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Howlin' Waters - Murdering The Blues (2018)

                                                            Howlin' Waters
Howlin' Waters plays energetic, upbeat Houserockin' Music that is fun and loved by everyone who hears him play!

Inspired by artists as diverse as ZZ Top, Keith Richards Winos, The London Souls, Backdoor Slam, Otis Rush & Byther Smith,
Howlin' continues to deliver a solid show each performance.

He has opened concert shows for Canned Heat, Humble Pie, Steppenwolf & Hank Williams, Jr.


Howlin' Waters - Guitars, Vocals
Earthquake Jake - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mick Switchblade - Drums, Percussion


01. On The City Streets 03:56
02. We Don't Dial 911 02:35
03. Baby, I Don't Like This Game 02:59
04. Midnight Man 03:26
05. Big Ape 03:23
06. Shot Glass 03:18
07. Crazy Winds 03:20

Ramon Goose Trio - Ramon Goose Trio - One Night Only (2013)

                                                           Ramon Goose Trio                                        
Ramon originally established himself as the guitarist; chief songwriter, producer and driving force for the acclaimed British band NuBlues (with Ed Vans), also working with Senegalese world music star Diabel Cissokho and forming The seminal band The West African Blues Project, his most recent new venture is Desert Rock.  
This is a selection of albums, singles and other rarities you may not find else where!



01. Side Tracked 03:10
02. Chevrolet 04:19
03. Cut Me To The Bone 05:14
04. Sookie Stomp 05:11
05. Little Wing 06:21
06. Say It Aint So 05:09   
07. Give Me Back My Wig 03:40
08. Goin' Home 05:21   
09. Hideaway / Rude Mood 05:12

Santana - Africa Speaks (2019)

Africa Speaks is the new energy-infused, full-length album from Santana. It features the soulful vocals of Afro-Latin singer Buika and was produced by legendary producer Rick Rubin. Santana and his eight-piece band (featuring his wife, Cindy Blackman Santana, on drums), convened at Rubin’s Shangri La Studios in Malibu, and in a joyous and stimulating 10-day period they recorded an astonishing number of tracks, many of them in one take. Inspired by the melodies, sounds and rhythms of Africa, Santana has created a truly memorable and powerful experience that also promises to be one of his most groundbreaking albums yet.


01. Africa Speaks 04:47
02. Batonga 05:43
03. Oye Este Mi Canto 05:58
04. Yo Me Lo Merezco 06:12
05. Blue Skies 09:08
06. Paraisos Quemados 05:59
07. Breaking Down The Door 04:30
08. Los Invisibles 05:54
09. Luna Hechicera 04:47
10. Bembele 05:51
11. Candombe Cumbele 05:36

Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown -The Original Peacock Recordings (1983)

                                                     Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown
Only 12 songs long, this collection remains the best place to begin appreciating why so many young Texas blues guitarists fell in love with Gatemouth Brown's style (until MCA decides to compile the ultimate Brown package, anyway). Listen to the way his blazing axe darts and weaves through trombonist Pluma Davis' jazzy horn chart on 1954's "Okie Dokie Stomp," and/or the stratospheric licks drenching "Dirty Work at the Crossroads." Brown proves that a violin can adapt marvelously to the blues (in the right hands, anyway) on "Just Before Dawn," and blows a little atmospheric harp on "Gate's Salty Blues." Recorded in Houston, Texas between 1952 & 1959.


Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown - Vocals, Guitar, Violin, Harmonica
Jimmy McCracklin - Piano
Henry Boozier - Trumpet
Bill Harvey - Tenor Sax
Ray Johnson - Bass
Nathaniel Douglas - Guitar
Fred Ford - Baritone Sax
Allen Clarke - Baritone Sax
Carl Lott - Bass
Carl Owens - Piano
Duke Barker - Drums
Emile Russell - Drums
Joe Toussaint - Bass
Johnny Parker - Alto Sax
Jual Curtis - Drums
Paul Monday - Piano
San Frisco Jeff - Drums


01. Midnight Hour
02. Sad Hour
03. Ain't That Dandy
04. That's Your Daddy Yaddy Yo
05. Dirty Work at the Crossroads
06. Hurry Back Good News
07. Okie Dokie Stomp       
08. Good Looking Woman       
09. Gate's Salty Blues
10. Just Before Dawn
11. Depression Blues
12. For Now So Long

Benjamin Vo - Blueberry & Country Sugar (2019)

                                                                 Benjamin Vo
"...intense yet tasteful playing, heartfelt singing with attractive vibrato and warm vocal tone, and a directness to the songs."


