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Buddy Guy - This Is the Beginnin (2013)

                                                                   Buddy Guy
Buddy Guy would become one of the best and most celebrated electric blues guitarists of the 20th century, but in 1958, he'd only been living in Chicago for a year and was struggling to make a name for himself. That year, on the advice of Magic Sam, Guy met with Harold Burrage, the owner of Artistic Records, a Chicago-based record label that specialized in blues acts. Artistic would soon go out of business, but before they did, they issued Guy's first single sides. In the Beginning: The Artistic & USA Sessions collects Buddy Guy's early material for Artistic Records, as well as material cut for the label that was later released on another Chicago label, USA Records. Featuring rare outtakes and alternate versions, this collection includes the songs "Sit and Cry," "Try to Quit You Baby," "Too Many Cooks," "God's Gift to Man," "The Way You Been Treatin' Me," and many more.


Buddy Guy - Guitar, Vocals
Ike Turner - Guitar (tracks: 3, 15)
Otis Rush - Guitar (tracks: 1, 2)
Phil Guy - Guitar (tracks: 12 to 14)
Big Walter Horton - Harmonica
Jackie Brenston - Baritone Saxophone
McKinley Easton - Baritone Saxophone 
Jack Myers - Bass Guitar (tracks: 5 to 11)
Willie Dixon - Bass Guitar (tracks: 1 to 4, 15, 16) Vocals [2nd Vocal] (tracks: 8, 9)
Odie Payne, Jr. - Drums
Willie Smith - Drums  
Harold Burrage - Piano (tracks: 1 to 4, 15, 16),
Lafayette Leake - Piano (tracks: 5 to 11)
Bob Neely - Tenor Saxophone
Carlson Oliver - Tenor Saxophone 
Eddie Jones - Tenor Saxophone 
Harold Ashby - Tenor Saxophone 
Jesse Fortune - Vocals  (tracks: 5 to 11)


01. Sit And Cry (The Blues) 03:02   
02. Try To Quit You Baby 02:33   
03. You Sure Can't Do 02:36    
04. This Is The End 02:55   
05. Too Many Cooks - Vocals, Jesse Fortune 02:50   
06. Too Many Cooks (Alt. Take) 02:49   
07. Good Things - Vocals, Jesse Fortune    02:40
08. God's Gift To Man - Vocals, Jesse Fortune, Willie Dixon 02:45   
09. God's Gift To Man (Alt. Take) 02:50    
10. Heavy Heart Beat - Vocals, Jesse Fortune 02:52   
11. Heavy Heart Beat (Alt. Take) 03:30   
12. Baby Don't You Wanna Come Home 02:35   
13. The Way You Been Treating Me 03:07   
14. I Hope You Come Back Home 02:58
15. You Sure Can't Do (Session) 10:48   
16. This Is The End (Session) 10:58

Scott Weis Band - Tryin' To Get Back (2008)

