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Paul Lamb & Roosevelt Houserockers - Keep on Walking Live 2019 (2020)

                                                                     Paul Lamb
Recorded live in the Czech Republic in 2019. The Roosevelt Houserockers have been meeting Paul Lamb since 2013 - every year! The combination brings crackling blues to the stage that has rarely become. There is no toying with any kind of rocky blues. It's just the blues.


Paul Lamb - Harmonica, Vocals
Chad Strentz - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Ryan Lamb - Lead Guitar
Rod Demick - Bass, Backing vocals
Mike Thorne - Drums


01. 9 Below Zero (Live) 06:30
02. Money World (Live) 04:00
03. Adopted Child (Live) 10:04
04. Mr. Lamb's Slow Groove Walk (Live) 05:09
05. You're the One (Live) 04:56
06. Wee Wee Hours (Live) 08:14
07. Mr. Lamb's Jump (Live) 05:30

Smokehouse Porter, Miss Mamie - King & Queen Of The Gut Bucket Blues (2002)

                                                     Smokehouse Porter, Miss Mamie
On stage, Smokehouse Porter sings in low, sandpapery tones. “Oh, well, I’m the king — I’m king of the gutbucket blues,” Smokehouse intones over a slow, swampy groove, while Mamie Porter, his wife, coos liquid-soul backup.

The king & Queen Of "TheGutbucket Blues" Smokehouse And Mamie Porter Smokehouse Porter was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the home of such greats as Slim Harpo, Lightening slim, Arthur Guitar kelly, Silas Hogan and many more. His first encounter with the blues that he can remember was at about 9 years old when he heard a friend of the family playing guitar and singing the blues. He was so impressed that he knew that the blues would always be apart of him. In the late seventies and early eighties Smokehouse hooked up with Baton Rouge legendary blues man, W.W. Woolfolk. Woolfolk in earlier years was the drummer for another Baton Rouge legend Lightening Slim. Playing with Woolfolk exposed Smokehouse to other icons such as Raful Neal, Silas Hogan, Henry Gray, Clarence Edwards, Mose "Whispering" Smith, Rocking Tabby Thomas and Arthur "Guitar" Kelly who later became like a surrogate father and mentor to him. Through his association with Arthur "Guitar" Kelly and Silas Hogan he learned what he refers to as the "Gutbucket Blues", and the "Gutbucket Blues" is blues that hits you deep down in the gut. It's blues with a feeling, blues that tell a story, it's a combination of Swamp and Mississippi Delta Blues. In the mid eighties Smokehouse was on the scene doing his own thang referring back to all the things that he had learned from his mentors. With his deep hoarse voice he redefined the term "Gutbucket Blues". Playing gigs in and around the Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama area he became known as the King of the Gutbucket Blues. In the late eighties Smokehouse joined forces with Ms. Mamie formerly known as Mamie Bennett also of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Like many other Jazz and Blues artist, Mamie began her singing career in a southern Baptist church at the tender age of 10. Mamie's father was a blues harmonica player who enjoyed listening to Howling Wolf and Muddy Waters. His interest in the blues greatly influenced her. 


01. Cop 03:43
02. Lady Blues 04:25
03. Down In The Hood 03:51
04. Rockin To The blues 05:48
05. Raining Blues In My Life 05:30
06. I'm Gonna Tell You What I'm Gonna Do 04:01
07. King Of The Gutbucket Blues 05:32
08. It's A Shame 04:55
09. Pretty Bowlegged Woman 03:59
10. If I Had My Way 06:19
11. Ants In My Pants 04:23

Luther Kent & Trick Bag ‎- Live (1997)

                                                                    Luther Kent                                                  
Luther Kent was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. At age 14 Luther began singing professionally and signed with Louisiana based Montel Records. His first record was released under the name of Duke Royal, and the song was "I Wanna Know". Luther toured the country for a three year period while being managed by Walt Daisy who also handled Wayne Cochran & the C.C.Riders.

New Orleans blues singer, Luther KentIn 1970 Luther became lead singer for a group who previously was the rhythm section for Atlantic records at Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida. This group became known as "Cold Grits" who was signed to Lou Adlers Ode Records in Los Angeles. Personal problems erupted within the group and Luther became bound to a lengthy contract. Shortly after the breakup of "Cold Grits" Luther was asked to come aboard as new lead singer for "Blood, Sweet & Tears". He did their world tour dates in 1974-75 and part of 76. During this time he learned he would not be granted a release from Ode records, therefore he was never allowed to record with the world famous group.

