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Keb' Mo' - Moonlight, Mistletoe & You (2019)

                                                                   Keb' Mo
For Immediate Release – Following the release of Keb’ Mo’s deeply thought-provoking album, Oklahoma, that brought worldly issues to the forefront, the seasoned musician returns to lift spirits with a heartfelt feel-good holiday album, Moonlight, Mistletoe & You, slated for release on October 18, 2019 via Concord Records. After 25 years performing under the moniker “Keb’ Mo’,” the widely respected artist has finally gifted his eclectic global fanbase his first Christmas album, offering a melting pot of influences and original songs.

Moonlight, Mistletoe & You embraces Keb’ Mo’s diverse talents, having “built his now legendary reputation as a bluesman but [proving] to be equally adept in R&B and Americana-styled roots music” (Glide Magazine), showcasing the 4X GRAMMY-Award winner’s genre-bending capability. Produced by Keb’ himself and recorded by Zach Allen at Stu Stu Studio in Franklin, Tennessee, the malleable artist provides seven new songs sprinkled with three covers.

“After 25 years of performing without releasing a Christmas album, I felt now was as good a time as any to spread some love and compassion,” Keb’ Mo’ says. “There’s something about Christmas time that makes everyone’s hearts a little lighter and I wanted to contribute to the movement of spreading a little joy. I feel like I was able to accomplish that through the making of Moonlight, Mistletoe & You.”

Starting the album, Keb’ Mo’ puts his spin on a Christmas Classic, “Please Come Home for Christmas” offering a more uplifting optimistic disposition versus the Charles Brown original and the many covers that have followed it. While singing lyrics like “Oh what a Christmas to sing the blues, my baby’s gone, and I have no friends, to wish me greetings once again.”  Keb’s warm version of the song offers a sense of hope.

Staying true to his Blues roots, Keb’ uses blocks of a proper Blues song with tracks “Santa Claus Santa Claus” and “Santa Claus Blues,” while bringing his own flair to the Mildred Bailey original and Billie Holiday covered classic, “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm.” Keb’ keeps a jazz-like sway throughout with the help of Melissa Manchester’s distinctive vocals, acting as his female counterpart.

All can relate to the humorous track, “Christmas Is Annoying,” helping ones inner Scrooge shine while pointing out the always-maddening events that come along with the Christmas season like maxing credit cards and having “no time to relax.”

Keb’ makes sure to also highlight the romance that soars throughout the holiday season with the title track “Moonlight, Mistletoe, And You” and closing track “One More Year With You,” both carrying a more “traditional” Christmas sound.  While “Moonlight” brings on the saxophone solo, “One More Year With You” starts with jingle bells accompanied by piano and brass horns throughout, giving one all the Christmas feels and closing the album on a high note singing, “sign me up for one more year with you.”


01. Please Come Home For Christmas 02:58
02. Moonlight, Mistletoe & You 03:29
03. Better Everyday 03:35
04. Santa Claus, Santa Claus 03:55
05. Christmas Is Annoying 02:13
06. Merry, Merry Christmas 04:35
07. I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 04:17
08. Santa Claus Blues 03:02
09. When The Children Sing 03:07
10. One More Year With You 04:17

Nick Kody - Year After Year (2019)

                                                                 Nick Kody
A little bit of rock, a little bit of blues, a little bit of country. Easier to say what I don't do, I don't rap and I don't scream, the rest is wide open.


01. One of Those Days 05:00
02. They Don't Write 'em Like That Anymore 03:55
03. He Just Ain't Me 03:58
04. Seize the Day 03:53
05. Walk Away 05:49
06. Rainy Day Blues 05:52
07. Hail to the Good Times (feat. Lydia Herren) 03:09
08. Through the Storm 03:28
09. Chasing Rainbows (feat. Jaimie Lee) 04:00
10. Year After Year (feat. Lydia Herren) 07:31

Little Geneva - Eel Pie (2019)

