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T44 Blues Band - Blues Lounge Demo (2018)

                                                                  T44 Blues Band
TT44 Blues Band  banda regia de Blues integrada por Lalo Cabañas, una leyenda regia de 
la guitarra, Pato Farias, Saturnino y el maestro Cesar Tiberio,excelentes Músicos.

TT44 Blues Band Blues regia band composed of Lalo Cabañas, a regal legend of the guitar, Pato Farias, Saturnino and the maestro Cesar Tiberio, excellent musicians.


Arturo Ábrego - Voz
Américo Reynoso - Bajo
David Palacios - Guitarra
Oscar Keys Sandoval - Teclados
César Tiberio - Batería


01.Mago´s Blues
03.Ain´t no sunshine
04.Before you accuse me
06.Have you ever see the rain
07.Mary Ann
08.Stormy Monday
09.Hard Time
10.Summer time
11.Ticket to ride
12.Holiday Blues
13.Well Well Well
14.White Hope
15.Look at me Live in Central Uno
16.Solo Live Lalo Cabañas en Central Uno
17.Woman Live in Central Uno

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Possum Belly Overalls - Live At Maloe Melo (2018)

                                                              Possum Belly Overalls
We started in 2017 after we found Fabrizio. Ray was added and in Januari we did our first show at the famous Maloe Melo. Torsten and Jan met at the bar in Ilpendam where they live just north of Amsterdam. Torsten is a 100% Blues man playing the Mouth Harp like nobody else. He's got a “Little Walter” approach in his sound but got his own distinctive feel. Jan is the Rockabilly drummer with a big Blues collection and soft spot for traditional and Jump Blues from Doctor Ross to Wynonie Harris. Fabrizio is a great guitarist with a authentic sound and sing's like a true Italian. His sound and playing skills is a mix of Ike Turner meets Micky Baker. Ray is the man with the big Double Bass Swingin’ the Blues up and down those long string's. Joris is the boogie machine playing those keys with the like's of Jelly Roll Morton up to Jimmy McGriff on his Hammond B3. 


Torsten Stälher - Harmonica
Jan van Leeuwen - Vocals,Drums
Ray Blom-upright - Bass
Fabrizio Carrieri - Guitar,Vocals


01. Don`t Start Crying Now 03:38
02. Mean Ole Train 03:18
03. Sugar Bee 05:56
04. Mojo Hand 06:23
05. P T - Bone Shuffle 05:03
06. Crazy Mixed Up World04:44
07. Rockinits 04:46
08. Juke 03:54
09. Possum Belly Overalls 04:25
10. Cat Squirrel 04:25
11. Tell Me Mama 05:02
12. Chromatic Jump 08:02
13. Edgier 04:24
14. Money 04:35

Jack De Keyzer - Down In The Groove (2000)

                                                                   Jack De Keyzer
From concert halls to nightclubs, theatres to honky-tonks - guitarist, singer and songwriter, Jack de Keyzer has performed his brand of rockin? blues throughout North America for the past 25 years. Born in London, England, de Keyzer?s earliest influences were British rockers, Cliff Richard & the Shadows (who featured the great Hank Marvin on lead guitar.) By the time the Beatles hit, de Keyzer?s path was chosen. Learning rock?n roll and rhythm`n blues from the British groups, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, (US expatriate) Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Led Zeppelin, Jack eventually found the source and became a blues disciple from age 15 onward. De Keyzer say`s "I love all styles of music, just as long as there`s blues running through it." Starting as a sideman, session guitarist, de Keyzer worked with many international artists beginning with King Biscuit Boy, in Hamilton, Ontario where the teenaged Jack emigrated to from England. Jack was featured on several King Biscuit a! lbums. From there it was stints with Ronnie Hawkins and New York City, Rock-a-Billy crooner, Robert Gordon, where a very young Jack played alongside Duke Robillard. After this de Keyzer joined popular Canadian group, The Bop Cats. The Cats pre-dated Stray Cats and released several CD's before de Keyzer began fronting the more rock'n roll oriented Rock Angels. Jack also continued doing session work during this time performing with many of his musical heros, Bo Diddley, John Hammond Jr., Etta James and Otis Rush. De Keyzer also performed regularly with Blue Rodeo at this time. Starting his own band in 1985, Jack de Keyzer has released 3 CD's to date, "Hard Working Man" (Warner Music Canada 1991), "Wild at Heart" (1994 Parfio Music Group) and the latest, award winning release,"Down in the Groove." (Blue Star Records 1999.) Down in the Groove recently won "Recording of the Year" at the Maple Blues Awards and also received a 2000 Juno Award Nomination for "Best Blues Album."!


