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Kirris Riviere Blues Band - Left Me In The Cold

 Kirris Riviere Blues Band

One of the South West's finest blues bands. The incredible vocals of Kirris Riviere will take you back to old time greats like Muddy Waters, BB king and Buddy Guy.
Backed by some of the region's finest exponents of the blues.

It's always time to GETCHA BLUES ON with the Kirris Riviere Blues Band

Kirris Riviere - vocals extraordinaire
Rob Crooks - guitar
Charlie Rose - keys
Bryan Jones - bass
Andy Norman - drum kit
Andrew Hayes - horns

Recorded by the band at Alma Vale studios, Bristol. Mixed by The Schoolboy.
                                                         Kirris Riviere

Jimmy Haggard - Deep South Alive

       This albums digs deep into Chicago electric blues and brings it to you with a new twist. Some people call it rock, some call it blues, some call it pop (not sure why pop, but it happened). We call it 100% pure hot rockin' blues; some of the best blues rock ever laid down. Loving all music, Jimmy's music is a mashup of everything he has listened to and experienced in life, with shades of Blues, Rock, Funk, Reggae, R&B, Jazz, Jam, Folk, Swing and Country.

       Deep South Alive was recorded during a live performance at Deep South the bar in Raleigh North Carolina in February 2014. The session was sponsored by Raleigh Music Industry Association, Live & Loud Entertainment and Deep South the Bar.
                                                              Jimmy Haggard

Bob Noble & Blue Voodoo - Blue Rain

         Bob Noble has been a guitar player for many many years. He also plays a mean organ and bass guitar as well. He has been part of many bands throughout New York City and Los Angeles. He is now back to his roots outside of Philadelphia and continues to play live shows with his 3-piece band Blue VooDoo in the tri-state area. Most of his music is influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton with maybe a bit of Jeff Beck thrown in for good measure. This music features great original blues/rock tunes with interesting chord progressions and fabulous guitar riffs throughout the songs.

                                                                Bob Noble

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The Gordon Meier Blues Experience - Magic Kingdom

                 Magic Kingdom, from The Gordon Meier Blues Experience and it's vintage Chicago blues at it's best. Opening with Howlin' Wolf's Howlin' For My Darlin', Gordon Meier is front and center on lead vocal and guitar with Lester Veith on drums and Mark Friedman on bass. Meier's vocals are deep and resonant and Dean Shot's guitar tone screams old style. John Primer's Stop Draggin' That Chain Around has great swing with backing vocals by Friedman, super slide by John Taino and harp by Dennis Gruenling. Excellent! Taino is back on slide again on original track, Just Keep Ridin'. Really cool. Red Headed Woman is a real nice boogie with a solid a solid boogie guitar line and clean riffs. Jimmy Rogers' Gold Tail Bird is nice and slow featuring Gruenling on harp. Meier's best vocals on the release and chilling guitar work make this one of my favorites on the release. A track that screams out from the release, Johnny Otis' Signifyin' Monkey, is really funny and gritty. (Stilladog...you need this!) Predominately vocal and keys (Tom Hammer), this track is a hoot! Muddy Waters' Gypsy Woman is thick with Chicago blues. With traditional guitar riffs and super harp by Gruenling under Meier's vocals and tasty guitar soloing, really nice track. Wrapping the release is Freddie King's. The Stumble. An excellent closer for any show and in this case a super closer for a super release with top notch guitar work from Meier and organ from Hammer.
                                                                Gordon Meier

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Katie Kern - Blues For The Highway

          Katie Kern was born in Vienna in 1973. Her parents, both art teachers, sense the musical talent in little Katie and gave her extensive classical piano lessons. Her dad, an accomplished piano player teaches her improvisational skills and also some singing techniques. Right at the time of her high school graduation Katie picks up the guitar and turns her back on classical music. She manages to teach herself by copying music from Beatles records, and in 1994 she has a life changing experience- her encounter with the blues. By coincidence watching the Ry Cooder movie Crossroads she becomes infatuated with the historic blues, especially the outstanding music of Robert Johnson. To learn how to play guitar solos she listened to the CD of B. B. King Live in Cook County Jail. Also strong influences were Bonnie Raitt and Mississippi John Hurt.
                                                           Katie Kern

domingo, 24 de setembro de 2017

Corey Congilio - Well Suited

This "guitar" record showcases the versatility of a player who's prowess on the instrument spans blues, rock, country and RnB.

