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Eddie King - The Blues Has Got Me (2010)

                                                                      Eddie King
Eddie King (April 21, 1938 - March 14, 2012) was a Chicago blues guitarist, singer and songwriter. Living Blues once stated "King is a potent singer and player with a raw, gospel-tinged voice and an aggressive, thick-toned guitar sound". He was noted as creating a straight-forward style, in the vein of Freddie King and Little Milton. Eddie King with his engaging vocals and Freddie King-style guitar and sister Mae with her powerful gospelized-blues vocals are veteran West Siders who perform a kind of music that blends striking blues licks, soul emoting, and gospel testifying and make all these varying approaches seem like one marvelous blues tradition.


Mae Bee Mae - Vocals
Eddie King - Guitar, Vocals
Sir Lucky King - Rhythm Guitar
Joe Roland - Bass
James Mason - Drums
Lendell Moore - Guitar
Golden Wheeler - Harmonica
Earl Crossley - Saxophone


01. When You Find A Fool 04:45
02. The Blues Has Got Me 03:49
03. Love At First Sight 03:59
04. The Twelve Year Old Girl 03:47
05. 99 Pounds 03:39
06 Laundromat Blues 06:34
07. Able Mae Bee 04:02
08. He'll Drain on You 05:39
09. The Woman I Love 03:46
10. Buttermilk And Cornbread 07:52
11. Losin' Boy 04:47
12. Man-Sized Job 02:41
13. Eddie's Thing 04:32

Jerry Miller Band - Life Is Like That (1995)

                                                                Jerry Miller Band
Jerry Miller (born July 10, 1943 in Tacoma, Washington, United States) is an American songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. He performs as a solo artist and as a member of the Jerry Miller Band, and plays his beloved "Buelah", the classic Gibson cut-away hollow body. He is also a founding member of the 1960s San Francisco band Moby Grape, which continues to perform occasionally. Rolling Stone included Miller at number 68 on their list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time and Moby Grape's album Moby Grape at number 124 on their list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.


Jerry Miller - Guitar, Vocals
Tiran Porter - Bass, Vocals 
John "Fuzzy Furioso" Oxendine - Drums  
Dale Ockerman - Keyboards   
Merl Saunders - Keyboards  
John Murphy - Pedal Steel Guitar  
Michael Carabello - Percussion  
Michael CurtinTenor - Saxophone  
Ron Coolidge - Trumpet 
Robert Hulten - Backing Vocals, Slide Guitar
Barbara Furnlund - Backing Vocals   
Craig Juan - Backing Vocals   
Mark Lashley - Backing Vocals  


01. Snake Rhythm Rock 05:02
02. Plastic Saddle 03:03
03. Life Is Like That 03:24
04. Sick And Tired 04:01
05. Now I See 07:18
06. Olds 98 Blues Medley 03:10
07. That's All Right 05:26
08. If You Still Got Love 02:25
09. In The Open 05:49
10. Cristina 04:11
11. Talkin' Bout You 04:57

J.J. Vicars - Long Way From Home (2012)

                                                                     J.J. Vicars
Six strings, five CDs, three countries, two continents, but only one J.J. Vicars - one red-hot rockin' guitarist and vocalist. From the USA to Japan and China and back, Double J's BluesRock guitar playing has thrilled audiences around the world. His five CDs showcase his musicianship and technique. He's also an in demand producer for artists who recognize the unique touch he brings to music.


