quinta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2017

Jamiah Rogers - Blues Superman

Jamiah grew up in a household of musicians. The first hands on experience with music came at the age of three. Jamiah’s father and guitarists, Tony Rogers, had a band that rehearsed every now and then in the basement of the home. You could tell Jamiah was listening because he would come and sit on the stairs and sneak peeks of the bands rehearsal. Every time rehearsal was over he would get on the drums and play. After a couple of months of racket on the drums, Tony figured it was time to teach Jamiah the pocket.
                                                             Jamiah Rogers

segunda-feira, 27 de novembro de 2017

Jimmy Rod - Bout Time

A New York born musician with a slide guitar attack as well as smooth bass playing, accompanied by gravel voiced vocals burns hot on his latest release titled 'Bout Time
                                                               Jimmy Rod

sábado, 25 de novembro de 2017

BlueShot - Win Or Lose

Blues Rock. Sten Roland (bass), Søren Ahlgreen (drums, backing vocals), Torben Pape (vocals, guitar), Per Hundborg (bass, backing vocals)

Bobby Nathan - I'm Ready

Bobby Nathan has been playing locally on Long Island and in Midtown New York City for past three decades. 
Bobby has appeared three times at the Riverhead Blues festival. Bobby currently hosts the longest running blues jams in NYC at the Cutting Room. Bobby has hosted his blues jam at the legendary Manny's Car Wash, China Club, Le Bar Bat and Tribeca Blues. 

Guitar Blues ala SRV, Hendrix and Clapton with full horn section

Bobby Nathan - Guitar and Vocals 
Bob Cleary - Bass 
Glen Wyka - Drums 
Rusty Cloud - Piano 
Jan Mulaney - Hammond B3 
Rob Papparossi - Harp (You Got Me Runnin', My Friend) 
The Uptown Horns -Arno Hect, Crispin Cioe, Larry Etkin, 
Bob Funk and Baron Ramonde
                                                                        Bobby Nathan

sexta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2017

Tommy Castro - Live At The Filmore

Blues-rock guitarist Castro brings us his fourth recording, an enhanced CD recorded live at his hometown, San Francisco-based Fillmore Auditorium. Castro is a good guitarist who is not hung up on pyrotechnics; he plays clean, undistorted licks in the basic tradition. Vocally, he is quite reminiscent of Tower of Power singer Emilio Castillo (check out "What Is Hip?" for the similarities.)
This 11-song set starts off rocking on the straight-laced, organ-fired (by Jimmy Pugh) "Right as Rain," one of several tracks from previous discs. Castro is also into hot funk with horn help from trumpeter Tom Poole and tenor saxophonist Keith Crossan for "Like an Angel" and the 12-bar R&B-ish "Nasty Habits," all of which are Castro's tunes. "My Time After Awhile" is the most straight-blues-oriented number of the lot, slow and quietly sizzling. "Lucky in Love" and "I Got to Change" are more pop-oriented, the former in rock territory, the latter á la Otis Redding. Albert King's "Can't You See What You're Doing to Me?" is a loping blues-rock tune with Castro's best guitar improvs and most animated, feverish vocal. Even more into Otis Redding's bag, "Just a Man" is a sweet, slow soul sender, followed by the good, old-time type, midtempo, high-energy-injected rocker "Can't Keep a Good Man Down." Castro's rhythm section of bassist Randy McDonald and drummer Billy Lee Lewis finally doubles the time on the fastest tune, the typical '60s dance ditty "The Girl Can't Help It" with background vocals, and Castro exclaims, "it's not my thing, but we'll borrow it" before posing the strut of James Brown's "Sex Machine" in extended fashion for band intros and some enjoyable jamming.
                                                             Tommy Castro

Mojo - Not For Nothin'

MOJO, is Mojo Stu's earlier incarnation as a Rock-Blues artist, and this CD 'Not For Nothin' was released in '93 to industry critical acclaim and national college station radioplay. The CD's ten tracks feature memorable melodies and lyrics, phenomenal guitar and slide guitar work, and guest appearances from top Philly acts.