                                                            Scott Weis Band
The Scott Weis Band has become the Tri-state areas new buzz. To take a quote from the classic 70s tune, Stop! Hey - whats that sound? Everybody look whats going round. Most people wonder when they hear them how come I have not heard of them before? As we dig deeper we start to see that we may have seen or heard them over the past twenty years professionally working with many true legends of all styles of music. Well the stars must have been right here as the saying goes, All three members born the same year is the result of a magical union. The Scott Weis Bands first CD Have a Lil Faith shows this magical union 12 tracks showing of there diverse musical history makes for the most unique blend of soul, blues and rock. SWB 2nd Cd Tryin' To Get Back establishes the band as a true Blues Rock Power Trio, a Cd that represents the bands raw live energy,with a Lil good olde soul. Both CD's were recorded at the renowned local studio Mix-O-Lydian in Lafayette, New Jersey, all tracks were recorded live to 2" tape, leaving no room for error. Recording a live Cd is the hardest says Scott Weis, but we had experience and confidence on your side witch sometimes makes magic. "To see the Scott Weis Band live is a whole other experience, I have not seen a musical union like this in years their musical bond is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin or Cream." Kate Walter, Freelance Writer Members include Robert Kopec Bass guitar, Roger Voss drums and Scott Weis Guitar, lead vocals and Harmonica." Scott Weis sings with the passion reminiscent of Joe Cocker, Otis Redding. John Sopel Village Voice Scotts guitar playing is a tasteful blend fusion and raw electric blues. Ron Delmare Rhythm and blues review Robert Kopecs Bass playing is amazing reminiscent of Jaco Pastorios or James Jamerson. Vincent Scott, Sleepy Lodge Records Roger Vosss Drumming is a cross between the power of John Bonham and the subtleties of Steve Gadd. Don Sternecker "The Blend of these three is blues rock magic."Don Sterneker Scott and crew Have put their time in as a working musicians for many and opened shows for artist's from J.R. Well's, Jerry Garcia,Nusrat Fata Ali Khan ,Blues Traveler Little Feet The Night Hawks and many others,many different style's, For many years. Scott and crew found a home fusing many of his influences into blues rock. " This band smokes." To see Scott play live is a expeirence,This soft spoken guy ripps his heart out of the guitar and sings with a voice that can sing raw blues ,down home soul, or a great ballad, truly amazing . I once asked Scott why is it that when you play, you have this energy that takes over a room? "For me playing is a spiritual thing and when I get up and play I am in a trace like state. You gotta feel it deep down or you dont stand out." The Scott Weis Band does not just stand out they TAKE OVER.


01. One Good Reason 03:18        
02. Under Pressure 03:07        
03. Tryin' To Get Back 03:59    
04. Rise 03:12     
05. Can't Deny 04:37        
06. Born Again 03:33     
07. Burn 03:41        
08. Open Your Eyes 05:24    
09. Arrow 04:01     
10. Tell Me Why 03:49

Otis Waygood - Otis Waygood (1970)

                                                               Otis Waygood
Otis Waygood was a blues band comprised of Rhodesian Jews (interesting to ponder on the implications of a time when this was possible) who famously came down to Cape Town on a whim and in a battered Combi, got a “guest artist” slot at the 1969 Battle Of The Bands (apparently an annual big deal in Cape Town in those years) and became an overnight sensation for their raw, exciting, stomping blues rock. They stayed in South Africa for two years and managed to release three LP’s before various realities of the Southern African situation caught up with the band members and the band dissolved/relocated to the UK.


Rob Zipper - Vocals, Guitars, Saxophones
Ivor Rubenstein - Vocals, Percussion
Leigh Sagar - Guitars, Organ
Martin Jackson - Vocals, Flute
Alan Zipper - Bass


01. You're Late Miss Kate 02.08
02. Watch an' Chain 04.33
03. So Many Ways 03.48
04. I Can't Keep From Crying 06.03
05. Fever 04.21
06. Wee Wee Baby 02.50
07. Better Off On My Own 02.59
08. Help Me 05.01
09. I'm Happy 02.42
10. Devil Bones 03.15
11. You Can Do (part 1) 04.20
12. You Can Do (part 2) 04.30

Janis Joplin - (Live 1969-12-11 Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA)

                                                                 Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin - (Live in Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA)
The sound quality of this CD is average.


01. Raise Your Hand 05:54
02. Hey Bo Diddley 08:45
03. Kozmic Blues 06:27
04. Port Arthur Blues (featuring Johnny Winter) 10:48
05. Help Me Baby (featuring Johnny Winter) 05:18
06. Maybe 04:18
07. Try 05:14
08. Piece of My Heart 04:57

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Blues 'N' Trouble - Down To The Shuffle (1991)

                                                             Blues 'N' Trouble
B'n'T was formed in the early 80 's by Tim Eliott & John Bruce. During the next ten years B'n'T toured & guested with many blues greats including BB King, Robert Cray, Pinetop Perkins, Charlie Musselwhite, Buddy Guy & Junior Wells. It would be easy to state that the strength of the band lies in the harp playing, vocals and dynamic personality of leader Tim Elliott or in the powerhouse rhythm section. Then again, it could be the edge - the edge that's only acquired from hard work. Their experience was painfully acquired over the years, with more than 3,000 smokin' gigs behind them. B'n'T is wrapped up in a speedy, stomping, gut-wrenching brand of blues.


