quinta-feira, 25 de abril de 2019

Nat Dove - Deep Blues Experience (2001)

                                                                  Nat Dove
12 blues and boogie classics performed by the last of the authentic blues pianist and singers. This artist has performed and recorded with all of the great blues legends: Big Mama Thornton, Freddie King, Big Joe Turner, Robert Cray, Pee-Wee Crayton.


01. 24 Hours 04:48         
02. Honey Bee 06:39    
03. Mother in Law Blues 03:20         
04. Please Send Me Someone to Love 05:34         
05. I'm Tore Down 04:28         
06. Reconsider Baby 05:51         
07. Wang Dang Doodle 05:00         
08. As the Years Go Passing By 06:27    
09. Close to You 04:08         
10. I'm Ready 03:51         
11. In the Evening 05:58         
12. Got My Mojo Working 06:02

Buck & Evans - Rock N' 2 Remember - Live in Arizona (2013)

                                                              Buck & Evans
As can sometimes fortuitously happen in the case of your favourite artists, I discovered the band Buck & Evans completely by accident. They were playing the inaugural Ramblin’ Man Fair festival in 2015, buried in an unassuming mid-afternoon slot on the curiously titled ‘Outlaw’ Country Stage. I was expecting a couple of old timers dressed in dungarees behind a pair of battered acoustic guitars. Instead, I got a sensational ‘rock ‘n’ soul’ band; a guitarist whose playing belied his obviously modest years, a vocalist who’d have made Janis look twice and a rhythm section that would still have you moving if your feet had been nailed to the floor.


01. Intro/Blues Jam 04:52  
02. Going Home 04:20  
03. Dreams to Remember 06:00  
04. Treat Me Right 06:08  
05. Trail of Tears 07:50  
06. Going Down 04:52

Andre Taylor - Playing Hard - Live At Kingston Mines (2001)

                                                              Andre Taylor
This man is just the business. A truly fabulous sound, especially his take on My Girl, turning what for me was a rather cheesy and tired old thing into an all time classic.


01. Everyday I Have The Blues 03:42
02. I'm Ready 03:27
03. Since You Ain't With Me 03:29
04. Five Long Years 04:24
05. Got My Mojo Working 04:45
06. Born Under A Bad Sign 03:51
07. Sure As You Live 03:13
08. She's A Sweet One 04:37
09. Eyesight To The Blind 05:23
10. Hoochie Coochie Man 04:07
11. You Upset Me 02:27
12. I Been Down So Long 04:08
13. My Girl 04:04
14. Pride and Joy 04:04

Gary Myrick's Bluestrash - Gary Myrick's Bluestrash (2016)

                                                               Gary Myrick
GARY MYRICKs BLUESTRASH is Texas-blues in its purest form - dirty, electric, and dangerous.
The trio, based in Los Angeles, California, is fronted by Texas guitar master Gary Myrick (Gary Myrick and the Figures, Havana 3AM - with members of the Clash and John Waite’s band). BLUESTRASH mixes twanging-Texas-blues, urban and rockabilly jumping shuffles, and soulful lapsteel-laced melodies.


01. Big Bossman 06:14
02. Satisfaction 06:10
03. Jimmy Was Addicted 04:06
04. Tex Pawnshop 04:17
05. Hound Dog Woman 04:58
06. The River (Can't Walk The Water Without You)03:44

quarta-feira, 24 de abril de 2019

Chris King Robinson - Tell Me Why Youre Scared (2015)

                                                           Chris King Robinson
Only 20 years old, Britain native Chris King Robinson is starting to prove himself as a new blues guitarist on the rise. His first EP, Tell Me Why You’re Scared, is five tracks of obvious talent, combining a variety of guitar sounds with intimate vocals.

The title track, “Tell Me Why You’re Scared,” gives the essence of a live song that is played to perfection, or even better, than the recording. It is soulful and honest music that vibes through to the soul, a feeling that translates through the rest of the tracks on the EP. Another song, “Trippin’ on Earth” opens with an ode towards classic ’60s and ’70s guitar.