1. Down in the Groove
2. Gambler`s Blues
3. High on Your Love
4. Nasty Swing
5. When Love is Right
6. I Need a Break
7. Touch of the Blues
8. Wanna Rock
9. Party
10. Skid Row
11. Ride with Me
12. Ain`t No Stoppin?
13. Groove (Pt. 2)

Dan Pitchard - The Dan Pitchard Band (1997)

                                                                     Dan Pitchard
Blues with a Horn Section, a la B.B. King.Influences: B. B. King, Freddie King, Albert King, Roy Buchanan, John McLaughlin, Leslie West, Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore, and many others.


Dan Pitchard - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass on Let Me Tell You Why, and Vocals
Jude Pitchard - Vocals
Mark Kindley - Rhythm Guitar on 'Til My Eyes Go Blind, One Foot Out The Door, and Where'd My Baby Go?, and Harp
Marty Carlson - Dobro Slide Guitar
Larry Booth - Bass 
Roger Cannavaro - Bass on One Foot Out The Door and Where'd My Baby Go?
Ron Stahl, Jr. - Drums
Rick Shaw - Trumpet
J.D. McCauley - Alto Sax
Jonathan S. Ball - Tenor Sax on Let Me Tell You Why, I'm Sick And I'm Tired, and Only Sometimes
Terry Sanger - Tenor Sax on Where'd My Baby Go?
Lou Manoni - Tenor Sax on Big, Strong, Woman Lovin' Man, and One Foot Out The Door


1. Til My Eyes Go Blind
2. Big, Strong, Woman Lovin' Man
3. Let Me Tell You Why
4. I'm Comin' Home
5. Ain't Got The Blues
6. One Foot Out The Door
7. Where'd My Baby Go?
8. Baby, I'm Watchin' You
9. I'm Sick And I'm Tired
10. I Can't Sleep
11. Only Sometimes
12. I'm Goin' Home

Kid Andersen - The Dreamer (2007)

                                                                     Kid Andersen
This is awesome stuff, Chuck berry , Peter Green , Magic Sam all rolled into one.


Kid Andersen - Guitar,Vocals
June Core - Drums
Bob Welsh - Piano
Randy Bermudes -'Bass

Special participations:

Andy Santana - Harmonica 
Charlie Musselwhite - Harmonica
Rick Estrin - Harmonica


1. The Dreamer
2. Dig The Pain
3. Rocket Fuel
4. Jezebel
5. Twist Of The Century
6. My Baby Lee
7. Soul City
8. The Nightmare (Nowhere To Turn)
9. Serve Me Right To Suffer
10. A Better Day
11. Conclusion
12. Take It Slow

The Ted Vaughn Blues Band - It Takes a Man to Play the Blues (2018)

                                                         The Ted Vaughn Blues Band
The Ted Vaughn Blues Band's latest release, "It Takes A Man to Play the Blues" features some of the worlds most notorious blues musicians .

The rhythm section includes veteran drummer "Drawback Slim" and bassman Dave Stump. Drawback Slim has shared stages with national acts such as James Cotton, John Lee Hooker and Earl King, while Dave Stump has performed with members of the iconic Savoy Brown.

The incredibly tasty guitar licks are provided by veteran guitarist Greg Dodds ( Renee Hill Band, The Flex Tones) and the multi award winning "Godfather" of the Pacific Northwest Blues Scene, Garry Meziere. Producer Leon-Forrest lays down the keyboards and Ted handles the vocals and harmonica. The album features eight original tunes and two completely reVamped covers.