01. Why Why Why 03:49
02. Tore Up 02:28
03. Sleepin In The Ground 04:34
04. Hooked on You 04:54
05. Statesboro Blues 04:29
06. Emilia Jane 04:08
07. Papa Lou's Boogie Woogie 05:00
08. Stay With Me 04:43
09. Fool No More 04:00
10. Bring It on Home 02:41
11. Down To The Shuffle 03:37
12. King Tut's Wah Wah Hut 01:00
13. You Missed A Good Man 03:00
14. Rats Crawlin' 'Cross My Face 02:46
15. Tribute To Kees 03:26

Banana Peel Bluesband - Live At The Banana Peel (1997)

                                                          Banana Peel Bluesband
Belgian Blues Rock band that gives us a great live CD !!


Marino Noppe - Vocals, Guitar , Slide
Willy De Vleeschouwer - Guitar
Dominique Van Tomme - Hammond , Piano
Eric De Wolf - Bass
Andy Van Kerkhove - Drums


01. Out Of Sight 04:00
02. Make My Guitar Talk 03:57
03. It's Raining In My Life 06:16
04. Honky Tonk 03:18
05. The Thrill Is Gone 05:04
06. The Break Of Day 04:52
07. The Walking Blues 04:34
08. Milburn's Boogie 04:08
09. Wait Baby 06:56
10. Blues Of The Monthclub 05:07
11. Backside Of Paradise 04:57
12. Komomo 06:04
13. That's Alright 04:15
14. Bad Blood 03:50

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Lou Pride - Keep On Believing (2005)

                                                                 Lou Pride
Once an under-recorded soul bluesman, Lou Pride is making up for lost time. This 2005 release is his third album of predominantly new and original material since 2000, not including a terrific set of 1970-1973 sides reissued by Severn in 2003. Pride kicks off with "Midnight Call," one of his best songs and a perfect indication of his Southern soul/blues roots. There is a bit of Al Green's Hi rhythm section in the thumping drums and longtime associate Benjie Porecki's powerful Hammond B-3. Post-heart attack, Pride's voice remains in fine form, bending notes and sliding from a gruff bottom to a sweet upper register like a combination of Howard Tate, Bobby Bland, and Johnnie Taylor. Although the 12 originals all written or co-written by Pride are uniformly solid, it's on Bob Marley's "Waiting in Vain," the disc's only cover, that Pride finds the blues by tapping outside material, possibly something he should do more often. A remake of his 1972 hit "I'm Com'un Home in the Morn'un" and horn arrangements by the great Willie Henderson bolster the retro production. The backing vocalists, horns, and live-in-the-studio sound all seem grabbed out of the mid-'70s Memphis soul boom, which is high praise indeed. Jon Moeller's short, crisp guitar solos recall Steve Cropper's in their concise attack and the horns that punctuate most of the tracks are wonderfully arranged for maximum effect. Only the album's extended length is to its detriment. At a full hour, the disc is subject to diminishing returns as the songs unfurl. There is a similarity to the approach that, although not a problem when each track is played individually, becomes a bit staid over the duration. The slow blues of "Sunrise" comes as a much needed change of pace on an album that could have been more powerful if it had been trimmed by about four tunes. Regardless, this is emotional, gritty Southern-fried R&B sung by a master and recorded with old-school charm. It's an all but dying art form and one Lou Pride is proud to keep alive.