While most of the album consists of raspy and whisper-like vocals, several tracks display a broader, more demanding sound suggesting there may be more behind Robinson’s vocals than he lets on in this EP. However, Robinson is a pronounced blues guitarist above all, and this EP is presumably a small (but, delicious) taste of what he is capable of. A promising release from Chris King Robinson, he shows he is a strong presence in blues music, and it will be exciting to see what else he has up his sleeve and how he will develop his sound from here.


01.(Why) Don't You Give Me Your Love
02.Tell Me Why You're Scared
03.Woman Who You Talkin' To
04.Burning Eyes
05.Trippin' On Earth

Eddie 9V - ''brooks'' (2019)

                                                                   Eddie 9V
"brooks" is an album recorded all by me. I used vintage recording techniques to get some cool sounds. I went back to where it started for me. Early 50s and 60s blues. I hope you enjoy the album. If your sad, play this album, if you want some whiskey at 3 am play this record. Share this record with your friends and I'd appreciate any extra donations as I do music full time!


Brooks Mason - All Instruments


01. Yonders Wall 04:35   
02. New Orleans 03:05   
03. 36th & Main 04:28   
04. Whiskey and Wimmen'(feat. Jackson Allen) 04:32   
05. I'm Worried 04:14

Blues Boy Willie - Blues then & Now (2019)

                                                              Blues Boy Willie
Willie McFalls, a native Memphian from Texas, not Tennessee, took the chitlin circuit by surprise in 1990 when the comical blues dialog of "Be-Who?" put his second album on the Billboard charts and his act on the road. Blues Boy Willie came to Ichiban Records courtesy of his boyhood friend from Texas, bluesman-producer Gary B. B. Coleman. Willie's three albums to date all bear the typical Coleman touch -- competent but predictable blues tracks with a small studio band. It has been the spunky spoken repartee between Willie and his wife Miss Lee on the novelty numbers that has earned Willie an unexpected niche on the Southern soul-blues scene. 


01. Hungry Harp Blues
02. Sleepwalking Blues
03. Expectin' You To Change
04. Let's Go Poppin'
05. Short Circuit
06. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
07. Squeeze Me
08. Tribute To Jimmy Reed
09. The Worse Blues We've Ever Had
10. Plainly In Love With You
11. What Happened To The Blues
12. Ol' Train A Comin'

Jesse Davey - Big Blues (2015)

                                                               Jesse Davey
His playing is influenced by the greats such as B.B. King, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and Stevie Ray Vaughn and has developed into a mature, personal style ranging from “blistering pyrotechnics with jazz and classical flavors”. It is clear Davey is a veteran in the blues guitar world bringing you the finest soul searching solos, which run the game of emotions of exquisite melancholy to explosive joy.
Davey as member of the Hoax

In 1991 Davey started The Hoax alongside John Amor and Hugh Coltman. All the members were all young students of the blues and had played together since they were in their teens; songwriting and arrangements were worked out together by all five members and in 1994 their debut album Sound Like This was brought out. The Hoax impresses critics in England who compared the to The Yardbirds, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and the Rolling Stones.


01. How Blue Can You Get  
02. Rain On My Pillow  
03. Scrub Jay Blues   
04. Made It On My Own  
05. Big Blues  
06. The Crow  
07. The Revelator  
08. Fast Boy   
09. Chain Smokin'  
10. Can't Get It Together  
11 Downward Spiral   
12 Downward Spiral A Slight Return

Sunseekers - One take One day (2019)

Sunseekers is the new name of Wanovitch. It's a new start. All musicians have former and long experience in various Belgian bands. The music is the combination of each member's background which is quite diversified, covering all sorts of influences revisiting rock music from Blues to garage Rock. The band is mainly playing its own original compositions.


