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John O'Leary Band -The Two for the Show (2010)

                                                               John O'Leary Band
 John O'Leary is one of the early exponents of the blues harmonica in the UK. Originally from Ireland, John's family was part of the mass migration to England in the aftermath of World  War 2. In London's thriving jazz clubs of the 1960's, he first heard blues harp legend Cyril Davies with Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated. John bought his first harp in 1962 and initially learned by watching Davies. Inevitably, he discovered the great masters of the instrument Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter, Noah Lewis, Big Walter Horton, James Cotton, Sonny Terry and Junior Wells whose influences are still readily discernible in his playing.
John's career has seen his involvement with a wide range bands and musicians over five decades. Beginning in 1965 as a founder member of Savoy Brown's Blues Band through to the present day John O'Leary & Sugarkane, he has continued to maintain a prominent position on the European blues scene.
Over the years John has performed with noted bands and musicians such as Donovan, Noel Redding, Eric Bell, Kim Simmonds, Champion Jack Dupree, Alexis Korner, Roger Chapman, Dave Walker, Tony McPhee, Dave Kelly, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Aynsley Dunbar, Keef "Half Breed" Hartley, Victor Brox, The John Dummer Blues Band & Mainsqueeze. Today, as well as leading his own band Sugarkane, he is concurrently a member of the legendary rockers The Downliners Sect and  co-leader of the John O'Leary-Alan Glen All Star Blues Review; which for the past 10 years has hosted annual tributes to Muddy Waters, Junior Wells and Cyril Davies.
In 2011 and 2013 John was voted No 2 in the harmonica category by BLUES MATTERS magazine's contributors and writers.


John O'Leary - Vocal,, Harp 
Dave Walker - Vocal on 03 
Lorna Fothergill - Vocal on 04, 07 
Jules Fothergill - Guitar 
Tim O'Sullivan - Guitar 
David Hadley-Ray - Bass 
Malcolm Bruce - Keyboards
Dominic Vantomme - Keyboards 
Joachim Greve - Drums 
Rietta Austin & Lucy London - (background vocals on 8, 12) 

Recorded at  Hampton Hill Theatre, Hampton, Middx.

Disc 01 


01. Early In The Morning 04:24
02. Snatch It Back 04:13
03. I'm Tired 04:21
04. Blue Water 03:04
05. Who's Been Talking 05:25
06. Waiting For You 04:13
07. And Everything..... 04:31
08. House Of Ice 04:09
09. Black Cat Bone 03:53
10. Move Away 04:39
11. Chiswick Roundabout 04:28
12. Save My Soul 03:46


John O'Leary - Vocal, Harp 
Jules Fothergill - Guitar 
Jools Grudgings - Keyboards 
Roger Inniss - Bass 
Joachim Greve - Drums 

Recorded at Mr. Kyp's, Poole, Dorset.

Disc 02 


01. Born In Chicago 07:32
02. Snatch It Back 07:42
03. Early In The Morning 10:16
04. Butterfingers 07:45
05. Little By Little 07:47
06. Who's Been Talking 11:17
07. Black Cat Bone 11:11
08. Look On Yonder's Wall 06:47

Johnny A. - Driven (2014) reposted

                                                                      Johnny A.
 Guitarist Johnny A. was born in Malden, Massachusetts and grew up in the North Shore area of Boston, where he led bands that played every major and not-so-major venue in the area as well as a host of roadside bars in New England. He eventually chose to become a sideman, playing with such artists as Bobby Whitlock, Mingo Lewis, and J. Geils frontman Peter Wolf. In his six-year stint as Wolf's guitarist, Johnny A. recorded on the albums Fool's Parade (1999) and one which he co-produced with Wolf, 1996's Long Line. Johnny A. was also a member of Wolf's House Party 5 band and various incarnations of his acoustic ensembles which toured extensively throughout the United States and Japan.

In late 1999, Johnny A. placed himself front and center with an all-new guitar instrumental project and album, titled Sometime Tuesday Morning on Aglaophone Records. The album included original material as well as covers of the Beatles' "Yes It Is," Jimmy Webb's "Wichita Lineman," and Willie Cobbs' blues classic "You Don't Love Me." The album was embraced by radio stations, critics, and fans alike, and spawned the instrumental single "Oh Yeah," which hit number one in the U.S. on the AAA radio format. Get Inside was released by Favored Nations in 2004, with One November Night, a live CD/DVD set recorded at a show in Boston, arriving in 2010. Driven, which saw Johnny A. mixing, producing, and playing all the instruments, was released in the spring of 2014.


