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Rollin' Phattys ‎– Red Hot Joe (2008)

                                                                   Rollin' Phattys
 The band’s set list features some “phat” original tunes as well as renditions of blues and rock covers from artists like Eric Clapton, J.J. Cale, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Delbert McClinton, and great Southern rock from the Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule and Marshall Tucker Band.


01. Plantation Girl 06:18  
02. Red Hot Joe 04:44  
03. Paradise Street 03:29  
04. Cochon de Lait (Down on the Bayou) 04:17  
05. My Heart Is on Fire 06:27
06. Black Bear River 04:21  
07. Greta 04:56
08. Sugar Babe 03:44
09. Cherry Street Blues 03:04
10. Kim's Cowtown Shuffle 03:39

Scotty Anderson - 2nd Time Around (1985)

                                                                 Scotty Anderson
 Like guitar greats Jimmy Bryant, Hank Garland, Joe Maphis, Lenny Breau, Roy Buchanan and Danny Gatton before him, six-string hotshot Scotty Anderson is a little bit country, a little bit jazz and a whole lot mind-boggling. On his debut for J Curve Roots and Blues, Triple Stop, the fingerstyle virtuoso from Park Hills, Ky., scorches the fretboard of his ’68 Fender Telecaster with jaw-dropping technique as he blazes through a wildly diverse set that includes Baby Face Willette’s B-3 burner “Jumpin’ Jupiter,” Stan Kenton’s “Artistry in Rhythm,” Horace Silver’s “Nutville” and Frederick Steiner’s “Theme from Perry Mason.” Throw in a Chet Atkins-meets-Django Reinhardt rendition of “Sweet Sue,” a beautifully lyrical reading of Elvis Presley’s “Love Me Tender” and an unaccompanied, Merle Travis-styled version of the traditional “John Henry” and you’ve got an astounding collection of licks, tricks and sheer chops by one of the fastest, most original guitar pickers today.

The 47-year-old Anderson has maintained a kind of cult status among other guitar slingers over the years. In 1985 he released his first album, Sleight of Hand, on the regional Magnum label and in 1991 filmed an instructional video, Red Hot Guitar, for Arlen Roth’s Hot Licks company. Since then he’s done clinics and made appearances at various NAMM shows and folk festivals for the National Council of Traditional Arts, while also terrorizing the bar scene around his tri-state stomping grounds of Kentucky-Ohio-Indiana; all of which has led to Scotty being named recently by Guitar One magazine as one of “America’s 10 Best Unknown Guitarists.”

A fingerstyle player who since age 14 has utilized a thumb pick for some of his lightning fast chromatic runs, Anderson grew up in a musical family and soon gravitated to the godfathers of fingerstyle playing, Chet Atkins and Merle Travis. Other early guitaristic influences came from the TV. “The first time I ever heard anybody play jazz that I was aware of was on the Perry Mason show, ” he recalls. “It was probably Barney Kessel or somebody. Then the first really interesting single-line playing that caught my ear was from an old comedy-western show called Laredo, around 1968. Every time there was a fast horse scene or a fight scene, somebody was just tearing out on the guitar-probably either Howard Roberts, Tommy Tedesco or Jimmy Bryant.” Scotty currently draws inspiration from the likes of George Benson, Pat Martino and Jimmy Bruno.

“I spent a lot of time playing clubs doing Top 40 stuff, country and dance music,” he says, “all the while loving jazz music and sneaking a few songs into the set-getting by with just trying different stuff enough to pacify my jazz curiosity. Since I loved Chet’s style so much and my uncle played thumb style too, I always thought if I could fuse that with the freedom of jazz improvisation, that would be all that I would ever want to do, really.”