Since picking up the guitar at age thirteen, Corey Congilio has been steadily forming a solid musical foundation built upon honesty, integrity and respect for his art form. Born and raised in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, Corey was exposed to music from his father, mother and guitar playing uncles. This exposure to music of all types at an early age, helped to lay a foundation of passion, versatility and appreciation of what music is, where it comes from, and what it should be.
                                                                  Corey Congilio

Raoul - Say It Ain't So

Raoul is an extraordinary Original Blues/Rock Artist and blistering Guitarist who has rocked the main stages of Festivals and Venues in South Africa, Mozambique and the United Kingdom. 


Matt Woods & The Thunderbolts ‎– Be My Friend

      Recorded on analog tape by Kirk Kaufman at Junior’s Motel in Otho, Iowa on July 28 and August 5, 2007. Mixed and mastered by Steve Capp, Michael Swanger, Matt Woods, and Scott Cochran at Capp Audio Productions in Norwalk, Iowa.

                                                                Matt Woods

Jess Franklin And The Best Little Blues Band.

 From begining to end, this is nothing short of an excellent work from a quartet of young musicans that have since gone on to form other bands. Tisihamingo fans will be familiar with Leavin' Leon and Wastin' Time, the later of which sounds much different here, as Jess and Spivey have grown immensely as musicans over the past seven years. Wastin' Time is presented twice, the second time featuring Jess solo, a down and dirty reprise of a song that is previously more upbeat when performed by the full band. 
                                           Jess Franklin And The Best Little Blues Band.

Dennis Herrera Blues Band - Livin' Life Not Worryin'.

            This alluring recording is a excitingly provocative fusion of Texas, Chicago, California howlin' shufflin' muddy rockin' raw blues craftily executed by versatile talents of the highest order. The list of veteran players energizing this album includes tasteful guitarists extraordinaire Anson Funderburgh, Tommy Castro, Igor Prado, Jeffrey Paul Ross, Alan Maggini, Bill Bates and Dennis Herrera (guitar & vocals). The bassists rhythmic pulse masters, Dan McCann and Hank Van Sickle, the insatiable dynamic drummer Lee Campbell and the powerhouse harp player Denis Depoitre. Outstanding notable award winning blues vocalist and harmonica player of all time Lynwood Slim (Richard Dennis Duran). Last but in no uncertain terms least playing piano, organ and wurlitzer Rich Wenzel, owner/operator of Ardent Audio Productions in Torrance, CA who also co-produced and engineered the recording session in its entirety.  
                                                               Dennis Herrera

Morgan Davis - Morgan Davis.

                        If blues is indeed an incurable condition then Morgan Davis will gladly live out his life with a permanent affliction. He's used to it by now, and he goes about his business with a sense of humour and pride. Heading into his fourth decade in the music business, Davis is an important voice for the music we call the blues. He speaks eloquently and knowledgeably about his influences and the way that a strong sense of independence characterizes both his own career as a well as those who came before him.
                                                                     Morgan Davis

sábado, 23 de setembro de 2017

Cous and the Brotherhood - III Decades

                           III Decades is a project created by musician Ron "Cous" Cousar, which contains thirty years of collected material. It contains a blues style infused with R&B, Funk, and Jazz. This CD was developed to exhibit the various music styles that influenced the artist.
                                                           Cous and the Brotherhood

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Milligan Vaughan Project - MVP (2017)