01. Ghost 03:46
02. A Mask You Wear 03:59
03. C'mon, C'mon 03:41
04. The Night I Said Goodbye 02:56
05. From A Dark Place 03:31
06. To Love Somebody 03:30
07. Out Of Nowhere 03:49
08. The Arizona Man 03:41
09. It Must Have Been With You 02:53
10. Backbone Slip 03:22   

David Malone - I Got The Dog In Me (1994)

                                                                   David Malone
 David Malone is son of northern Mississippi hill-country guitarist, singer, songwriter and juke joint owner Junior Kimbrough, and Malone's debut album on the Clarksdale-based Fat Possum Records, I Got the Dog in Me, follows in his father's footsteps. Malone's live shows feature his backing band, the Sugar Bears, on a varied mix of blues, soul and pop tunes, and even a few Prince covers. Born and raised in Holly Springs, Malone began playing professionally at age six, singing on his father's juke joint stage, and then moved to Chicago before coming back to Mississippi. He served a few years of a 15-year burglary sentence at Parchman Farm Penitentiary, but was saved from hard labor by his musical skills: Malone played keyboards and guitar in the Parchman Farm band, traveling the state with armed guards and performing at fairs, parties and benefits. After Kimbrough recorded his own 1992 debut, All Night Long, for Fat Possum, he told the label execs to go check out his son in the Parchman Farm prison band. Malone was released on parole and began to work out arrangements for the more than 2,000 songs he wrote while in prison; the result was I Got The Dog In Me, which seems to be only the beginning for Malone.


Dale Beavers - Bass
Duwayne Burnside - Bass, Guitar
Cary Hudson - Guitar
David Malone - Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Kenny Malone - Drums, Vocals (Background) 
David Thompson - Guitar


01. I Got The Dog In Me 05:00 
02. Do The Ramp 03:43 
03. You're Touching Me The Wrong Way 03:24 
04. Raunchy Stuff 05:25 
05. She's Mine 04:15 
06. Home Alone 04:28 
07. I've Got The Time 05:18 
08. Trying To Figure You Out 04:58 
09. Trying To Make It Over 05:56 

Blue Heat - Marooned (1995)

                                                                      Blue Heat
 Blue Heat is an exciting band from Warrnambool, led by guitarist, singer and songwriter Marco Goldsmith. They are one of the hottest blues bands on the Australian scene, with a big strong sound and an all-original repertoire. They played their debut gig at the 1991 Ballarat Blues Festival. In 1995 Marco Goldsmith won Best Male Artist and their first album 'Marooned' won ‘Australian Blues Album of the Year'.

In 1996, their second album 'Irresistible Behaviour' (remastered 2011 with bonus tracks) also won the award whilst Blue Heat won the 'Australian Blues Band of the Year'. The big sound of the band, backed by a swinging horn section, fuelled by incendiary guitar and a strong stage presence has seen them in action at many of Australia’s live venues and festivals. In May 1997, one of the finest R&B bands in Australia achieved nationwide acclaim after a memorable night supporting B.B. King.


01. Someone Else Is Kissin' Ya 04:25 
02. Aint What Ya Got 05:24 
03. Laughin' & Cryin' 06:28 
04. Why Oh Why 05:00 
05. I Cried All Day 08:00 
06. I Want Your Love 04:22 
07. I Do Believe 04:05 
08. There's A Question 05:17 
09. Marooned 06:53 
10. Love Struck 04:15 
11. Crazy Man 12:13 

Fulvio Oliveira - Fulvio Oliveira and the Wild Blues Band (2013)

                                                                  Fulvio Oliveira
 Fulvio Oliveira, guitarist with years of career has worked as a sideman, recordings and classes.

The first album, ”Fulvio Oliveira and The Wild Blues Band”, with a Blues Rock sound praised by critics and musicians.