After 30 years of doing precisely that, he’s honed his chops to a razor-sharp edge, as evidenced by his dangerous playing on Triple Stop. “I’ve never given up the idea of selling what I do to players and nonplayers alike,” he says. “To me, if I had my druthers, I’d have a roomful of people enjoying what I’m doing. If they play guitar that’s great, if they don’t that’s fine too, as long as they enjoy it. But it seems like a lot of guys get into this isolation type thing. They feel like if the public likes it they must be doing something wrong, you know. But I’m trying to strike that balance. I know Chet did it, and other players do it too. Like the saying says, ‘To thine own self be true.’ If you like it, get behind it, sell it and somebody else will like it.”

Recorded a promotional tape for Yamaha guitar clinics, drums and bass were added in 1987 for printed copies and sold at gigs. Released January 6, 1985


01. Are You From Dixie 02:55
02. Django's Castle 04:01
03. You Win Again 04:34
04. Detour 03:40
05. Bud's Bounce 02:48
06. Columbus, Georgia 03:08
07. I'll Sail My Ship Alone 03:03
08. Steel Guitar Rag 04:04
09. Sleepwalk 04:45
10. Orange Blossom Special 03:32

Josh Alan Band - Josh Alan Band (2001)

                                                                 Josh Alan Band
 Great work by guitarist Josh Alan and his band. Josh is heavily influenced by Johnny Winter.


Josh Alan - Guitar 
Robby Garner - Bass 
Derek Rougeot - Drums 

Guest stars:

Bobby Baranowski - Drums 
Hash Brown - Harmonica 
Jeffrey Barnes - Clarinet, Harmonica 
Bernard Wright - Organ 


01. Josh's Breakdown 02:23 
02. Strike a Match 02:27 
03. When a Poor Man Gets Rich 03:28 
04. Rollin' and Tumblin' 02:58 
05. Highway 61 Revisited 04:17 
06. Her City 04:42 
07. Mean Town Blues 04:24 
08. No One Owns the Blues 02:53 
09. The Honey Dripper 03:54 
10. Billionaire of the Blues 02:39 
11. As Chanukah Passes Me By 03:16 

The Jim Cummings Band - Grind (2013)

                                                            The Jim Cummings Band
 Jim has been playing bass and singing lead since he was 13, which, as you can see by the picture is a very long time! He has toured asbassist with Gregg Allman, Odyssey, The Coasters, The Drifters, Brian Auger and many more. He has worked with The Beach Boys, The Tubes, Edgar Winter, Dick Wagner, Grand Funk, Alice Cooper and others. Jim has played on hundreds of sessions and film scores, and also starred in touring productions of Jesus Christ Superstar as Jesus, Little Shop of Horrors as The Plant, Miss Saigon as the Pimp, My Favorite Year as Alan Swann, and continues to tour the country with the Jim Cummings Band.


Jim Cummings - Bass, Vocals
Jesse Cornwell - Drums
Chris Moberly - Keyboards, Hammond B3
Jim Bessmer - Guitar
Yeshwua - Congas, Percussion


01. Junkyard Dog 05:35
02. Grind 04:29
03. I Smell Fish 04:03
04. April Fool 06:39
05. In a Life 07:08
06. Angry 03:38
07. America 05:14
08. Why Does Everybody Spend My Money 04:16
09. Look Up 04:01
10. Backward Dancer 02:57
11. Play the Game 04:48
12. So You Think You Got the Blues 04:11
13. Out the Door 03:23
14. April Fool (Reprise) 06:39
15. Pack Up My Problems 02:11

Joe Bonamassa - Royal Tea [Target Special Edition] (2020)

                                                                   Joe Bonamassa
 Joe Bonamassa is back with his new album ‘Royal Tea’, his latest solo studio offering due for release on October 23rd through Provogue/Mascot Label Group.  Ten tracks make up the collection of varying styles & tempos to make this another incredibly enjoyable listen from start to finish.  It’s no secret that Bonamassa was hugely influenced by his British guitar heroes like Eric Clapton and Cream, John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers and Jeff Beck and he has added a bit more of a British twist by writing & recording the tracks in the legendary Abbey Road Studios in St John’s Wood, London.  How could he possibly take it even further?  By enlisting the likes of former Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden, pianist & Squeeze founder member Jools Holland and ex-Cream lyricist Peter Brown to co-write with him, of course.

