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The Mighty Fairlanes - The Longer I Live (2017)

                                                          The Mighty Fairlanes
The Mighty Fairlanes, from Greensboro North Carolina, have been performing in the area for over thirty years,serving up a huge portion of house rocking blues,rockabilly,and soul influenced original music.

01. Your Own Damn Fault 04:01
02. The Longer I Live 03:41
03. Chasing The Devil 05:38
04. Bourbon And Bad Decisions 02:55
05. Messing With A Good Thing 02:58
06. All About Us 04:39
07. I'm Gonna Give It Up 02:27
08. Big Git-Tar Stuff 03:21
09. Back In The Day 03:26
10. Your Blues 05:23
11. Hypocrite 04:41
12. Blues By Design 05:08

Bernard Anderson - Blues for a Lonely Man (2019)

                                                            Bernard Anderson
Oakland Ca. is where some of the most creative blues artist in the world originate from and Bernard is differently one of them produced and arranged by Greg Crockett


01. Uncle Joe 04:06    
02. Let's Bring Love Back into the World 03:57    
03. You're Wrong for That 04:32    
04. Backyard Spread 03:48    
05. Blues for a Lonely Man 05:33    
06. Hate Will Destroy the World 04:04    
07. Back Door Slam 04:14    
08. Snake in Her Room 04:31    
09. Let's Bring Love Back into the World Instrumental 03:59    
10. My Sweet Lady Jane 04:22

61 Ghosts - ...To The Edge (2016)

                                                                 61 Ghosts
Like the highway it’s named after, the musicians of 61 Ghosts, have collectively done their time on the road. Gritty and primal rock n’ roll band, combining the talents of the band. "...To The edge", from 61 Ghosts, growls and roars in the language of dirty Blues with its blend of Hill Country homegrown styles, electric rock, and Americana. Gritty vocals and feral guitar chops are provided herein. 61 Ghosts are a power trio based in Clarksdale, Mississippi and include touches of Americana and Mississippi hill country blues created with passion and fervour. This CD is a very special experience.


Joe Mazzari - Guitar, Vocals
Dixie - Drums
J.D. Sipe - Bass

01. Heartbeat 04:20    
02. No One at Your Door 03:36    
03. World Gone Crazy 05:31        
04. If Tears Were Dirt 04:21    
05. Show Me Your Scars 02:45    
06. Passion Tipped Arrow 02:15

Jimmy Haggard - Live At the Aviator (2012)

                                                              Jimmy Haggard
Jimmy Haggard is an internationally acclaimed blues and rock guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. His style is steeped in blues, rock and roots music. From wild to mild as long as it moves you. Jimmy has played guitar with Raleigh based Rush Street (blues, rock and r&b) and with Squier Red and the Blues Band. Jimmy played in several midwest bands that include: In Transit, Dirt Road, Sweet Rat and Power, and with Los Angeles based Mister B. Jimmy was also a regular at Central (now the Viper Room) on Sunset Strip, Hollywood CA. His current music project is: Jimmy Haggard & Friends, a blues and rock band.

The orignal "Jimmy Haggard and Friends" band members are: Jimmy Haggard (vocals/guitar) - Rodney Winley (bass) - Nick Vasiliou (drums). The guys met when a group of friends got together to host a weekly blues jam that lasted over a year. Prior to that, Rodney and Nick were playing in an R&B/Soul band that had disintegrated (you know how that goes). After the blues jam, Jimmy and Rodney played in a blues, r&b and rock band (Rush Street) for about a year. Out of the blue, a club contacted Jimmy to bring his band to play the blues once a month. When Jimmy asked Rodney and Nick if they would like to get together in a three piece blues band, there were all in. As of the "LIVE at the Aviator" album, Jimmy, Rodney and Nick have been performing together for a couple of years and are going strong playing blues and rock.

This album is best described is "alive and raw" electric blues rock. The album was recorded one night during a live performance at a beer brewery tap house. People were hanging all over the place partying at the bar, the back patio and the front steps.


01. Warm Me Up 04:30    
02. Have a Good Time Tonight 06:13    
03. Boom Boom Boom 05:54    
04. Pride and Joy 03:37    
05. Rock Me Baby - Little Red Rooster 04:53    
06. Red House 06:56    
07. Rock This Night Away 06:32

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Michael Bloomfield - Rara Avis (Unheard Recordings) (2018)

                                                           Michael Bloomfield
This CD features recordings captured on different dates and with different musicians. Some songs don't have a very good quality, but it's worth the unusual.