Cristiano Stellin - Bass   
Kezo Nogueira - Drums, Vocals   
Fulvio Oliveira - Electric Guitar, Lead Vocals   
Adriano Grineberg - Keyboards, Piano   


01. Flyover 03:23
02. Calling You 03:07
03. Life's A Dance 03:33
04. Let The Time Run 02:44
05. Corine 03:34
06. Together 03:03

Jesper Munk - For in My Way it Lies (2013)

                                                               Jesper Munk
 Jesper Munk is a German blues, soul, rock and folk singer/songwriter and guitarist. He was born in Munich and started playing guitar when he was 15 years old. Since 2010 he plays in the band Lila’s Riot. After graduation Munk began to work on his solo career and performed on the street, as well as regularly at the Fish’n Blues events at the Munich Glockenbachwerkstatt. There he was discovered by music editors of the Bavarian Radio network Bayerischer Rundfunk.

How can a boy of almost 20 years old have versions of covers as absurdly good of blues legends as Little Walter and Etta James in his repertoire, to then also be extremely stylish with surprising ...

01. Seventh Street 03:49
02. Hungry for Love 02:26
03. The Everlasting Good 02:59
04. You Won't See Me Go 03:22
05. John's a Man 01:50
06. I Love You 03:20
07. Our Little Boathouse 02:52
08. Drunk on You 03:37
09. Timeless Throne 03:28
10. Blood or Redwine 02:50
11. Lady River Song 04:19
12. Blue Shadows 04:49

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Lou Wilson and Todays People - Blues Groove (2005)

                                                                     Lou Wilson
 All of us, whether we're a critic, performer, businessman or just a music lover, have a personal list of artists who we adamantly insist should be better known instead of the many manufactured, over-hyped pop tarts who saturate our collective consciousness. Lou Wilson is one of those terrific secrets that needs to be told. "Blues Groove" is so Bobby Rush funky I need a shower after listening. I'm not talking machine-produced funk I'm talking loose, hard-hitting, spankin' guitar Blues funky. Although it was released in 2005 and ranked #14 on Blues Critic's Top 30 Soul Blues Albums for that year it came to my attention I hadn't written a review and that would be a shame.

"Boogie Man Song" has a Rush-like groove, horns, harmonica, rolling piano and call-and-response backing vocals. "Who can make you move? The boogie man can!". Suh-weet. He (and his great band Today's People) next slips into slippery, lowdown Blues mode with a Stax feel "On Fallin' Down & Can't Get Up" before the bottom shakes earthquake-style on the monster jam "Ole School Joint". If you can't dance to this track just cut off your feet 'cuz they're of no use to you! Next the title track pulls a slow Blues from the bottom while "Trippin' Out Of You" changes tempo to a breezy Soul fingersnapper before you're back to the funk. There's even a Jazzy flow to "Come On Over Here", spotlighting Wilson pinched, Ray Charles-like vocals. He sings "good things come to those who wait" with backup vocals from Gladys Knight & The Pip's own Edward Patton and William "Red" Guest. "Blues Groove" is CD # 4 for Wilson, one of those cult artists everybody admires but for whom commercial success has been elusive. Good things are happening.


01. Boogie Man Song 04:46 
02. Fallen Down & Can't Get Up 04:38 
03. Ol' Skool Joint 04:27 
04. Since U Been Gone 03:51 
05. Blues Groove 04:28 
06. Trippin' Out Over You 04:19 
07. Not Enough Time On The Clock 04:01 
08. Big Foot Country 04:19 
09. Sea Weed 04:50 
10. Gonna Let The Dogs Out 03:56 
11. Come On Over Here 04:20 
12. Groove Ain't Nothin But A Feelin' 04:07 
13. Ol' Skool Joint (After Hours) 04:01 

John O'Daniel ‎- Legacy (2007)

                                                                 John O'Daniel
 John O'Daniel was vocalist for the band Point Blank. In the Album Legacy John offers us a team of high quality Texan musicians.


Van Wilks - Acoustic Guitar, Dobro  
Kyle Brock - Bass   
Chris Skiles - Drums    
Roddy Colona - Drums   
David Holt - Guitar   
Derek O'Brien - Guitar    
John Inmon - Guitar   
John Mills - Horns   
Keith Winking - Horns   
Glenn Ledbetter - Keyboards    
Larry Telford - Keyboards   
John O'Daniel - Lead Vocals   
James Fenner - Percussion   
Kerby Kelly - Slide Guitar   
Julie A. Banks - Vocals  
Leeann Atherton - Vocals  