Opening with a growing crescendo of orchestral instruments, we are instantly treated to a typically catchy Bonamassa guitar riff with the seven & a half minute long ‘When One Door Opens’, which takes us on a journey from power blues to a rocky interlude more reminiscent of his work with Black Country Communion.  Title track ‘Royal Tea’ is an instant foot tapper and allows us to enjoy Reece Wynans’ Hammond organ playing expertise with Bonamassa trading riffs & chords with the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer and all nicely blended with exquisite backing vocals.

For me, Joe Bonamassa always knows how to deliver an outstanding & heart-warming ballad and ‘Why Does It Take So Long To Say Goodbye’ is no exception – Powerful & emotive it tells the tale of break-ups & the loneliness that can follow.  Michael Rhodes’ warm, distorted bassline kicks us off for ‘Lookout Man’ and is soon joined by harmonicas & harmonies.  ‘High Class Girl’ is a swinging shuffle of warmness which has you singing along after only a few listens.

The first single released was ‘A Conversation with Alice’ earlier this year and there would have been a few avid fans just wondering what this next album was going to consist of and as a track amongst this fine collection it sits ever so sweetly.  ‘I Didn’t Think She Would Do It’ once again borders on the faster paced elements of Bonamassa’s styles & playing and it’s another track that highlights the strengths & togetherness that Joe’s long-time band has with Anton Fig (drums) powering through while Rhodes & Wynans combine to deliver a full & complete sound.

‘Beyond The Silence’ has an almost Wild West feel, and you can picture deserted streets & tumbleweed from the off, that is until the chorus opens it up to be another of the standout tracks on this release.  Big band jive & swing is where we go for ‘Lonely Boy’, with Wynans showcasing his boogie-woogie piano skills and Bonamassa with that classic guitar tone reminiscent of the era around Bill Haley’s ‘Rock Around the Clock’.  We close with a track that winds this energetic album down – ‘Savannah’ is simply brilliant and brilliantly simple.

The British undertones throughout this album are just that – subtle & glorious and once more Joe Bonamassa’s long-time producer Kevin Shirley was behind the desk recording the wonderful ‘Royal Tea’.  Fans old & new will just love this album and once again one of the busiest singer/songwriter/guitarists has delivered a record of outstanding quality.  Styles, sounds & differing vibes aplenty Bonamassa once again shows he can do very little wrong.


Joe Bonamassa - Guitar, Vocals
Reese Wynans - Keyboards
Anton Fig - Drums, Percussion
Michael Rhodes - Bass  


01. When One Door Opens 07:34
02. Royal Tea 04:28
03. Why Does It Take So Long To Say Goodbye 06:44
04. Lookout Man! 05:31
05. High Class Girl 04:53
06. A Conversation With Alice 04:19
07. I Didn't Think She Would Do It 04:11
08. Beyond The Silence 06:45
09. Lonely Boy 04:06
10. Savannah 04:36
11. Don't You Do Me No Favours 05:36
12. Don't Hand Me Your Hangups 04:13

Otis & the Smokestacks - Otis & the Smokestacks (2017)

                                                             Otis & the Smokestacks
 Formed in 2015, Otis and the Smokestacks is a bluesy rock band from Napa, CA. Otis, an American Bully, is the fifth member of the band .


01. Juke Joint Jump 05:32
02. Plank 03:55
03. Georgia Warhorse 05:41
04. Big Bad Handsome Man 02:37
05. Heart Attack and Vine 04:28

Seth Okrend - Seth Okrend Live At Chicago B.L.U.E.S (2020)

                                                                       Seth Okrend
 Seth performs as a solo act and with my own trio in many clubs, restaurants, concerts, casinos, and works with many other acts. I have performed with many established artists such as Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, The Crystals, The Drifters, The Coasters, Buddy Guy, Carey Bell, Buster Benton, The Holmes Brothers, Jimmy Dawkins, Eddy Clearwater, Hip Linkchain, Byther Smith,Shemekia Copeland & more.


