the gifted song stylist always yearned to stretch out his versatile pipes and sing some jazzy blues and other styles. He knew just who to call to make it happen.

Joel Paterson (guitar), Sam Burckhardt (tenor sax), Pete Benson (organ and piano), Beau Sample (bass), and Alex Hall (drums) provide the music to Oscar’s vocals on One Room Blues.

Joel Paterson is one of the most versatile guitarists on the Chicago music scene; it just might be easier to state which genres he does not play, than it is to cover the many he does play, which includes blues, jazz, and rockabilly.  He is the lead guitarist for the Cash Box Kings and also has his own history of touring with the legendary David “Honeyboy” Edwards, in addition to many other notable musicians.  Joel is a member of many other bands, including The Modern Sounds and The Joel Paterson Trio; he is also the president of Ventrella Records, which focuses on roots music.   In addition, Joel seems to have an endless supply of really good ideas, one of which is this CD.   Joel Paterson explains the why this CD was put together in the liner notes:  “The idea to record the album, One Room Blues, came from a need to have something to sell at the 2017 Basel Blues Festival (in Switzerland), but producing this project quickly turned into a true labor of love.  It became a unique chance to put together – in one room --musicians who could play many different styles of traditional blues and R&B with great technique and real soul.”   

Sam Burckhardt (who hails from Basel, Switzerland) also has an incredibly wealthy blues history as he moved from drums to saxophone, and joined Sunnyland Slim’s band in 1982.  He has played in a variety of notable Chicago bands which feature jump blues, jazz, swing and traditional blues.   He, along with Joel Paterson, co-produced One Room Blues, and he recently described the recording process to us:  “what was very important to both Joel and myself was that we recorded a moment in time rather than manufacture a “perfect” recording. In other words, we went into the studio and recorded the songs as they developed. The record is intentionally named “One Room Blues” since we recorded the CD in one room, all together, without the option of changing the voice or sax or guitar track after the recording.”  Sam also shared his impression of Reliable Recorders, the studio where One Room Blues was recorded in just two days:  “This is my second recording at Reliable Recorders, the studio of Alex Hall. What I love about his set-up is the fact that he sets all the microphones and spaces for each instrument beforehand, and once we record he is behind the drum-set, and no one interferes with the process of making music, as we do on stage.”  The way Burckhardt plays saxophone around Oscar’s vocals sounds as if they have been at this for decades, with such a consistent, natural flow.

Pete Benson is another a veteran on the music scene and his resume includes performing with the Sabertooth Organ Quartet for 15 years at the Green Mill Lounge, also the Chicago Jazz Orchestra, and he is well known at many of Chicago’s premier jazz hotspots, including The Pump Room, as well as other venues.  He first started on piano before he was ten and the organ followed soon after that.   

Beau Sample has been playing bass, starting on electric then adding upright, with a focus in jazz and rockabilly, and he plays with Joel Paterson in The Modern Sounds.  He has also played electric bass on the last Cash Box Kings release, Holding Court, as well as Billy Boy Arnold’s Sings Big Bill Broonzy.  Sample is a founding member of the trad jazz band Fat Babies, who record for the Delmark label.

Alex Hall is an established drummer on Chicago’s jazz and rockabilly music scene as well as the engineer at Chicago’s Reliable Recorders.  He is also in The Fat Babies with Beau Sample and has worked on many projects with Joel Paterson, including the I Say What I Mean CD with Jim Liban.  He is both the drummer and engineer of One Room Blues, and he recently shared his experience with us:   “We had a blast making it.  The session itself was done at Reliable Recorders, which is my studio space in Logan Square.  We cut the tracks over a couple of chilly days in January, all of us playing and Oscar singing in the same room (hence the name) without headphones.  The engineering was simple; I use a minimum number old ribbon and tube mics to capture the sound as honestly as possible.  As I was doing double duty as drummer and engineer, we tracked live to the computer and mixed the project later to analog 1/4" tape.”

The result is a CD that sounds like a vinyl LP from the early 1960s. There are 13 total tracks, of which two are really well-suited instrumental originals:  Track 6 is Joel Paterson’s rollicking “Texas Turnaround” and Track 13 is Sam Burckhardt’s swingin’ “Happy Reunion.”

The remaining 11 tracks are really thoughtful cover songs, including two Percy Mayfield tunes, Lowell Fulson’s “Reconsider Baby,”  Sunnyland Slim’s “When I Was Young” and the classic Ray Charles’ “Blackjack.”  What really impresses is how easily Oscar Wilson can move from blues to jazz while maintaining his consistent soulful vocals as he puts life into so many great songs. One Room Blues is further proof that Wilson knows how to wrap his rich, warm baritone around an oft-covered classic and own it.

As for Wilson’s backup players, it would be nearly impossible to select which song showcases each musician’s talents the best; Joel, Sam, Alex, Pete and Beau are all consistently brilliant across the entire CD and they serve each song with exactly what it needs. Even though this grouping of like-minded musicians wasn’t initiated to form a working band, I must confess I hope they do this again! 