Produced by Leon-Forrest and engineered by Platinum / Diamond Album recipient Paul Carlsen (Nirvana, Greg Allman, Neil Young), if this don't get you on your feet, nothing will !! 


1. It Takes a Man to Play the Blues 3:50
2. Crying Won't Help You Now 4:17
3. Shake Them Blues 2:49
4. Givin' up the Cat 2:56
5. Fresh Dug Grave 4:24
6. I Can Be Your Doctor 2:50
7. Shoot to Kill 3:38
8. Mama's Got the Money 5:56
9. Non-Profit Prophet 3:26
10. Whatever Happened to the Blues 3:46

Jeremy Lyons & The Deltabilly Boys Quartet - Live At Fribourg (2000)

                                                                       Jeremy Lyons
About ten years ago, in the backyard of his parents' house in Ithaca, New York, Jeremy Lyons showed me his newly purchased 1935 National Guitar. At the time I was playing in a band with Lyons' life-long friend and future Deltabilly Boy Greg Schatz. Lyons would occasionally sit in with our band, and I knew him to be a pretty decent electric guitar player. When he sat down on the picnic table and began finger-picking that National, I knew he had found his niche. Anyone who knows the music scene in New Orleans these days or reads this magazine knows the rest of the story.
Lyons was a little hesitant when I asked if I could review his new CD, Live at Fribourg. He was concerned about the quality of the mix. Given that Mark Bingham produced the last Deltabilly Boys disc (with great results) and that Live at Fribourg is a no frills live soundboard mix, I can see his point. Although there are some rough edges that you would associate with such a live recording, there is really only one track (the last) where the mix is slightly distracting. That nit having been picked, let's get down to business.
This CD rocks. It is by far the loosest, greasiest recording of this band to date. Eleven of the tracks are from 1998 appearances at a festival in Switzerland. These cuts feature the current line-up of the Deltabilly Boys (Lyons on guitar and vocals, Greg Schatz on bass, accordion, and vocals, and Paul Santopadre on drums) augmented by multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and fellow Ithacan A.J. Strauss. He provides backing on piano, guitar, trumpet and upright bass with amazing facility. His Slam Stewart-style bass/vocal solo on "Everybody Loves My Baby" is one this disc's many highlights. Also of note is a red hot version of the Jr. Parker classic "Mystery Train," as well as a stunning seven minute workout on Bo Diddley's "Who Do You Love?" The playing and in particular the vocals on this album are as on time as you would expect from a band that gigs as constantly as these guys. If you're a Deltabilly fan, this is a must have. 


Jeremy Lyons - Guitar, Lead Vocals, Washboard
Paul Joseph Antopadre - Drums
Gregory Stefan Schatz - Accordion, Upright Bass
A.J. Strauss III - Piano, Trumpet, Upright Bass
Steve Lewins - Upright Bass


01. Salty Dog (3:46)
02. Country Boy (6:10)
03. Comin' Home (3:51)
04. Who Do You Love (7:20)
05. Let's Give A Party (4:13)
06. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby (3:26)
07. Mystery Train (7:07)
08. Come On In My Kitchen (5:10)
09. One Cup Of Coffee (3:18)
10. Everybody Loves My Baby (4:52)
11. Café Au Lait (4:25)
12. Early In The Morning (5:37)
13. All By Myself (6:38)

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Toth Bagi Band - Crazy Clock (1997)

                                                         Toth Bagi Band
Guitarist and singer Csaba Toth Bagi has been a fixture of the Hungarian music scene since his teenage years, well known for his powerful voice and his soulful and technically brilliant guitar playing. His rootsy blues and jazz style is greatly influenced by his Balkan upbringing, his Hungarian musical education and his years touring internationally with renowned guitarist Al Di Meola. He was raised in Serbia in a family of musicians who later settled in southern Hungary in 1993 during the Yugoslavian war. His father started him on the piano at the age of 6, and by age 12 he had found his voice writing and recording on the guitar. At the age of 16, Csaba recorded his first blues album “Crazy Clock” (1997), featuring Tibor Tatrai, the most respected Hungarian blues guitarist. The album won great acclaim from European critics, who described him as “the Hungarian Gary Moore”.