                   It has been said that the sum is always greater than the parts. The parts can be good but together they are exceptional and that holds true in the case of MVP. The Milligan Vaughan Project or MVP is a musical partnership between Austin’s highly acclaimed vocalist Malford Milligan - and - guitar slinger Tyrone Vaughan both of whom have a rich musical history steeped in The Blues and Rock and Roll. It was at an early age that both were introduced to music that would become an integral part of their lives.
Some of Tyrone’s earliest memories go back to the early days of Antones, Austin’s legendary Home of the Blues. The legendary Muddy Waters gave him one of his harmonicas which he proceeded to blow on, and Muddy put cotton in Tyrone’s ears before starting his set. He found himself sleeping in Boz Skaggs guitar case and as a kid wearing out his toy guitars in no time. His first true guitar given to him on his 5th birthday by his uncle Stevie Ray Vaughan was an old Harmony scored at the local pawn shop. Later on it was Stevie, Lou Ann Barton and WC Clark all pitching in and buying Tyrone a Fender Musicmaster. Stevie Ray was very proud of that small neck guitar and happy that his nephew was following in his and his father Jimmie’s footsteps. Since those early years, he has performed with Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Doyle Bramhall, Doyle Bramhall II, (Little) Jimmy King, SRV’s Double Trouble, Pinetop Perkins, John Popper and Eric Gales. In April of 2015, Vaughan joined Royal Southern Brotherhood (RSB) featuring Cyril Neville on vocals, in result of 2 albums on Ruf Records, one recorded at the legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL and the other album recorded at Dockside Studios in Maurice LA.
No stranger to the blues, Malford Milligan was born in Taylor, Texas but as a young child music took a back seat to just trying to get by. In 1981, after a short stay in Lubbock, TX as a student at Texas Tech, Milligan moved to Austin to begin studies at the University of Texas. Instead of academics, singing took precedent and Monday night blues jams became the beginning of a life in music. His local band, Stick People, launched his career as a talented singer. In 1994, he helped form the Texas super group, Storyville, with David Holt, David Grissom and the rhythm section from Stevie Ray Vaughan's Double Trouble, which included bassist Tommy Shannon and drummer Chris Layton. Storyville released two stellar albums on Atlantic Records along with the independently released CD/DVD titled LIVE AT ANTONES. As a session singer, Milligan was in great demand. He toured and worked on albums together with other outstanding musicians, including Hal Ketchum, Marcia Ball, Alejandro Escovedo, Sue Foley and Eric Johnson. He has also appeared on The Voice NBC TV series on September 30, 2013 and was recently named “Vocalist of the Year” at The Austin Chronicle Music Awards.
Both Malford and Tyrone have a deep love for the Blues, along with a strong mutual respect for each other, and both share a part in Austin’s rich musical history. At the time when each were looking to see what the future held and what musical path they might take - one phone call followed by a short meeting brought the two together - and The Milligan Vaughan Project was launched. There is a feeling of family here. Though not technically related the bond between them is still strong. The stage is where they are both most comfortable and the synergy between these two musicians which will bring you to your feet.

                                                    Milligan Vaughan Project

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Jackie Venson - Live at Strange Brew

           Recorded at Strange Brew in Austin, TX, Jackie Venson presents a live set with her amazing trio. Join the audience on a journey through these 10 electrifying, original songs.

Austin‐born indie/blues guitarist/vocalist, Jackie Venson, announces the release of her live album, ​Jackie Venson Live​, due out September 16, 2016. The live record offers a raw follow‐up to her 2015 studio full‐length, ​The Light in Me.” ​“Jackie Venson is one of the most talented up and coming blues guitarists of her generation. With a gorgeous singing voice, a guitar style that is both dynamic and technically precise, and music that blends genres, she is one to watch out for.”​(​She Shreds)​
                                                                        Jackie Venson

Crossroads - Still Experienced

Still Experienced 
Chris Haller: guitars, lead vocals

Peter Guschelbauer: bass, vocals, organ

Didi Donauer: drums & perucussion

Special guests:
Jessica Vigneault: lead vocals
Ulli Mhess: lead vocals
Ilse Riedler: saxes
Reynhard Boegl: blues & electric harp
Christoph Kögler: piano


Bleeding heart 
Room full of mirrors 
Ground Zero 
Sittin' on the top of the world 
Burn under a bad sign
Going down 
It hurts me too 
Come together 
Oh pretty woman 
New door 
In from the storm 
Voodoo Chile Blues 
Villa nova junction 

Bill Wharton - Miami Blues & Liquid Summer

        Originally released as Bill Wharton 1989 The Sause Boss on King Snake Records. This is the French release on Loft Records from 1991.