Beau Sample - Bass
Alex Hall - Drums 
Joel Paterson - Guitar
Pete Benson - Organ, Piano
Sam Burckhardt - Tenor Saxophone
Oscar Wilson  - Vocals 


1. When I Was Young 2:55
2. Lost Mind 3:02
3. Found Love 2:27
4. Blackjack 3:43
5. Reconsider Baby 4:02
6. Texas Turnaround 3:13
7. The River's Invitation 4:01
8. I'm Lost Without You 2:53
9. Farther Up The Road 3:27
10. Your Letter 4:23
11. Every Day I Have The Blues 5:05
12. One Room Country Shack 3:06
13. Happy Reunion 4:20

McKenna Mendelson Mainline - Stink (1969)

                                                 McKenna Mendelson Mainline

Joe Mendelson  -  Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Vocals
Mike Harrison  - Bass 
Tony Nolasco -   Drums, Percussion
Mike McKenna -   Guitar


1. One Way Ticket 2:40
2. She's Alright 3:35
3. Beltmaker 3:35
4. Mainline 6:40
5. Think I'm Losing My Marbles 2:30
6. Drive You 2:20
7. T.B. Blues 2:05
8 Better Watch Out 4:30
9. Bad Women 12:20
10. Don't Give Me No Goose For Christmas Grandma 2:30 

quinta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2018

Odell Maxwell - Flea Market Blues (2012)

                                                              Odell Maxwell
Following in the path of his first album "Florida Boy" Odell Maxwell's new CD once more explores the experiences that define his country blues persona. He composes and sings about the minutia of life that everyone experiences. Using his guitar, harmonica and foot rhythms he recreates the seminal music that forms the basis of modern Blues.


1. Black Man 3:12   
2. Flea Market Blues 5:25   
3. Lost Harmonica 2:53   
4. Country Blues 3:12   
5. Blues for the Babies 2:31   
6. My Friends 4:31   
7. Found Harmonica 1:01   
8. Crisscilla 4:19

McKenna Mendelson Mainline Blues (1969)

                                                        McKenna Mendelson Blues
After McKenna left Luke & The Apostles in the mid '60s, he was a brief footnote in The Ugly Ducklings' story, then began working the local club circuit. He placed a newspaper ad looking for people to start a new band with, which Mendelson, a University of Toronto student, replied to. They decided that instead of toiling through the process of finding other musicians through the same means to round out the group, they'd do it on their own - and the foundations of McKenna Mendelson Mainline were laid with former Paupers bassist Dennis Gerrard and drummer Tony Nolasco, ex of The Spassiks.

After some rehearsals their first paid gig was a week-long run at The Night Owl in Yorkville in August of '68. They recorded some demos a month later, but Gerrard's run in the band was short, leaving that October immediately after a show at Massey Hall supporting The Fugs. But with new bassist Mike Harrison, who'd just left the popular R&B group Grant Smith & The Power, they carried on, opening for The Jeff Beck Group at The Grande Ballroom a month later, one of a handful of shows they gained favourable reviews for around the Detroit area.

Before the end of the year, they flew to England, where they filled in for a recently departed Jimi Hendrix Experience at the Utrecht Pop Festival. Hoping to land a recording deal while in the UK, they ended up working the same club circuit that saw the likes of Rory Gallagher, Fleetwood Mac, and the newly-formed Led Zeppelin appearing on a regular basis. They signed with Liberty Records under the United Artists umbrella in early '69 and recorded the basic tracks to their debut album in a single day. But homesick and with the rigors of the rock & roll lifestyle already getting to them, they returned to Toronto that June.

Their debut album, STINK, was in the stores a couple of months later, and the slide guitar-driven single "You Better Watch Out" got some good airplay around the Toronto area and made them one of the hottest tickets in town. The flipside "She's Alright," "Mainline," "Bad Women," the cover of Ramblin' Thomas' "One Way Ticket," and the funky second single "Don't Give Me No Goose For Christmas" helped catch the critics' and the audiences' attention, and things were looking up.

Meanwhile, Paragon Records, who owned the rights to the demos they recorded a year earlier in Toronto, released them as the McKENNA MENDELSON BLUES album in September. This notorized the group as arguably the first Canadian act signed to a major label to become victims of a bootlegged album, which featured the eleven-minute original version of "Bad Women" called "Bad Women Are Killing Me," "Pretty Woman," "Toilet Bowl Blues (the original version of "T B Blues"), and a cover of Albert King's "Born Under A Bad Sign."


Mike McKenna - Guitar
Joe Mendelson -    Harmonica, Slide Guitar, Vocals
Dennis Gerrard - Bass
Tony Nolasco - Drums


1. Drive You 3:03    
2. Ramblin' on My Mind 3:42    
3. Toilet Bowl Blues 2:04    
4. Bad Women Are Killing Me 11:23    
5. Pretty Woman 3:39    
6. Born Under a Bad Sign 5:55    
7. Help Me 10:27 

Robert Jr. Lockwood & Johnny Shines - Hangin' On (1980)

                                            Robert Jr. Lockwood & Johnny Shines                                                     
Two of the principal keepers of the Robert Johnson flame joined forces for a Rounder LP that's stunning in its non-conformity to what purists might like to hear from the two veterans. Jazz and swing influences invest much of the CD, the pair sharing vocal and guitar duties.


