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Mick Clarke - Big Wheel (2020)

                                                                 Mick Clarke
Mick Clarke founded the British blues rock band Killing Floor in 1968 together with Bill Thorndycraft. This band builds up a great reputation in the British club circuit in the late 1960s and early 1970s and also plays at major festivals in Europe. Killing Floor accompanies Freddie King on two UK tours and also tours with Howlin 'Wolf and Otis Spann. After disbanding Killing Floor in 1972, Clarke formed the power blues formation SALT with British singer Stevie Smith, performing regularly at London's famous Marquee Club and supporting Muddy Waters, among others. Around 1983 Clarke founded The Mick Clarke Band and this band quickly becomes a popular act at various festivals in Europe and the US. Mick Clarke has therefore been an established name for a long time.

01.Knocking at your Door 03:47
02.Trouble Trouble 04:14
03.Snappin' at your Heel 03:59
04.Full Circle 03:24
05.Just to Get me By 03:50
06.I Stay in the Mood 03:53
07.Dog and Bone 04:13
08.Everything's Gonna Be Alright 04:42
09.Mick's Guitar Boogie 02:56
10.Heard It All Before 05:23
11.Dead leg Boogie 03:57
12.Flyin' Lo 03:45
13.Down at the Bridge 03:59
14.Big Wheel 04:42

Rick Berthod - Peripheral Visions (2020)

                                                                Rick Berthod
Rick started playing Blues Guitar in his late teens influenced by Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Rory Gallagher,Jeff Beck ,Jimi Hendrix ,& BB King. Rick played clubs in town even though he was barely old enough to get into a bar. While living in Colorado Rick put together an All-Star Blues Rock band .Heavily influenced by his friend Albert Collins "The Master Of the Telecaster ". Rick was the opening act for touring bands traveling though Colorado. The band started touring in the 80's. After moving to LA in 1988, Albert Collins helped Rick put together a band of the best blues players on the West Coast. Rick has performed at festivals and concerts in Europe , Canada and USA . After 30 years the band and their music is better than ever. Rick's contemporary influences are Robben Ford, Warren Hanes & Larry Carlton.


01. Seeing Sideways 05:05
02. Love Hungry 04:20
03. One More Chance 03:56
04. Memories 05:41
05. Much Love 04:00
06. Treat Her Right 05:25
07. Fly On 07:10
08. High Dollar Girl 05:16
09. Hard On My Heart 04:38
10. Broken Middle Finger 05:41

Kenny Githens & the Cosmic Blues Ensemble - The Buckeye Sessions (2018)

                                                               Kenny Githens
Growing  up in South Jersey, I was introduced to music at an early age by my  father who had records by Hank Williams, Buck Owens, Eddie Arnold, Nat  King Cole and Frank Sinatra.  Your Cheatin' Heart and Hey, Good Lookin'  from Hank William's greatest hits were the two that really stuck with me  and of course there was Elvis.  Then came the Beatles on the Ed  Sullivan Show and that's when I was really hooked.  Soon after it was  the British Invasion, the Psychedelic Bands from California,  Motown and  all the great music of the 60's.      

By the time I got to high school I was soaking up  all kinds of great music.  I even bought a guitar and gave it a try, but  it wouldn't be until a few years after high school that Bass Guitar  became my instrument of choice.  Seeing Muddy Waters, twice in the 70's,  B.B.King and the Allman Brothers, started my passion for the Blues.   Some other favorites along the way were and still are, Buddy Guy, Stevie  Ray Vaughan, Otis Rush, Albert King, Hot Tuna, Johnny Winter and Albert  Collins.  I started playing in bar bands in the late 70's and played  all over New Jersey and Eastern PA.  Playing lots of Blues, Hendrix,  Lynyrd Skynyrd,  Allman Bros, Stones, Beatles, Muddy Waters, ZZ Top,  B.B.King and Cream became the norm.      

In 1985 I started my career as an electrician and it  wouldn't be long before I had gone into semi-retirement from playing  music.  I had no idea that it would be 17 years before I would join  another band, but once I started back up in 2002, I was hooked again,  and it just kept getting better.  After playing with the Psychedelic  Pants, Snakeskin Blues Band and Dog House, I ended up being a founding  member of Scoville Blues and stayed for 6 years.  While still playing  with Scoville I also began playing with Georgie Bonds from  Philadelphia.  Next Blue Jay Slim and I formed "Blue Jay Slim & The  Tone Blasters",  who I still play with today.  More recently I've played  with "Slide Guitar" player Billy  Pierce from Delaware.        