Luther now went solo to record his first album at Abby Road studios in London, England. The album is call "Luther Kent World Class" The album featured the Brecker Brothers with members from the London symphony and the London Philharmonic and was arranged by Dell Newman.

In 1978 Luther teamed up with former musical director for Wayne Cochran, Charlie Brent. They formed a large New Orleans horn band which became known as "Luther Kent & Trick Bag". This became the after hours band for many named artists to sit in with, whenever they were visiting New Orleans. Some of these artists included big names such as; Boz Scaggs, B.B. King, Bobby Blue Bland, Slim Harpo, Jimmy Page, Bonnie Bramlett, Greg Allman, Etta James, Joe Cocker, Stevie Winwood, Bo Diddley, Dr. John, Rita Coolidge, Righteous Brothers, Ike & Tina Turner, Wilson Pickett, ZZ Top, Rickie Lee Jones, Mick Fleetwood, Billy Preston, Ernie K-doe, Mike Post, Average White Band, AL Hirt, Billy Ekstein and Pete Fountain. Many good times were had while listening to Big Luther and told in such books later written by Jimmy Buffet and football great, Kenny "The Snake" Stabler. Luther was also written up in another book titled, " Up From The Cradles of Jazz".

During the ten year period of "Trick Bag" Luther released 3 CD's while winning a Cleo award with another Louisiana artist known to many as John Fred of "Judy In Disguise" fame. From doing many radio & TV commercials Luther is also a multi "Addy" award winner. In 1987 Dallas based Independent record promoter Ernie Phillips signed Luther to FM records. Ernie immediately introduced Luther to Grammy Award winning producer Mike Post who produced the album "Past Due". Mike being one of the hottest producers of TV themes later cast Luther in a singing role of the show "COP ROCK". Other product recently released on Luther has included an album called "Classic Songs". Two releases with the multitalented Texas/Louisiana based band know as "The Chicken Hawks" under the leadership of Jack Calmes featuring such greats as Al "TNT" Braggs and the "White Trash" horn section. The latest CD just released on Red Hot Records is titled, "Luther Kent "Down In New Orleans".


Ken "Snakebite" Jacobs - Baritone Saxophone  
Jim Markway - Bass  
Big John Thomassie - Drums  
Charlie Brent - Guitar, Alto Saxophone 
Bruce Elsensohn - Keyboards  
Eric Traub - Tenor Saxophone  
Brian O'Neill - Trombone  
A.J. Pittman - Trumpet    
Barney Floyd - Trumpet    
Rodney Lafon - Trumpet    
Luther Kent - Vocals   


01. My Good Friend Rodney 05:57
02. That Did It, Baby 05:58
03. Let's Straighten It Out 05:01
04. 29 Ways 05:29
05. Them That Got 05:14
06. Trick Bag 04:00
07. Cry 03:31
08. Hoochie Coochie Man 05:26
09. If You Want To Be My Baby, You Can't Run Around 03:17
10. Born Under A Bad Sign 03:59
11. I Can't Quit You Baby 05:37
12. Let The Good Times Roll 05:29

Larry Tillery - Rockin’ The Blues (2012)

                                                                     Larry Tillery
Just like the first words in his song, Blues Gumbo, Larry Tillery was indeed “born in Beaumont”. Beaumont, Texas that is.
His CD “Rockin’ The Blues” (released 2/1/2012) is a testament to the Texas Style blues that have influenced him from an early age. Influences such as Freddie King, ZZ Top and Stevie Ray Vaughan to mention a few.

The influence does not end there, however. Larry is heavily influenced by the legendary Chicago blues artist, Buddy Guy who does also hail from the south right next door in Louisiana.
Today, Larry Tillery has a prominent place in the music scene. The show is always intense with Larry playing his heart out to the audience.


Steve Glasspool - Bass, Vocals (Background)
Susan Pierce - Keyboards, Organ
Larry Tillery - Guitar, Vocals
Michelle Tillery - Vocals (Background)
Ken Turner - Drums, Vocals (Background)


01. All Night Long 04:53
02. Rockin' the Blues 04:57
03. She's My Little Baby 04:39
04. Robert Johnson 06:47
05. All You Did 03:33
06. If You're Here Who's Running Hell? 03:59
07. If I Feel Like This Tomorrow 04:42
08. She Damn Sho' Did 04:16
09. Texas Flood 05:33
10. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 04:51

Robi Zonca -To Fill My Soul (2014)

                                                                     Robi Zonca
To Fill My Soul, Robi’s 5th studio album, is essentially a songs album with a deep bluesy influence. Produced by RZ, Jantoman and Paolo Legramandi, some of the cuts are by Robi, some with Robi’s music and Marco Grompi’s lyrics. One cover song as usual. This time Robi decided to include his version of Bob Dylan’s “Tonight I’ll be staying here with you” love ballad he used to sing and play in dancing clubs when he was a teenager…. a long time ago.