01. Work Song 11:39
02. Untitled Samba 01:39
03. Why I`m Goin` to Memphis 02:38
04. It`s About Time 19:43
05. Basin Street 04:59
06. Small Walk-in Box 07:09
07. Little Wing 03:26
08. Maria Elena 09:24
09. It Ain`t Nobody`s Business 04:32
10. Rockin` in same old Boat 08:49
11. I`m Droppin` Out on You 01:57

Andrew Jr.Boy Jones - It's Me Again (2016)

                                                          Andrew Jr.Boy Jones
Andrew ‘Jr. Boy’ Jones was raised in Dallas, Texas, by his mother Gladys, who was a single parent after divorcing her husband when Andrew was very young. The singer for a big band, Gladys retired to raise her family, and the band’s leader, Adolphus Sneed, stayed with the family as a father figure. Andrew received his first guitar from his mother for his seventh birthday, and he practiced every day. After noticing Andrew’s talent, Sneed bought him his second guitar. Andrew has amassed more than 50 years of experience as a professional guitar player. ‘Jr. Boy’ was in his first professional group, the Thunderbirds, backing Freddie ‘The Texas Cannonball’ King by age 16. In the ’60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, ‘Jr. Boy’ toured the world with several music legends, such as Johnnie Taylor, Tony Coleman, Cornell Dupree, Little Frankie Lee, Bobby Patterson, Russell Jackson, Katie Webster, and Charlie Musselwhite, to name a few.
In 1996, Andrew began his solo career and also released the ¬first album in which he was featured as a vocalist as well as a guitar player on J.S.P. Records. He has since released 8 more solo albums, one of which he released from his own label, GalexC Records and his only live album on 43rd Big Idea Records. ‘Jr. Boy’ has been touring extensively with his blues band all over the country . Performing at several venues in and around the world. Andrew and his band have also performed at some of the largest festivals in the world.

He is the real deal and an original member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Freddie King. All of his compositions are well thought out and never watered down. He is a master of his craft on guitar.


01. Negative Talkin' 03:29    
02. I Get No Respect 05:21    
03. Blues Joint 05:07    
04. Just Playin' the Blues 03:59    
05. Mr. Domestic 05:06    
06. Blues Belly 04:00    
07. Midnight 03:57    
08. Lonely Times 04:54    
09. I Need Time 07:19    
10. Baby I'm Sorry 04:29

Kingsnakes - Don't Let Me Down (2003)

The growling voice of singer Sven is the most striking ingredient of the Kingsnakes-sound. He is a worthy harp-player too, and his wailing harmonica-solos are a real treat.


Big Pete – Vocals, Harmonica
Andre Dieterman – Guitars
Arno Ververs – Bass
Gerrit Wagemakers – Drums


01. Goin' Down South 05:18
02. Somebody 04:28
03. Don't Let Me Down 05:13
04. Lookin' For Somebody 03:57
05. I Could Have Loved You 03:33
06. Commit A Crime 03:30
07. Crosscut Saw 02:56
08. So Many Lines 03:54
09. Blues For Renzo 03:47
10. Moanin' At Midnight 03:42
11. Give It A Shot! 02:43

Bluescats - Ride with Mule 5 (2019)

Anyone who sees Tommie Harris on stage today can look back on 80 years of blues gospel and jazz history: authentic, honest, real.

Tommie Harris was born in Bessemer, Alabama in 1938. As a child of a musical family, music was born to him. Already during his time in high school he drummed on drums, some of which he had built himself, sang in the gospel choir and played 45 blues records at his relatives' parties at weekends.

In 1959, like many blacks in the United States, he joined the Air Force out of frustration at the lack of prospects and ongoing segregation. His path led him to Germany via Korea. Here he founded his first band in 1964, which soon toured through the American bases. Even after the end of the army, it was clear: his future as an independent musician is in Europe. Tommie Harris has been living in Germany for 51 years and has toured all over the world. He played with a wide variety of musicians, including big names such as Jimmie Reed and Luther Allison, in whose band he played until Allison's death, and performed repeatedly with his own band projects - as is currently the case under the name Tommie Harris And Friends.

Music is the home that Tommie Harris has preserved. His blues-soaked voice contains 50 years of German / American music history. The path led from the “foreign” music of the GIs to the “wild” 1960s and 1970s to the “recognized” cultural heritage. His work has also been recognized in the United States. Tommie Harris was inducted into the Alabama Jazz Hall Of Fame in 1987.