01. Maybe I'll Know You 03:15
02. Cutie Pie 04:31
03. Talk To Your Daughter 02:46
04. Ain't Waitin' Anymore 04:09
05. Solitude 02:28
06. Icebreakin' 04:45
07. Ballad Of The Bumbling Pygmies 01:20
08. John Hardy 03:31
09. Sleep Walk 03:17
10. Too Many Holes 03:45
11. Movie Queen 06:34

Lefthand Freddy & The Aces - Urban Blues Adventures (2000)

                                                                   Lefthand Freddy
Lefthand Freddy has grown into a blues institute in the Netherlands, but also far beyond, witness the many praises in the (inter) national press. The band around guitarist / singer / entertainer Lefthand Freddy has been around for decades and played over the years at the Leberkusener Jazzfestival (Dtsl), the Gloucester Bluesfestival (GB), the Nuit de Blues (FR), the Sziget Festival (Hungary). ) and in the London 100 club.In the current composition with drum legend Hans Waterman (Cuby & The Blizzards, Solution, Pretty Things eva), son Berend Reining on guitar and Andre van der Werf on bass, the last CD SOUL STRINGS was released. : a masterpiece, one of the best CDs of 2014, eleven gems of their own songs, a must for other guitarists in the Netherlands….
Live the band is unbeatable; recently blues magazine reported:
An unparalleled band, what a joy to play: a jewel in the crown of Dutch blues music! Fred is a truly fabulous, virtuoso guitarist, entertainer and showman who plays the stars of heaven and turns the audience upside down in no time.


Lefthand Freddy - Guitar, Vocals
Berend (boogie B) Reining - Guitar
André van der Werf - Bass, Vocals
Hans Waterman - Drums


01. Grocery Blues 04:18
02. Down In St. Louis 04:23
03. Place To Call Home 05:08
04. Bad Shit, Now Shut Up 03:44
05. Keep On Talking To Me 05:27
06. That Train Is Gonna Take Me Yonder 08:09
07. Stop Your Complaining Woman 05:33
08. Just Wanna Boogie 05:00
09. Anny Mae 03:06

Koolaide's Exact Change Band - I'm Still Waiting (2009)

                                                   Koolaide's Exact Change Band
Koolaid and The Exact Change Band have been together for the past two years, bringing full energy and enthusiasm for the Blues. The group is made up of musicians with more than 70 plus years of experience. Sammie,"Koolaid" Johnson, the engineer driving this group, is a marvelous lead guitarist and blues singer with a huge following around the country. Ricky Dotson, keyboards, has played with many A-list performers around the world. His voice and his playing are an expression of all he has experienced. Terri Benson beautifully keeps the engine running on drums. Terri's infectious smile, voice, and beats will keep you grooving. Finally, Bea Gray, bass, holds up the foundation. She has played with various gospel, jazz, and blues groups.


01. Wake Up Baby 05:36
02. I'm Stil Waiting 05:19
03. You Ain't Nothing but Dead Weight Baby 03:54
04. Monday Morning Blues 06:16

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Lee Oskar ‎- Before The Rain (1983)

                                                                       Lee Oskar
Here's why all serious music lovers still need a turntable: there are so many worthwhile LPs from the '60s and '70s that will probably never be reissued on CD. Before Avenue Records came into the picture, it seemed unlikely that Lee Oskar's solo albums of 1976-1980 would ever be reissued on CD -- labels usually reissue titles they think there is a heavy demand for, and Oskar's solo efforts weren't the mega-blockbusters that War's albums were. But Avenue pleasantly surprised listeners in the '90s by making Oskar's solo output available on CD, including 1978's Before the Rain. Did this album outsell War classics like Why Can't We Be Friends? and All Day Music? Hardly. Reissued in 1995, this mostly instrumental album deserved to come back into print simply because it is good. From a commercial standpoint, the problem with Before the Rain is that it's difficult to categorize -- is it funk, pop-jazz, quiet storm, or fusion? Arguably, Before the Rain is all of those things, and Oskar's harmonica playing is expressive whether he is getting mildly funky on "Steppin'" or being mellow and laid-back on "More Than Words Can Say" and the title track. "Steppin'" certainly isn't typical of funk instrumentals; the tune opens with bagpipes -- not exactly an instrument that one ordinarily associates with funk. But then, Oskar is no stranger to multiculturalism; how many harmonica players who were born in Copenhagen, Denmark, went on to play with one of the top soul/funk bands of the '70s? Before the Rain may not have set the world on fire when it was first released in 1978, but it was certainly nice to see the album making its CD debut in 1995.