1. Your Way    
2. I ain't Superstitous    
3. Angel Left Me Today    
4. Baby Blue    
5. Lucky Jack    
6. October    
7. Six Shooter    
8. Never Mind    
9. Losein' The Blues    
10. Crazy Clock    
11. Red House

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Los Fabulosos Blueshakers - Live At Night (2018)

                                                      Los Fabulosos Blueshakers
LOS FABULOSOS BLUESHAKERS Early R&B combo (west coast, chicago, jump, texas) formed by experienced musicians from Valencia (Spain): Lizzy Lee (vocal), Jorge Gener (harmonica), Paco Rubiales (upright bass), Juanjo Iniesta (drums) and Ricardo Gener (guitar). The shows give a great dinamic versatility and a knowledge and respect of the music they play.


Lizzy Lee - Vocals
Jorge Gener - Harmonica
Ricardo Gener - Guitar
Paco Rubiales - Upright Bass
Juanjo Iniesta - Drums and Shakers


1.Hitsville Hop 04:30
2.Fabulous Blueshakers 02:28
3.Keep On Lovin´Baby 03:51
4.Trouble Up The Road 02:57
5.It´s Love Baby 02:44
6.I Want You By My Side 03:22
7.Last Night 03:51
8.Goin´Down Slow 03:50
9.Four Men 03:33
10.Feel So Bad 05:33
11.What Have I Done 05:17
12.Barefoot Rock 04:02
13.Queen Bee 05:12
14.Jericho 02:10
15.Seven Nights To Rock 03:46

Seth Rosenbloom - Keep On Turning (2019)

                                                             Seth Rosenbloom
By starting off on classical violin, switching to guitar by age eleven, and earning a performance merit scholarship from the Berklee College of Music at 16 years old, it doesn’t sound like your typical blues guitarist’s bio. But within the first few notes of Seth Rosenbloom’s debut full-length, Keep on Turning (out January 18th on HOLMZ Music), you’ll understand why he has been described as a “searing blues-rock guitarist.”

“For me, playing the blues is all about expressing emotions,” Rosenbloom has said.  “It allows for an extraordinarily wide range of emotion. That, I think, is the key to making great music overall, and great blues in particular.”

Fueled by a top-notch group of musicians, including Travis Carlton (Robben Ford, Scott Henderson) on bass, Scott Kinsey (Tribal Tech) keys, and drummer Gary Novak (George Benson, Chic Corea), and produced by world-renowned blues guitarist Josh Smith (and recorded at Smith’s Flat V Studios in Reseda, California), Keep on Turning finds Rosenbloom offering up six originals he wrote or co-wrote (with Boston-based blues guitarist Sonya Rae Taylor) along with three reworkings of blues standards from Elmore James, Freddie King and B.B. King.

Rosenbloom’s talent is in his ability to slowly build his solos, never quite fully showing his hand, but giving you just enough to warrant the need to see him live; he gives off the vibe that he could burn down a stage. On Keep on Turning, he never overplays, showing a strong discipline and sense of dynamics usually reserved for the elder statesmen of the blues.  His vocals are clear yet forceful, with just enough blues bite to command authority of the material, sometimes sounding like a more aggressive Bob Weir.

Of his originals, the self-penned “Right About Now” is a highlight; a slow blues with a memorable hook and chord progression, the ache in its lyrics reflected in Rosenbloom’s vocal and guitar. The shuffling “I Can’t Help It” allows the band to show off some roadhouse swagger, while the oft-covered Elmore James warhorse, “Look Over Yonders Wall” is reimagined here into a funky Meters-style groove.

Elsewhere, B.B. King’s “Heartbreaker” and the Freddie King classic “Palace of the King” features the horns of Josh King and Jamelle Adisa – giving an old-school big-band blues feel to the proceedings. It’s a testament to Rosenbloom’s powerful vocal and guitar that he not only doesn’t get lost in a bigger band setting but continues to command center stage.