                                                               Little Geneva
The Bristol based band, Little Geneva, formed on the eve before 2019. They are a band brought together by a shared appreciation for the British blues boom of the mid-1960s. Little Geneva was conceived during a conversation between two brothers. Both felt a strong need to get back to the stage, to be part of a truly great live band. Once the seed was sown, recruiting additional members was not a problem. Chris and Dave knew exactly who to ask.
Little Geneva consists of five extremely experienced and seasoned musicians/performers. Rags Russell, 34, (vocals/harmonica) fronts the youthful and energetic band with his extremely emotive and soulful vocal style. Rags brings a style of singing well appreciated by audiences all over the world. The rhythm section brings together Zak Ranyard, 27, (Bass guitar) and Simon Small, 33, (Drums). Zak and Simon ensure that a high level of energy and power never leaves the band, even during the more dynamic phases of Little Geneva’s show. Chris, 32, and Dave Doherty, 36, are both gifted guitarists, holding players such as B.B King, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton in high regard.
As individuals, Little Geneva members have opened shows for Ray Davies (The Kinks) ,John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival), Mud Morganfield and Lynyrd Skynyrd. They have also shared festival bills with The Red Devils, Jimmie Vaughan, The Hoax, B.B King, as well as many others.
It is the band's deep respect and knowledge of what made those early British blues recordings so energised, and exhilarating, coupled with the soulful spirit with which all members express themselves, that will make Little Geneva one of the new must-see bands of 2019.
Having just recorded a live 5-track EP, the band is set to record their first album at the beginning of March. They are looking for club and festival dates across Europe for 2019.


01. Early In The Morning 03:16   
02. Born In Chicago 04:02   
03. I Want To Know 02:15   
04. Give Me Back My Wig 03:40   
05. Just To Be With You 05:06
06. She Needs Some Loving 04:56   
07. She's Gone 02:13   
08. Walkin' 03:18   
09. Ain't Nobody's Business 06:54

Sparky Parker - In the Dark (2019)

                                                             Sparky Parker
Sparky Parker is a blues/rock/soul guitarist and vocalist from Houston, Texas with the grit, drive, and talent needed to stand tall in the eternally-competitive Texas music scene. Houston fans knew him as a young blues guitar prodigy but Parker has grown far beyond that kind of simple label. Parker is now a triple threat who writes quality songs, sings with a feeling, and plays with ferocity. His latest release with his power trio The Sparky Parker Band, In The Dark, will see daylight in the Fall of 2019 and those close to Parker feel that the record will break him to a larger, national audience.

Parker began playing professionally straight out of high school, cutting his teeth as a frontman with the rock band Bayou Monster and playing guitar in the blues band Mojofromopolis. He also joined the Houston rock band Funky Mustard, who he still plays with to this day. Parker went on to log road miles with Blues Music Award-winning artists Diunna Greenleaf and Vanessa Collier, playing important shows around the USA and Europe, including The Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise, The Blues Music Awards show, and The Chicago Blues Festival among dozens of other major music festivals.

Parker launched the Sparky Parker Band in 2012 with Kevin Berry (drums) and "Fender" Phil Lock (bass). The band is a high-energy outfit whose debut album, Live In Houston, was captured live in the band’s hometown at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar. The trio format lets Parker dig deeply into his influences, which include Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, Texas and Chicago Blues, Classic Soul, R&B, and Classic Rock. The band is amped up to take the seven originals and three covers from the new record to the people and knows what it has to offer is tested and true.

Parker has been compared to Gary Clark Jr, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jonny Lang but creates intensely original music that never falls into the shadows of imitation. A shy and reserved person offstage, music has always been the best way for him to forge connections with other people. It’s how he tells his story and speaks his mind. That story will get a vital new chapter added onto it with the release of In The Dark and the road and the crowds will finish the tale. Anyone interested in where the blues is heading in the modern era should discover Sparky Parker today.


Phillip Lock - Bass 
Kevin Berry - Drums 
William Gorman - Keyboards 
Eric "Sparky" Parker - Lead Vocals, Guitar


01. In The Dar 04:05
02. This Old Thing 03:40
03. 8 Days In The Doghouse 03:36
04. Games 04:13
05. Sleepy Town 04:13
06. Good Man 04:01
07. Treat A Dog 05:04
08. Dead Flowers 04:29
09. Escape To Quintana 02:25
10. Shake Your Hips 04:48

Albert Collins - Live in San Francisco (2019)

                                                              Albert Collins
Albert Collins - Live in San Francisco


01. Icebreaker 05:41
02. I Wonder (Why Are You So Mean To Me) 05:06
03. Listen Here 05:30
04. Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home 09:00
05. I Aint Drunk 08:06
06. Black Cat Bone 05:03
07. Too Many Dirty Dishes 07:38
08. Frosty 12:00
09. Don’t You Lie To Me 08:52
10. Tired Man 06:56