Legendary performer Bill “Sauce Boss” Wharton brings his Florida slide guitar blues, his gumbo, and his own hot sauce to every multi-sensory performance. His show includes a culinary demonstration with audience stirring and sampling the gumbo. Sauce Boss is a powerhouse of energy with his one-man band.

Florida swamp-funk slide guitarist, Bill Wharton has been a musician for over a half a century. On his 1989 New Years Eve gig, Sauce Boss splashed a bottle of his Liquid Summer Hot Sauce into a huge pot of simmering gumbo, feeding the entire audience. The rest is history. 200,000 bowls later, he’s still feeding the masses for free at his shows. The Sauce Boss show is a soul shouting picnic of bluesy, rock and roll brotherhood.
                                                                 Bill Wharton

Don Brewer Blues Project - Voodoo Soul Blues

            The don brewer blues project is an all original blues band from the northeast usa. we incorporate both west coast blues and chicago styles into our original sound. the end result is a kind of gritty, swinging, juke joint high energy blues music. 
We have been compared to albert king, stevie ray, clarence gatemouth brown and john lee hooker. 
the debut album "voodoo soul blues" was recorded live, straight up and raw with all of the "nasty bits" left in. 
                                                                      Don Brewer

Koko Taylor - The Earthshaker

                       Koko Taylor's Alligator encore harbored a number of tunes that still pepper her set list to this day -- the grinding "I'm a Woman" and the party-down specials "Let the Good Times Roll" and "Hey Bartender." Her uncompromising slow blues "Please Don't Dog Me" and a sassy remake of Irma Thomas' "You Can Have My Husband" also stand out, as does the fine backing by guitarists Sammy Lawhorn and Johnny B. Moore, pianist Pinetop Perkins, and saxman Abb Locke
                                                                                 Koko Taylor

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Ruben V - In His Hands

                For a man who would turn out to be such a celebrated guitar player, Ruben was self-taught – old school style.  “I would slow down our old 45 albums on the record player and learn that way. I was also front and center at every concert – watching and listening. Then it was just hitting the road. There’s no better way to learn.” Hitting the road began at 15 for Ruben, who played in a string of bands and eventually landed an Indie record deal with his heavy metal band, Final Assault.  The unexpected death of a friend, the band’s bass player, brought everything to a halt for Ruben and he began questioning his direction.  Again, it was music that pulled him back in.  “I was in a dark time in my life when I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan in concert.  It was the opposite of the heavy metal bands that were defining the time.  I wanted to play Stevie’s kind of music – to bend a guitar string like that because that’s what I felt.”  That performance is what drove him back to writing and playing, but this time, he surrounded himself with his brothers and the group began touring clubs in the area.  As time passed, the shows became bigger and the four albums they put out became heavier, but, again, that sound wasn’t what Ruben had envisioned for himself.  Forced to confront the different directions the brothers were heading, Ruben parted ways with the group to pursue his own musical path – one that was true to him.  That becomes the essence of Ruben V’s music.
                                                                                      Ruben V

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Kent Burnside & The Flood Brothers.

Kent Burnside, grandson of legendary blues artist R.L. Burnside, teams up with The Flood Brothers for their first joint effort album after a decade of performing together on the road.
                                                                Kent Burnside

Freddie King - My Feeling For Blues.

My favorite album by Freddie and one of the all-time best blues albums IMHO. The credits are like a who's who of R and B in that era. Donny Hathaway as arranger, King Curtis as producer, and a rhythm section that included Jerry Jemmott and Cornell Dupree. The groove tempos are not too fast and not too slow; in other words just right. The horn arrangements are sublime and Freddie's performance is top-notch. Guitar players could, obviously, pick up a few things from Freddie, but Cornell Dupree lays down some of the fattest rhythm performances I've ever heard. The first two songs, Yonder's Wall and The Stumble set the tone for the whole recording.
                                                                     Freddie King

sábado, 16 de setembro de 2017

Jeremiah Roiko Band - EP

A Los Angeles Area Based Blues Rock Band. Known for high energy shows and fusing many musical influences and incorporating them into the Blues. featuring Jeremiah Roiko,Guitar/vocals, Son Vo Bass/vocals and Stephen Riddle drums/vocals.
                                                                     Jeremiah Roiko