Lou Pride - Vocals
Steve Gomes - Bass
Robb Stupka - Drums
Jon Moeller - Guitar
Walter Namuth - Lead Guitar (tracks: 5)
Benjie Porecki -  Organ (Hammond) (Fender Rhodes)
Victor Williams - Percussion
Jeff Antoniuk - Tenor Saxophone, Flute
John Jensen - Trombone
Kevin Burns - Trumpet (1St)
Kenny Rittenhouse - Trumpet (2Nd)
Scotty Young - Alto Saxophone, Flute
Scott Silbert - Baritone Saxophone
Earl Jones - Backing Vocals
Eddie Jones - Backing Vocals
John Butler - Backing Vocals
Lady Mary - Backing Vocals
Margie Clarke - Backing Vocals
Meg Murray - Backing Vocals


01. Midnight Call 04:07
02. Waiting In Vain 03:58
03. I Can't Hold It 04:23
04. I'm Com'un Home In The Morn'un 05:16
05. Love Will Make It Alright 05:24
06. I Want To Hold Your Hand 05:04
07. Another Broken Heart 05:03
08. Real Deal 03:36
09. Sunrise 04:28
10. Without Your Love 04:43
11. I Wanna Be The Man You Want 04:22  
12. Layin' Eggs 04:07
13. Hold On To Your Dream 04:24

Dave Steen & Jailhouse Tattoo - Town Full of Secrets(2015)

                                                                  Dave Steen
Dave Steen has written songs for Solomon Burke, James Cotton, Maria Muldaur, Junior Wells, and more. This is a 'twisted roots' collection of greasy, gritty, American originals - every one a groovalicious, soulful, blues-rockin' dance party in itself!


01. Soda Pop 03:16     
02. Bloodshot 04:08     
03. Let's Get You Home 03:40     
04. I Was Wrong 04:22     
05. Climb Up the Ladder 03:49    
06. Beat It, Kid 03:46     
07. Bad Action 04:38         
08. Sure Use a Ride 03:58         
09. Willie Gets Down 04:41     
10. Stayed Away Too Long 04:28         
11. Ting-a-Ling 03:46

Voice Of The Wetlands All Stars - Box Of Pictures (2011)

                                                 Voice Of The Wetlands All Stars
They are some of the most accomplished, influential, and legendary musicians from Louisiana. In 2004 Tab Benoit, Cyril Neville, Dr. John, Anders Osborne, George Porter Jr., Johnny Vidacovich, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, Johnny Sansone, and Waylon Thibodeaux formed the Voice of the Wetlands All-Stars as an extension of Benoit’s organization Voice of the Wetlands. The idea was to forge a musical plea for Louisiana’s fragile eco-system that is disappearing at a rapid rate, as well as use the stage as a platform to educate and gain support from the national public. What was created was a brilliant group of musicians united as one – in music and in mission.

For people around the U.S., the Voice of the Wetlands All-Stars is a crash course in Louisiana’s rich musical history. An eclectic mix of soulful blues, New Orleans funk, hoodoo rhythms, Cajun Zydeco, and gritty rock-n-roll, the band takes listeners through every genre of music that has enriched southern Louisiana for decades. The full effect of what can be done when talents this sizeable come together reveals itself in their new album, Box of Pictures.

The band’s first, self-titled album was deemed a premonition of hurricane Katrina, which struck eight months following the album’s release. The chorus of the otherwise savory, funk-charged opener “Bayou Breeze”, “Don’t let the water, wash us away…” became a haunting unheeded warning of the devastation wrought by the storm. The All-Stars follow-up album, Box of Pictures, is a response to what southern Louisiana endured since, and before, hurricane Katrina. The album is riddled with emotion and the harsh realities experienced in the months following the storm. Box of Pictures is an illustration of Louisiana’s resilience, a love story of survival, hope, and inspiration. It is also a message that attaining justice is a daily battle, and that saving and preserving New Orleans, Louisiana’s wetlands, and the region’s unique culture are the major challenges of this lifetime.