Wes Lee & Th' Possum Foot Mojo - Lucky 7

Wes Lee is a multi instrumentalist and all the instruments you hear on 'Lucky 7' are played by him. The opener 'Baptized By The Blues' is a compelling blues shuffle that is worn by clever keyboard work, but also the guitar work is not to be scorned. Also vocally it sounds very good with the attractive voice that Wes has. The rhythm is pulled up for the smooth swing song 'Land Of The Wayward Pines', an ideal song to release the legs. Wes Lee takes us to the deep South with the Mississippi delta song 'Summer Of 33', according to Lee a true story in his family. Here Wes proves that he does not need much to bring a strong and credible number. The resonator and his voice are already sufficient. With the same ingredients, this musician knows how to tell the happy story of Adam and Eve in 'Garden Party'. The best song on the album is for me the wonderful ballad 'Crown Of Fire'. It is more instrumental and Wes is grandiose on the guitar, with alternating fat slide work and very clever finger work. Lovely song. For the pure 'Blackbird', Lee relies on his voice and the resonator again.
                                                                Wes Lee

quinta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2017

Casey James - Strip It Down

The music he loves is the blues. Between his shrewd playing and exuberant singing, the influence of Tab Benoit, Doyle Bramhall II, and Freddie King are highly apparent in Strip It Down, which folds in a variety of styles, all connected directly to that blues base. Raspy Delbert McClinton joins him on the opening track, a raucous bit of Texas roadhouse swagger titled “Bulletproof.” From there, James courses through the dramatic blues/rock of “All I Need,” the light country swing of “Stupid Crazy,” the spacious old-school R&B of “Different Kind Of Love” and the gutbucket closer “Fight You For The Blues.”
                                                                 Casey James

terça-feira, 21 de novembro de 2017

El Jose and the Hibbie Blues - Back On Track

Swinging between Texas and Chicago blues, strongly influenced by the master of the subject Stevie Ray Vaughan, El Jose and the Hibbie Blues do not deny a purely rock'n'roll dynamic
                                                      El Jose and the Hibbie Blues

segunda-feira, 20 de novembro de 2017

Johnny Defrancesco - Tribute to B. B. King's Live at the Regal

Work on this album began in 2015 – 50 years after the original was released. For many guitar players, this album is one of the Holy Grails of music. This live recording showcased B.B’s style, passion and energy that came through with every gig – as a player and a singer.
The Regal’s Hammond organ fell into disrepair the previous night, and it couldn’t be repaired or replaced in time for B.B.’s show. B.B.’s organ player – Duke Jethro - was relegated to playing piano on this gig. Duke - while being an excellent musician – wasn’t a piano player, he was thrust into the piano role. As Duke said to B.B. – “but I don’t play piano” to which B.B. replied “Do what you always do – pretend.”
                                                                 Johnny Defrancesco

domingo, 19 de novembro de 2017

Tommy Crain & the Crosstown Allstars

You are viewing the second release from Tommy Crain & The Crosstown Allstars recorded live at a small club in Macon, Georgia just 3 months before his untimely death in 2011. This CD highlights the band doing what they do best - playing to a crowd !!
                                                                       Tommy Crain

segunda-feira, 13 de novembro de 2017

Jeff Healey Band - Live in Rye

Brilliant. The band communicate their love of what they're doing to the audience.
                                                                       Jeff Healey

domingo, 12 de novembro de 2017

The Shafran-Klegseth Band - Relentless Blues

The defining blues CD by Shafran and Klegseth, the founders of The RedHot Blues. This is somewhere between Chicago and Texas blues, with great songwriting and the kinds of performances that kept them touring fifteen years.
                                                            The Shafran-Klegseth Band