Since 2002 I've played mostly the Mid-Atlantic area (New Jersey, PA, Delaware and Maryland) and have been up to Maine and Lake Placid, NY and down to Memphis, Tennessee.  In 2014, Carol and I went to  Mexico for 15 days and I played a bunch of gigs with Blue Jay Slim and  some assorted players as a Mexican version of the Tone Blasters and  that included the Mexican National Chili Cookoff.  The next year Blue Jay  Slim and The Tone Blasters, representing the 2nd Story Blues Alliance  played the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN and in 2016, I  was back playing a showcase with Georgie Bonds.  I've played most of the  Blues festivals in the Mid-Atlantic area and besides playing with many  of the area's best Blues players,  I've had the  pleasure of opening up  for the Outlaws, Dave Mason, Little Feat, Savoy Brown, Marcia Ball,  Walter Trout, Boz Scaggs, Chris Cain, Charlie Musselwhite, Tab Benoit,  Shemekia Copeland, The Nighthawks and Cedric Burnside.       

Although I didn't do much recording in the early  days (except some demos) I've been recording and writing songs since I  started back up.  I've played on Scoville Blues - "Live At The Scottish  Rite Auditorium",  Scoville Blues - "Waitin To Get In",  Georgie Bonds -  "Stepping Into Time",  Blue Jay Slim & The Tone Blasters - "Leaving  The Cold Behind" (which was selected by the Jersey Shore Jazz &  Blues Foundation for Best Self Produced Blues Album and entered at the  IBC in Memphis) and now my 1st CD - Kenny Githens & The Cosmic Blues  Ensemble - "The Buckeye Sessions".       

Recorded and mixed at Buckeye Recording in  Philadelphia, with my friend Peter Richan as engineer and co-producer, I  enlisted many of the guys that I play with regularly to help me out.  I  wrote or co-wrote 11 new original songs and we ended up doing a couple of  old favorites.  It was a lot of fun to make and I'm lucky to have been  surrounded by some great musicians and singers.  I'm hoping that this  record will generate some interest and hopefully everyone will enjoy  it.   

The production was terrific, the guitars sparkled, the harmonica a sweet bluesy favorite; catchy lyrics never disappointed; vocals pulled me into each song; the melodic heartbeat of the steady bass line was, well.....cosmic.


01. Hard Times 04:48
02. Young Girl Blues 05:50
03. Rock Me Baby 07:34
04. Election Blues 03:13
05. Anna Mae 02:47
06. I Can't Handle It 05:49
07. Cosmic Blues 03:19
08. Patry Time 05:47
09. Crazy Amy 04:54
10. In the Darkness of the Night 04:38
11. We Gotta Get out of This Place 03:58
12. Mind Your Own Business 02:08

Sierra Green and The Soul Machine (2019)

                                                                Sierra Green
Sierra Green & The Soul Machine's promising debut album is a charming release from the native New Orleans singer.

Sierra Green & The Soul Machine is New Orleans music embodied; effortlessly soulful, unapologetically fun, and oozing talent from every atom.

Powered by Green’s passionate, gravely voice, reminiscent of classic soul vocalists like Aretha Franklin and Irma Thomas, and topped off with the timeless tinge of contemporary soul revival acts like Leon Bridges and Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, the band performs up to seven nights a week, packing hometown venues with international crowds.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Green’s charisma, infectious on-stage presence, and tireless work ethic put her in a category of her own.

Sierra Green and The Soul Machine is a must-see in any city, but especially on their home turf.



Mike Perez - Bass
Maurice Cade - Trombone
Oberon Jackson - Drums
Brandon Nater - Trumpet
Paul Provosty - Guitar
Will Rast - Keys 
Tajh Derosier - Saxophone

01. Take a Chance On Me 03:23   
02. Ain't No Wrong Way to Funk 03:46
03. Get Up to Get Down 04:37   
04. Good Time 02:36   
05. Gotta Get Love 05:12
06. Last Night 02:39   
07. Pieces of You 04:37   
08. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong 04:18

Three Souls In My Mind - El Blues Del Eje Vial (1980)