Seth OKrend - Guitar, Vocals
Lenny Nelson - Bass
John DiGiulio - Drums


01. Flip Flop And Fly 04:38
02. Help Me 04:19
03. As The Years Go Passing By 06:36
04. Hey Bartender 04:12
05. Little Red rooster 05:38
06. The World Is A Ghetto 11:56
07. Got My Mojo Working 04:06
08. Walking The Dog 03:09
09. Night Train 03:46

Paul Lenart - Blues on the Loose (2020)

                                                                   Paul Lenart
 One of Sonoton's most prolific composers, Paul Lenart has truly defined the Guitar sound of Blues, Folk, Country, Jazz, Funk, and Soul on the Sonoton label. 


01. Hammerhead 02:27 
02. Blues on the Loose 02:03 
03. Blues on the Rocks 01:58 
04. Slidin’ the Blues 02:26 
05. Crocodile Crawl 02:27 
06. Midnight Mojo 02:31 
07. Mezcal Moan 02:14 
08. Shake It but Don’t Break It 02:28 
09. The Hellhound Howls 02:51 
10. The Still on the Hill 02:52 
11. Rattler 02:11 
12. Ridin’ the Blinds 02:17 
13. Gypsy Blues 02:12 
14. Scufflin’ 02:01 

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Albert Frost - The Wake Up (2016)

                                                                   Albert Frost
 With Chris van der Walt on bass and Jason Hinch on drums, Frost gave the crowd a taste of his latest solo album, The Wake Up.

Although the talented musicians joined him on stage at Splashy Fen, they didn’t record the album with Frost, who instead collaborated with bassist Schalk Joubert and drummer Jonno Sweetman. Joubert and Sweetman make up Frost’s ‘core band’ and performed the electric The Wake Up tour with him in April.

Albert Frost’s The Wake Up
Albert Frost, The Wake Up album cover.
This much-anticipated third solo album displays a sound unique to Frost, showing his background as a blues guitarist but taking the music beyond; melding stylistic elements of the blues, rock, psychedelic and African genres. The album, says Frost, signals the ‘start of a new journey’ for him. ‘It’s an album that I’ve been thinking about for 20 years; all the experiences I’ve been gathering put into music of my own. It’s something I can be proud of.’ The Wake Up is an exploration both lyrically and musically.

The songs range from exploring emotions such as fear, confusion and heartbreak to notions of family, companionship, acceptance and unconditional love. Most of the lyrical content on the album is co-written with various artists, including Hunter Kennedy, Robin Auld, Simon Orange and Albert Meintjes, who also co-produced. Frost explores all aspects of the guitar, across rhythm and leads on the album. ‘I’ve used over ten different guitars, acoustic and electric, to create my own musical soundscape of sorts,’ he says.

Recording The Wake Up was a pure labour of love for Frost, who spent 18 months tirelessly crafting his soundscape at VH Studios in Cape Town. ‘I managed to make an album in my own time instead of rushing it,’ says Frost. ‘It took me a year of preproduction to find my formula, which I can now use as a basis from here on.’ ‘The Wake Up is all about bringing something fresh to the show as well as incorporating the concept throughout the performance… My sound is changing with this album so I hope people like it as much as I do.’


