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Daddy MT & The Matches - Lightin' Up

"Daddy MT and The Matches
Mathieu TESSIER says DADDY MT is what is called a passionate.From an early age, music led him to the piano conservatory. Following the discovery of the bass guitar with which he makes a significant number of concerts focused on Blues-Rock.The guitar is his ultimate discovery where he can thanks to her put his passion at its peak. He discovers then the Blues which he is also passionate and decides to naturally combine his two loves.A Bluesman is born.With his guitar that comes alive in his hands, DADDY MT goes well beyond notes and delivers a panel of emotions rich and passionate.DADDY MT was the founder and leader of several bands including MT BLUES BAND or MATT BUDDY BLUES BAND and is still the guitarist of the duo BLUES IN VEINS.LURRIE BELL and MAGIC SLIM among others push him in the Chicago, his Blues of predilection and leads him to find musicians who will be able to share with him this Chicago Blues which lives it.
                                                  Daddy MT

Lightning Red - Red's Blues

Lightning Red is gifted. He has a special feeling for the blues and sings and plays them with talent and from his heart. There are special, intriguing things about this CD. His deep, baritone, sometimes rugged, vocals often pleasantly contrast with his lyrical, vital guitar playing which is often several octaves higher and sometimes has a subtle counter melody. His arrangements add a dynamic dimension and pack their punch.
His original songs are a well-written blend of blues, a boogie, a shuffle, and R&B songs which have an authenticity to them. Put these factors together and you have an EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD CD.  Of special interest is his fine, gentle, lilting blues, "If You See Me," which is the longest track on the album. It's a tender love song to someone he still loves.
His "Austin Boogie" is another special entree. This acoustic instrumental contrasts his deep guitar playing with his delicate slide licks. His "Big City Blues" gently reminisces about the blues life in Chicago. This CD is an exciting show by the versatile and talented Lightning Red. He writes, sings, plays, and produces blues and R&B songs with his own special flair.
                                                                       Lightning Red

quinta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2017

Joaquin Delemoine - Peace Of Mind

Inspired by the Blues heard on the radio and jukeboxes of old, these tracks carry the spirit and soul of the past but with some modern twists! Play Loud!
                                                             Joaquin Delemoine

Jim Shaneberger Band - Above & Below

 The Jim Shaneberger Band is a group of hardworking musicians hailing from West Michigan. Led by Jim Shaneberger, a skilled guitarist, bassist, songwriter, and vocalist, the band is a mainstay in the Michigan music scene. Hard-hitting blues/rock/funk power trio keeping real music alive in the 21st century.

Above & Below has been a long time in the making. We originally expected to release this album a long time ago, but life had it's own plans. We're very proud to finally give you this album of all original songs. Above & Below, as the name implies, explores the two sides of the coin. The ups and downs. The struggle. The victories and defeats. The brights side and the dark side. We really hope you enjoy it!
Jim Shaneberger: guitars & vocals
Jeff Baldus: bass
Steve Harris: drums
                                                          Jim Shaneberger

Zen Blues Quartet - Again and Yet Again - CD 2, Live at Westlake Audio

 Zen Blues Quartet began two and a half years ago as an experiment in "Art for the sake of good Art". We had no expectations, no goals, no ideas that anyone would even hear what we were doing, other then our friends and fellow musicians. We recorded the first CD in one day, with no rehearsal and no plan, just to see what would happen. We did some gigs, sold a bunch of CD's, ended up being reviewed quite well, and a lot of people liked what we did. In fact enough so that we decided we wanted to do another one.

When Mike Finnigan joined us for a few gigs, (when Jeff Young left to go on tour with Steely Dan), it was pretty obvious that he and Tim had a magic quality that really clicks in when they sing together. The sound of the band got really huge when Mike joined, and so we decided it was time to do another CD.

Personnel: Steve Ferrone (drums); Tim Scott (vocals, bass guitar); John March (guitar); Curtis Salgado (harmonica); Ed Wynne (tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone); Marty Grebb (Fender Rhodes piano); Carmen Grillo (background vocals).
                                                            Zen Blues Quartet

terça-feira, 24 de outubro de 2017

KALO - Wild Change

Depending on the level of talent and influences a band or artist has, he can afford to keep a record interesting without having to leave their genre of choice. Truth is, most of the music styles today have found the way to somehow “diversify” and create this wide range of subgenres that stick to the original source but change their tempo or rhythms. However, some of this musical limbs have found the way to find and become their own identity, so it’s become a really tricky thing for artists to be categorized under one absolute label. This takes me to our next band and their newest record.

Wild Change by Kalo is definitely filled with fierceness and the change, though subtle, is still there. The band adds new elements on each song so they all feel fresh and unique – however, no matter how much they try (though as you listen through, it doesn’t seem they even do so) to stray away from the Blues, the Blues always comes to them. Bat-Or Kalo crazy, powerhouse vocals reminiscent of other great modern singers such as Emily Armstrong (Dead Sara) and even some icons like the late Janis Joplin; plus her overall presence on this record gives a nice angsty Riot Grrrl to every track, some of them like “One Mississippi” and “Upside Down” are plain down fun while “Isabel” is probably the loudest AF song on the album. The whole material is also filled what any rocker dreams of: insanely solos throw in when you less expected and music that will knock you down and never let you go.