                                                        Three Souls In My Mind
EL BLUES DEL EJE VIAL, al cual podríamos definir como el tercer sencillo de 12 pulgadas del grupo, ya que sólo incluye seis rolas. Curiosamente, podríamos decir que para este disco sólo se grabaron cuatro canciones nada más, las tres del lado A y la primera del lado B, porque "El Blues de la Llanta" habría sido "la que sobró" del disco "Qué Rico Diablo" porque tiene la misma alineación de músicos (Lora, Mancera, Hauptvogel y Silvestre Méndez, Luis Rosas y Arturo Lavastida -SIC-, los últimos en congas, piano y sax, respectivamente), y "Abuelo", como dice el material, fue la "primera grabación del Three Souls in My Mind, hecha en 1968 como prueba para Discos Cisne", y estuvieron Lora en la guitarra y voz, Charlie en la bataca, Ernesto de León en el requinto, Lalo Toral en el piano, y Miguel Flores(El Flaco) en el bajo y la armónica. Bastante destacadas y características son la portada y contraportada de este LP, cortesía de J. Arturo Ramírez, el mismo que dibujó a la banda en "Qué Rico Diablo", y en donde vemos a los Trisoles en una nave clásica, a punto de ser arrollados por un tranvía de la ruta Eje 999 Sur, al mando de un hombre lobo, o coyote, o chacal, quién sabe. Más adelante de ellos, un coche que muestra la cola lleva la placa 00-MEVALE INFLUYENTE, y el letrero de la defensa trasera de un camión de carga permite leer "Goris de Peralvillo". Los anuncios en los edificios aluden a la marca de cigarros "Tokes", a un refresco llamado "Coma-Caca", y de paso está el de "Discos Cisne Raff. El sonido de la década". Un letrero más que dice "Próximamente eje vial aquí" está colocado sobre lo que fuera el Club del Three Souls, a medio derruir. En la contraportada hay una mujer un tanto sospechosa, quizá de la vida galante, y un briago tirado en la banqueta, observándose también algunos edificios derrumbados, y en una de las paredes un corazón flechado con la leyenda "A y S", en donde alguien agregó por afuerita "y C". A mi parecer, con todas sus letras debería decir "Alex y Sergio... y Charlie". La cuja del disco tiene fecha de 1979, pero el LP dice 1980, lo mismo que la firma del dibujante en la portada.

THE BLUES OF THE ROAD AXIS, which we could define as the third single of 12 inches of the group, since it only includes six music. Curiously, we could say that for this album only four songs were recorded, the three on the A side and the first on the B side, because "The Blues of the Tire" would have been "the one left over" from the album "Qué Rico Diablo" because it has the same alignment of musicians (Lora, Mancera, Hauptvogel and Silvestre Méndez, Luis Rosas and Arturo Lavastida -SIC-, the last ones in congas, piano and sax, respectively), and "Grandfather", as the material says, was the "First recording of the Three Souls in My Mind, made in 1968 as a test for Swan Records", and were Lora on the guitar and voice, Charlie on the chair, Ernesto de León on the requinto, Lalo Toral on the piano, and Miguel Flores (El Flaco) on bass and harmonica. Quite prominent and characteristic are the cover and back cover of this LP, courtesy of J. Arturo Ramírez, the same one who drew the band in "Qué Rico Diablo", and where we see the Trisols in a classic ship, about to be overwhelmed by a tram on the Axis 999 South route, commanded by a werewolf, or coyote, or jackal, who knows. Ahead of them, a car that shows the tail carries the 00-MEVALE INFLUENT PLATE, and the sign of the rear defense of a cargo truck allows to read "Goris de Peralvillo". The advertisements in the buildings allude to the brand of cigarettes "Tokes", to a soda called "Coma-Caca", and incidentally is that of "Swan Raff Records. The sound of the decade". One more sign that says "Soon the road axis here" is placed on what was the Three Souls Club, halfway down. On the back cover there is a somewhat suspicious woman, perhaps of the gallant life, and a briago lying on the sidewalk, also observing some collapsed buildings, and on one of the walls a heart flecked with the legend "A and S", where someone added by afuerita "and C". In my opinion, with all its lyrics I should say "Alex and Sergio ... and Charlie". The disc is dated 1979, but the LP says 1980, the same as the artist's signature on the cover.