01. Outside 06:31 
02. Tonight 03:35 
03. Summer Rain 05:36 
04. Modern Romance 04:28 
05. The Wake Up 05:27 
06. Leaving Town 05:45 
07. Against The Wall 04:08 
08. Sunrise 01:22 
09. Morning Pages 03:20 
10. Home No More 03:36 
11. Together 04:42 

Kurt Crandall - Get Wrong With Me (2009)

                                                                    Kurt Crandall
 For Kurt, feel is everything. On the title track for example, he brings an almost country blues nuance to his harp playing emphasizing a sonorous feel in a duet with the dulcet tones of 91 years young Myra Taylor. But, he seems happiest on the mid tempo retro stuff as he explores the blues from his native Chicago via Kansas City jump blues to the "heavy on the back beat" west Coast swing feel. Kurt has that rare ability to lean into his solos accentuating the songs. You get the feeling Kurt Crandall could make it as a virtuoso harp player in his own right, but for the moment, his excellent band serves him superbly and they provide the best imaginable foil for his well honed style.


Kurt Crandall - Vocals, Harmonica 
Karl Angerer - Guitar   
Mike Sedovic - Piano  
Jimmy Sutton - Upright Bass  
Mike Schlick - Drums 


01. Shorty's Got To Go 03:44
02. Boogy Fool 02:37
03. Speak Up 02:22
04. Get Wrong With Me 04:56
05. Gourmet Ice 03:32
06. Annie 02:39
07. Dissatisfied 03:27
08. Take My Love 04:43
09. Pets Ain't People 05:34
10. Late Night Rendezvous 03:56
11. Spider In My Stew 06:07
12. Hypomanic 04:46
13. Barroom Light 03:12

Hadden Sayers - Swingin From Satellite (1998)

                                                                 Hadden Sayers
 Swingin' from the Fabulous Satellite is a blustery, exuberant offering from one of Houston's most generous live acts. This 73-minute outing was recorded on a single night at the popular Bayou City haunt, and it's refreshingly free of the slightest post-performance doctoring -- as if this veteran blues-rock trio needed studio overdubs. It's always been singer/guitarist Hadden Sayers' tighter originals that shined the brightest on-stage, and here they're delivered with an exceptional looseness-to-restraint ratio. And the packed house responds with all the enthusiasm you'd expect from a crowd that knows how to show its appreciation for tightly rendered, road-hardened Texas fare.


01. Bring It To Me Slowly 05:32
02. Down And Out (Of My Mind) 04:30
03. Woke Up This Morning 09:28
04. Fallin' For You 03:21
05. Johnny Law 04:11
06. Paper Moon 04:12
07. Kristi Don't Care 07:52
08. Everybody's Talkin' 04:09
09. Sweet Suzanne 04:58
10. Trippin' Down To Mexico 05:59
11. End Of The Road 10:18
12. Surf Medley 08:43

Todd Sharpville - The Meaning Of Life (2001)

                                                                    Todd Sharpville
 Guitarist, vocalist - and leader of Todd Sharpville & The Blues Barons. He experienced major breakthroughs in 1994, when he won the category "Best Album" (with "A Touch Of Your Love" album) in the British Blues Awards (British Blues Connection - Europe's equivalent of the W.C. Handy's), and in 1995, winning the "Best Guitarist" award.

In the late 90's a musical sidekick of Dana Gillespie's.

New album "The Meaning Of Life" is out in October 2001 and is Todd's comeback on the blues scene. Album features Mick Taylor, Snowy White, Leo Sayer, Paul Lamb, Keith Dunn and Earl Green.


Mr. Chilli - Bass   
Junior James - Drums   
Todd Sharpville - Guitar, Vocals
Paddy Milner - Piano, Organ   
Dom Norcross - Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone 
Robert Meredith-Barrett - Trombone   
Jason Osborne - Trumpet   


01. I Can't Stop It 03:19
02. Losin This Woman 02:59
03. Ordinary Fool 04:20
04. Bird on a Wire 03:38
05. I Think I'm Blind 05:38
06. Heart and Soul 09:36
07. Blues Music 04:12
08. Damn Sure She Loves Me 03:56
09. Willow 04:45
10. Doghouse 06:57
11. Look Watcha Done 04:08
12. Ball 03:39
13. Crazy 'Bout You 04:01
14. Meaning of Life 07:09