Another highlight is the burning “Broke and Lonely.” Rosenbloom’s guitar interplays seamlessly with Kinsey’s organ, as the ebb and flow of the Carlton and Novak rhythm section propel the slow blues ahead while simultaneously anchoring the groove.


1.Keep On Turning
2.Crawling Back
3.I Can't Help It
5.Right About Now
6.Look Over Yonders Wall
7.Broke and Lonely
8.Come Back Around
9.Palace of the King

Blue Lunch - Above The Fold (2014)

                                                                 Blue Lunch
The late 1940’s and early 1950’s were a magical time in American musical history, when blues, rhythm & blues, swing and rock & roll were all one thing. Blue Lunch explores that music and makes it their own.

From Cleveland, OH eight virtuoso musicians perform on guitar, piano, upright bass, drums, harp, saxophones, trumpet, and trombone. In addition to their instrumental work, Blue Lunch also boasts five vocalists and includes do-wop style and gospel harmonies in their repertoire. Blue Lunch has released eight cds, Recorded Live at Wilberts, Eyes Wide Open, Not Live at the Copa, Big Sound Blues, Sideswiped, Saxophone Shootout II , Blue Lunch Special, and their newest and most recent release, Above the Fold, for Rip Cat Records of Los Angeles.


Bob Frank - Guitar & Vocals

Peter London - Harp & Vocals

Mike Rubin - Trumpet

Bob Michael - Trombone

Mike Sands - Piano

Ray DeForest - Bass

Scott Flowers - Drums

Chris Burge - Saxophone

Tim Longfellow - Hammond B3

Sammy DeLeone - Congas

1. Ain't Trying To Kill Nobody 4:58    
2. One Fine Day 4:22    
3. The Long Game 3:48    
4. Everybody's On the Phone 3:25    
5. Woman I Bleed 4:35    
6. No Time Like the Present 3:50    
7. Seven Times 6:01    
8. Where Do You Think It's Going 2:45    
9. Lake Erie Highball 3:22    
10. Venita 6:22    
11. Love No More 3:05    
12. All I Needed 3:44    
13. Tossin' & Turnin' & Burnin' All Up Inside 3:37    
14. Katt'n Around With Moe 3:40    
15. Good News 3:01

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Roy Buchanan - Buch and The Snake Stretchers (1971)

                                                             Roy Buchanan
This home-made and self-produced platter was issued by Roy Buchanan (guitar/vocals) after being rejected by Polydor. The artist decided to privately distribute the album on his own BIOYA label, whose initials stood for the message that Buchanan had for Polydor - B(low) I(t) O(ut) Y(our) A(ss). For obvious contractual reasons, his name wasn't even intimated on the burlap bag (no joke) that housed first pressings of the 12" platter - which was sold only at "underground" stores, head shops, and Buchanan's gigs. The music within the grooves proved to be equally as rustic and authentic as the packaging would suggest. The contents were in essence a professional audience tape documented circa 1971 during Buchanan's residence at The Crossroads nightclub in Bladensburg, MD. Years (if not decades at this point) as a consummate sideman is manifest in the spectrum of emotions and fluidity that Buchanan's fretwork achieves. His trademark precision and clean timbre pierces the otherwise murky recording as he pilots the Snakestretchers, who respectively consist of Ned Davis (drums), Dick Heintze (keyboards), Teddy Irwin (rhythm guitar), Chuck Tilley (vocals/rhythm guitar), Peter Van Allen (bass), and Marc Fisher (percussion). The six-piece backing combo are deceptively tight and likewise a perfect foil for both Buchanan's nimble fingers and acutely soulful leads. The opening cover of Don Gibson's "Sweet Dreams" alternately shimmers and sears behind the band's nimble waltz. The languid and drawn-out "Down by the River" is nothing short of a seminal example of the riveting command that formed around Buchanan's solos. Of even greater value are the originals "Since You've Been Gone" and the truncated "The Messiah Will Come Again," which is joined in progress.


1. Sweet Dreams 5:07    
2. Down by the River 7:39    
3. Since You've Been Gone 7:59    
4. I'm a Lonesome Fugitive 4:01    
5. The Messiah Will Come Again 5:16    
6. Johnny B. Goode 3:22