01. Sand and Dust
02. Too much!
03. There is a place
04. Harmony
05. Amos

Michael Bloom and the Blues Prophecy - Whisper in the Wind (2019)

                                                               Michael Bloom
Michael Bloom is a Chicago-born, classically-trained guitarist, singer and songwriter of classic and original blues. From Oakland, CA to Chicago, IL, Michael's been writing and playing the blues in one form or another for most of his life. The poetic voices of Robert Johnson, Jimmy Reed, and Mississippi John Hurt, the lyrical lines of BB King and Otis Rush, the rhythms of Muddy Waters and Little Milton all echo through his songs. When you see Michael and the Blues Prophecy testify on stage, you'll feel his passion for performing the blues and his love for bringing it to the world.
Some of the places Michael has performed include Rosa's Lounge, Buddy Guy's Legends, The Kingston Mines in Chicago, the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale MS, Wild Bill's in Memphis, Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland CA, Starry Plow in Berkeley, CA, El Farol, Tiny's Dine and Dance and Evangelo's in Santa Fe NM and the historic King William IV pub in Fenstanton, England.
While in Chicago, Michael played with blues legend Mary Lane, and her band The No Static Blues Band. He also recorded tracks for his new CD, "Whisper in the Wind".


01. Time on My Hands
02. Whisper in the Wind
03. Just Can't Win
04. I Remember Love
05. Brownsville
06. Old Man Blues
07. Till I Met You
08. No Luck at All
09. Lisa
10. I Ain't

601 Blues - Hard Edge Blues (2008)

                                                                  601 Blues
Blues is about passion and caring,if you had no passion,or did not care for anything, then there would be no Blues!!Blues can find its way into any form or life style,its not what you feel its how you express it,My Blues is reflections of life,and all the fears we have in todays world,Sometimes we just need to stop and look at ourselves,and that is a scary thing for most of us to do!!
When I write a song,I don't plan on it being any form, of Blues/Rock or anything, I just let the Song unfold and be what it wants at that moment,I will not go back and edit anything once it is recorded,The intent is not to change anything that was caught in the passion of the moment, Like a Photo the best is when the subject is caught at the most ackward moments,so I want to keep that moment as is.
I play all the instruments on all recordings, so far I have worked with Guitars,Bass,violin, Keyboards,piano,sax,Harmonica,drums,congas,I have used other artist at times, but for me its like a sculpter callin in another sculpter to carve out a nose on a statue that he has been workin on!!WHY! Yes My music is different,thats what I want,I don't want to sound like anyone else,On this CD I had a struggle with my self on what to call it, Lost Highway or Move to the Moon!!so I could not decide cuz both are my favs.I started to remove one and start another project around that!!So I left it as is and used my guitar pick guard as the title!! Grab a Glass Of Merlot and sit back reflect and enjoy!!


01. Lost Highway 04:57        
02. Time Machine 07:04        
03. I Want My Cadillac 06:22        
04. Hard Rain 05:17        
05. Not Your Super Hero 04:29        
06. Sit and Cry 02:58        
07. Move to the Moon 05:28        
08. She Only Plays the Blues 05:01        
09. Is This Paradise? 05:52        
10. You're Too Mean, Revisited 06:28        
11. Lost in a Dream, Revisited 07:28

Big Shanty - Ride With The Wind - 2008

                                                                  Big Shanty
Renegade blues-rocker Big Shanty’s sonic rain of acid guitars and synth beats blasted across the Internet, Satellite and College radio in ’07 with his anti-war song "Killing Fields" and went number-one for five-weeks on "Blues Critic" singles chart. Big Shanty’s CD “Ride With The Wind” stayed top-ten in their album chart for five-months, his single was nominated as "Best Blues Song and Shanty was nominated as "Best New Artist".


01. Born Up in Trouble 03:09         
02. Killing Fields 05:02         
03. New Messiah 03:51         
04. She Got a Hold On Me 04:16         
05. Gone Downtown 04:10         
06. Ride With the Wind 03:27         
07. Whisky Woman 03:50         
08. Know What I'm Sayin' 04:27         
09. King Bee 03:35         
10. Living On the Edge of Time 04:51