There are any negative comments to throw at this band, if you sit through and let yourself go, some of the songs also makes you feel as if you were listening them live. There’s a rawness attached to every tune on Wild Change that really makes you feel as if you were at one of their shows. It doesn’t feel as one of those many overly produced album released by many acts today, which works perfect for a Blues record.

domingo, 22 de outubro de 2017

Mac Arnold & Plate Full O' Blues - Nothin' To Prove

Mac Arnold must have known at an early age that his music career would read like a "Who's who" of Blues/R&B legends. His high school band "J. Floyd& the Shamrocks" were often joined by none other than Macon, Georgia native, James Brown on piano. After deciding to pursue a professional music career, he joined the Charles Miller group until 1965 when he made the move to Chicago to work with recording artist/saxophonist A. C. Reed. 

In late 1966, at age 24, came the opportunity of a lifetime to join the Muddy Waters Band and help shape the electric blues sound that inspired the rock and roll movement of the late 60's and early 70's. Regular guests of the band included Eric Clapton, Paul Butterfield, Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop.The Muddy Waters Band (as a unit) shared the stage with the likes of Howlin' Wolf, Elmore James, Jimmy Reed, Junior Wells, Big Joe Williams, and Big Mama Thornton ("Hound Dog") just to name a few. During this time, Mac played on John Lee Hooker's "live" album, Live at the Café Au Go-Go, as well as Otis Spann's classic recording The Blues Is Where It's At, which is still rated a five star CD today. 

After more than a year with Muddy Waters, Mac formed The Soul Invaders which backed up many artists, including The Temptations and B. B. King. In the early 70's, he moved to Los Angeles to work at ABC Television and Laff Records (Red Foxx). This led to working on the set of Soul Train from 1971 to 1975 and then working with Bill Withers ("Lean on Me" ) before moving back to South Carolina in the 80's. 

Mac now resides in Pelzer, SC, where at age ten he got his first taste of the blues when he learned to play his brother Leroy's home-made gas can guitar. Going back to his roots, Mac is serving up a mess of Blues with his own band, "MAC ARNOLD & PLATE FULL O' BLUES". The band consists of Mark McMakin on bass and vocals; Austin Brashier on guitar and vocals; Max Hightower on keyboards, harmonica and guitar; Mike Whitt on drums , and of course Mac Arnold on bass , vocals , and home-made gas can guitar . In the same way Mac shared the stage with some of the most influential Blues/R & B legends of his day, these guys will be fortunate to be in a band with one of the original masters of blues, Mr. Mac Arnold. Bring your appetite and get ready to "Pig Out" on a Plate Full O' Blues! 
                                                                    Mac Arnold

sábado, 21 de outubro de 2017

Acontrablues - Acontrablues (2008)

A Contra Blues is an established band on the national blues scene. Since the band’s founding in 2005 they have performed on diverse stages, both national and international, participating in competitions such as the Barcelona International Blues Festival (2009), the Cazorla International Blues Festival (2009) and the Deux Rivières International Festival (Belle-Isle-En-Terre, France, 2013) among others. A Contra Blues have also released three records: the eponymous A Contra Blues (2008), Chances (2013) and R&B (Rarezas & Blues), and they have also recorded two promotional demos of their concerts in 2010 in Sala Salamandra (A Contra Blues II) and in 2012 in the Conservatorio del Liceo (En vivo).
Their repertoire is a blend of tradition and heterodoxy, mixing together naturally as they bring a touch of freshness and maturity both to their own compositions as well as blues and Americana classics. As well as these qualities, their performances masterfully combine spontaneity and complex arrangements.

Big Mike & The Booty Papas - Red Hot Blues

This band began playing together in Macon, GA, in 1995. However, their individual careers began in the '60s and '70s and span genres from country to southern rock to jazz. The musical maturity comes through loud and clear on Red Hot Blues, with seven originals and four covers. Front man Mike Ventimiglia (vocals, guitar) has a big voice similar to that of Colonel Bruce Hampton. The fragmented funk of Hampton's Aquarium Rescue Unit is recalled in a few spots too, especially on "Spreadin' the News." Red Hot Blues offers a little bit of everything, from the swing of "Black Drawers" to the soulful R&B of "Treadin' Water." They even serve up some acoustic slide on the strangely amusing "Rats-n-Roaches." One of the brightest spots on this release is the alto sax work of Ed Smith. His tone and attack are impressive; sweet yet strong. You really have to appreciate the dual leads he does with guitarist Chris Crider and the jazzy solo in the Hank Williams tune "You Win Again" -- one of the nicest songs on the album. Other standouts include the opener "Doggin' Me Around," which features some very smooth rhythm guitar and fills as well as the instrumental closer, "Slaw Dawg." Red Hot Blues is well-produced, with clean and perfectly balanced instrumentation.
                                                                Big Mike