01. Sick And Tired 03:57
02. To Fill My Soul 05:02
03. This Ol'heart's Pounding 04:43
04. You Make Me Feel So Happy 04:59
05. Julia 05:45
06. Anytime 04:49
07. Hammers 04:33
08. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You 04:55
09. I Like It My Way 04:33
10. Red Dress Blues 10:22

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Kenny Miller - Midnight Groove (2006)

                                                                       Kenny Miller
Kenny Miller is a living legend of the blues, a real bluesman who came from the south to make a living playing the blues in Detroit.

This is a fine collection of blues standards spiced with several of Kenny''s originals.


01. Midnight Groove 05:04  
02. Bring It on Up 04:57
03. Sizzlin' 05:26  
04. Kenny's Blues 06:20  
05. The Theme, Pt. 1 06:06  
06. Big Legg Women 04:20  
07. Our Blues 07:44  
08. The Theme, Pt. 2 03:19

Johnny Winter - Shaboo Inn, Williamantle, Connecticut (1978)

                                                                   Johnny Winter
Johnny Winter at the “Shaboo Inn” gave a guitar seminar in the afternoon, followed by a late night concert. Probable the first show with Jon Paris and Bobby Torello.

Johnny Winter - 1978-08-09 Shaboo Inn.


01. Hideaway 08:15
02. Messin’ With The Kid 11:30  
03. Last Night 14:03  
04. Brown Eyed Handsome Man 05:10  
05. Come On In My Kitchen 10:57  
06. Crossroads 11:18 
07. Rollin’ & Tumblin’ 13:12  
08. Wipe Out 05:26

Joe Murphy And The Waterstreet Blues Band With Special Guest Pinetop Perkins ‎– Live At Your Father's Mousthace (1993)

                                                                      Joe Murphy
Joe Murphy has been a fixture in the East Coast blues scene for the past forty years. He got his start sitting in with Dutch Mason in 1972, and played harp and guitar on Dutchie’s last album, Half Ain’t Been Told. Murphy also contributed harp to Garrett Mason’s Juno Award winner I’m Just A Man, and has played with most of the blues acts who’ve come east in the last thirty years. His Water Street Blues Band has backed up Otis Rush, Johnnie Johnson, Johnny Sansone, Kenny ‘Blues Boss’ Wayne and the late great Pinetop Perkins, to name a few. Joe’s most memorable gigs include playing harp for three nights with John Lee Hooker, and a wonderful week playing harp for Sunnyland Slim. A Halifax institution, Joe Murphy & The Water Street Blues Band have  the longest running blues matinee in North America, playing every Saturday at Your Father’s Moustache for over 25 years.


01. Little Bitty Pretty One / Rocking Robin 02:14
02. Everything's Gonna Be Alright 04:58
03. You Were Wrong 04:19
04. Flying Saucer 02:35
05. Promised Land 03:33
06. Ai Yi Yi 03:26
07. Sugar Bee 03:56
08. Mighty Long Time 07:22
09. Hand In Hand 03:42
10. Real Good Lover 04:52
11. Blue And Lonesome 07:15
12. Johnnie Can't Dance 03:50
13. He Knows The Rules 04:48
14. Walking With Frankie 03:59
15. Magic Sam's Boogie 04:52
16. Howling For My Darling 05:57

Allgood - Kickin & Screamin (1994)

A&M released this 1994 live album not long after their 1993 major-label debut Uncommon Goal. Though only five songs long, Alive and Kickin' clocks in at 39 minutes and 42 seconds! The show was recorded at the Post Office in Augusta, GA, on January 5, 1994. It is arguably the defining Allgood release. The band succeeds where most jam bands fail. Alive and Kickin' showcases memorable choruses and deep grooves. Where a lot of lesser bands meander through songs, Allgood thrashes and rocks. They maintain no sleep-inducing jazz influences. Instead, blazing rock riffs and hard, rhythmic grooves rule the day. The album includes "Blood" (unavailable elsewhere), "Funky House" and Trilogy" from Ride the Bee, "Mornin'" from Uncommon Goal, and a cover of Mel London's "Sugar Sweet" (popularized by Muddy Waters. The standout is undeniably the 16-minute "Trilogy," with the Dave Matthews Band's Boyd Tinsley guesting on violin. It is perhaps his best guest spot on any record and one of his most fiery live solos with any band.