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Unckle Eddie - Shake the Dust Off (2009)

                                                               Unckle Eddie
Unckle Eddie is synonymous with the words “prolific” and "Black Magic Woman." Prolific because of his ability to write and produce song after song. In other words, Unckle Eddie’s varied musical style and lyrical talent is “unending and fertile” like a music factory.
Before his new cd ("Shake the Dust Off") Unckle Eddie was mostly known for his "signature" hit single, "Black Magic Woman" from his first project ("Party Tonight," 2004). That song put him in the lime light in some key areas in the Southeast and along the Gulf Coast including Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida and Alabama. "Black Magic Woman” is so popular that it’s often refered to as a Mardi Gras song.


01. It's Too Late Baby 03:58
02. At the Caberet 04:35    
03. Don't Take My Blues 04:32        
04. Shake the Dust Off 04:49        
05. Talking in Your Sleep 04:29    
06. This Old Bull 05:09    
07. I'm Gone Tell Momma (feat. Crystal Dylite) 04:31    
08. Butch Didin't Attack 05:05        
09. A Naked Ass 05:07        
10. Sign a Prenupt 04:19
11. Loving Sue 04:36        
12. My Next Door Neighbor 04:20    
13. Treat Her Like a Lady (feat. Featuring Stevie Griffin) 05:37    
14. Shake the Dust Off (Ext) 07:12

John Weston - Blues At Daybreak (1998)

                                                               John Weston
Born. 1927, Lee County, Arkansas, USA. If Weston is a somewhat diffident musician, it may be because he did not perform in public until after his 60th birthday. Nevertheless, his debut album consists of original and accomplished material, in stark contrast to a number of other late developers who struggle to interpret rather than invent. Weston has a childhood memory of Sonny Boy ‘Rice Miller’ Williamson cutting across his parents’ farm on his way to country suppers and juke-joints, with a belt of harmonicas strapped across his chest. Later, he heard Miller’s King Biscuit Time on KFFA out of Helena, while he pursued a number of jobs as a farmer, butcher, car mechanic and carpenter. His own harmonica technique was developed with the assistance of Willie Cobbs. Weston made his public debut during the 70s, as a member of the Speckled Rhythms, a family band led by Jobie Kilzer. After his 1988 solo debut, Weston received the Blues Foundation’s Lucille Award the following year. Two members of his band Blues Force, guitarist Troy Broussard and bass player James ‘Famous’ Jones, also spent time in bands led by Cobbs. Weston sings in a gently inflected style reminiscent of Little Milton and essays undemonstrative solos on both chromatic and diatonic harmonicas.


John Weston - Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Will Linzy - Drums
Mark Simpson - Electric-Acoustic National Guitar
Teenie Hodges - Rhythm, Lead Guitar


01. Shopping For My Baby 03:00
02. Goodbye Blues 02:13
03. Blueberry Jam 01:56
04. Don't Bring Me The Blues 02:47
05. None To Save 02:55
06. Blues At Daybreak 04:46
07. Just Once More 02:41
08. The Doggone Blues 03:58
09. The Blues Took Over 03:15
10. To Lose Is Blues 03:56
11. It Wasn't Easy 03:38
12. Backfire, Backfire 03:06
13. A Trade Was Made 04:09
14. Working To Buy The Blues 02:58
15. Too Much Blues 03:28
16. When Love Increased 03:48

Snooky Pryor - Mind Your Own Business (1997)

                                                               Snooky Pryor
Good chunky barroom blues on this outing from a grand old harmonica player. Pryor saves the serious energy for his harp blowing, but he does just fine as a vocalist too, with a nicely aged and lived-in voice. Everybody on the record has a set place and knows their moves, and that's okay too. This is a good-times kind of album.


Earl Pryor - Bass 
James Barnes - Drums  
Ted Harvey - Drums 
Derek O'Brien - Guitar 
Richard Pryor - Guitar 
Snooky Pryor - Harmonica, Vocals, Drums 
Gene Taylor - Piano 


01. Mind Your Business 05:30
02. Come On Down To My House 05:49
03. Goin' Back To Arkansas 05:34
04. Motty And Me 04:38
05. I'm So Glad 05:27
06. You Set Me Free 04:45
07. Miss Fanny Brown 04:53
08. Good Or Bad Times 04:08
09. Shake Your Boogie 04:16
10. Diggin' My Potatoes 05:08
11. No More Monkey Business 04:57
12. Little Brown Hen 05:00

Audrey Turner - I'm Here (2019)

                                                               Audrey Turner
San Francisco-born Audrey Madison Turner attributes her musical inclination to her parents. Art and Georgia Madison surrounded their children with instruments and a wide range of music throughout their childhood.  The captivating singer/songwriter, producer and actress began participating in beauty contests and talent shows at an early age, eventually debuting an original song for her graduating class at their commencement ceremony. Following high school Audrey’s trek to become a psychologist fell second to her dreams of becoming a star.