Lee Oskar - Harmonica, Lead Vocals  
Stephen Kupka - Baritone Saxophone  
Bobby Vega - Bass, Guitar   
Jamie Faunt - Bass  
Herman Eberitzsch - Clavinet  
Terry Medeiros - Guitar  
Pat Rizzo - Saxophone  
Steve Beckmeier - Guitar  
Greg Errico - Guitar, Drums 
Paulinho Dacosta - Percussion  
Herman Eberitzsch - Piano, Keyboards  
Emilio Castillo - Tenor Saxophone  
Charles Miller - Saxophone  
William Lamb - Trombone, Trumpet
Mic Gillette - Trumpet 
Bianca Thornton-Oden - Vocals   
Joe Chambers - Vocals  
George Chambers - Vocals 
Willie Chambers - Vocals 
Eloise Laws - Backing Vocals   
Linda Creed - Backing Vocals  


01. Before the Rain 08:02
02. Steppin' 06:08
03. San Francisco Bay 07:20
04. Feelin' Happy 03:45
05. More Than Word Can Say 04:42
06. Sing Song 06:50
07. Haunted House 06:48

Big George Brock - Live At Seventy Five (2007)

                                                               Big George Brock
Big George Brock is a man who does things big. Too fond of the good life to be a professional boxer, in a career break he made Sonny Liston tumble to the ground in the second round, the title of his second album on Cat Head. George loves children and it is no coincidence that he gave birth to 42 with 15 different ladies, however far from the Screamin 'record Jay Hawkins: 55 children with an unknown number of ladies. Manager of clubs for many years, including the legendary Club Caravan - another title of one of his discs - in St. Louis, Big George has kept a little aside as a musician while regularly meeting many other bluesmen including Muddy Waters, which it definitely resembles. This is the fundamental point of his music; how Muddy manages to sing into the rhythm while the two guitarists present here, Riley Coatie Sr. and Billy Abel innervate the melodies with a rhythmic work broken up and chipped solo parts. Riley Coatie Jr. bombards it all with frequent rolls in collaboration with bassist Barry Bays. It is a Blues as you no longer feel it: the initial "Cut you loose" refers to times gone by that we assumed could not return. Big George Brock launches with the harmonica in what is perhaps the topical moment of the CD, "M for Mississippi", with only the battery behind. Pure magic. Telling the beauty of art is not easy, nor correct so you are invited to familiarize yourself with the Blues of this genius, because it is such, and with the work of the Cat Head company, which not only makes music but also art objects originals from Mississippi and more. The boss without a tie and a hot blue shirt, Roger Stolle, risks going into the history of the Blues without hesitation. Difficult to find better around.


Barry Bays - Bass  
Riley Coatie Jr. - Drums  
Bill Abel - Guitar   
Riley Coatie Sr. - Guitar  
Big George Brock - Vocals, Harmonica  


01. Intro by KFFA's Sonny Payne 00:35
02. Cut You Loose 04:56
03. M For Mississippi 05:05
04. Fourty-Four Blues 05:15
05. All Night Long 06:35
06. Everything's Gonna Be Alright 06:35
07. No No Baby 04:25
08. Short Dress Woman 06:35
09. Bring The Blues Back Home 04:42
10. Call Me A Lover/Down South 05:45
11. Jody 06:01

Dirty Ray - Primitive (1999) (2020)

                                                                       Dirty Ray
From the depths of the South Shropshire Hills emerges ‘Dirty Ray’. In a previous life Ray was known as Kevin Weatherill, singer & principal songwriter of British band Immaculate Fools, but that really is another man’s story, ‘Dirty Ray’ is who he was always waiting to be.

After disbanding Immaculate Fools in 1995, having released six albums over an eleven year period, Ray headed for Spain, returning to a people that had already taken his poetic song writing well and truly to their collective heart.