Dave Imperl Band - Work It

This recording has an alternative bluesy rock sound with attitude! Similar sound & inventiveness of the late 60s Cream. 
The Dave Imperl Band is "Bluesy Rock with Attitude!!," a power trio made up of some of the finest players in the Milwaukee area. They consist of Dave Imperl - guitar,vocals,harmonica,songwriter. "Pentatonic"Pete Podkowinski - bass guitar, backing vocals and Jim Frets - drums & vocals. Their set list is composed of classic rock & blues songs, favorites and a few "deep cuts". They also have an arsenal of fine original songs that have gained much applause. Their debut Album/CD "WorkIt" , released on June 2nd, 2017.
                                                                  Dave Imperl

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3Borne - Tuff Puzzle

3Borne has gone through several incarnations, including No Apparent Reason, and Texas Voodoo. In the various forms it has opened for such acts as Kansas, The Marshall Tucker Band, Rare Earth and guitar legend Robin Trower. The group has also performed live on Richmond, Virginia radio and in 2002 headlined a date at Richmond’s “Friday Cheers” concert series. The group’s latest line-up includes Gene Brown on bass, Chad McKinney on drums and backing vocals and Dwayne Cabaniss on guitar and lead vocals.

The 3Borne repertoire consists of original and cover material. The originals can be heard at www.myspace.com/threeborne as well as their latest album Tuff Puzzle. Covers consist of artists that have influenced 3Borne members over the years. These artists include Jimi Hendrix, Allman Brothers Band and ZZ Top.

Scott Ellison - Good Morning Midnight

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Good Morning Midnight, from Scott Ellison and it's tasty! Opening with New Orleans flavored, Sanctified, Ellison is really hitting the road running. With Chris Campbell on lead vocal and Marcy Levy on backing vocal this band featuring Chuck Blackwell ripping up the drums, Gary Gilmore's funky bass line and hot guitar work by Ellison is smokin'. Soulful number, Gone For Good showcases Ellison on lead vocal and guitar with a strong radio presentation. Very nice. Reggae styling on Hope & Faith really sits down hard on Bob Marley's style. A really nice track with just the right groove features Jon Parris on bass, Danny Timms on B3 and terrific drum work by David Teegarden. One of my favorite tracks on the release is You Made A Mess (Outta Me) along the lines of Nickel and a Nail or Thrill Is Gone. With Jon Glazer on keys, Robbie Armstrong on drums, Jon Parris on bass and real nice lead vocal and guitar by Ellison, this track is super. On Wheelhouse with Mike Bennett on trumpet, Steve Ham on trombone, Robbie Armstrong on drums, Timms on piano and Parris on bass and Ellison on guitar, this is a really hot swinging jazz instrumental. Excellent! Lumbering rocker, Big City really kicks with heavy boots and Ellison's got attitude on vocal and guitar. Very nice. Wrapping the release is shuffle track, When You Love Me Like This, with solid vocals, cool harp by Jimmy Junior Markham, a great beat (Ron Martin - bass and Tim Smith - drums) spurred on by scorching guitar riffs by Ellison giving this just the right pressure to close a super entry by Ellison.
                                                             Scott Ellison

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Matthew Curry - Shine On

As much as Matthew Curry is invested in summoning the spirit of the blues — a commitment that’s in full display on the pair of smokin’ hot albums he’s released to date, 2011’s barn-burning If I Don’t Got You and 2013’s hard-charging testifier Electric Religion — and the NEW SHINE ON EP, the 20-year-old guitar slinger and soulful singer from Bloomington, Illinois likes to take a much broader view of his style. “If somebody came up and asked me what I would call my music, I don’t think I would say ‘the blues,’” he admits. “And I don’t think I would say ‘rock and roll,’ either. I would actually say, ‘good music.’ Blues is my first love, but I also love ’60s rock like Cream, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix. I’m also into things like Southern rock, Chet Atkins, and Roy Clark. All of those artists are complete musicians. They write great songs, and they sing great too. They’re just incredible.”
                                                               Matthew Curry