sábado, 11 de novembro de 2017

Grady Champion - Tough Times Don't Last

The only way to describe Tough Times Don’t Last seems paradoxical: a hard-hitting, soulful and uplifting blues album, yet this is exactly what vocalist/harpist Grady Champion has added to his already impressive career with his seventh release.
Champion does a superb job of juxtaposing tales of hard times so often told in classic blues tunes with the more hopeful tales of gospel and R&B.  Perhaps the epitome of this juxtaposition lies in “Glory Train,” a 12 bar classic blues shuffle with soulful piano and harp, yet with lyrics that tell the listener that the conductor will always “welcome him onboard,” regardless of his past sin.  Champion pays homage to his Mississippi Roots with “Mississippi Pride,” a soulful pop ballad about cornbread, catfish and magnolia blossoms dripping with all the nostalgia of a true southerner outside of his natural habitat.  Champion includes a little funk on the album with “Things Ain’t What They Used to Be,” but this is an original tune, not a rendition of the Duke Ellington standard by the same name, which was slightly disappointing for this jazzhead.  “Tough Times Don’t Last” is a really nice gospel-inspired tune with a very enjoyable clarinet solo by Amy Lott.  “Cookie Jar” and “My Time Baby” are the best examples of pure blues on the album and are played quite well.  The album closes out with “What Would Christmas Be Without You,” another nice pop tune.
                                                               Grady Champion

sexta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2017

Vincent Hayes - The Grind

Listeners seeking an alternative to over-hyped music scene wannabes should look no further than Michigan’s Vincent Hayes. His guitar-driven rock, blues and funk-fueled anthems are as real and gritty as it gets, with infectious hooks, potent messages and honest-to-the-core vocals. 
                                                                Vincent Hayes

Maurice Richard Libby Blues - Homemade

Gritty blues with a contemporary sensibility. Searing guitar and passionate vocals. Harmonica, slide guitar, sardonic humour, and a deep respect for the traditions of Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, and all the other greats who came before. 
                                                            Maurice Richard Libby

Michael Bloomfield - Don't Say That I Ain't Your Man

  Fifteen tracks covering the pioneering blues-rock guitarist's '60s work, which was by far his best and most influential. Bloomfield worked with a bunch of bands during the decade, and the compilation flits rather hurriedly from his contributions to the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Electric Flag, to his collaborations with Al Kooper, as well as some late-'60s solo tracks (none of his groundbreaking mid-'60s work with Dylan is here). Collectors will be interested in the first five songs, which date from previously unreleased sessions produced by John Hammond in late 1964 and early 1965. Featuring Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica, this pre-Butterfield Blues Band outfit plays convincingly, but the material is standard-issue, and Bloomfield's vocals are thin and weak (they didn't improve much over time). As befits Bloomfield's considerable but erratic talent, this is an interesting but erratic compilation; seek out the first two Paul Butterfield albums for a more cohesive showcase of his skills.
                                                             Michael Bloomfield                   

The Radio Kings - Money Road

Mostly blues but enough other styles mixed in to make it interesting. Love the slow blues treatment of "My Day of Reckoning". There are so many great blues bands out there, but only a few that really stand out. This is one of them.
                                                              The Radio Kings

Litlle Bobby - Life of the Blues

Little Bobby has became one of the great underground blues men of his time. This album was produced written and proformed by Little Bobby. The past several years has been apart of Nora Jean Bruso's band. During that time the band was rated number one blues band to see by the Chicago Sun Times. Also were up for a 2012 blues music award. Little Bobby also co wrote and produced Nora's 2011 release Good Blues that was on the Roots Music charts.
Little Bobby is a not only a must hear but a must see. Bring his music home today. Its a Must Hace for your blues collection.

                                                                 Litlle Bobby

quinta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2017

Tim Budig Band - Tim Budig Band

Tim Budig Band's self titled album brings you the rowdy, in your face, good time, house rockin' blues that Tim grew up on in the heartland. Tim was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, and spent way too much of his twenties, and his hard earned money, at the legendary Zoo Bar. Seeing all the national acts come through, Tim knew he wanted to play the blues, namely blues guitar. In the mid nineties, Chicago blues legend Magic Slim moved to Lincoln and took Tim and a handful of other local musicians under his wing, and gave them something money can't buy, experience playing with a W.C. Handy (now B.M.A.) award winning, international blues star! In fact, over the last twenty years Tim has backed up Magic Slim, his brother Nick Holt, and son, BMA winning Blues artist Shawn Holt.

Tim loves to play, so he rarely turns down a gig at area clubs. bars, parties and festivals. As a result, he stays very busy, and is truly is a working class musician with a working class band. In addition to his regular band, Tim fronts the house band at the legendary Zoo Bar in Lincoln, Nebraska every Monday night.

The band also features Mike "Mad Mike" Wheeler - Guitar, Jeff Boehmer - Bass, Casey "The Kid" Hodgin - Drums, Jeremiah "Miah" Weir -Keys.