Ray spent several years immersing himself in Spain’s traditional music, the Flamenco of the south and further North, in Galicia, he wrestled with the complicated acoustic guitar rhythms of the chant based alalas songs, fusing these styles with his already deeply ingrained love of Delta Blues, (think; better dressed Seasick Steve with a passion for Tapas) until perfecting his now peculiarly individual style of treating the acoustic guitar.

On returning to his native UK in the early 2000’s Ray continued to further his odyssey to become the one-man-acoustic-firestorm that he has now achieved. Perpetually gigging, constantly writing, Ray has chronicled many of his life’s experiences with no sign of reticence. Just as Leonard Cohen once described poetry as being the language of women, Ray will shamelessly tell you that he is indeed a poet and he became such to get closer to the fairer sex, perhaps this is the origin of Dirty Ray’s change de nom?

In 2008 Ray met Miles Hunt, front man and songwriter of UK band The Wonder Stuff and producer of “Big World For A Little Man”, Hunt says of Ray’s live shows,

“Watching Dirty Ray perform is like being mauled by someone you really like! To begin with it’s a sensory attack, until you slowly realise that what this loud-mouthed little man is actually doing is opening his heart to you, beckoning you in to share what he has seen throughout his life, the man is beautiful.”

Ray and Hunt worked together in 2009 on Hunt’s ‘Shared’ project (an ongoing acoustic enterprise that seeks to introduce lesser known artists, showcasing them alongside established song writers and performers via a series of albums and gigs), Hunt producing three of Ray’s songs for the album, again Hunt,

“Working in the studio with Ray was inspirational, his devotion to song writing and his abilities as a performer is beyond anything I have ever experienced.”

The Mission’s Wayne Hussey, also a contributor to the ‘Shared’ project, described Ray’s approach to playing guitar as ‘choreographed violence’, add that depiction to Ray’s enormous and uncompromising voice, landing somewhere between Tom Waits and Kevin Coyne, and you begin to form some idea of what we’re dealing with here.

In January of 2010, Ray’s 60th year, Ray and Hunt began working on what has become “Big World For A Little Man”, Dirty Ray’s debut album. Enlisting the further talents of violinist/pianist, Erica Nockalls, New York based drummer Andres Karu and flautist Geoffrey Kelly of Canada’s Spirit of the West, they have created an album that has captured the full ambit of Dirty Ray’s artistry. From the elegant allure of ‘The Rain Song’ to the naked aggression of ‘Moon On A Stick’, the collection of songs perfectly captures where we find Ray today.


01. Blood On My Hands 04:25
02. Bones 02:49
03. Too Much Love 04:51
04. 69 04:36
05. Young Man's Town 03:13
06. Cup 03:36
07. Anchovy 01:23
08. Taste Of Me 02:35
09. Brothel Creeper 02:56
10. Edge Of The World 05:29
11. The Other Me 04:39
12. Honest Man 04:00
13. Just Like Edith 03:09

Moving Blues - Breaking Blues (2020)

                                                                    Moving Blues
Moving Blues is a unique Austin based Blues band Led by frontman "El Michael" with Mark "SuitCase" Stedman on harp, Jason Lynn on lap steel and guitar, Ryan Randolph on Bass and Mark Nelipovich on Skins.


01. Fine Day 04:03 
02. Rapid Eye Movement Loving Machine 04:44
03. Walking on the Clouds 03:17
04. Double-Jointed Hips 03:17 
05. You Know I Love You Babe 03:10 
06. When You Get Off (Busdriver Blues) 03:44
07. You Don't Realize 04:37
08. Up in Love 03:19
09. Real Cowboy 03:00 
10. The BBQ 05:23

Midnight Liedtke - You Can't Get The Blues If You've Already Got 'em (2017)

                                                                 Midnight Liedtke
Midnight Liedtke and The Witching Hours are a Milwaukee based group that gives a heavy dose of high energy blues and blues rock. Our material consists of original songs by Midnight Liedtke as well as a mix of classic blues songs. Our goal is to bring our brand of music to as many people who embrace the power of the blues and make our name synonymous with blues in Milwaukee and the midwest. As we say, "You can't get the blues if you already got 'em!'