David Julia - Simple Things

He has been performing live since the age of seven, he has played festival's, fund raisers, private parties and even sang the national anthem at an Orlando Magic Basketball game. He had an ongoing gig at a hometown restaurant every Friday night for over a year at the age of ten. He has played the Florida Key’s and all over the state of Florida by the age of twelve. Guitarist singer/songwriter David Julia is quite an accomplished musician and he is only fourteen years old.
At the age of twelve he met Ellard-James "Moose" Boles (Lou Reed's bass player) and was invited to play some blues in Key West Florida, since then David was all in with the blues! David started taking lessons from master guitarist Ernie Lancaster and Ernie took him to another level of blues! As David was honing his skills with his new mentor and friend Ernie suddenly passed from cancer. David was awfully sad over the passing of his friend and promised to make him proud through his music. He started playing at The AlleyBlues in Sanford, Florida where Ernie frequented, and continued to hone his skills and understand the Blues through such long time blues artists as Maurice Fields, Auggie Bassman and Doc Williamson.
One Day David reached out to Blues artist and jam host Mark Telesca at the world famous "Funky Biscuit" in Boca Raton, Florida . At the Funky Biscuit David continued his growth and love of blues with help from his new friend Mark and became a regular at the Funky Biscuit. Mark saw something in David and placed him on stage with some of the best blues musicians out there today and watched as David not only held his own but shined. Mark was scheduled to compete in the international blues competition in Memphis, Tennessee and suggested David go observe and learn as much as he can. David not only went he got an opportunity show his ability and again he shined. In Memphis after performing on the iconic Rum Boogie Cafe stage he was approached by a member of the blues society about generation blues for young blues musicians.
In Memphis David went to see one of his favorite blues musicians perform Bob Margolin (Muddy Waters long time guitar player) whom he had meet once before at the funky biscuit. He was explained that Bob was holding a "Chicago Blues" workshop at Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch in Ohio and that Generation blues would sponsor him. Getting a chance to learn from Bob was an opportunity David just could not pass up. He had the added pleasure at the ranch of sitting in on a class from blues icon Doug McCloud as well. After an amazing week of music David was inspired by the tips he received from Bob and Doug to finish up some music he was working and record his first EP. 

                                                                  David Julia

Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint is a new venture featuring young Johnny Scopaletti on amazing guitar, and vocals. Also Ken Williams on bass, and Callum Benepe on drums. If you're into long, creative jams.
                                                                 Fresh Paint

quarta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2017

Jeff Denny Band - Stolen Heart

The Jeff Denny Band is a high energy, audience-oriented group performing classic rock and blues cover and original music from such artists as S.R.Vaughan, C. Santana, E. Clapton, J. Hendrix, L. Skinnard, ZZ Top, Allman Bros, etc…
Jeff Denny pretty much defines the term "blistering" when it comes to L.I. guitarists. His long awaited CD
is up to the standards to major label releases and its for sale. Along with his faithful cohorts Greg Zack (bass),
Tony Arfi (drums) and Tru (keyboards). Denny really serves up some smokin' blues with a hint of fusion
on some tracks. The signature piece here is a monster riff, the CD's closing instrumental, "Boogie Man," and it
shows off the scary chops that these vets effortlessly pour out. "The Grass is Blue" is another tasty tidbit for the
blues/jazz fans as they fire off some great solos in this foot stompin' rocker. Also of note are the punchy
"You're Confused," the plaintive "Stolen Heart" and a great narrative tale "Leon." This band is flying on the
slow blues, you can only imagine how they heat things up on the driving numbers. For fans of everything from
Stevie Ray Vaughn to Eric Clapton to the Dreggs, the Jeff Denny Band is one talented posse of blues hombres.

                                                            Jeff Denny 

The Daniel Nathan Band

The Daniel Nathan Band is a bluesy, jazzy, psychedelic mosaic, with a brush of distortion. This original CD contains everything from traditional blues riffs, to jazzy flute melodies, to classic rock jams with screaming guitar licks.
The genres of blues, jazz and '70s psychedelic rock are all represented in the music of Milwaukee's Daniel Nathan Band. Frontman Nathan shows an SRV quality and is nicely complemented by Guy Lindekugel on harmonica. Their self-titled CD stays true to form throught and is currently getting spins as far away as Germany. Nathan is also no slouch on flute, which he incorporates into the act for a pleasant deviation.  
                                                       The Daniel Nathan Band