Tab Benoit - Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Drums, Vocals 
Dr. John - Piano, Vocals 
Anders Osborne - Guitar, Vocals
Johnny Sansone - Harmonica, Accordion, Vocals 
George Porter, Jr. - Bass, Vocals 
Johnny Vidacovich - Drums, Vocals  
Waylon Thibodeaux - Fiddle, Vocals 
Allen Toussaint - Piano  
Mitch Woods - Piano 
Sousaphone – Kirk Joseph
Cyril Neville - Percussion, Drums, Vocals 
Big Chief Monk Boudreaux - Percussion, Vocals 


01. Blues For New Orleans 06:59
02.Box Of Pictures 05:54
03. Who's Gonna Help You 05:02
04. Row That Pirogue 02:41
05. The Land Is Leaving 04:48
06. Crescent City Moon 05:25
07. Murder In New Orleans 05:46
08. Downright Ugly 07:19
09. Just To Have My Girl 03:24
10. Louisiana Funk 07:06
11. Oh Katrina 05:54

Screaming Lord Sutch - Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends (1970)

                                                       Screaming Lord Sutch
Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends is the debut album of musician Screaming Lord Sutch, being recorded in September 1969 at Mystic Studios (Hollywood) and released by Cotillion Records in 1970. The album featured Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) ) who produced, composed and played on the album. Also featured were drummer John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), guitarist Jeff Beck (The Yardbirds), bassist Noel Redding (The Jimi Hendrix Experience), keyboardist Nicky Hopkins, guitarist Deniel Edwards, bassist Rick Brown (The Savages) and drummer Carlo Little (The Savages). If you admire the work of the band Yardbirds, you will surely enjoy this album.


Lord Sutch -  Vocals
Martin Kohl - Bass
Noel Redding - Bass (tracks: 07, 09 to 11)
Rick Brown - Bass
Daniel Edwards - Bass, Guitar 
Bob Metke - Drums 
Carlo Little - Drums 
John Bonham - Drums (tracks: 01 to 03, 07, 08, 11, 12)
Jeff Beck - Guitar (tracks: 04, 05, 11),
Jimmy Page - Guitar (tracks: 01 to 03, 05, 07, 08, 11, 12)
Kent Henrey - Guitar (tracks: 05, 06, 09 to 11)
Nicky Hopkins - Piano (tracks: 04, 05, 11)
Producer – Jimmy Page, Lord Sutch


01. Wailing Sounds 02:34
02. 'Cause I Love You 02:41
03. Flashing Lights 03:09
04. Gutty Guitar 02:30
05. Would You Believe 03:18
06. Smoke And Fire 02:36
07. Thumping Beat 03:03
08. Union Jack Car 02:59
09. One For You, Baby 02:40
10. L-o-n-d-o-n 02:52
11. Brightest Light 04:25
12. Baby, Come Back 02:28

Mike Bloomfield - Earth Tavern,Portland-Feb.20,1979

                                                            Mike Bloomfield
Mike Bloomfield - Earth Tavern,Portland


Mike Bloomfield - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Bob Jones - Drums, Vocals
David Churry - Bass
Austin DeLone - Piano


01. Big Chief 08:25
02. Blue Ghost Aka Bucca’s Blues 11:46
03. Saturday Woman 08:28
04. She Took My Money 10:53
05. Kansas City 06:23
06. Rock Me Baby 00:36
07. Stand By Me 08:41
08. Feel So Bad 07:09
09. Moving Down The Road, Baby 05:54

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Mike Espy Blues Group - Son To Father (2009)

                                                       Mike Espy Blues Group
Another CD from this competent Blues Rock guitarist.


01. King's Special 05:17         
02. Gospel According to Shuggie 08:53         
03. Shuffle for Peter Green 05:00     
04. My Feeling for Freddie 07:47         
05. Wade in the Water (Traditional) 04:46    
06. Stop 03:49     
07. Country Girl Blues 07:17         
08. F. Mac Blues 06:20     
09. Jimmy Vaughn R&B 04:40         
10. Blues for Father 07:35