It wasn’t long before Audrey founded “Madison Avenue,” which benefitted from contributions from musical genius Stevie Wonder.  The family-based group produced hits including  “Buttercup” and “Much In Love.”  Audrey appeared in various talent search competitions and on numerous talk shows, particularly Playboy Carol Vatalie’s Talk show and the “Big Break Talent Search,” hosted by Natalie Cole.  Additionally, she became the assistant choreographer to Lon Fontaine of Motown, creating routines for major superstars such as Aretha Franklin, the Temptations, and the Pointer Sisters.  It wasn’t long before Madison-Turner graced the stage with Chuck Berry, Little Richard, BB King and Little Milton. As she began catching the sights of the industry and public alike, “The King of Rock & Roll”—Ike Turner took an unabashed liking to Audrey. After meeting Ike Turner through a mutual friend Madison-Turner didn’t think twice about sharing the stage and going on tour with the man himself.  Their professional relationship eventually segued into a romantic one, leading to a wedding years later.  Audrey is a fusion of today’s best female vocalists with a personal twist.
She is active in various charitable efforts and delighted to help those causes that are advocates for mentally and physically abused women.


01. Ball and Chain 04:32
02. The Sky Is Crying 03:36
03. Night Time Is the Right Time 04:02
04. Good Morning Heartache 04:09
05. Moaning the Blues 03:10
06. Piece of My Heart 03:33
07. Loving You Too Long 04:01
08. Talk to Me 04:35
09. I Idolize You 04:44
10. I Smell Trouble 04:18
11. Just a Closer Walk with Thee 03:56

Electric Blues Collective - Right Now (2019)

                                                       Electric Blues Collective
The Electric Blues Collective punch out a heady mash of ferocious Chicago blues. With Little Walter, Howling Wolf and Bo Diddley whipping the horses, they’re reinterpreting rather than re-hashing, creating original high vibe dancing blues music.

Sam Wylie and Phil Coyne are the heart and soul, sharing vocal duties with Sam doubling on driving guitar and Phil on his frenzied and infectious harp. The Rhythm section comes from the Collective of the Melbourne Blues scene keeping each gig new, exciting and fresh.

Chicago blues with vibe on a mission to make you move. Baz Maxwell (Blues on the Hill) nailed it by saying it’s “playing with energy, passion and soul”. Get to the show for a ferocious blues party!


Phil Coyne - Harmonica, Vocals
Bill Barber - Guitar, Vocals
Back Beat Brown - Drums, Vocals
Michael McPherson - Bass, Vocals


01. Intro 01:42  
02. Hey 02:07  
03. Zap 02:14  
04. Vibe With Us 03:14  
05. Yes Like Lead 02:53  
06. Hip Shake 04:15  
07. Down So long 04:47  
08. Wang Dang Doodle 03:20

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JC Smith - JC Smith In The Groove (2019)

                                                                  JC Smith
J. C. Smith, 2006 Bay Area Blues Society West Coast Blues Band of the Year award winner is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. He is an outstanding performer noted for his energy and charisma. Prior to playing guitar, he was the drummer for the Back to Back Blues Band. In 2000, he emerged from behind his drums, armed with a Gibson 335. J. C. attacks the Blues as if he is being guided by the masters like T-Bone Walker, Albert King, and Johnnie Guitar Watson. The J. C. Smith Band’s current release "Defining Cool" is by far the best recording to date. Listed for the 52nd Grammy Awards for "Best Contemporary Blues CD," it entered the Living Blues Radio Charts at #16 and was a “Pick to Click” on XM Radio. After 20 weeks on the Roots Report, the CD climbed the charts as high as #25 nationally. In 2004, Smith released “That’s What I’m Talk’n ‘Bout,” co-produced by Grammy Award Nominee Joanna Connor. This CD shows masterful songwriting, outstanding arrangements, and traditional quality. It features a host of Chicago players including Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, who worked with the Muddy Waters Band for twenty years. 2001 marked the release of Smith’s first effort "Midnight Creeper" which brought him international attention. Smith has toured throughout the United States, Eastern Europe, Mexico, and South America to sell out crowds. He is also known as radio personality Johnnie Cozmik on KKUP F.M. J. C. feels that his goal in life is “To keep the Blues alive and take the message to the people.”