terça-feira, 12 de setembro de 2017

Woody's Rampage - Tip Jar

              Woody’s Rampage “Tip Jar” album is 13 songs full of energy and great playing. Ryan Hall, born in New Orleans, on guitar and vocal, with Texas power house players: Forrest Johnson on Bass and Dave Whitlock on Drums. The group is a veteran of packed houses in the USA and abroad. With songs from their “Blues Bag” with adaptations of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” and “Death Letter Blues,” you get a feel for the soulful power of Ryan Hall’s depth of feeling for the blues. Having the blues master Patrick Williams adding Harmonica on two songs lets you feel how the real blues men play from the heart. On “Fi Yo”, veteran New Orleans percussionist Ruben Watts pushes the beat to the limit with his Mardi Gras Indian power!
Ryan Hall puts his vocals to the test on “Water Falls” and “Kiss From A Rose,” and passes with flying colors! Beautiful songs sung with inspirational feelings for both.
Of course, the Stratocaster is the tonal center of Woody’s Rampage, but the power of the Texas roadhouse veteran, drummer Dave Whitlock, is the push that every band wishes for. Dave plays with the correct feeling for each song, not an easy job with so many varied song styles on “Tip Jar.” The other member of the power players is Forrest Johnson on Fender bass. Playing the right notes at the right time, with the right feel for each song, Forrest is almost a band by himself.
Ryan and the band pay homage to the British Invasion sound with a tastefully played “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by the Beatles. Another “show stopper!” No Stratocaster centric album would be complete without “White Room,” again showcasing Ryan’s touch on the guitar that thrills audiences every time! For real guitar warriors, “Goin’ Down” and “Freeway Jam” will be a delight. Each verse circles around and comes back for another “strike!” Just plain fun to listen to, and enjoy the great playing of carefully constructed music.
                                                      Woody's Rampage

domingo, 10 de setembro de 2017

Jeremiah Johnson - Grind

Born and raised in St. Louis, Jeremiah Johnson is the voice of Mississippi River blues blending with the struggles of everyday life. He began learning guitar at age 6, drawing inspiration from his rich St. Louis blues heritage and legendary guitarists, like Alvin Lee, Eric Clapton and Hank Williams Sr. and Jr. With these influences, Johnson began building his musical foundation.

After relocating to Houston, TX, in 1999, Johnson finished in first place for three consecutive years at the Houston Regional Blues Challenges, sponsored by the Houston Blues Society. Johnson returned to St. Louis in 2009, and merged Texas style with STL blues to create the unique sound you hear today.
                                                   Jeremiah Johnson

sábado, 9 de setembro de 2017

R.C. Banks - Conway's Corner

Rooted in various Texas styles of blues, country, and rock, R.C. Banks has created an almost perfect picture of how the best of differences can create a terrific and eclectic balance. "Courthouse" takes the best of a John Hiatt melody with some raw harmonica supporting the song, while "Walkin' on Air," although possessing a spoken word quality, is a quiet alternative country ballad. A few twists are sometimes welcomed, but the polka waltz of "Jenny Jones" (named for the afternoon talk show host) and the cheesy "Great Scott's BBQ" diminish previous efforts. A noticeable trait is the record's rather mid-tempo blues swagger on "More Than the World to Me," which has the singer sounding sincere in his delivery. Having considerable success during the slower-paced accordion-tinged "Those Days Are Gone," Banks performs without any considerable change in format or sound, a mildly disappointing fact given the energy and abilities he reveals in the beautiful "Pecan Trees" and "South Plains Panhandle Fair." "Now's the Time" has some Latin overtones, but it's too little, too late. A few more up-tempo tunes would improve the album, but it's quite enjoyable as it is.

                                                                R.C. Banks

sexta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2017

Zen Blues Quartet

             The Zen Blues Quartet was assembled as an experimental project by guitarist John March, bassist Tim Scott, Hammond B-3 and keyboardist Jeff Young, and world-renowned groove master Steve Ferrone on drums.