These guys love to play, and fans love the good time, high energy delivery this band brings to the stage and recording studio!
                       Tim Budig Band

Harold Stewart & The Blues Hounds - We've Got It Covered

The Blues Hounds formed at the turn of the millennium in Japan, & thrilled audiences there for over a decade before relocating to Columbus OH in the States, bringing the Blues back home & creating a whole new group of fans Stateside.

One of the strongest points of the band is definitely their live performances, which are fun, high-energy, full-intensity experiences of passionately played electric Blues & Blues-Rock, with a tinge of funky synchopation thrown in to balance out the vibe:
The Blue Sounds of The Blues Hounds!!

The band's cover-song repertoire spans the gamut of pre-war a-capella gospel Blues from the Godfather of the Blues, Son House, all the way up through modern arrangements of monster classics from Albert King, Otis Rush, Albert Collins, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, & many more!
Their 1st original CD debuts in the end of 2017, & equally showcases a wide variety of styles - from driving swamp-boogie Blues, to New Orleans Dixieland swing, raging slow-Blues tunes, tongue-in-cheek ditties, & even Japanese taiko-drum enhanced traditional Blues arrangements! 

                                                                  Harold Stewart

quarta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2017

Kirk Fletcher - Shades Of Blue

In 2004, Delta Groove Music put out the sophomore release, Shades of Blue, by an up and coming Los Angeles based guitarist, Kirk “Eli” Fletcher.  I thought it might be fun to look back to those heady times for the young guitarist and that recording. Shades of Blue and Kirk Fletcher are the subjects of this month’s ongoing feature, Re-Visited. Kirk Fletcher, a Los Angeles area native, was like most people of his generation, surrounded by hip-hop, rap and other forms of popular music which had very little connection to the blues. He had already been introduced to a variety of music at a young age by way of his older brother Walter. However, it was blues that captivated the young musician who had been playing guitar since he was eight years old.
                                                               Kirk Fletcher

Guitar Gable - Cool Calm Collected

Guitar Gable was the stage name used by Gabriel Perrodin an American Louisiana rhythm & blues, rock’n’roll guitarist, singer and songwriter. With King Karl, Gable’s brother Clinton “Fats” Perrodin on bass guitar, and drummer Clarence “Jockey” Etienne, as The Musical Kings, they became studio band for record producer J. D. “Jay” Miller Excello Records. They backed musicians such as Lazy Lester, Classie Ballou, Skinny Dynamo, Bobby Charles and Slim Harpo [on legendary 1957. single I’m a King Bee, “I Got Love if You Want It“].
                                                                 Guitar Gable

The Booze Brothers - Evil Morning Blues

This first CD was recorded at Lirec Studios in Stenshult, in the backwoods outside the city of Uddevalla, Sweden. Basic tracks were recorded between the 14th and the 18th of june 1998. Lead vocals, overdubs and mixing were made through august. All in all, we spent roughly two weeks in the studio, finishing our debut. Production and mix by Börje Lindquist together with the Booze Brothers.
The Booze Brothers:
Patric Karlsson – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Kenneth Svensson – Guitar
Dr Sumlin – Bass Guitar
Bosse Sandersson – Drums
Special Guests:
Kenneth Johansson – Keyboards and Grand Piano
All songs arranged by the Booze Brothers.
                                                            The Booze Brothers

Little Charlie & The Nightcats - The Big Break

This album is very very fun. It's jump blues because it makes you want to jump out of your chair and dance til you faint from exhaustion, but it also has entertaining lyrics that make you laugh yourself silly. One of my favorite songs on this is "Dump that Chump" because it's darn funny "Dump that Chump and come on home with me...." "Me and Miss Anne" is a generic blues song -- but sweet. Other songs, like the title song remain amusing and bluesy in a way that only Rick Estrin can do it - somewhere between Snake Oil Salesman trying to get himself some and amazing blues artist that he is. Between his work on the harp and Little Charlie wailing on the guitar, this album rocks from start to finish.
                                                            Little Charlie

segunda-feira, 6 de novembro de 2017

Katzenjammer Kids - Beep´m All

                                                        Blues Rock


                                                    Katzenjammer Kids