The Bluescats are looking forward to presenting this wonderful musician.


01. Why I Sing the Blues 05:11
02. Ride with Mule 5 04:39
03. Luther's Blues 07:45
04. Take Your Time 05:23
05. Caledonia 05:03
06. Bb King Story 02:34
07. The Thrill Is Gone 09:35
08. Got My Mojo Working 04:18
09. It's a Blues World 05:59
10. Night Time is the Right Time 05:14
11. Who's Been Talking 07:04
12. Just a Little Bit 03:55
13. Georgia on My Mind 06:50

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Blue Voodoo - The Storm (2005)

                                                               Blue Voodoo
Blue Voodoo is a rockin' electric blues quartet featuring lead vocals by BJ Allen. This gal can sing and delivers with tons of passion and soul. The band (featuring screaming guitar work and a driving rhythm section) offers a tightly tuned cd that provides the listener with a variety of blues styles. From upbeat, rockin' numbers, to sultry soul/blues, you'll soon find yourself under the Blue Voodoo spell. The group is a two-time winner of the Tri-States Blues Challenge (precursor to the International Blues Challenge 2005 and 2006) and this disc titled “The Storm” is their second release. The Storm is comin', and its name is Blue Voodoo.


01. Sweet Talk & Wine 04:13
02. Don't Be Hard on Me Baby 03:34
03. The Storm 04:33
04. Singin' My Own Blues Now 04:19
05. The Devil In Me 04:51
06. Something For Nothing 03:12
07. Willow Tree 03:39
08. Disneyland For The Blues 03:38
09. Sittin' on Top of The World 04:32
10. Ain't Gonna Take It Anymore 04:10
11. Good-Bye Baby 03:40

Jack Bruce & Friends - The Bottom Line Archive (1980)

                                                               Jack Bruce
Jack Bruce & Friends, The Bottom Line, NYC, NY 1980-03-19 (late show).


Jack Bruce - Vocals, Bass
Clem Clempson - Guitars
David Sancious - Keyboards, Guitar
Billy Cobham - Drums


01. White Room 07:00
02. Jet Set Jewel 06:18
03. Post War 10:44
04. Born Under A Bad Sign 06:34
05. The Loner 05:57
06. Politician 06:48
07. Running Through Our Hands 06:05
08. Theme For An Imaginary Western 05:16
09. Quadrant 4 05:02
10. Childsong 08:28
11. Bird Alone 19:05
12. Sunshine Of Your Love 08:15

Little Sonny Jones - New Orleans Rhythm & Blues (1975)

                                                         Little Sonny Jones
Born Johnny Jones, the singer picked up his enduring nickname from his pal Fats Domino when they were both playing at the Hideaway Club in the ninth ward during the late '40s. Fats kept him employed as a warm-up act until 1961. This set accurately recreates the Crescent City R&B sound of the '50s, thanks to Little Sonny Jones's rich singing and the efforts of veterans Dave "Fat Man" Williams on piano and vocals, saxists Clarence Ford and David Lastie, guitarist Justin Adams, bassist Frank Fields, and drummer Robert French. Jones came out to play the annual Jazz & Heritage Festival until his 1989 death of heart failure, at the age of 58. This CD was recorded in 1975.


01. I Would If I Could 03:50
02. I'm Loaded 02:51
03. Don't You Hear Me Calling You? 04:43
04. Certainly All 02:03
05. Do You Really Love Me Baby? 03:12
06. She's My Desire 02:46
07. Further Up The Road 02:45
08. Worried Blues 03:14
09. Is Everything Allright? 02:34
10. Here I Stand With My Heart In My Hand 03:52
11. I Called You Baby 03:33

The Long Beach Blues Band - The Long Beach Blues Band (2011)

                                                    The Long Beach Blues Band
Great Blues Rock band, with great vocals and great guitars.


01. Honey Do Day 03:44    
02. Overdrive Glide 03:48    
03. Cry Like Rain 04:17    
04. Float Down Stream 04:47    
05. Delta Train 04:25    
06. Further on up the Road 03:03    
07. 9 to 5 Blues 05:04    
08. She's Gotta Boogie 04:44    
09. She's Got A Ring in His Nose and a Ring on her hand 04:13    
10. Shake Rumble & Roll 03:56    
11. Katrina Blues 04:44