01. One-Way In And No Way Out 04:05
02. Lies Like Hell 03:36
03. I'm Set On You 04:19
04. She's Out There Runnin' 04:22
05. Best Of The Blues 03:46
06. Loaded Dice 04:03
07. I'd Rather Go Blind 04:24
08. My Automobile 03:36
09. Message Of Love 03:05

Little Bill - Naked Blues (1998)

                                                                    Little Bill
 According to legend, this started out as a studio practice session but when Bill heard the tapes he had to release it. Both Little Bill and Mark Riley are legendary players in the Seattle area. Bill's roots go back to the early 60's rock scene in Tacoma, where his band, the Wailers, the Ventures and others got their start. Riley is a member of the Washington Blues Society Hall of Fame, and has won many awards for his electric, acoustic and slide guitar playing. This is truly an outstanding album, and rarely found anymore.


01. Never Been To Mississippi 03:52
02. It's My Own Fault 04:31
03. Hard Times 04:30
04. Next Stop, Barkesfield 03:52
05. Ain't No Way 03:01
06. Early In The Morning 04:12
07. Back Door Blues 06:41
08. Evil 04:02
09. What I'm Doin' Wrong 04:28
10. Don't Say You Love Me 04:32

The Kingmakers - Last Night In Nashville (2010)

                                                                   The Kingmakers
 The Kingmakers are Canada's preeminent rockabilly, jump blues and jive combo. Their latest album was recorded at Hi-Style in Chicago (JD McPherson), and they've recorded albums at historic SUN Studio in Memphis & Cowboy Jack Clement's studio in Nashville with guests The Jordanaires and JM Van Eaton. Their music has been featured in The Vampire Diaries, Dance Moms and hundreds of other TV shows. 


Clark Lawlor - Vocals
John Cormier - Guitar, Backing Vocal 
Steve Donnelly - Bass, Backing Vocal 
Ian Cook - Drums 

Special guests:

The Jordanaires (Gordon Stoker, Louis Nunley, Michael Black, Ray Walker) Backing Vocal on Annabelle and Well Well Michelle
J.M. Van Eaton - Drums on Memphis In ‘55, and alt. versions of Annabelle, Well Well Michelle and
Zeek Gross - Saxophone. 
Kelly Craig - Trumpet. 
Keith Snider - Banjo. 
Marie-Josee Houle - Accordion.


01. Well Well Michelle (feat. The Jordanaires) (free) 02:26
02. High Roller 02:53
03. Saturday Night 02:48
04. Annabelle (feat. The Jordanaires) 03:12
05. (False start) 00:24
06. Eight-Ton Jack 01:21
07. Water and Wine 02:34
08. Women and Weather 03:19
09. Memphis in '55 (feat. JM Van Eaton) 02:18
10. Prom Night Car Crash 04:17
11. Johnny Green 02:31
12. Beale St. Memphis TN Morning-After Blues 03:14
13. Annabelle (alt. take feat. JM Van Eaton & The Jordanaires) 03:05
14. Well Well Michelle (alt. take feat. JM Van Eaton & The Jordanaires) 02:28

Sammy P. Blues - Someone (2008)

                                                                  Sammy P. Blues
 Good vocals with psychedelic guitars soaked in fuzz.


01. Someone 05:45
02. Climax 02:54
03. Boundaries 03:39
04. Buyer of Dreams 03:41
05. Freestyle 02:43
06. I Get the Blues 04:25
07. Mood Changes 03:27
08. Stop Running Away 03:00
09. Locomotive 04:05
10. Time 03:08

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Big James - Now You Know (2020)

                                                                      Big James
 The Chicago-Based singer, trombonist, songwriter & producer's voice is as big his girth. He combines Blues, Soul & Funk in his horn drenched Music. Big James has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the Music Industry!!! Little Milton, Albert King, Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton,George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic, Lou Rawls, Dan Ackroyd, KoKo Taylor, Derek Trucks!!!


01. Now U Know 05:00
02. Da' Blues 04:59
03. Angel of Mercy 05:07
04. Gone 4 Good 04:46
05. Rhythm King 04:55
06. 4 Life.... 05:14
07. Nuthin' Takes Da' Place of U 04:51
08. I Wish It Was Me 04:35
09. (ask Me) 'bout Nuthin' but Da' Blues 04:45
10. Chicago Is Da' Home 4 Da' Blues 03:53
11. Stepper's Blues 05:05
12. Hustler's Paradise 04:59
13. We Ain't Throught Yet! 04:40