"Trilogy" is Allgood's "Free Bird" and has the same propulsive beat and raging melodies. The alternating interplay between Tinsley's violin and guitar solos by both Clay Fuller or John Carter is intense. Hard to believe, but, it is not a second too long. The crowd reaction at the end of each song is near riotous. This is a required purchase for all fans of blues rock, the HORDE scene, jam bands, and good live music. Allgood were the best of 1990s Southern-fried rock and were at the top of the class taught by the Allman Brothers and Stevie Ray Vaughn.


01. Blood 03:16
02. Funky House 04:12
03. Trilogy 16:01  
04. Sugar Sweet 04:51  
05. Mornin' 11:22

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Ry Cooder - Live in Santa Cruz (2020)

                                                                      Ry Cooder
Ry Cooder - Live in Santa Cruz.


01. Let's Have A Ball (Live) 05:44
02. Jesus On The Main Line (Live) 05:02
03. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Hard Times (Live) 08:59
04. Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb (Live) 02:36
05. Down In Mississippi (Live) 05:55
06. Maria Elena (Live) 04:42
07. Just A Little Bit (Live) 03:03
08. The Very Thing That Makes You Rich (Makes Me Poor) (Live) 07:01
09. Crazy 'Bout An Automobile (Live) 07:21
10. Chain Gang (Live) 05:45
11. Down in Hollywood (Live) 16:36
12. Goodnight Irene (Live) 08:23

Johnnie Taylor - Raw Blues - Little Bluebird (1992)

                                                                  Johnnie Taylor
Gospel/r&b/soul singer, born 5 May 1937 in Crawfordsville, Arkansas, died 31 May 2000 in Dallas, Texas.

He started his career in the mid-1950s as a member of gospel group The Highway QC's but left that group in 1957 to replace Sam Cooke as lead vocalist for The Soul Stirrers.


01. Where There's Smoke There's Fire 03:05
02. Hello Sundown 02:49
03. Pardon Me Lady 02:57
04. Where Can A Man Go From Here 03:16
05. That Bone 02:58
06. That's Where It's At 03:31
07. Part Time Love 03:31
08. If I Had It To Do Over Again 03:05
09. You're Good For Me 03:32
10. You Can't Keep A Good Man Down 02:39
11. You Can't Win With A Losing Hand 02:35

Little Bluebird:

12. Little Bluebird 03:11
13. Toe Hold 03:09
14. I've Got To Love Somebody's Baby 02:55
15. Just The One (I've Been Looking For) 02:40
16. Outside Love 02:15
17. You Can't Get Away From It 02:48
18. I Had A Dream 02:59
19. Somebody's Sleeping In My Bed 02:45
20. I Ain't Particular 02:46
21. Steal Away (Live) 07:30
22. Stop Dogging Me (Live) 05:30
23. Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone (Live) 05:30

Levi De Ville - Outtakes Series (2020)

                                                                     Levi De Ville
Levi De-Ville, formally known as Waylon Weaver, is a singer/songwriter and guitarist based in Mississippi. Specializing in Blues, Rock, and Country, he has made a name for himself performing along side legends such as the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Marlon Hunter (producer for Little Richard and Prince). Levi started out playing drums at the age of 10 and picked up the guitar at the age of 14. He joined a band at the age of 16 called Blues Berry Jam with his dad. Later he joined a band with Freddie Hughes. After years of working with other bands Levi stepped out on his own and formed a band called Triple Threat with his brother on bass and Jeff Nickelson on drums. Levi began to record his own original songs at the age of 17. He has been working for 20+ years writing and recording his own songs, performing every instrument on all of his songs. Levi’s career began to take off after winning the best new talent award from BMI at a showcase in Nashville TN. Levi De-Ville has a sound steeped in southern tradition, hard driving rock’n’roll and blues.


01. Time Says 03:17
02. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind 04:50
03. You And Me 04:08
04. Whatcha Want To Do 04:00
05. To Be With You 03:32
06. Hangin' Round 03:37
07. Hope 04:06
08. Spell On My Mind 03:49
09. All Over The World 05:32
10. I've Tried So Hard 02:34
11. Heartbreak Blues 06:35
12. It Takes Me Back 04:18
13. We Need Love 03:42
14. Tell Me Why 04:17
15. You Shine 04:39
16. You And I 02:53