Jon Liedtke - Guitar
Spencer Powers - Percussion
Jacob Muchin - Bass
Christina Winters - Vocals


01. Just A Ride 04:53
02. Grubn n' Scrubn 04:59
03. Midnight Groove 05:12
04. BluesYour Own Way 11:12
05. Street Corner Talking 05:28
06. Diving Duck Blues 03:02
07. Eyes Like Ice 06:34
08. You Can't Get The Blues If You've Already Got 'em 07:25

Mike Coston - Just Playing (2007)

                                                                   Mike Coston
Mike Coston is one of Texas' foremost blistering blues guitar players. Nailing the fast pace Texas style and a tasty mix of Chicago blues grit and west coast.


01. Baby Let's Go 03:01
02. No Matter What I Do 02:59
03. Take One Step at a Time 02:40
04. Strat Brat 03:14
05. Evil Man 05:47
06. Hush Hush 03:17
07. Too Long 03:52
08. I Gotta Go 02:56
09. Just Playing 02:24
10. Azure 03:10

Big George Jackson - Nothing Like the Rest (1998)

                                                                 Big George Jackson
Vocalist/harmonicaplayer Big George Jackson was born November 16, 1949 and in the Twin Cities he is known as the Authentic big man of the blues. He sings with a distinctive bass-rich voice only a six-foot, six inch gentle giant could be blessed with. Add his fat harmonica playing, dead-on phrasing, commanding stage-presence and instant audience rapport and it’s easy to understand why the audience howl when he delivers his music.

The band features two great guitarists: Jeremy Johnson (formely with Mischo) and Phil Schmid (formely with Lynwood Slim) combine tough-as-nails interplay that can alternate between being greasy, swinging and raunchy The band writes its own music, with lyrics written by Big George and they also cover songs by Jimmy Reed, Walter Hornton, Muddy Waters and Big Leon Brooks. In 1998 the band released a CD Beggin Ain’t for Me on Black and Tan Records and in 2001 their second Black and Tan CD. The CD is titled Big Shot. Critics praised Big George’s CD for originality and welcome sense of humor. The Big George Jackson Band is considered to be a great up and coming band and is developing a fast growing following in spite of the incredibly competitive live music scene.

Big George has been working for Minnesgasco, the local gas company in Minneapolis. He has raised six children while pursuing his night-time career as a blues musician. His first european tour took place in November >99 and it was a huge success. Most of the venues had a large crowd and at the bluesfestivals in Luzern (Switzerland) and Unna (Germany) Big George proved to be one of the surprises of the event. During their european tour in April/May 2000 the band performed at he Moulin Blues Festival in Ospel (NL) and at the bluesfestivals of Silkeborg and Odense (DK). The band did two more succesfull european tours in March and November 2001. On the last tour they performed on the Lucerne Blues Festival (CH) and on the Blues Estafette (NL), two of the major blues events in Europe. They also did a live show on national Dutch tv.


John Beach - Keyboards
Cleveland Gordon - Percussion
Big George Jackson - Harp, Vocals
Rick O'Dell - Horn
Tom Peterson - Bass
Paul Stueber - Drums
Jeremy Johnson - Guitar
Phil Schmid - Guitar


01. Nothing Like The Rest 04:48
02. TV Mama 06:28
03. Special Love 04:40
04. Amtrak 04:53
05. Girl Of My Dreams 06:00
06. Tramp Without A Home 04:14
07. Kin Chuka Bobo 05:27
08. Too Many Babies 07:40
09. You Slicked Me 03:57
10. I Can't Stay 07:25