Donnie Green, (Drummer) toured Europe seven times before joining the JC Smith Band. Drumming professionally since the age of 12, you've got to hear this solid funk and blues drummer to believe him. He is as exciting to watch as well as listen to because of his style and showmanship.

Robert “Jay” Green (Bass). Jay joined the group with a very short notice yet rose to the challenge. Four days after accepting the offer from the band, he played a club date that served as a rehearsal, then three days later he was on tour in Southern California which included two performances at the NAMM show in Anaheim.

Tommy “Tuesday” Maitland (Trumpet) rounds out the horn section. This former Radio Announcer for KFJC FM has played all types of music for years ranging from R&B to Reggae. The bands most noted are Inka Inka and Dub FX. His solos remind you of Al Hirt, Louis Armstrong, Harry James, and Miles Davis all wrapped in one.

This band of seasoned players is a true Blues band with one goal in mind…keeping the Blues alive.


01. Georgia On My Mind 04:50
02. Brezzin’ 07:23
03. Alright, Okay, You Win 04:59
04. Billie’s Bounce 07:32
05. Five Long Years 06:26
06. I Have The Same Old Blues 05:10
07. Isn’t She Lovely 06:01
08. Jc Boogie Woogie 04:52
09. Good Time Charlie 04:43
10. Everyday I Have The Blues 04:23
11. What A Wonderful World 03:39
12. Something You Got 03:49

Dave Specter - Spectified (2010)

                                                               Dave Specter
Dave Specter has featured singers on most of his albums; Sharon Lewis, Tad Robinson, Lynwood Slim, Lenny Lynn, and the late Barkin' Bill Smith are among the vocalists he has worked with along the way. But the Chicago-based guitarist opted to play instrumentals exclusively on 2000's Speculatin', and he does the same thing on the self-produced Spectified. There isn't a vocalist to be found on this late 2010 release, which favors an exciting blend of electric Chicago blues, jazz, and soul. Specter is in fine form throughout this 72-minute CD, and the jazz influence is as strong on Specter's own compositions as it is on inspired performances of Freddy King's "Wash Out" and Ma Rainey's "See See Rider." One thing that enhances the album's jazz appeal is the presence of two electric organists; Pete Benson plays on three of the tracks ("Blues Call," "Wash Out," and "Slick Pick"), and Brother John Kattke (who is also heard on piano) appears on most of the other tracks. The electric Hammond organ, of course, isn't strictly a jazz instrument; it has been used on plenty of rock and R&B sessions over the years. But jazz enthusiasts tend to associate the electric organ with the seminal Jimmy Smith and his numerous followers, and Specter's interactions with Kattke and Benson are certainly mindful of the soul-jazz groups that have been led by Smith, Jack McDuff, Charles Earland, Richard "Groove" Holmes, and other Hammond B-3 icons. There is also some awareness of organist Booker T. Jones and his instrumental soul group Booker T. & the MG's, who had their share of major hits in the '60s. When Speculatin' came out, Specter's followers predicted that it wouldn't be his last all-instrumental album; they were right, and Specter never fails to shine as an instrumentalist on the excellent Spectified.


Pete Benson - Organ
The Bo' Weavil - Brass
Brother John Kattke - Piano
Michael Cichowicz - Trumpet
Dez Desormeaux - Flute, Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor)
Victor Garcia - Percussion
David Hidalgo - Accordion
Johnny "Showtime" Janowiak - Trombone
Dave Specter Guitar
Harlan Terson - Bass
Greg Wyser-Pratte - Drums, Percussion


01. Stick To The Hip 05:21   
02. Octavate'n 05:27
03. Soul Serenade 07:25   
04. Blues Call 05:55
05. Alley Walk 04:46   
06. Wash Out 03:43   
07. The Funky Hunky 04:11   
08. Rumba & Tonic (Featuring – David Hidalgo) 05:57
09. Azulado 07:28   
10. Slick Pick 04:47   
11. See See Rider 07:16   
12. Lumpus D'Rumpus 05:58   
13. Alley Walk Accoustic 04:12