Benjamin Vo - guitar/vocals
Joel Stoltzfus - drums/percussion
Jeff Pickel - bass
Mike Titzer - piano


01. Splinter In My Finger, Spider In My Shoe 02:51   
02. Brown Cow 04:27   
03. Devil's In My Kitchen 02:34   
04. It's Been So Cold 07:25       
05. Oh My My, Pretty Woman 02:49       
06. Blueberry Jam No. 27 05:23       
07. Nothing I Can Say 03:19   
08. Just A Little Country Sugar 06:59   
09. On A Cloud 08:44

Holler & The Bones - Holler & The Bones (2019)

                                                          Holler & The Bones
Original Aussie Blues. Songs from the Outback, songs from the city, songs from the heart. Fun mix of blues, rock, funk and jazz.


Paul Macleod - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Jew Harp
Andy Czora - Guitars
Allan Curtis - Bass and Vocals
Eddie Pollard - Drums
Gilly Gollan - Percussion


01. Light On 04:44
02. The Moon Hangs Over Darwin 04:40
03. Briar Road 06:35
04. Feel Da Groove 04:46
05. Jimmy James 03:21
06. Suzanne 04:54
07. What's Your Magic? 04:42
08. The Girl With The Lightning In Her Eyes 04:48
09. Lloydy 01:53
10. All About The Woman 02:48
11. The Ol' Ghan 04:21
12. Hoochy Cooch 04:16
13.Jamestown 03:04
14. Open Your Mind 03:41
15. Take 02:42
16. Workin' Woman 02:36
17. Hindley Street 03:57
18. East Coast Boy 03:36

Andy McGarvie - The Blues Will Get Me Through EP (2013)

                                                              Andy McGarvie
BENT NOTES JUKEBOX is an album written with a vintage blues style in mind. A simple trio, Andre Harihandoyo (vocal, guitar), Jundy Salut (electric bass), and Tobias Ringga (drum), recorded four songs live in a day (with a few overdubs here and there) on 2018.



01. Momma, I Want to Be a Rockstar 03:33        
02. I Lost My Baby 03:39        
03. Fool 03:17        
04. Evil Woman 04:49

The Atlanta Cafe Band - American Spirit (2017)

                                                        The Atlanta Cafe Band
The Atlanta Cafe Band based in Stillwater, NJ, consists of 5 seasoned players of the blues/southern/country rock scene who have been together for the past decade playing hundreds of shows while at the same time receiving very respectable airplay and sales of their CD’s "Waiting all night” and “American Spirit”. “American Spirit” features the amazing slide guitar work of Sonny Landreth on the song “Playin’ To Live”. Their own compositions of blues/southern rock styled tunes along with a different take on selected covers has garnered them a dedicated following in the New York tri state area. Over the years the members have been in bands with players from or in concert/festivals with many national acts including: Sonny Landreth, Scott Sharrard, Blackfoot/Skynryd, Vanilla Fudge, George Porter, Jon Cleary, Tab Benoit, Marcia Ball, Anthony Gomes, The Good Rats, Mickey Gilley, Hank Williams Jr, Buck Owens, Willie Nile, Garland Jefferies, Tedeshi Trucks, Brewer and Shipley, From Good Homes and many, many others. They have appeared at the Black Potatoe Fest, The Highlands Fest at Waterloo, WNTI Stage Music Fest, Big Brew Fest , NJ Food and Music Fest, and Michael Arnones’ Craw Fish Festival where they conducted a masters session and shared the stage with Grammy award winners George Porter, Marcia Ball and Jon Cleary. They also have worked with Homegrown Radio NJ and WNTI at various events and benefits for the stations. Come on out to hear them as their music will put a smile on your face, a stomp in your feet and a boogie in your pocket!


01. Jeopardy 05:50   
02. Playing to Live (featuring Sonny Landreth) 04:33   
03. Baby Said She'd Call 07:52   
04. 212 Degrees 03:54   
05. Midnight Train 04:53   
06. The Road 05:13   
07. Memphis 03:55       
08. Taxi 09:37

Eddie C. Campbell - Let's Pick It! (1984)

                                                         Eddie C. Campbell
Recorded while Eddie Campbell was on a European sojourn that lasted a decade or so, this disc, cut back in 1984 for Black Magic with an overseas combo, is a very convincing effort mixing Campbell's own "Cold and Hungry," "Dream," and "Messin' with My Pride" with songs by Albert King, Jimmy Reed, Jimmie Lee Robinson, and Magic Sam.