Alejandro Lora - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Carlos Hauptvogel - Drums
Sergio Mancera - Guitar
Miguel Flores - Bass, Harmonica
Lalo Toral - Piano
Luis Rosas - Piano
Silvestre Mendez - Congas
Arturo Lavastida - Saxophone


01. El Blues Del Eje Vial 06:07
02. No Puedo Dejar De Tomar 02:24
03. Suave 04:29
04. El Dia Que Me Muera 02:42
05. Blues De La Llanta 07:42
06. Abuelo 02:39

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Albert Castiglia - Wild and Free (2020)

                                                              Albert Castiglia
Contemporary bluesman and guitar maestro Albert Castiglia announces new live album, Wild and Free, out April 3rd, 2020 via Gulf Coast Records. Wild and Free is the live album that Castiglia fans have been waiting for.

“This record is for the Albert Castiglia hard core fans. It captures Albert’s electricity and passion when he’s with his people!” – Mike Zito.

The new album by the Albert Castiglia Band, Wild and Free, was recorded live at The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton, Florida. This in your face live performance captures the energy and guitar mastery that Castiglia shares with his audiences each time he takes the stage. With special guests Mike Zito, John Ginty, and Lewis Stephens this is THE live album Castiglia fans have been waiting for! Wild and Free has everything blues fans are looking for… great songs …guitar virtuosity… and the raw power and emotion behind Castiglia’s live performances.

The Miami-raised musician served an apprenticeship while backing legendary blues musician Junior Wells. Albert later went on to work with singer Sandra Hall. Never content to allow himself to be confined to any particular category, he embarked on a solo career that’s yielded nine critically acclaimed albums and consist praise for his exceptional instrumental prowess, his searing vocals, and live performances that have dazzled audiences from coast to coast.


Justine Tompkins - Bass, Vocals 
Ephraim Lowell - Drums 
Mike Zito - Guitar –  (tracks: 08)
Albert Castiglia - Guitar, Vocals 
John Ginty - Piano, Organ – (tracks: 08, 09)
Lewis Stephens - Piano, Organ 
Mike Zito    Producer 


01. Big Dog 04:27
02. Hoodoo On Me 04:12
03. I Been Up All Night 05:44
04. Heavy 09:46
05. Get Your Ass In The Van 04:22
06. Searching The Desert For The Blues 05:54
07. Keep On Swinging 06:22
08. Too Much Seconal 08:12
09. Loving Cup 08:31
10. I Tried To Tell Ya 06:34
11. Boogie Funk 08:26

Dylan Wickens & The Grand Naturals - Hi Lo-Fi (2016)

                                                               Dylan Wickens
Dylan Wickens & The Grand Naturals is a band that grasps the interest of many fans and listeners with their unique sound and use of different guitars and other instruments. The band released their first album in 2010 entitled Tattoo Black, which was played on campus radios and stingray programs. The band has recently released their newest album Hi Lo-Fi on May 6, which features nine full-length songs.

The song that first caught my attention was “Foolish Heart.” It’s the second song on the CD and it fully captured my attention with its unique sound and catchy hooks. It was an interesting listen as it reminded me of the old sound that I grew up listening to with my parents. The other song that captured my interest was “Rock Bottom,” which is the closing song on the album. It’s a faster-paced song and it displays the sheer talent that the band holds for their music. I enjoyed listening to this song because it had that same style of music that is similar throughout the whole album, it was an easy listen and I enjoyed the guitar riffs. Overall, the album was good and really well put together to create a mix of songs that display what the band is about.

(Obs. Songs 1 and 7 are very small and it seems that they end suddenly, I don't know if it is a defect in them or if they are like that. I looked on music sale sites and the time of the music is the same as mine, if anyone knows anything or has this CD please let me know. If it is a defect and someone has this CD please leave the link. Thanks.)


Dylan Wickens Guitar, Vocals
Al Webster - Drums
Dennis Pinhorn - Bass


1. Foolish Heart 00:28
2. Love & Lust 05:02
3. Run Sister 03:50
4. Calamity Jane 02:54
5. Fall Apart 03:43
6. She's Back in Town 02:34
7. Your Other Man 00:08
8. Rock Bottom 04:34
9. In My Time of Dying (Live) 04:12

The Larry Wise Band - Will O He Wisp (1993)