1. Big John
2. Hangin' On
3. Full Grown Woman
4. Razzmadazz
5. We're Gonna Ball Tonight
6. Early in the Morning
7. Here It Is, Brother
8. Mean Mistreater
9. Goin' to England
10. I Gotta Find My Baby
11. Just the Blues
12. Lonesome Whistle

Graná Louise - Gettin' Kinda Rough! (2011)

                                                              Graná Louise
Blues singer Graná Louise has the kind of authoritative voice that broaches no contradiction, and on Gettin' Kinda Rough she delivers a batch of songs which nicely showcases her range.

In view of the sublime authority of the original, she plays with fire in covering what was Slim Harpo's "I'm A King Bee" as "Queen Bee." The original version was topped off by a killer one-note guitar solo and Harpo's chromatic harp. The overwrought guitar solo on this version suffers in comparison, being more about grandstanding than getting to the point.

"Wet Match" invites comparison to Etta James, blessed as it is not with the usual tiresome sassiness, but rather the authority born of experience. Guitarist Carlos Showers again steers proceedings in the direction of blues-rock but here the contrast between his approach and Louise's makes for an agreeable tension.


Grana Louise - vocals
Tom Holland - guitar
Bill Hargrave - bass
Clarence "Curfew" Scott - drums
Carlos Showers - guitar (8-12)
Bill Syniar - all instruments (7)



1. Stagger Lee 3:51
2. Lead Foot Mama 4:25
3. Where You Been? 2:49
4. Learning How To Cheat On You 4:58
5. Big Dick, M'isipi 4:27
6. Bang Bang Ba-Bang Bang Bang Bang! 3:31
7. Gonna Get 'Cha 2:29


8. Wet Match 4:06
9. Queen Bee 5:28
10. Back Door Blues 7:56
11. I Can' Stand The Rain 4:54
12. Hey Joe 6:57

Memphis Lightning - Trouble (2017)

                                                            Memphis Lightning
Memphis Lightning. Last year he was also selected by The Maine Blues Society to represent the state of Maine in the International Blues Challenge Youth Show Case. He is currently endorsed by WB Gear and Intune Guitar Picks.

On the skins, riding the back beat, and the backbone of Memphis Lightning is Grammy nominated and international touring and recording artist Darren "Big Red" Thiboutot. He has recorded and or played with artists such as Eddie "Bluesman" Kirkland, Pinetop Perkins, Lazy Lester, The Hoodoo Kings, Tab Benoit, Kenny Neal, Sonny Landreth, G.E. Smith, Clyde Stubblefield, T-Bone Wolk, Richard Bell, Christine Ohlman, Lucky Peterson, Troy Turner, Big Jack Johnson, Cub Koda, Colleen Sexton, ect.

As the eldest statesman Rick "Slow Driver" McLennan has been laying down the bottom end for the Piners, the Late Great Eddie Kirkland, and now Memphis Lightning. Driving the bus, it's what he does.

Darren "Lil Bluesman" Thiboutot Jr:Guitar, Organ, and Lead Vocals
Darren "Big Red" Thiboutot Sr:Drums, and Back Ground Vocals
Rick "Slow Driver" McLennan:Bass Guitar, and Back Ground Vocals


1. Story of My Life 3:43    
2. 67 Cadillac 4:41    
3. Great Day 5:52    
4. Coming Home 4:17    
5. Let It Go 2:41    
6. Trouble 4:37    
7. Go Away 4:48    
8. Now I'm Gone 5:02    
9. Sit with Me 2:28    
10. Crazy Man Blues 3:26

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Odell Maxwell - Florida Boy (2009)

                                                               Odell Maxwell
Odell Maxwell is an accomplished blues artist whose riffs and runs evoke memories of the Mississippi delta. He was born in Florida and grew up listening to the artists who came to perform at his father's juke joint. Although steeped in the blues tradition Odell didn't start to perform on stage until he was 36. He used a guitar and amp he had purchased at a pawn shop. Odell's first band was the Neighborhood Blues Band, composed of musicians culled from the weekly jams he had on a makeshift stage in his Orlando FL back yard. His current band is Odell and the Maxwells and they perform a mix of Delta blues favorites and his own original compositions. His first recording was made last year in the basement of a friend's house. This second recording contains all original compositions and is again decated to his father Gus Maxwell.

This is raw delta blues at its best, unimpeded by any electronic effects or distortions. One talented man, one guitar and a voice that reflects his experiences as a black man in the south. A must have for those who want the real deal.


1. Florida Boy
2. Boogie Everywhere
3. Black Woman
4. Tell Me Baby
5. Blind Pig
6. Gettin' Happy
7. Good Time Woman
8. Bluesman Odell
9. Bring Her Back
10. Everybody Gets The Blues