Lex Nijssen - Bass 
Harry Visscher - Drums
Eddie C. Campbell - Guitar, Vocals
Willem Van Dullemen - Guitar
Carlo Reijs - Harmonica
Ruud Van Ingen - Piano


01. Messin' With My Pride 02:23
02. Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong 04:46
03. All My Whole Life 02:11
04. All Of My Life 05:36
05. Double Dutch (Instr.) 02:47
06. Red Light 03:23
07. Cold And Hungry 04:07
08. Love Me With A Feeling 02:20
09. Dream 06:34
10. Let's Pick It 03:10
11. Big Leg Mama 04:09
12. That Will Never Do 03:42

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Jоhn Мауаll - А Наrd Rоаd (2019)

                                                             Jоhn Мауаll
А Наrd Rоаd is not the album of the same name by Jоhn Мауаll & thе Вluеsbrеаkеrs 67 year, but simply label White Room Music has so called a new album-collection of things by 85-year-old British musician John Mayall, a man-legend, one of the patriarchs of the British blues rock , blues guitarist, organist and songwriter, whose musical career has more than sixty years. His name is entered in the Hall of Fame of Blues (Blues Well of Fame). In 63, Mayall created John Maull's Bluesbrеаkers group, which included Eric Clapton. Other famous musicians who collaborated with Mayall include John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Jack Bruce, Don "Sugakain" Harris, Larry Taylor, and others.



01. А Наrd Rоаd
02. Тhе Suреrnаturаl
03. Аll Yоur Lоvе
04. Whаt I'd Sау
05. Littlе Girl
06. Нidеаwау
07. Тhе Stumblе
08. Тhе Dеаth оf J.В. Lеnоir
09. Вig Маn
10. Ваbу Whаt Yоu Wаnt Ме tо Dо
11. I'm Yоur Witсhdосtоr
12. Rаmblin' оn Му Мind
13. Whу Wоrrу
14. Stеррin' Оut
15. Тhе Веаr
16. Му Тimе Аftеr а Whilе
17. Сrаwling uр а Нill
18. Оh, Рrеttу Wоmаn
19. Dоublе Сrоssing Тimе
20. Аnоthеr Маn

Marcus Malone & Friends - Walkin' Shoes (2002)

                                                             Marcus Malone
Following a colourful career that has take in metal, motown and soul, Detroit's finest rock/blues export has finally cut the album of his career.
'A Better Man' has already garnered the best reviews of his career. It's strong on songs with booming hooks, scintillating licks, a rainbow of tone colours and showcases Marcus's soulful vocals.


01. Good Love Gone Bad 04:00
02. Walkin` Shoes 05:12
03. Take It To Heart 04:10
04. Wrong Side Of Love 04:00
05. Find Somebody 04:10
06. Day I`ve Gone 05:14
07. Blue Jeans 03:21
08. What About Me 04:39
09. Tell Me Why 02:56
10. Dirty Shame 04:06

Mr Tchang & the Texas Sluts - Too Many People In Here! (2011)

                                                                 Mr Tchang
The formation, born in 2002, comes from the bubbling blues Bordeaux scene. On vocals and guitar, we find Mister Tchang, virtuo so guitarist, confirmed singer and veritable showman uninhibited, accompanist of American bluesmen such as Super Chikan, Big Georges Brock ..., or French (Nico Wayne Toussaint, Malted Milk).
He is allied with the Texas Sluts, a real groove machine that is also based on a true friendship: Big Slim Rémi on guitar, Tiffany Slim on Bass, Professor X on keyboards and Turbo Vince on drums.
The group is inspired by the Southern Soul of the Stax and Hi Records labels, in the funk of James Brown, Johnny Guitar Watson, Isley Brothers, or in the electric blues of Albert Collins or Robert Cray to name a few. .


01. The Kind I Like
02. Way Too Many
03. Lazy
04. Second Chance
05. Everblasting Love
06. It's Not What You Do
07. They Don't Know
08. Good Looking Woman
09. The Ghost Of Your Love
10. Can't Let Go
11. Dirty Cooking Blues
12. Tomorrow
13. Party Time [Album Version]