                                                          The Larry Wise Band                                                    
Larry Wise “There are many blues artists that express the hearty emotions of life so vividly that their audiences feel both the pain and joy expressed in their music. But there are no contemporary blues artists that combine the harmonica; vocal; and lyrical skills that Larry Wise does, expressing not just the emotions of life, but the life of Larry Wise himself and the world as he views it.” Since singing in the church choir as child in his native South Carolina, music became his life. Surrounded by an extended family of music lovers and musicians, Larry was introduced to gospel and blues while very young. As a teenager Larry moved to urban Philadelphia along with his parents. Continuing his vocal passions Larry and his Philadelphia friends formed a Doo Wop group “Candy & The Cassanova’s,” then at the age of eighteen Larry found the instrument of his dreams, the harmonica. In 1976 Larry moved to Washington DC where he met and began working with blues and gospel singer/guitarist Flora Molton. Larry also had opportunity to meet and jam with other members of the folk and country blues scene in the Washington area, basically the Archie Edwards barber shop Saturday blues jam crowd which included Phil Wiggins; John Cephas; Eleanor Ellis; John Jackson and his sons; and many more Washington area blues artists and enthusiasts. In 1979 Larry studied the blues with Atlanta Bluesman Buddy Moss and later traveled to Crawford Mississippi to study with the great Big Joe Williams. On returning to Washington DC while continuing to work with Flora Molton, Larry began working with Eric Sheridan; Rusty Bogart; Todd and Charlie Hubel in “The Incredible Snakes,” which after Larry left morphed into the “Uptown Rhythm Kings.” Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s Larry worked in a number of line ups which included “Flora Molton and the Truth Band,” Charlie Sayles & the Blues Disciples,” “The Chasers,” ”The Larry Wise Band,” and “Mattie’s Blues.” In addition to their hard rocking blues style, covering everything from Magic Sam to George Harmonica Smith, Slim Harpo, and Little Walter; the early 1980’s “Chasers” lead by Larry also backed up Nap “Don’t Forget The Blues” Turner and Charlie Sayles on occasion. Over this period Larry played concurrently with Flora Molton (early 80’s), Charlie Sayles in “Charlie Sayles & The Blues Disciples” and “Larry & The Wise men” a harmonica trio with Charlie Sayles and Michael Licht who played two foot 48 chord 12 key Harp he called “The B52.”


Chris Watling - Baritone Saxophone
Teo Graca - Bass
Jimi Jones - Drums, Vocals 
Fred Cox - Guitar 
Kendra Holt - Piano 
Derek Huston - Tenor Saxophone 
Alan MacEwen - Trumpet 
Larry Wise - Vocals, Harmonica


01 Snappy Flappy 03:26
02 Crosstown 04:38
03 Cadillacs & Clothes 02:50
04 Waitin' On You Baby 02:42
05 Try To Go 02:34
06 Move On Back 02:36
07 Will O' The Wisp 04:11
08 Dirty Ol' Man 05:10
09 Get On The Floor 03:4
10 Country Boy 05:17
11 Who's That Comin' 04:28
12 Toredown 03:42
13 Backstroke 04:24

Mingo & The Blues Intruders - Fun To Visit (2010)

                                                      Mingo & The Blues Intruders
Blues quartet from Spain founded in 2002.


01. The Hucklebuck 06:14   
02. Fun To Visit 04:19   
03. Need My Baby 06:29   
04. I Wish You Would 07:50   
05. Mystery Train 06:06   
06. King Of The Jungle 05:50    
07. Chitlins Con Carne 06:04   
08. Shake Your Boogie 06:46   
09. Got To Go 05:35

Frank Salvato - Lookin' for Blues (2001)

                                                                Frank Salvato
Good house rockin blues from an Italian bred Texas guitarist with plenty of experience. Don't pass this one up. Take a'll like it!

When the Frank Salvato Band is on the stage, there's no question, the house will be rockin! Presenting the blues with rousing delivery and smoking guitar! Frank has a voice made to sing the blues, as well as country, 50's and classic rock & roll. This multi-talented Italian bred artist, born in the Marlin-Waco area, has made the Houston area his home since 1965. The Frank Salvato Band has performed at the Houston Juneteenth Blues Festival, showcasing his talents among the blues greats. The band has also performed at Houston's International Festival as well as club dates in and around Texas. Kay Salvato, Frank's wife, plays bass, laying down a tight groove while Frank works on guitar. "Lady Kay" is one of the few known female bass guitarists on the local music scene. Rockin' Ray, Jr. is a seasoned drummer and vocalist who has played with the band for over 25 years. He has early memories of playing and listening to blues, r&b and soul with his childhood friend, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons. These three, either alone, or with other friends, who sometimes join them, make up the unforgettable sounds of The Frank Salvato Band. Adding horns and keyboards is Don Carroll. Don is mutli-talented and offers this band his soulful sounds. Don has played with many great artists, both local and national.