Music for the sake of the music. That was the concept born out of an experience that John March had while studying Zen in an ancient forest in Italy. Not music for the sake of commerce, but music with no expectation of reward, played solely because it needed to be played.
 ...Standing there, looking out into this amazing forest, I realized that I had been preparing to "hear this silence", to be in this space, for a very long time. What arose, for me, was the word "Yes". Yes to life and all that that implies. In that very moment I had a clear vision of this music. Of a day spent recording music with my friends, simply because we can. No other agenda, no mission to fulfill, just music for the sake of music. (Originally my idea was a day of silence, where we only played, but no talking, just introspection and music. That idea quickly evolved as things progressed towards reality.) That night I called Tim and Steve, and explained my idea with great enthusiasm, and I was met immediately with a fantastic YES from both of my friends. (I think to some extent that they have a great sense of patience and generosity, when it comes to my ideas about music and creating art!). I told them I wanted to go into the studio and record 9 or 10 of our favorite Blues and Soul tunes, but make them ours, play them how we wanted to. I also wanted to play "live", with all of us in the same room. There would be no fruitional purpose other then to just play, record, and then see what happens. There was some hesitation initially, but that evaporated with the first note we played, and from that moment on, it was magic...

                                                          Zen Blues Quartet

Teddy Young And The Aces - Movin On

            Blues/Rock Traditional Blues, Funk, interesting arrangements, Jazz and rhythm and blues, Fusion influences. Teddy Young and the aces is a group of seasoned musicians with a very powerful sound. Passion mixed with fire, chops, and Soul.
                                                                  Teddy Young

Larry Griffith Band - Shake It Loose

            Larry Griffith was brought up in the inner city of Cincinnati, Ohio by a single parent along with nine other siblings where Larry was saturated with the radio and vinyl record sounds of  everything from blues, gospel, and soul, to jazz. In his teens, the family was able to upgrade to the Walnut Hills section of Cincinnati, which housed the legendary King Records. Seeing great artists in the neighborhood like Freddie King, Bill Doggett, Hank Ballard, Ivory Joe Hunter and even the Godfather of Soul himself James Brown was an ordinary occurrence and Larry’s first recording sessions as a drummer occurred here. Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys had a profound effect on Larry and he fell in lifelong love with the lyrical phasing of John Coltrane. Relocating to Atlanta, Georgia in the 1990s, Larry discovered then quickly became immersed in the thriving Atlanta blues scene becoming one of the top drummers in the region. Then in the early 2000’s, encouraged by a dream he had, Larry learned to play guitar and that allowed him to forge an alliance between his rich, eclectic song writing story telling style which included elements of blues, country, soul and rock with his gumbo approach to guitar and his highly engaging live stage performance. The result? You’ll have to check that out for yourself.
                                                                    Larry Griffith

Gerry Groom - Twice Blue

                A good friend and protege of Duane Aallman, Gerry Groom shines on his posthumous album " Twice Blue." Descibed as an "unbelievable slide guitarist", Gerry Groom was a fantastic musician whose work Shattered Music was proud to release.
                                                                  Gerry Groom

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Peter Ward - Blues On My Shoulders

                             As a teenager growing up in Lewiston, Maine, Peter and his brother Michael (“Mudcat”) listened intently to blues records and went to see Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Taj Mahal and Hubert Sumlin whenever they performed in the area. Peter played blues with Mudcat and did gigs also with his younger brother Jeff, who died in 1991. “Jeff was too young to drink, but club owners would let him in so he could play bass with New York City drummer Ola Dixon and me,” Ward recalls.

Ward later moved to Boston and played in various bands, frequently sitting in with Sugar Ray & the Bluetones, who then featured his brother and Ronnie Earl, and backed blues artists such as Jimmy Rogers, Eddie ‘Cleanhead’ Vinson and Lowell Fulson.

                                                                   Peter Ward

Katz Sass - Just A Matter Of Time

 “Take the music past where you found it.”
Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Katz Sass blends the souls of those that lived the blues with the edgy riffs of modern day blues stylists to transform the songs and struggles of the past into present day tales of love, life, and dreams.
                                                                 Katz Sass

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Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat-2016-Live At The Kessler

                                                             Blues Rock
                                                             Jim Suhler

Mike Dugan - Live At The Boulevard

                                                                 Blues Rock
                                                                 Mike Dugan