Pat Farrell - Riff It Avenue

Riff It Avenue is the eagerly anticipated first studio album from renowned Dublin guitarist Pat Farrell. The eleven original, mostly instrumental, tracks on Riff It Avenue showcase the many facets of Pat's musicianship... Blues, Rock, Country, Jazz, and Alternative. Riff It Avenue is an album for guitar lovers everywhere
                                                                       Pat Farrell

sexta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2017

Johnny Littlejohn - Third Annual Long Beach Blues Festival Sept 1982

Born in Lake, Mississippi, Littlejohn first learned to play the blues from Henry Martin, a friend of his father's. In 1946 he left home and traveled widely, spending time in Jackson, Mississippi; Arkansas; Rochester, New York; and Gary, Indiana. He settled in Gary in 1951, playing whenever possible in the nearby Chicago area. Through his connections in Gary, he was acquainted with Joe Jackson, the patriarch of the musical Jackson family, and Littlejohn and his band reputedly served as an occasional rehearsal band for the Jackson 5 in the mid- to late 1960s.
Littlejohn played regularly in Chicago clubs (he was filmed by drummer Sam Lay playing with Howlin' Wolf's band about 1961) but did not make any studio recordings until 1968, when he cut singles for several record labels. Later that year he recorded an album for Arhoolie Records and four songs for Chess Records. The Chess tracks were not issued at the time.
He recorded a few singles for small local labels but did not record another album until 1985, when Rooster Blues issued So-Called Friends. Soon after, he fell into ill health. He died of renal failure in Chicago, on February 1, 1994, at the age of 62.
                                                             Johnny Littlejohn

terça-feira, 17 de outubro de 2017

Big Ray & Chicago's Most Wanted - Travellin' Lite

Big Ray has lived his life immersed in Chicago Blues. He has played with, and toured with, too many artists to name and has traveled around the world with Blues Legends and up-and-coming artists alike. This CD, the first CD Big Ray has put out with his own band - Chicago's Most Wanted - showcases the wide range of music that is "Chicago Blues". Every artist in "Chicago's Most Wanted" is the best Chicago has to offer. Put them together and this CD is untouchable - at least until their next one comes out.
                                                Big Ray & Chicago's Most Wanted

quarta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2017

Wayne Watson - Risky Business

Wayne Watson is a professional musician, hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana.
A songwriter of instinct, Wayne has a flair for writing catchy songs that leave the listener moved by the raw emotion in them. Although his roots are firmly placed in vintage rock and blues, he draws inspiration from many different lyrical and musical influences, including his family. Wayne's versatility is expressed, not only in his songwriting, but also in his performing. Wayne not only wrote and co-produced the tunes on "Risky Business," but played all the instruments as well, with the exception of Jay Thompson on harmonica. A few of Wayne's other influences include, but are not limited to Robben Ford, Mike Stern, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, John Schofield, Dave Brubeck, and George Benson.

With his unique talent for writing songs that connect with audiences with the very first listen, his new "Risky Business" CD has received accolades in the blues community, co-produced with his long time friend and Music Mogul, Dave Watson. "Risky Business" was most recently nominated and received the 2012 Best Produced CD by the Indiana Blues Society As an Affiliate of the Blues Foundation, the CD was submitted to compete for the Blues Foundation Award, Best Self Produced CD awarded during the 2013 International Blues Challenge week in Memphis Tennessee..
                                                            Wayne Watson

Michael Robinson - Playing in the Dark

Passionate. Intense. Unique. That describes Michael Robinson’s distinctive brand of roadhouse blues and roots rock. He tears through these songs like a man possessed. No wonder the music sounds so good.

With Michael on guitar and vocals, this disc features radio friendly songs, top notch musicianship and excellent production. Michael co-wrote half the songs with San Francisco Bay Area legend Johnny Nitro, who scored hits for Grammy-winner Albert Collins and Tab Benoit.

Playing in the Dark showcases Michael’s gift for clever lyrics yet simple honest stories, his trademark gutsy vocal style and tasty solos.
The disc also features a wide range of styles and rhythms. From the Chuck Berry-driven “If I Could Marry My Guitar,” to the BB King-inspired “Even Jesus Had the Blues,” to the Americana feel of “Halfway to Mexico” and the roots vibe of “30 Days Late,” each song expresses a unique personality. 

                                                               Michael Robinson

terça-feira, 3 de outubro de 2017

Jeramy Norris & the Dangerous Mood - Blues for Sale

           Jeramy Norris is a true Blues musician with family roots in Texas. The southern influence is obvious in his brazen Texas Blues style and his extreme southern hospitality.
                                                            Jeramy Norris

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The Wildcat O'Halloran Band - Hot Pulldown

           More stunning originals and brilliant covers from the man Living Blues Magazine called " one of the most entertaining songwriters in contemporary Blues" With guest appearances by harp virtuoso Ottomatic Slim and Emily "Dr.Luscious" Duff on sax....learn why, in a world where only 3% of Americans like Blues, the Wildcat will always answer the Call!!
                                                       The Wildcat O'Halloran Band