01. Lookin' for Blues 03:54    
02. Freezin' in My Heart 04:20    
03. Christine 02:37    
04. Heart Breakin' Woman 05:49    
05. Trespassin' 03:51    
06. Hard Luck Blues 03:50    
07. Cool 03:17    
08. Miss Ima Lou 06:22    
09. Learn to Live With It 03:59    
10. (Way Back in) 1959 03:06    

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Boogie - Australian Blues, R&B & Heavy Rock From The '70's (2012)

Boogie: Australian Blues, R&B And Heavy Rock From The '70s


CD. 01

1. Chain  -Black And Blue (Single Version) 03:53
2. Blackfeather - Boppin' The Blues (2010 Remastered Version) 03:15
03. Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs -    C.C. Rider 04:08
04. Band Of Light - The Destiny Song 03:17
05. Spectrum - I'll Be Gone 03:32
06. La De Das -    Gonna See My Baby Tonight 03:21
07. Stevie Wright - Guitar Band 03:21
08. Rose Tattoo - Bad Boy For Love 03:08
09. Buster Brown - Something To Say (2005 Remastered Version) 05:30
10. Coloured Balls - Flash 03:25
11. Kahvas Jute - She's So Hard To Shake (2006 Remastered Version) 04:21
12. Masters Apprentices - I'm Your Satisfier 03:17
13. Buffalo - Sunrise (Come My Way) (Single Version) 03:44
14. Madder Lake - 12lb Toothbrush (2008 Remastered Version) 03:53
15. Wendy Saddington And The Copperwine - Backlash Blues (2011 Remastered Version) 03:58
16. Friends - Bird On A Wire (Live At Sunbury 1973) 03:25
17. Indelible Murtceps - Esmerelda 03:10
18. Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band - Your Feets Too Big 02:49
19. Renée Geyer - Dust My Blues 03:05
20. Cold Chisel - Home And Broken Hearted 03:27
21. Ariel - Worm-Turning Blues 02:57
22. Daddy Cool - Daddy Rocks Off 04:38

CD. 02

01. Matt Taylor - I Remember When I Was Young 04:01
02. La De Das -    Too Pooped To Pop 02:34
03. Cold Chisel - Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye) 02:53
04. Dingoes - Come On Down 04:10
05. Madder Lake - Booze Blues 02:56
06. Sid Rumpo - Breaking My Back 04:17
07. Thump'n Pig And Puff'n Billy - Captain Straightman 03:02
08. Kevin Borich Express - I'm Going Somewhere 03:29
09. Buffalo - Lucky 03:32
10. Ted Mulry Gang - Darktown Strutters Ball 03:26
11. The Angels - Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again 03:23
12. Lobby Loyde & The Coloured Balls - Mama Loves To 04:05
13. Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs -    Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy     04:20
14. Ferrets - Janie May 04:23
15. Skyhooks - Saturday Night (Remastered 1994) 02:49
16. Martin Armiger - I Love My Car 02:57
17. Sports - You Ain't Home Yet 02:19
18. Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - Ain't Got My Money 03:19
19. Daddy Cool - Hi Honey Ho (Live At Sunbury 1974) 03:46
20. Max Merritt & The Meteors - Fannie Mae 03:49
21. Chain - Gertrude Street Blues (2010 Remastered Version) 04:59
22. Carson - Boogie (Part One) 04:44

The Producers - Ain't No Love In The World (1993)

                                                               The Producers
Originally formed in 1990 by Harry Skinner and Dave Saunders, The Producers became one the most popular blues outfits in the country winning the Blues Band of the Year award 3 times. In January 2009 after a 7 year break, Harry and Dave were joined by Ray Drury on organ/piano and Biff Smith on drums/percussion to reform once again as The Producers, a new and re-energised line-up.


Harry Skinner - Vocals, Guitar
Dave Saunders - Bass
Ray Drury - Organ, Piano
Biff Smith - Drums


01. Ain't No Love In The World 03:47
02. Big Blue Sky 03:17
03. Be Careful 02:42
04. Mississippi 03:46
05. Out Tonight 04:07
06. Rolling And Tumbling 02:40
07. Blues In The Morning 03:28
08. Jumping The Blues 02:40
09. Little Red Rooster 04:27
10. Crossroads 04:11
11. Stood Up 02:22
12. A.M. Blues 05:07
13. Jesus On The Mainline 03:12